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There’s fire in this guy

Denver: After the local band was finished, it was nice to see a big stage with no monitors. This is especially appealing to someone who was right up front like I was. It was quite intense since I realized afterward that I enjoyed every song.

The only problem was that there was such a low turn-out. I can’t help but wonder if it makes a band try to finish sooner. Maybe they’re so polished that they can do it in exactly 90 minutes.

Ian sang very well, considering the altitude and heat he had to endure. I was surprised how well he sounded to open the show, as well as on Into The Fire. To me, he seems to adjust his voice to the natural inability to hit high notes.

Roger really seems to enjoy himself. Don is Mr. Cool, and Paice…(speechless). Steve was loud and raw. One of my favorite live albums is Made In Japan 2000, and that’s what this sounded like.

Wearing earplugs is customary for me, and I’m especially glad for them after hearing someone say something about their ears having melted. He may not seem to smile as much, but he still has his fun moments.

There’s been more grimacing than I’ve seen by Steve in the past, but when he did a tighter performance of Smoke On The Water, I’d say there’s fire in this guy.

Dave Urstadt

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