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Fullly packed in Montreux

Just home from a trip to Montreux where me and my wife got to witness an incredible performance by Deep Purple at the closing of the 42nd Jazz Festival.

The set list already given by others. What struck me was how heavy they sounded all the way through.

Highlights for me were several. Into the fire, Sometimes, Perfect Strangers, The Battle Rages On, Smoke, Highway Star, and the jam part with Claude Nobs which was great fun! Also the encores were excellent.

The audience in a fully-packed Stravinski Auditorium were very enthusiastic through the whole concert – it was an evening we will remember for long. Great!

Now we look forward to the concert in Norway in August. And of course an new album next year….

25 Comments to “Fullly packed in Montreux”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    Hopefully this was recorded.

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    How many more Montreux cd’s I have to witness?

    My suggestion :

    Release a double cd with the Lord/Morse era BUT without the Live In Japan tracks.

    So, give US :

    1) rat bat blue(I guess it was recorded somewhere?)
    2) maybe I m a leo
    3) Pictures of home
    4) hey cisco
    5) purpendicular waltz
    6) Rosa’s cantina
    7) Fools
    8) Anyones daughter
    9) TBRO
    10) 69(Interpolating The Mule?)
    11) The Well dressed Guitar
    12) Wring that neck (Concerto 99)
    13) 7th Heaven
    14) Any fule know that
    15) Bloodsucker
    16) Demons Eye?
    17) Fireball
    18) No one came
    19) Watching the sky
    20) Somebody stole my guitar
    21) Pictured Within- Ian Gillan VOCALS/From sounboard series!!!
    22) TED
    23) SIFLS
    24) When a blind man cries
    25) ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?????????

    Some songs they did I just do not like (almost Human, Evil Louie, Jack Ruby,….)
    Others I might have forgotten now?

    SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ok, I realise now………….

    I forgot Woman from Tokyo and Mary Long.

    What more did they do and was NOT on all those other CLASSIC live albums……

    Guess Ya know what I mean by now.

    You are not stupid.


    Guess some people in the DP organisation are…..

    The perfect tribute to Jon leaving DP :

    A 2 or 3 cd disc set with the above…..

    The Best of Live Morse /Lordy!!!!!

    Even I would buy that.

  4. 4
    Tracy Heyder says:

    You are such a cheap skate. If you don’t invest, then don’t complain…..he he he.

    Believe it or not….I think they know who to pander to. They are professionals and have advisors. They have been in the business for 40 years. Successful I might add. YOU? You are a gnat on a dog dick. I think they call that a “Dog Dick Gnat”.


  5. 5
    Rascal says:

    “Dog Dick Gnat”……..JLT’s latest band???

    Which is he?? DOG, DICK, or GNAT??

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Tracy, you are unbelievable.

    I m a cat lover.

  7. 7
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Rascal…..you are right. I think I have devulged the perfect name for JLT’s next band project…..”the dog dicks and the gnat”.

    Priest: Being a Cat person doesn’t make you a bad person, but usually means you are a lonely person. Most single chicks whom aren’t very lucky in love, usually live alone with cats. Hmmmm, Are there such a thing as Cat Dick Gnats? Check for us will you priest? Unless of course your cat is a female……..then “never mind”.


  8. 8
    Zynity Uyol says:

    Oh Tracy, what a Yankee rubbish.
    The prophet Mohammed had 9 official wifes and uncountable friends.He was the greatest catlover ever.I admire him not for his religion efforts but for his cat affection!
    I ran a cat-asylum , and I don’t like to be insulted for my intense passionate love for cats. I think that goes for all other ‘cat people’ too.
    b.t.w. What is the purpose of your idiotic bullshitwriting ? To convince us the redneck type still exists…and that for a D.P. fan 🙁 ?

  9. 9
    Rascal says:

    To be fair……….Cats are delicious.

    Slow baked and served with a decent wine.

    Dont get me wrong……I couldnt eat a whole one (well maybe a kitten ot two), that is unless the family come around for lunch.

    Cat Asylum???? Pan fry the bastards.

    A decent sized ‘Kitty’ goes a long way.

    Its a ‘Pussy’ thing!

  10. 10
    Zynity Uyol says:

    Hi rascal!

    Don’t be amazed, but I DO appreciate your reply!
    They are the most original ever anyway! 😀

    A true opinion full of humor and most probably cat hate! It’s only one’s choice.

    But… you don’t make personal insults or connections and that is a matter of ‘good human taste’ 😉


  11. 11
    Rascal says:

    Me……hate cats?………NO WAY!!

    My comments are generally for my own self amusement……….

    Everyone’s so highly strung on here! Its exceptional entertainment. Ive never even heard of Deep Purple……….

  12. 12
    Rascal says:

    Lover of the Russian queen
    There was a cat that really was gone
    Russia’s greatest love machine
    It was a shame how he carried on#

  13. 13
    Zynity Uyol says:


    You ARE a true wonder… :0

    I’m from Armenia…but perhaps Rasputin and Russian Queen on holiday in Bohème could do…taking catnaps…loosen strings…

    Nice weekend and cheers to you! 8)

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ritchie loves cats.

    Maybe that does says it all?

  15. 15
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Zynity Uyol: I wasn’t going to even bother responding to your statement, BUT YOU KNOW ME……..

    “Yankee rubbish”? So that’s it? You zero in on me because you have figured out I’m from the States and you are biased against my ‘humor'(that you obviously aren’t smart enough to figure out)? Look, number one….you are an asshole,..number 2….you are an asshole, number 3….like the animal you love so much, I think pussy is a better anatomy to compare you to.

    Anyone who runs a “Cat asylum” needs their head examined…..hmmmm. Yeah, Mohammed may have loved cats…..”Ya Gotta Eat”. He had 9 wives….Of course there were cats around….the friggin’ place smelled like tuna.

    OK, enough time wasted on this imbecile.

    Now to more important and resjpectable bloggers..Priest, I think you have something there..he he he.

    Now explain our relationship to your new ‘little friend’ whom seems to be a little racist.
    I gotta go skin a cat and throw him on the grill. Ummmm, they are sooooo good with a little side of camel and goat.


  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    The image of Ted Nugent keeps re appearing here…….

    I m not so sure that’s a compliment.

    Me respectable? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I m NOT RESPONSIBLE.

  17. 17
    Zynity Uyol says:

    Hello Tracy,
    Pity…such impressive insult-equipment missing
    target…Armenia is Catholic…
    This proves once more that a redneck only knows his backyard. So amusing 🙂

    You drum and sing at the same time…why don’t you just play the guitar in the mean time too, then you can enjoy performing Yankee Doodle Dandee…
    perhaps with a bass solo?

  18. 18
    Annemie says:

    Tracy, your brain has become probably overheated in your tub.There seem to be only jealousy and arrogance left.Even your sarcasm is whiped out by the lack of intelligence.
    Brutalities and insults are just proofs of incapability.
    About having such lovely character…thats a gift of nature 🙂

    Tomorrow I’m going to the Deep Purple concert in Tienen…After a few weeks intensive listening to Ritchie it will be quite a change getting used again to Steve… 8)
    I so happy with DP now…until I compare with Mk2 ….Cheers ! 😉

  19. 19
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    All my dear friends…

    Please be more careful! We risk to get all boycotted by Uncle Tracy…who knows with a THS embargo ;(

    btw I adore and possess six cats and two dogs… 😮

    Na Zdorovje !!!

  20. 20
    Anzor Denisultanov says:

    Have a great concert in Tienen Annemie 😀

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I forgot the recently live played “Loosen My Strings”?

    I ll NOT be there……

    I doubted if I should…..Only 20 E for a ticket. Ofcourse I d have to get my butt to Belgium again…..

    I ll try sweating bullets at home….

    Take care tomorrow, who ever you are.
    You know who you are…..

  22. 22
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Zynity Uyol said:

    “Pity…such impressive insult-equipment missing
    target…Armenia is Catholic…”

    I do not recall bringing religion nor race into this discussion. I will definitely respond to it though. It was you whom began your statement towards me as a “Yankee”. I have never made any negative reference to anyone’s origination. On the contrary. I thoroughly enjoy communicating with those of you from all over the world regarding the subject matter this site pertains to….Deep Purple. If you think I am going to waste my time arguing politics, race or religion on this site, you are dead wrong. I am not interested in your “drivel” regarding your obvious disregard for my country or my being a “Yankee” in your eye. That brings me right back to the “Dog Dick Gnat” remark I made earlier for fun when responding to Priest. The point I was making was that us fans opinions as a single entity is of no value…..we are all “Dog Dick Gnats” in this little world of Deep Purple that each of us seems to think we each have all the answers to. That was the point, and it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful to Priest. It was ME, doing what I do…..use relative factions for sarcastic placement in expression. Sorry if you don’t get it, but I do believe the masses do. Yes there are some who are offended by some of my tongue and cheek, by believe me. No harm is ever meant and I do apologize to those whom don’t get it. You along with Anzor Denisultanov and Annemie attack my intelligence. It is time to look in the mirror. The reflection of ignorance will show very bright. I have been very clear and on target with my views and I am very sorry if you look at life and view points through your racist eye sockets. Where you are from is of no concern to me, other than enjoying sharing views and information about Deep Purple. Slighting me because I am a “Yankee” in your eye only shows who is the true ignorant one’s here.

    I will say this though, If my being a “Yankee” to you is wrong then I don’t want to be right. And I leave this conversation with one Yankee fact. Us Yankees have helped a lot more people from other countries, (especially yours) than any other country in this world has even thought of helping, including yours, through funding and physical contribution. Maybe that’s where your harshness comes from towards us Yankees. Maybe you just can’t face the facts that this little 300 year old country has come further and done more for this world in the positive since than any other, especially yours. I will not respond any further on this and I am only expressing this due to your absolute arrogance in bringing that subject where it does not belong.

    Anzor Denisultanov said:

    “All my dear friends…
    Please be more careful! We risk to get all boycotted by Uncle Tracy…who knows with a THS embargo”

    Sorry to show your lack of intelligence also, but I have no more affiliation to THS than you do. But if I did have some clout, I would shut down this blog due to you and your fellow “Nationalists” bringing this sort of discussion in. It has no place here and only creates further distension between us, whom should be discussing Purple, not Red White and Blue……

    purplepriest1965 said:

    “The image of Ted Nugent keeps re appearing here…….
    I m not so sure that’s a compliment”

    Well Priest, here’s the closer….

    If you are comparing me to Uncle Ted… Let’s see here, Ted is not a drug addict (Me neither). Ted is successful, talented and living the American Dream (me too). Ted Love’s his country and honors and respects those who have fought for it so that he may live the free and democratic life he has chosen (me too). Ted loves to hunt and fish, on his Own land that he has purchased through his successful choices in life (me too). Ted believes in the difference between right and wrong (me too). Ted Loves Deep Purple (me too). So, I think you have the answer as to whether or not it is a compliment…..It is……..and I THANK YOOOOUUUU!

    One last thing….I DO NOT HATE CATS! I was using the cat thing for a purpose, to make a point, regarding a sarcastic viewpoint I was expressing with Priest, whom has made it clear he is a Cat Person. As a matter of fact I have had many cats for pets throughout my lifetime. There truly isn’t an animal I don’t like. I have had snakes, turtles, raccoons, opossums, lizards, alligators, dogs, skunks, fish, you name it, I’ve had it. So before you go and judge me or anyone else because of there “origin”, look in the mirror first, then judge yourself. You will find that if you do that first honestly, you will save yourself some typing……

    Now I’m off, into the little Hot Tub, while sipping on a little “Red Dog” with little “Nugent….Cat Scratch Fever” blasting out for all the critters on my Ranch to enjoy……

    God Bless living right!!!!!!


  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Yes or no…..Concerning whatsever…..

    I must admit I still felt “something” when I just received this call, this SOUND :
    FIREBALL being the opening in Belgium……

    Darn, hate to admit…..
    Wish I was there instead of in my sweaty couch.

    Back to my telly, I suppose…. 🙁

  24. 24
    Rascal says:

    Tracy’s an American!! Your kidding??

    Im a ‘Limey’…….goddammit!! The British Isles….the last bastion of hope, truth and integrity……and home to the spineless.

    We may be a small island, governed by facists, over taxed, over populated, escalating knife crime, ridiculous fuel prices….etc etc (feel free to add your own)………..but as a NATION……we stand firm…we stand together (as best a nation of minorities can)…….and together we accept it all………..cos we really darent do anything else……..to be honest!!

    ….its so depressing…….

    The land of the free, the home of the brave…..have you room for me….please….please……??

    Snakes, turtles, raccoons, opossums, lizards, alligators, dogs, skunks, fish, you name it………….TRACY………your barbeques sound frikkin fantastic….’smoke me a kitten I will be back for breakfast’!!

  25. 25
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Still no news on a LIVE Double with Lordy and Morsey??? 🙂

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