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Wroclaw: Enjoyably decent show

Live at the Mars’ Fields, Wroclaw, May 1st, 2009.

I must admit that although I do not support Mk VIII in their approach to the live shows, I certainly enjoyed going to their gig in my hometown.

I went with no expectations to be surprised or thrilled at all, which is in a way typical when you go to the tribute band concert. And this is certainly The Best Tribute Band in the world that you ever can go to see. So it was quite a bit of fun. Good to listen, lovely to sing and jump around to the beloved songs.

Capable of making the die hard Purple conservative enjoying himself for some moments.

Overall impression: A decent show, if only you can go for it leaving any expectations for being thrilled, excited or surprised in your home. Or if they just stumple upon your city – when they’re near – you could go, see them and have some fun.

Would I recommend anybody going to see them to score the musical and spiritually exhilarating experience? By any means no. Those days are over now. Lot of fun for the casual audience, nothing to brag about for the long time follower.

I decided to group my observations in the plus (+) and minus (-) – easier to put it down this way.


– “Rapture Of The Deep” – this always reminds me of a”Stargazer” a bit and live it really sways. Great live staple off the last album.

– “Wring That Neck” had a little extended bit of Airey – Morse duel in the middle, probably to help Gillan to catch more breath as his voice was struggling. I guess they learned the trick during Sunflower Jam, can’t be sure ’cause I only have read the reviews. Nothing stunning craftwise, but it was a nice reminder of a good times 10-11 years before, when they used to mess around some songs a minute or two.

– “The Battle Rages On” – slowed down in pace to the typical takes, it became a monsterous crawler. Amazing, ripping into the ground, truly hypnotic. The biggest highlight of the show. Stunning.

– Don Airey’s solo spot – wonderful, even if totally predictable. Lovely portion of the spacey Moog, a lot of Chopin bits on the coloured piano, some boogie, national anthem and no Star Wars (yeah!!!). Just perfect, appreciated by the crowd and yours truly.

– “Smoke…” – the ending with Airey having a solo – nice reminder of the best Purple live album.

– “Black Night” – this is always exciting when the 10.000 + throats sing it around. A showcase track for Glover and Morse, a lot of good playing and bits of improv – Steve even threw in a chorus from Queen’s “We Will Rock You” – it took a few bars for the crowd to recognize it. Plus a great audience – Steve duel for the very end.

– spontaneous reaction of the crowd; typically those who drop in to Purple concerts ocassionally were stuned with what they saw and heard.


– Ian Gillan’s voice, between song banter and stage antics – below any standards as for him. He did his best to hide the bad throat day, but it was obvious that he will suffer on this four nights in a row string. Perhaps the days of saving the voice are over. All in all, this is just another ‘The Best Of Tour’. The banter forumula is ‘play one -> repeat’ CD programme, some of the stage moves show that his libido might be very unfulfilled. Not a very inspiring shape of the legend really.

– Don Airey’s solos in-songs: no improvising, just copying Lord’s parts from records. In the context of Purple praised live formula this is the hardest crime. Sound of the Hammond was, especially at the start, very thin, but luckilly got improved as the set went on.

– the selection of material from the Morse’s era was apalling. If “Things I Never Said”, “Contact Lost” and “Wrong Man” are the most representative tunes for the 15 years period of Steve’s tenure in the band – then passing on the condolences to the band is really worth a thought.

– “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” still suffers from the slaughtered ending. Even the single edit from 1996 had a better arrangement. Shame.

Set List:

Highway Star
Things I Never Said
Wrong Man
Strange Kind Of Woman
Rapture Of The Deep
Contact Lost – Steve Morse Solo
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Well Dressed Guitar
Wring That Neck
The Battle Rages On
Don Airey Solo – Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin’
Smoke On The Water

Southern Rock Wobble – Hush – Paice Solo
Glover Solo – Black Night

58 Comments to “Wroclaw: Enjoyably decent show”:

  1. 1
    darren says:

    This guy confuses personal opinion with realistic reviewing. Sounds like utter nonsens to me.

  2. 2
    Peter Neumann says:

    I am bored by reading such reviews. People who do not like Mark VIII and wrote such silly things about “best tribute band” or so. And then they are “surprised” how good the band is. Go away and don´t go to the shows or please don´t write such silly reviews. Good Night.

  3. 3
    bizon says:

    don’t agree with the ‘tribute-band’ thing. but i guess the author just tried beeing sarcastic… ian’s voice was really bad yesterday. he must’ve been ill, because he didn’t hit most of the high notes and sometime half-way thru the show he actually stopped even trying to hit them. but he did his best with the rest, so apart from horrible vocals on highway star, the rest was quite ok 😉 the setlist the same as during previous shows on this leg of the tour which is a shame but apart from those 2 minuses, the rest was great as always with this band 😉

  4. 4
    rik says:

    Some good points raised except suggesting they are a tribute act. :-p

    I’m proud to say i like Deep Purple, yes still.

    Purple, proud and still playing it loud 🙂

    On a random point;

    Anyone notice Ronnie Dio thanked amongst others Ritchie Blackmore in his credits section on the new Heaven and Hell album?

  5. 5
    saturn says:

    Not another one!!

    Can you tell me, if you’re so contemptous of the band, why do you bother going?

  6. 6
    George says:

    After watching Batlle Rages On from Cosquin Rock, I wrote: “omg… very sorry but time to split”

    99% of the users began blaming me, justifying their words by saying: “Man, Gillan was ill, he had cold…” even Gillan tried to justify his performance after the Via Funchal show… then we began waitting for the reviews of next shows… and here it is. I’ve read NO good/exciting reviews about Purple’s 2009 tour. every reviewer just says: “same setlist, no improvisation, tributing themselvs, Gillan can’t sing” and… all in all “good show”…

    I’ve not read word “excelent” for their 2009 tour reviews.
    the best words one can read while describing their shows remains to be “just good”, “good”, “hmm… maybe good”…
    this is NOT rapture of Deep Purple, this is the begining of the end.
    let’s face it – Purple days are over…

  7. 7
    Marek says:

    Thank you for great review of concert. Im very curious about show in Bratislava:)

  8. 8
    tony carey says:

    nice to have you back,george. hope you had a nice easter.


  9. 9
    Andrés says:

    Sadly agree with you George… This Thursday I’m going to the Heaven & Hell show in Buenos Aires, fearing it could be the last time… Hard times these years… We´re going to witness the demise of all our heroes.

    Sorry, I´m particulary sad these days because I lost my father on April 19. Talking about losing our heroes…

    A big hug to all Purple people around the world.

  10. 10
    Karl-Heinz says:

    I like the review, because of the idea to push it in – or +.

    Of course it’s a very personel / subjective review.

    If it should not be subjetctive, a setlist would be enough.

    And there are some + mentioned.

    And with the cover band thing: If you know some good tribute bands: these sound more original (in Mark II means) than DP today. Also because of their best of program. Remember that there are only three Mark II members left. Mark III / IV also sounded like a cover band to Mark II songs. I think the term is not meant too bad. It’s more a fact.

    I still like to go to a Mark VIII concert, but I also think on a cover band. A good one. I would apprciate, if they would make a new album instead of touring with a best of programm – on new records they don’t are a cover band. And at least the last two album (I don’t like Abandon) are good rock records.

    Thanks for the review. It reminds me on my thoughts to the concert I visited last year in Kiel, Germany.

  11. 11
    Martin says:

    @1, 2

    I will gladly tell you why I go to see Deep Purple in spite of being ‘so contemptous of the band’. I love what they did and what they have estabilished. I am also very concerned about their current potential – everyone in Mk VIII. Great musicans, each of them, so together they can just rave on. I still tell myself that they can pull far better than what they show these days. So I go to check if I’m right and… I just can’t get over the ‘routine climate’ they seem to suffer for last 7 – 8 years. I don’t get the reason for pleasing casual audiences with something that is by least good and predictable, when they actually could be brillant and adventurous. And they were somwhere up to 2002.

    I will be writing the reviews reflecting my feelings with honesty maybe painful for many all my life. If one’s POV angries or hurts you – don’t read. I can assure you that on the day Deep Purple brings me to my knees
    in the concert – they will receive a raving review. They did a couple of times, if you dig deep in THS backlog of files, you’ll find I tell you no lies.

    Have fun with these great musicans everybody and remember what one of the Polish writes said in XVIII century: “True virtue never fears the critics.”

  12. 12
    Kimmen says:

    Putting preference aside regarding who-should-be-in-Deep-Purple, can it be that the RotD-tour on the whole has been less sparkling? I personally went to see the tours following Purpendicular (’96), Abandon (’98), ‘Concerto’ (’00), Bananas (’03) and Rapture (’07) and while the first four really were excellent, vital, the last one was descent. I wouldn’t judge from my observations alone, but they seem concordant to others’.

  13. 13
    Finn says:

    I hate to write this, but I’m so afraid that Martin and George are having a point.
    Please anybody tell me where you can see some news (real news not just one song or two) in the last few years.
    It could be so easy for them, but they seems to have lost the spirit of improvising or giving us a surprise or 2 or 3 here and there.
    I have been crying “House of Pain” for years now, as it’s to me by far one of the 2 or 3 best tracks since Burn or Perfect Strangers.

    I dont know why they dont dare taking some chances here and there.
    They are plaing Hush but only Paice has ever done it from day one. So why not Burn or others from MrkIII. It would also be more easy to Gillans voice to sing Coverdale songs than the old MrkII songs.

    I hope I’m wrong but I dont think so.

  14. 14
    Tony Lindhard says:

    As one who shared stage briefly with “Roundabout” many years ago, DP Mark VIII or whatever it is these days, is a remarkable band as I discovered all those years ago. And I am looking forward to their next apperance in Australia. Last time they were here with that other grandfather band, Gillan had great trouble with being in tune for the first half of the session in Melbourne. To make matters worse, Paice’s drum setters-up gofers hadn’t dome a very good job at all. That was a shame for a world’s best drummer.
    Everyone has a right to turn old and grey, even DP/. Still, come back to melbourne again soon, and feel free to bring the walking frames and walking sticks. !

  15. 15
    andre sihotang says:

    I’ll tell you people another hundred of times again, the problem is only the set list. Gillan’s voice was not suited again with the classic Purple songs. I must ask heaven why they still play those Mk2 tunes???
    But again, this is just a forum..

  16. 16
    gregodio says:


  17. 17
    T says:

    The reviewer has some legitimate concerns in addition to some subjective points.

    While I can understand the viewpoint that DP is a tribue band, I do not agree with it. When most bands lose a key member, such as a singer or guitarist, the next incarnation becomes “something else” to such a degree that they ought to change the name.

    Although this viewpoint could be applied to Purple with a certain amount of authority, DP was never stable enough in the first place to establish who they were. No two albums sound alike, and ones taken from the classic days are light-years away from contemporary ones. Mark I especially suffers from an identity crisis and is generally dismissed from being the “real” Deep Purple even though are they absolutely the “original” Deep Purple; and they produced some outstanding recordings.

    What, exactly, IS the Deep Purple sound? “The Shield”? “Hard Lovin’ Man”? “Hold On”? “The Cut Runs Deep”? Despite the fact that most would agree Deep Purple is best defined as the Made in Japan era, the band evolved too quickly to create a trademark sound. They have trademark *elements*–such as a driven Hammond organ, blitzkrieg guitar, heavy rhythm and a lot of screaming–but not necessarily a trademark “sound”. One could make the same point for Rainbow. The advantage is that these bands continued to interest and never got stale, although some versions were prematurely retired.

    Bottom line: Deep Purple is not a tribute band. They are the result of a long history of evolution.

    However, having said that, this evolution is so profound that as I have noted in the past, some older songs do sound like a tribute band. “Smoke on the Water” in particular has not sounded quite right for a long time. Although the group will continue to be associated with certain songs, such as “Smoke,” and will be obligated to play them, the setlist could use an infusion of the most recent incarnation’s songs to prevent them from being an “oldies” band. A NEW ALBUM would help in that regard. This is difficult for DP because their audience comes in two factions: Those who WANT to hear the old songs, and those who are tired of them and want to hear the new(er) ones. It can’t be easy to create a setlist.

    As for the live shows, these gentlemen are no spring chickens and as such should be allowed a certain amount of leeway. They’re not getting any younger. Although both good and bad shows will happen, they still blow the young bands into the weeds. Forty years from now, who will remember any of those bands? And will they still be touring and recording?

  18. 18
    greg says:

    It seems that history repeat itself and Purple get staled again.
    I wrote few days ago that I think they should take some rest , they are on the road constantly, playing almost the same songs.
    I’d love to hear more songs from Morse era, or some from the 80’s,
    like Gypsy’s kiss or Bad attitude.
    Besides that Gillan’s voice is in relly bad shape,I mean on BANANAS
    he sounded great better than decade before, but now… I don’t know
    they should take a break, rest a while,the old classics are very demanding,perhaps when he wrote them back then, he haven’t thought that he’ll be singing them 40 years later.
    In 73 Gillan left the band because of constant touring, and now looks like they try to break a record or something.
    Anyhow they still have a lot to offer I think,maybe a record we’ll see

  19. 19
    scott says:

    totally agree with #s 16 and 17. they need a break and, for the sake of us all,…PLAY MORE MORSE ERA MATERIAL PLEASE! it is for this reason the term tribute band keeps popping up.

  20. 20
    ormandy says:

    Three words: NEW ALBUM PLEASE!

    I agree; more material from MORSE (and Airey) Deep Purple, and a MKIII/IV instrumental tribute.

  21. 21
    George says:

    New album, then ONE world tour (about 8-12 minths) supporting the album, setlist changes from night to night, more improvisations, MORE Morse era songs, and then 1 year break for band (brake can be used for members’ solo activity)

    then new album again, maximum 8-12 month tour and so on… this WOULD be a VITAL, FRESH and real DEEP PURPLE.

    Rapture of the Deep is cited as Purple’s longest tour ever. but in reality, Rapture tour lasted only 1 year and it was REAL album tour (they used to play 7-8 songs from Rapture per show. and then we got band touring Machine Head again… Deep Purple is sticked to Machine Head, coz it was probably the only REAL commercial highlight of the band. It’s not only MKVIII’s, but the whole Purple’s fault (besides of MkIII which played the whole Burn album during Burn tour, + ONLY 2 songs from MKII era)

    from 1985, they sticked to Made In Japan setlist (untill the JLT era)
    Highway Star as show opener, and Smoke as closer, + full Made In Japan and 90% OLD MkII songs, + 2-3 songs from new album. that was what we got from 85 till 88, then from 1992 till 93, and from 93 till nowadays.

    the ONLY highlight from these period was Purpendicular Tour – half of the show included Purpendicular songs, (8 or 9). That’s why Purpendicular was so successful, apreciated album and so GREAT enjoyable tour.
    and then again, 1 year highlight when they played 8 songs from Rapture. that’s why 2006-2007 was so commercially successful period for the band and they were named as VITAL, FRESH band…
    I’ve not heard those words from 2008 till 2009 about Deep Purple…

    and the main fault – Gillan has never been in such a bad shape as in 2009. 4 month lasted and he still can’t recover. stop saying “Gillan is ill”… nobody can last alive if one is ill for 4 months. He isn’t ill, he is OLD… and sadly old enough to be Deep Purple’s lead singer…

    That’s the worst reality I could ever imagine about Deep Purple.
    this is NOT my opinion, but fact.
    Ok, Deep Purple is NOT tribute band (if we count sound, then the only Purple was MkII, and if we count members, the only Purple was MKI)… so Deep Purple is always Deep Purple, quite legally.
    but they aren’t CAPABLE of wearing Deep Purple’s name. they have right to be named DP, but they have NOT ability for that…

  22. 22
    Snake says:

    Hello. I WAS on that concert. And all I have to say – what M. Karski said in review, IT’S NOT TRUE. Gillan’s voice was quite ok (on “Fireball” and “Battle…” there were some bad moments, but that’s all). Don Airey’s solos are just fine for me (I’ve seen Don’s playing for a very first time) and HE IS IMPROVISING A LOT. Selection of material – well, mr Karski, type yours favourites. No comments.

    Sorry for my english – it’s rusty and i’ve just got back home from Wroclaw (and maybe I’ve had a few…). But if you understand it: I WAS THERE. The show was great – and it was my fifth time when I was on Purple concert. I’ve seen one with Ritchie in 1993, then with Morse in 1996 and 1998, then with orchestra in 2000 (or 2001?) and now. That was a great experience.


  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    They should have adopted the Purpendicular formula more.
    Great move of refreshed setlist and acceptable album.

    New cd?
    New setlists?
    Keep on dreaming!

    Well, they are probably too old or unwilling or both to change things anyway.

    I dont care anymore.

  24. 24
    andre sihotang says:


    Hi Snake..
    Martin Karski said something
    You said different things..
    Before you, #1 – #21 were under #0 influence..
    Both Martin and you attended the concert and after that, began to put a review here in THS.net..
    Then, I look and realized this is a forum haha..
    So why spoil and pissed Deep Purple because of a review..


  25. 25
    Felix says:

    hi, i’ve seen Dp the last time in graz austria 2007, the 15th DP concert, and the worst one… IANs voice was very bad, no high creams, no “I THAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU”, nothing, the soundsetup for his micro was not very loud, i would say they should stopp touring for 1 or 2 years, and than a last WORLD tour maybe with a new CD and the MARK II line up.. blackmore and LORD!!! STeve good, but he hasnt the PURPLE sound and feeling… blackmore playes aggressive and thats purple style. DP is at the moment like an old married couple…too much peace an stage, no impros…i wanna have the gillan vd. blackmore, vs. lord battle…. so let the battle rages on;-)

    ONE last world tour and a new last CD with the Mark II lineup, a last great SCREAM from that huge and great band…

    and sry for the englisch…

  26. 26
    HZ says:

    Felix, it’s impossible, man. I don’t think that there’s anyone’s will for doing that – and to be honest, I think that classic DP tunes are very demanding for Gillan right now. I mean, he put his own standards when he was younger so high, that they are hard to be reached by him in these days. That classic DP that we fell in love with is all about creativity, charisma and high standards, and today it’s a little bit different. Years caught them, and it’s OK, nothing bad or wrong with that – DP is still my “numero uno” band, and it’ll stay forever (MK II with no doubt :-)). Still, I’d like Ritchie to do his last hard rock stand – ultimate concert (DP, Rainbow and all). We have Purple, Jon did some good rock things – now is time for Blackmore to do recapitulation of his work, possibly with Jon Lord. That would be just great.

  27. 27
    Felix says:

    yes you are right, my thought was maybe after a 2 year break, IANs voice would be better, not for songs like child in time, or into the fire, or the Strange kind of woman with that 30second scream, but much better than NOW.

    blacmore and LOrd, yeah that would be awesome, i dont understand why IAN is still on tour, he knows his early performance, and that he is far far away from it…but he is still on tour, with Deep purple, last year solo gigs, …

    but we will see, i’m looking forward to the Austria gig in august, and maybe its gettin better…

  28. 28
    Alex says:

    Please, friends, stop it. Again and again. All of us are not the same as we were 30 years ago. And I really think that last 2 albums were even better than for example “HOBL” by MK II. So what?

  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    As I stated before I LOVE Who Do We Think We Are
    AND think HOBL has great tracks but produced too much in the 80 s

    PURPLE were my Gods but I question their ability to judge themselves or maybe they shifted their opinions because of the financial side…..

    What I mean to say is I do not really think they are right all the time
    They should have appreciated their efforts on these 2 albums more and improve on some of them live with for example extended versions.

    I prefer Bananas to ROTD but on the whole its not really exciting like with Ritchie.

    Maybe Ian should have quit smoking 30 years ago, quit touring too much, I dunno

    On Bananas he sounded very good, so…..

    Maybe he went on a diet too long?

    At first when he was losing weight that was a great improvement but later on it became scary.

    Ever seen the film THINNER?

    Maybe he ate too much of his own strawberry pie?

    Maybe Ritchie placed a spell on him?

    Well, I still think they can surprise us.

    Its up to them if they will.

  30. 30
    Gary says:

    I know what you’re saying, because I felt the same in 1996. But if you don’t like it anymore – don’t go to the concerts! I made that choice long ago, after the Purpendicular tour. The emotional “high” of seeing Purple just wasn’t there any more – for me (I stress, FOR ME). Everyone is different, and many people on here even prefer the modern Purple to the old stuff. Fair enough.

    I now purely enjoy Purple by listening to CDs, downloading (old) live gigs and buying new archive concerts and remastered back catalogue albums like Stormbringer.

    You seem to want the lineup to be Mark II, but that is never going to happen again. So you have to make a choice when you go to live concerts – either move on and discover and enjoy new bands, or just appreciate Purple as they are now.

  31. 31
    Snake says:

    Ok ok, but if you want to check it by yourself, just go on YT and type “deep purple wroclaw”, there’s a lot of stuff from that night (I don’t know if it’s ok to put direct link here). Try to find for example “Strange Kind Of Woman” from that show – without my opinion or Karski’s opinion, just the music. It’ll tell you everything about Gillan’s voice. For me it’s ok, and what can you expect? He sounds much better than in 96 or 98 for example. No high register? Come on. Gillan is over 60 now, he will never ever be able to sing high notes like he did in 70’s. But he shows what he’s got, you may like it or not and you may go on concert or not. For me – it’s still worth watching and listening.


  32. 32
    Tpd says:

    What’s “Southern Rock Wobble”?

  33. 33
    Snake says:

    “Southern Rock Wobble” sounded like nonsense-country for me, kind of pastish, and it took about 1.5 min.

  34. 34
    Felix says:

    onne more question, it seems that the perfect purple Hub is dead?!?! any other sites to share and find DP stuff?


  35. 35
    cellman says:

    I was in Wroclaw, and in Ostrava on the following day. Well, in fact Gillan is 64 now. It’s true that Ian has a shortages of voice and It’s rather understandable. Maybe mr Karski lost an excitement of Deep Purple concerts and music. You know, as you grow older you change, your tastes change. Those two gigs were my number 3 and 4 and I must admit that I like it very much but at the same time I felt a little lack of excitement, not because the did play without the involvment. It was me – the problem. What else… hmm I can agree that, I would like to hear more recent material and more improvisation, I like it. But at the same time the setlist was strong… And finally, although they didn’t stroke me down I’m surely going to attend they concert once.

  36. 36
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Gary


    Never say never


    I cant blame you, things always go like this but……

    I think there was nothing wrong with trying to follow the band after RB s departure. I just felt I had to try instead of only shouting.
    On the other hand, if everyone like me seized to speak after 93 you would have got a distorted truth.
    I dont agree with people who say you can only write on the board when you are positive about the Morse era.
    Then it would be a cheap advertisement for them and not representative of what lots people ALSO think.

    Dont tell me, we already know that people like you exist.
    If everyone like me had taken your and others advice since 93 pro Morse fans and the band themselves would have thought…..hey no one is complaining about what we do, we awere right all along!

    But they imply ALL THE TIME the period before Morse was better because they still keep on relying heavily on the old stuff live.
    Their excuse, which I find PATHETIC and totally WITHOUT INTEGRITY is the fans want the old stuf!!!!!

    Can we close this subject now forever and conclude everyone must admit the old stuff is more popular?


    1 RB was a better writer and player for the band
    2 DP themselves should have stand their ground and refuse to play those oldies setlists too much.
    Even me thinks it would have made a difference, in terms of the Morse songs regaining more popularity
    Or not?

    We ll never know, will we?


    Because they chose money instead of passion!!!!

  37. 37
    Martín correa says:

    This could be a refreshing setlist,
    what do you think?:

    1)Knocking at your back door
    2)Loosen My Strings
    3)Mad Dog
    4)Wrong Man
    5)Never Before
    6)Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    8)Rapture Of The Deep
    9)Finguers To The Bone
    10)Contact Lost
    11)Steve’s solo/well dressed guitar
    13)Don’s solo/Never a Word
    14)Riff parade/Smoke On The Water
    15)Highway Star

    16)Black Night
    18)Speed King/extended jam

    What do you say about it?

  38. 38
    Joanna says:

    Hmmm…what to say… I admit the band wasn’t in their best form, but I think my friend Marcin exaggerates too much. I said. 🙂

  39. 39
    George says:


    what???? Gillan sounds better then in 96 and 98? hahaha, it’s ridiculous… man, listen to the Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming’s background screams from the album version, it’s probably in the top 5 screams Gillan has ever done… and listen to Bludsucker from Abandon… then listen to Highway Star from NEC 2002 show, then House Of pain screams from Bananas, then No Laughing In Heaven from Gillan’s inn 2006, then Live In Anaheim screams from 2007… even in 96, 98, 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2007 Gillan sounded incredible… but in 2008 and 2009 Ian Gillan is NOT what he used to be even 1-2 years ago…

  40. 40
    Martin says:

    @ 37

    OK, you guys have beatem me to it. Here’s my Purple Rock’n’roll Fantasy regarding their set. Modestly paced to around 2 hrs.

    When I put / i treat the setlist position as an alternate option between the songs. It leaves a nice space to mess around. Having fun with that would prove that this is for rock art aimed at everybody, not trying to please those who know only the best hits with Steve Morse’s tunes thrown in a number of few. And the # new tracks would justify promoting of the ROtD.

    ~ 2′ 1. Money Talks Intro
    ~ 6′ 2. Money Talks
    ~ 6′ 3. Bad Attitude / Living Wreck
    ~ 7′ 4. Loosen My Strings / Sometimes I Feel Like…
    ~ 10′ 5. ’69 with jam (bits of Mandrake Root, Mule etc)
    ~ 12′ 6. Pictures Of H. / Wring That N.(jam)-Don’s Solo
    ~ 5′ 7. Sun Goes Down
    ~ 7′ 8. Never A Word – Steve’s Solo
    ~ 7′ 9. Fingers To The Bone
    ~ 7′ 10. The Battle Rages On
    ~ 6′ 11. Don’t Let Go / Clearly Quite Absurd
    ~ 7′ 12. Rapture Of The Deep
    ~ 5′ 13. No One Came / Cascades: I’m Not Your Lover Now
    ~ 9′ 14. Speed King (w jam)

    set ~ 96′

    ~ 7′ 15. Lazy / Hush / Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
    ~ 7′ 16. Perfect Strangers / Smoke
    ~ 8′ 17. Black Night

    encore ~ 22′

    Nothing that much impossible for these guys. Plenty of room to give a breath to Gillan, mix old and new, Morse and before Morse, just nice, adventurous variety.

  41. 41
    Felix says:

    the perfekt Dp setlist i wont happend, but its funny to think about it

    1. Highway Star
    2. The Battle Rages On
    3. Knocking at your backdoor
    4. Pictures Of Innocence
    5. Perfect strangers
    6. Anya
    7. The Unwritten Law
    8. Black Night
    9. Smoke on The water
    10. Loosing My strings
    11. No One Came
    12. Twist in the Tale
    13. Child In Time
    14. Fools
    15. Into The Fire
    16. smoke on the water
    17. (APRIL) 🙂

  42. 42
    Felix says:

    ^^ not 2 smoke on the waters^^ my fault^^ nr. 9 should be UNDER THE GUN

  43. 43
    HardRockPete says:

    This website is gettin’ funnier and funnier! It’s like…if you don’t write a great review for the current line up, then get outta here!

    Everyone has the right to have an opinion, even if it means “the current band is a tribute band”. Who cares? Some like it, some don’t!

  44. 44
    Snake says:


    Yes, I know screams from “Purpendicular” and “Abandon”, and I know, they are GREAT. But on concerts it wasn’t the same – maybe Gillan had worse days then or whatever. What I want to say – now he’s not trying pick high notes, when he feels he can’t do this. He saves his voice for whole gig. And in 96 and 98, you know, I’ve heard some very false notes, when he was trying to do that. I’m not saying that he is in perfect voice condition today – how can I know that? I’m saying that this guy knows VERY WELL his limitations. And someone may be disappointed, that he is not reaching “voice heaven” now, but I tell you – it’s better he’s not trying, if he knows he won’t succeed. In other case, he would be pathetic. And none of us want it. I hope.

  45. 45
    Gary says:

    Hi Gary,

    In order to avoid any confusion about future posts may I respectfully request that you use your last name initial in future posts ? I’ve been posting on THS since 1998 so I’m sort of known as ‘ Gary ‘.

    Your post did reflect most of my views very well though 🙂

  46. 46
    Piotr says:

    My setlist:

    1. Highway Star
    2. Rapture Of The Deep/Strange Kind Of Woman
    3. Fingers To The Bone/The Aviator/Never a Word
    4. Not Responsible/ Under The Gun
    5. Pictures Of Home/Never Before
    6. No One Came/No No No
    7. Woman From Tokyo/Mary Long
    8. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (Purpendicular version…)/Loosen My Strings
    9. Contact Lost-Steve Morse Solo-Well Dressed Guitar
    10. Anya
    11. Before Time Began
    12. Lazy
    13. Strangeways
    14. Don Airey Solo – Bad Attitude/Perfect Strangers
    15. Fools/Cascades: I’m Not Your Lover


    16. Black Night/Hush
    17. Riff Parade-Smoke On The Water

  47. 47
    Andy G says:

    Saw the Prague show on May 4th – fantastic: struck me that they were genuinely chuffed at the reception they got. First time I’d seen the band live since about 2001-02 or something, and yes, Gillan’s voice may not be quite what it was 37 years ago in 1972, but cut him some slack, he can still sing way better than singers in most rock / metal (did I say that?) bands you’ll come across. The musicianship these five guys display is amazing – the only other band as talented as writers and performers of complex but never self-indulgent music is Opeth, though I’ll listen to a case for Dio / Iommi …

    Highlights – Airey’s solo, Wring That Neck, Space Trucking – and the way the band spark off each other; call it too cosy if you want, but I’d rather see a band clearly in tune (ha!) with each other than the on-stage tensions we saw in 1975 and 1993. Keep it up guys – Opeth and Sabbath/H&H aside, there’s no competition …

  48. 48
    Michal says:

    Hi, I saw both OSTRAVA (2nd May) and PRAGUE (4th) gigs and have to say, that both shows were briliant. In Ostrava the band sounded better for me for a little bit (don’t know why), but absolutelly Ian Gillan was much more better and clean in Prague, what is really amazing – the 4th performance in 4 days. And because some of my friends visited all four shows and can compare – I have to say that fans in POLAND and SLOVAKIA are out of luck :-(, or Mr. Gillan likes Czech bier and girls much more 🙂

  49. 49
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Dare I……..

    SOS here at THS…..

    Back to the Blackmore vs Morse/ MK2 vs MKeverything/ Gillan can’t scream/ play different set lists/ blah blah blah blah…..

    The only thing more consistent than the Deep Purple set lists is the comments posted here on this site….

    It’s like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. It all comes around to the same old comments by the same old people….

    The Band has been around in one shape or another for 40 friggin’ years. The line-ups have changed and so have the individuals whom are in the band. It’s call AGING and MATURING. This is a natural transition through the wonderful aspect known as LIFE. Guess what?
    It ultimately ends in DEATH. These guys are still Rockin’. And I don’t mean in Rockin’ Chairs as is many others their age. They choose to keep on playing great music and maybe not to the standards of their Prime, but better than any of YOU can dream of. They may not play the Perfect set list, but it usually covers a wide range of tunes from a wide variety of Purple Records.

    I’m not even going to comment on the Tribute thing….I’ve made myself Perfectly Clear on that issue and how I define that.

    Deep Purple is playing the music Deep Purple wants to play. Deep Purple is a 5 man Band. Ritchie ain’t one of the 5. He is also playing the music He wants to play. At least the 5 members of Purple are still playing Hard Rock and Deep Purple music. Deep Purple didn’t leave Ritchie. He left Deep Purple and also spat in the faces of those whom worship him…..

    Purple as it is, is by far one of the best bands out there still and I have never been disappointed by them at any of the many shows I have attended. The sound they produce today is the sound that they have become. They earned it by producing it. We as fans either like it or not. They have plenty in the world the DO. I am one of them. No more or less than the other MKs. Just from a different ear. I enjoy the changes and evolution and it’s what makes it so interesting.

    From days of old, there were good gigs and not so good gigs. You can’t humanly expect that from time to time, the singer to not be at his best. Especially with the amount of gigs they play. The positive side to this Touring is that you stand a greater chance to see them.

    Fantasy Set lists are just that….FANTASY. We all have one…..Big Deal. I think to be a little more sensible we all agree on one thing though….At least Half the Setlist should contain MK7/8 material, with representation from ALL 4 records. That alone would shut most of us up and would make for a great gig…..


  50. 50
    lolodrums says:

    Deep Purple is a shadow of they were .
    It’s a pity they are gigging and getting worst on every show ….SAD but TRUE .
    I felt in love with them on the early seventies …I know that almost 40 years later is a lot for almost everybody specially when you are the best hard rock band ever existed . Their early music is very demanding…and obviously some of them arent enough good now(Gillan ) or their sound doesn’t fit the Purple sound ….in my opinion Mr Airey never could fill teh hole Jon left.
    Finally and hardly I got used to Morse sound (Purpendicular was the last great album).
    Little Ian , uow the master …the only one with the magic still there …obviously I dont expect the 15′ ‘the mule’ solo but still a genious .
    Face it ….stop with this , keep the glory alive…

  51. 51
    marcinn says:


    If you do not expect 15 minute solo from Paicey, how can you expect Gillan singing as he used to in 1970’s?

    There is no fully established Purple sound. Every album sounds differently. The Purple sound is the live one, and I attended this show and this one in Ostrava. Purple magic if you ask me, the most energetic performances I’ve ever witnessed. Wrong Man, Battle, Sometimes and Well Dressed Guitar were some of the highlights I
    particularly enyojed. There were many more…


    Well put Tracy!

  52. 52
    lolodrums says:

    I go for the last sentence #49 wrote …they should play almost all the material from the Mk7/8 era….this would avoid comparisons and we all will accept DP evolution and be happy , myself included .

    What happens that DP clasic tunes are so sgrongly fixed in our blood that we would want to preserve it as they were back then forever and that’s not possible….
    Regards for everybody .

  53. 53
    Gary says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Blackmore didn’t ‘ spit in the faces of his fans ‘. He merely changed his musical focus. Ritchie played hard rock guitar at the highest of levels for over thirty YEARS !

    I do understand your disappointment in his decision. But, I believe that Ritchie Blackmore has more than earned the right to pursue music HE finds interesting.

    And so do many others.

  54. 54
    GerInAssenNetherlandsMale51yearsyoung says:

    @49 Tracy :
    A great comment.
    Especially : ” Especially with the amount of gigs they play. The positive side to this Touring is that you stand a greater chance to see them. ” I’ve seen DP since February 2006 till now 5 times, and will see them in November 2009 again in Amsterdam for the sixth time : thanks to their heavy tour-schedule (altough I agree with anyone who says they have to put in more ‘breaks’ ….).
    But thank God I’m still able to see and hear the greatest band ever nowadays !!!!
    Cheers and bottoms up ! DP forever, that’s for sure !

  55. 55
    GerInAssenNetherlandsMale51yearsyoung says:

    @51 lolodrums :
    IMHO people like you who turned their back to the present DP, could save a lot of energy for real life by not interfering too much with DP-things from the present.
    But, nevertheless : Cheers !

  56. 56
    dave smith says:

    You sad sad individuals-please get a life. Alternatively, please put some links up so we can check your music talent out (i assume from most of the comments on this site that you are all amazingly talented musicians). Id love to see what you guys produce in comparison with Purple… Im sure it will make interesting listening!
    Ps. George-for someone who has NEVER seen the band live you sure have got a lot to say on the subject!!

  57. 57
    Gary says:

    And a PS…From what I’ve heard the Wroclaw and Ostrava shows were indeed very good 🙂

    I know somebody who was THERE 🙂

  58. 58
    lolodrums says:

    To #55…

    You were really offensive with your comments , the moderator should have removed your comment indeed . I have the rigth to give my opinion if this is done with respect to each other….something u don’t know .
    Get some education.

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