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Edgar Winter smoked on the water

Just got back from the show at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Although I have been around long enough to remember when Hush came out, this was my first Deep Purple concert.

Edgar Winter started the show and kicked the night off with an excellent set, including, ot course, Frankenstein, Free Ride, and Tobacco Road . Hard act to follow.

Deep Purple played almost the same set as previously listed on this website with the exception they did not play When a Blind Man Cries which was somewhat of a disappointment. Some of the songs were in different orde than previous.

The highlight of the night was Smoke on the Water – which is not one of my favorites, but the addition of Edgar Winter playing sax and his young guitarist brought a great addition to the song.

Ruth Eckerd is the best hall I have been in and I have been in a lot. It is accoustically perfect and there are no bad seats. The crowd was great (although many people were late for Edgar, their loss). One of the things I like about this hall is they don’t allow drinks inside the hall, so people have a tendencey to sit in their seats rather than get up and down for drinks and bathroom.

All in all I have no complaints, except for the ringing in my ears!

Irene Clough

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