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Borat? <- shameless search engine bait

I’ve just landed in London for a reunion, and I rung up an old lawyer friend of mine to invite her out for a martini. She says she’s too busy handling various lawsuits against Borat to break away until the new year!

I said as long as she was suing Borat, I would like to serve Santa Claus with papers, and put the Easter Bunny on notice. Dammit. I was so shocked at being taken seriously, I panicked and listed my grievances. 1. He gave me a dolly, trapping me in an antiquated gender role. 2. He gave me a tool set, undermining my sense of femininity and 3. he cheaped out on my custom auto, refusing my request for a 5.2 litre fuel intake in favor of a timid 4.8 litre.

She had me FAX over my signature. I anxiously await my court date.


Don Airey back when he was fab.

Nick Simper, clearly paying dearly for top quality hair conditioner.

Blackmore’s Night, singing of Christmas. Between a rock and a hard place.

There are numerous Deep Purple cover videos out there. This one’s actually good. Very good.

Deep Purple. Live, 1976. Beating a dead horse? Exploring one last new sound?

Okay, that’s all I have today. I’ll let you know how it goes with Father Christmas.


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