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Wine and cheese, beer and cheer [long]

We captured the rapture! Our heroes were finally going to make back to our home town. FLORIDA! YES!

We arrived at the very quaint and posh venue, The Chastain Park Amphitheatre just in time to see Steppenwolf begin to play. We’ve seen them a couple of times lately and I must admit, they weren’t why we were there and this gave us time to get settled into our seats and get ready for Purple.

What a very cool setting. This is a small, open air amphitheatre set in the middle of a very ritzy neighborhood with a very woodsy, forestry, motif. There are tables available for those who wish to bring their own goodies.

It was like a “Wine and Cheese Picnic” at the park. From what I figured out and also what I was told, the locals acquire annual passes and make this a neighborhood, who’s who, and gather for all the concerts, mostly as a social gathering as opposed to just going to see their favorite performer.

Well, this definitely was the case while Steppenwolf was on stage. Most of the attendees mingled with each other and just used the music as their background entertainment. This all changed, once Purple hit the stage.

the-stage.jpgThe Show Begins….

At roughly 9:00 pm, the stage darkened and the seductive keyboard intro of Egyptian orientation begins and then comes “Pictures of Home”. A very good rendition I must say. Then they go right into “Things I Never Said”, which is a great choice from “ROTD”, even though it’s actually kind of a “B-Side”.

From here we get a very nice version of “Into the Fire”, complete with Gillan’s original “Growling Screams”. As the crowd is now introduced to the fact that “Social Time is now over”, the intro to “Strange Kind of Woman” embarks and the crowd is at this point redirected to what is. They now are in the zone. They have become enthralled in the magic that many of us Purple Fans are so familiar with, and even sometimes take for granted.

At the end of this classic, Ian remarks to the crowd about how “Civilized” they are and even describes it as playing at a “Tea Party”. The crowd responds with laughter and then we are given “Rapture of the Deep”. One of my personal favorites.

They really have found their groove here with this one. Steve and Don are now, “The Guitarist and Keyboardist of Deep Purple”. Make no mistake about it. The crowd seems to enjoy this new tune also.

“Fireball” is next and I must say, it was nice to hear them change it up a little as they did here. A very fast paced version with very different guitar and keyboard parts thrown in. Nice.

Ian introduces the “Freshly Laundered, Steve Morse” and here we get the combination of a very well played “Contact Lost, along with his very own Purple Instrumental “Well Dressed Guitar”. The crowd went “Wild” after this one. I was very happy for Steve.

Next up was a rather short version of “When a Blind Man Cries”. Very well played, but the second solo was skipped. Don Airey kicks in with very nice solo and intro to “Lazy”. I truly enjoyed this particular Airey solo. He actually played the ‘Hammond” with grace and precision this go, leaving out all of usual “Star Wars” sound effects.

Sorry Don, but the “Close Encounters-Star Wars” stuff you kept doing was getting rather stale. This was spot on the money, the best solo I have heard you perform and I must say, you have completely convinced me of your position. Kudos. Also, a great ending to the tune as well. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I did too.

“Perfect Strangers” is the next tune to enjoy. They followed the normal format with this one with some nice nuances thrown in by Steve. A four minute version of “Space Truckin'” is next.

Here is where I must say, they have dropped the ball. Though it was played very nicely, here is a tune that is the great song that it is, do to the extra long jamming part that is actually the focal part of the song. It’s what us Purpleites expect. this is where the Band gets to let loose and play back and forth off of each other. Space Truckin’ without the Jam is like certain other songs without the Screams. That was a No No.

OK, next Roger begins the bass intro to “Highway Star”, and Steve does a fantastic job playing off of Roger with his version of this great tune.He has put his stamp on this one with his “Race Car” sound and high pitched squeals. Funny…. I’m tired of hearing it live, until I hear it again. It’s that kind of tune. Very well played here.

“Smoke on the Water” is the closer. Actually, a rather lengthy, “Noodleing” intro, and a rather long version of the tune also. Very nice. Heard it a million times and even play it in our Cover Band, but none the less, it “Must Go On”. It’s just the way it is. The folks wouldn’t stand for omitting this one.

They say good bye, but of course, that won’t be it. They quickly return to the stage with “HUSH”. I am going to say hear that it was a great tune here with these blokes. Very well received and very well played. Nice version. They give their farewell adews, and the crowd shows that they want more, and that is exactly what they get.

“Black Night”. Here the band finishes with what they are famous for. Great stretching and jamming between all. Roger and Steve, Steve and Don, Roger and Don, Paicey throughout. A very cool, long version and checkered with improvisation. They definitely left with the crowd wanting more. That’s a good thing.

Now, my complaints: Simple and purely logical. TOO SHORT! Way TOO SHORT! That’s my only complaint. I’m not going to bitch about not hearing my favorite song, or whether or not I miss a particular Band mate. That is just too selfish and childish a stand point out.

But, I will gripe about the fact that less than 2 hours is truly not enough time to be satisfied by this great, great band. You can’t tease us with an Hour and a half or less of a show, and not expect to hear complaints.

More tunes from the Morse and Don era need to be added. It’s that easy. Especially tunes from the most current Albums. And most of all, from the “Last Album, ROTD”. Isn’t that what you are promoting? Only 2 Songs from this album is ridiculous. Not to mention that one of the 2, isn’t even on the original. “Things I Never Said” is actually a “Bonus Track” or if you will, a B-Side.

I don’t have a problem with what you are playing. I have a problem with what you are not playing. You aren’t playing enough. It’s that simple. Otherwise, a great show. The volume was a little low. But, from what I’ve been advised here, there is a volume level rule at this venue. Nothing the locals would complain about. They are used to it, so that probably didn’t bother them. I would have preferred it to BOOM. Not Purple’s fault though.

ian-gillan-tina-and-myself.jpgAfter the Show…

We got to say hello to the boys, in the “After Show Gathering”. Everybody but Ian Paice showed. He was apparently not pleased about something and opted out of the gathering. This was bad for me because I brought the drum head from my “Ian Paice Signature-Pearl Snare Drum” to be signed.

Oh well, we plan on making the trip to the “Pageant Theatre” in St. Louis, Mo. on the 24th. Hopefully he will show there.

We got to chat with everyone else and get some stuff signed and some more pictures with the band. (See pictures attached).

roger-and-tina.jpgI got to express myself about their gig length and the lack of newer tunes. Roger took it well and advised they choose their tunes based on audience response. I said, “They can’t respond to songs that you don’t play”. He laughed and said, “Nice one”, then finished his “Heiney”.

Tracy Heyder

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