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Nancy: Great – once again

20 years ago when I was 15, I heard a song one evening on the radio and next morning, I ran to my record shop to sing the tune to the salesman. Ohh, “Smoke on the Water”, he replied. this day I bought the “Machine Head” LP and it all began.

This is what I remember when the band introduces “Pictures of home”, I am (once again) in front of my 20 years musical companions. It is the third show of the “Rapture” tour that I have the opportunity to see, and I must say that (once again!) energy and cheerfulness of the band is very communicative. What a great night!

I was lucky enough to be just in front of the stage on Steve’s side (you know Steve, the bald guy who sang very loud and maybe out of tune… it was me… by the way, thank you for the pick!) and I just got a wonderful guitar lesson…

These guys could be rock stars because of their musical level, and because Deep Purple is one of the greatest bands of all time. But they are not. They are just nice guys, who smile to the audience and who are happy to play together.

The setlist was (once again!) great. I was really happy to listen to “The Battle rages on” which is one of my favourites. And all the songs we love, “Smoke” (of course), “Highway star” with the great new introduction by Roger and Steve, “Rapture”,” Things” and “Wrong Man” from the last album and many others.

Unfortunately, at 11 p.m., the show ended, and we all came out to… our homes, hoping to see them again very soon.

I don’t know if the Purple guys have the opportunity to read those lines but if they do I just would like to say one last thing: Many thanks to you, Ian, Roger, Steve, Don and Ian for this great night in Nancy and for being my musical friends for so long.

Michel from Epinal, France

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