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Lick stealer high in Denver

Last night, while visiting in Denver, Colorado USA I had the time of my life rockin’ with Ian, Ian, Roger, Don and the almighty Steve (I tell you, that guy’s smile is contagious and I am a GUY).

The band was having so much fun the enjoyment permeated the entire audience and Ian Gillan is right. (there were ALL ages in the audience which surprised me). I don’t see any reason to mention the tune list because they play Hush and tunes off The Rapture of the Deep with the same energy as if both were written and recorded last week.

I can not say how many times I have seen Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, The Steve Morse Band, Dio, Satriani etc… but last night’s show, in a relatively small auditorium, was nothing less than an absolute GAS…

I am 47 and a professional guitarist (I’ve spent many hours stealing tabs and trying to figure out what Steve pulls off going back to the Dregs as well as a million hours as a teen getting down the Highway Star solo) but the only downside I could see which I’m sure – because I even talked with a few new friends from the concert – the average fan would not pick up was the difficulty Ian Gillan was having with the high notes.

However, I do not see how it is possible that between Steve and Don they could have done a better job to help out…. Only a player like myself, with 20 years experience, would pick this up, but Steve and Don are so on -top- of it they can play three people’s part at the same time if need be… Talk about an AWESOME line up….

And Ian, after screeching the silver-throated Child in Time for what, 35 years, I’d have to say you did an exceptional job. I guess you guys didn’t have time for Steve’s long solo — I was looking forward to see what tunes he decide to jam on…

But I guarantee you I will be back… When will we know when Deep Purple will be back at The Montreux Festival? Hey all – you want a fun night, get a pint of the local brew and be ready to be rocked to the Stars and Dance around with Borealis…

Joe Russo

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