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Wroclaw: Dizzy 1st of May

Steve Morse seemed a bit frightened when he looked at the Wroclaw Square full of guitarists. It was a shock to both him and to me: more than 6.000 guitars in the town square! I expected 3.000 only.

They had all come to break the Guinness World Record of guitarists pæaying simulateneously. Many thanks, Steve! You helped us to break the guitar record!

The gig was very interesting, too, although the band didn’t seem to be in the best form. But the musicians did their best. It was nice to hear “The battle rages on” or “Sometimes I feel like screaming”.

Before the show I read they would play “Kentucky woman”, but the journalist must have been wrong. The band gave us “Wring that neck” that is often (always?) played lately. I only missed Ian Paice’s solo in “Space truckin'”. Also Do Airey’s solo was too short. By the way, I’d like him to play Chopin’s “Revolutionary Etude”…

I was glad to hear Ian Gillan sing “Perfect strangers” without any mistake. Bravo, Ian! 🙂

The stadium, very large, was full of fans- not only 40-60 years old. There were lots of teenagers there! And all seemed to be happy to hear Deep Purple live again.

By the way, I don’t know why the band visits us so seldom lately. The audience reactions were enthusiastic and I hope the musicians saw it, too. If they did, I think they will come back to Poland soon. We still like them so much.

Many thanks for the gig!

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    Alie says:

    WROCLAW: WE WERE THERE ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We were flying all the way from Holland to Wroclaw to see all the guitar players on the THANKS JIMI FESTIVAL.
    It was GREAT and we don’t believe what we are seeing and hearing on the first off may 2009.
    For us it was very special and now we were back in holland we talked every day about it.
    Offcource we also go to the concert off DEEP PURPLE at the Pola Marsowe that evening.
    We see Deep Purple many many times at different places around the world BUT…..we dont see them with so many many people who were there that GREAT evening.
    We liked the concert very much and talked with other Polisch Deep purple fans.
    So we had a great time at Wroclaw(we liked the city also very much)and when Deep Purple is playing there again we came back….that’s for sure!
    Greetings from us to all the Polisch Deep purple fans from Adrian Smits and Alie Akse.

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