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Orlando went Space Truckin’

Orlando went Space truckin’

Orlando: While I realize people are reading this website because of their interest in Deep Purple, I don’t think it would be fair to begin my review of last Friday’s show without some mention of Edgar Winter.

The show started off slowly. EW doing his thing…. especially on Frankenstein, but when he did Tobacco Road and started the incredible extended jam, I found myself wondering how my favorite band was going to come close to the energy he was exuding onstage….

Now I’ve seen Deep Purple on every tour since the ’84 reunion except Slaves and Masters, both in the U.S and while traveling though Europe a few years back, and everybody who has seen them play live knows just how much of an improvement there has been in the “mood” of the band since Steve Morse’s introduction, but the energy level the past several tours just didn’t seem to compare to “Purpendicular”…. And Edgar Winter’s performance was the “hungry” kind that you just can’t get past….

Then Deep Purple hit the stage and all worries flew out the window… I won’t reiterate the setlist like the other reviews, but will mention my surprise at the reaction to “Space Truckin’”… sure Florida is the home to the U.S. Space program and all, but I was amazed at the reception that song received. People went nuts!

All in all, the show was incredible, Ian Gillan sounding better than I’ve heard him in years… still my all time favorite vocalist. Steve laid it down and even gave the crowd a quick taste of “Skynyrd”.

As noted elsewhere, his guitar was overpowered by the volume of the keys in a few spots, but I seriously doubt most of the crowd knew the difference. Roger Glover and Ian Paice were incredible as always… the drummer in my band (who was standing next to me) always remarks about how effortless IP makes things look, and Friday night was no exception… great tone, tasteful solo… big smile, and making it all look so easy… very humbling to see a band of this caliber…

I thought Don Airey did a really good job. He definitely seemed comfortable with the rest of the band on stage and his solo was impressive (except the nod to “It’s a Small World”… aww who am I kidding, even that was pretty cool!)

If you have the opportunity to see DP on this tour, please take it.

John Karp

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