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Glenn Hughes records with Ken Hensley

Glenn Hughes and Ken Hensley

Glenn Hughes went straight from his latest tour to Alicante where he joined Uriah Heep’s Ken Hensley in the studio. Hughes is singing on two songs on Hensley’s new CD “Blood on the Highway”, tentatviely due for release in February 2007.

Hensley wrote this on his web site:

I just enjoyed an incredible day in the studio with Glenn Hughes who is singing (in his own amazing way) two songs on the new CD, ‘Blood On The Highway’. I am really lucky to have so many great vocal performances on this record and I am especially thankful to Glenn who came to Alicante directly from his recently completed European tour!! It’s always cool to spend time with a fellow ‘road-warrior’ and we made time to share some stories and to chat about doing some things together in the coming year. I’ll keep you posted on all of that but, in the meantime we have to prepare for more guest singers over the next few weeks!

3 Comments to “Glenn Hughes records with Ken Hensley”:

  1. 1
    Karl-Heinz says:

    This is absolutely amazing! Fantastic! Two of my alltime favourites!

    Ken is a great performer and songwriter.

    I can’t wait for the album!


  2. 2
    Bill McCue says:

    I have been following Ken Hensley since early Uriah Heep & following Glenn’s since he joined Deep Purple.
    Being a fan of both musicians; I know this release will be a great one & it will introduce Ken Hensley to Glenn Hughes fans & Glenn Hughes to Ken Hensley fans. I hope they do alot more together & possibly tour the USA together…especially Southern California.

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I visited the ken Hensley day in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands some weeks ago.
    Ken first did a meet and greet and let people listen to a few excerpts from his forthcoming CD “Blood On The Highway”.
    I heard a track which suggested David Coverdale, but in fact it is Jorn Lande(Perhaps the best DC clone in this world?). In my memory there was also a track with Uriah heep singer John Lawton, who became the successor to the so beloved David Byron in 1976 after David Coverdale was checked for the job!!!!

    Ofcourse the comparisons in format (Organ and great vocals!!!)between Uriah Heep and Deep Purple were always there. Although someone once named UH a poor man’s DP, they shared the same fans . “Look at Yourself” for me is as as great a CLASSIC as “In Rock”….
    So for me no introduction needed……But thanks, anyway….Hehehe

    Ken told us about his life. How he lost his path due to due to drugs and that it took him many years of his life to recover from his problems. “Blood on the Highway” is the story of rockstars with their experiences along the way…..The succes, the fame, the women, the drugs…..The personal problems it often gave….

    Accompagnied with German Tribute Act “Circle of Hands” Ken played a set of energetic versions of mostly UH classics…..
    Although the German singer(I forgot his name, Apologize!!!)is extremely good, Ken sang some things as wel. ofcourse Lady in Black and Free me, but also some important parts of “July Morning”!!! Wonderful song and as big a classic as “Child in Time”and “Stairway to Heaven”.
    I must mention also that “Circle of Hands”played a great support part, without Ken. Playing songs UH does not : Songs from “Salisbury” were played so well that Ken in his dressingroom stepped up and noticed with joy….Espescially “The Park” filled everyone in the room with great happiness….

    Although the venue(a little musicpub)was too hot for me(No good ventilation!!!)and the whole day was kinda long, espescially due to the long time inbetween the afternoon and eveningpart,….. I found the whole event something to cherish…..

    A great shame we don’t see e things in bigger venues. Was it irony that Ken was wearing a t-shirt with the text “Ken Hensley, the legend”?

    It has been said that he will return in the spring of 2007 to do a tour in Germany.
    This tour is meant to be his final, his farewell. I hope it’s not true. For God’s sake, a new album and no continuation of this great man on the road?!

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