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Deep Purple in Vienne

I came to see D.P. in Vienne (France); this nice little town in the Alps is a really beautiful place with a castle and a roman arena where the concert took place. It was an open air concert, the weather was perfect, a nice summer night and several thousand people where there.

Set list :

Fireball – Into the fire – Strange kind of woman – Rapture of the deep –– Mary Long – Kiss tomorrow goodbye – Contact lost & Steve Morse solo – Sometimes I feel like screaming – Wring that neck & The well dressed guitar –The battle rages on – Airey solo & Perfect strangers – Space truckin’ – Highway star – Intro of the Aviator & Smoke on the water.

Encore : Speed king – Hush – Black night.

I saw DP twenty times and the set list was a good surprise: it was nice to hear “Wring that neck”. It’s a real fine instrumental and Paice, Airey & Morse were brilliant. “Mary Long” was an excellent moment and it was good to see the band play a Purpendicular track like “Sometimes I feel like screaming”.

From the last album, “Kiss tomorrow goodbye” and “Rapture of the deep” were played with a lot of power, it was two excellent versions.

During his solo, Don Airey played several notes of “La Marseillaise” our national hymn, and a synthesiser theme of Jean Michel Jarre, the French musician: he was really well welcomed.

Steve Morse played the intro of “the aviator” and was joined by the rest of the band, just before “Smoke on the water”. It was a cool intro and a nice moment.

The whole band seemed always really happy on stage and they received a huge good reaction of the crowd. Ian Gillan was wearing a big pair of glasses: he explained that he has problem with one eye. He was in good voice, (the only moment where he struggled a little bit was “speed king”). The instrumental passages between Morse and Airey were good and long during “Speed King and “Black night” and the band played for two hours.

A very good evening in a marvellous place.

Lionel Bouvet – Annecy (France)


12 Comments to “Deep Purple in Vienne”:

  1. 1
    Bo says:

    This was great to read. Mary Long – I look forward to that, but please add more surprises in the future. That gives you the fresh air, which I have been missing for many many years. Also – pleeeease – add “House of Pain”. First class DP rock, and just as good as in the golden years.
    Warm summer regards to all

  2. 2
    Nero says:

    Well,… thank you for the review.
    I’ll see them this sunday in Tienen (Belgium).
    They play a nice overvieuw of old classics en new almost classics.
    I have a 16y yound kid,… his favorite DP song is not Smoke,… it once was Black Night (when he was 12) but at his age now it’s “Sometimes I feel like screaming”. What is on the playlist as it seems.

    Mr Gillan,… if you’re on stage screaming your lungs out, and you see a young brat screaming his longs out,… his name is Timothy, next generation DP fan. If it’s a grayish fellow screaming his lungs out,… it’s his dad.

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I heard the weather is gonna be a bit rowdy these days……
    I hope nobody is going to be electrocuted on stage….
    Although that would be a interesting theatrical way to go, someone from way back would say.

  4. 4
    Ger , Assen , Netherlands says:

    Purplepriest : what a disgusting sence of humour you have. I’ll explain later on.

  5. 5
    Roy says:

    Good to see that they are shaking up the set list a little:-)

    Looking forward to see you guys in August!

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Ger

    Are you taking that remark really that serious?

    I was referring to something RB once said in HIS humorous (Don’t blame me)style about, I think, Roger being ill and his awaiting departure from the band.

    On the other hand, that’s HUMOR.
    And that it has the risk to become mis- (Yeah, mistreated as well)interpreted by some, including me(…)now and then….

    “Living in the lime light, the universal dream…..”(RUSH)

    It’s ironic that I hear different things about yesterday…..already, after only a few outings about it.

    1) I heard someone say it rained during half the show.
    Could it really 🙂 be that the area is that big someone else did not notice any moisture at all?!
    2) A “groupie act” ON STAGE railed against Ian Paice?! Is there a YOUTUBE from that one?
    3) Ian Gillan in bad shape? Does everyone going to the show has that experience?

    Awaiting more “funny stories and details”.

    Yours truly, ……

  7. 7
    Rascal says:

    1) Localised rain – just the one precipitating cloud – reports of sunburn by the majority.

    2)Old folks outing errupted onto the stage. Ian Paice was the only one sitting down – easy target.

    3)Just depends on whether you could hear his voice or not.

  8. 8
    Ger , Assen , Netherlands says:

    Ok, I misunderstood you obviously, purplepriest. Thanks for the explanation.

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Almost checked out your HYVES,:)

    But my pc got a bit slow and I had stuff to do, so…..

    Maybe next time.

    I saw you have a nice site on DP and espescially GILLAN…..


  10. 10
    Ger , Assen , Netherlands says:

    Thanks for the compliment purplepriest1965.
    Indeed, my hyves-site and personal website are a tribute to and great admiration for DP and especially Ian Gillan, who was and is, imho, THE voice of rock ! (only my opinion and feeling hahaha).
    Cheers and bottoms up. ‘Gillanised Ger’ (already 51 years young ;)). Latest photos DP at :
    http://www.cuttingedge.be/photo_reports/2022-suikerrock-deep-purple?index=7 :))

  11. 11
    thierry says:

    hello guys !
    great super
    à vienne genial
    encore mieux que lyon 2006
    il manquait ” child in time” et “ted the mechanic”
    great show !
    40 years of r’n’r !!!!!!!!!

  12. 12
    hubert Allusson says:

    Well, thanks for the review as I was born in Grenoble, he big town near Vienne. the problem with Deep Purple is always the lack of changes in the set list. When Uriah Heep revisit all their songs from all their albums, Deep Purple always play the Mk2 hits. I understand Ian G do not want to play Coverdale or Turner songs, but why don’t they playsuch good tracks as “flight of the rat”, “hard loving man”, “no no no”, “rat bat blue”, “smooth dancer”, “place in line” and all the gems of the reunion?

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