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Johnny Cash?

No, the other man in black. I was out listening to classical guitar tonight and it was amazing. Of course, we blew a fatty of primo burmese Indican hydroponic crypto bud in the Cortina just before we went in. This enhances the experience. Any experience, really.

Okay, some Blackmore:

We really need this one clip only. It has it all. It won’t just rock you, it will —- you up for life.

Rainbow Rising got me through the latter part of the 70s. Well, that and Blue Nun.

This is a cut from Blackmore’s Night’s Winter album, available from online outlets everywhere. Please buy copies for everyone you know, and donate many to hospitals and schools. Thank you.

Every grunge guy who ever broke a guitar and impaled his speaker cabinet with the jagged, broken neck owes Ritchie Blackmore royalties. This is from the California Jam DVD, which is so good I buy one every month just to be safe.

This is Blackmore’s Night Live. Joanna highly endorses this product.

So, when you go to buy your piles of Deep Purple CDs and DVDs for gifts for this western hemisphere more or less holiday season, throw in numerous Blackmore’s Night offerings too. You’ll be glad you did.

Oh. The other day I mentioned the “other” Glenn Hughes, who was Leatherman from the Village People. Look, I blog a lot of drek when I’ve had some martinis and skunk weed, but this is as real as, uh, other real stuff.

The other Glenn Hughes, not a figment of Joanna’s imagination.


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