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Love and hapPAUness

The gods of rock’n’roll played Pau!

First of all thank you very much guys for changing a little bit the setlist. Very clever idea because Toulouse and Pau are very close and only four months separate the two gigs. SO it’s good we could hear different songs.

In fact Wrong man and Kiss tomorrow goodbye disappeared and I am a bit disappointed of course especially for the second one, because I think is a big one on stage. But we got another strong one in The battle rages on. Good thinking because I think that was a good album.

Lazy was superb tonight – really superbe in fact. The show was really amazing. Toulouse was good, but Pau was excellent.

And of course Ian Gillan played with us. In fact when Don started is first solo I started to do like Ian did in Toulouse – my hands up playing air piano and as I was just in front of Ian (five-six meters from the stage) he saw me, gave me a kind sign and did the clown himself imitating Don. A pure moment.

You can see that even as an individual Ian can see each of us and give us love and respect. Very kind of you guys. I say guys because all of you guys give us love and happiness.

This time I didn’t go to the front row and was very happy about that choice, because the sound is much better five-six meters from the stage. But what a voice! What did you eat, Ian? Problably a bit of foie gras and fat duck. Amazing Ian, you scream like a teenager!

I love the shirt too ‘red flower’ one. Pirate Roger was superb too. Texan Steve was amazing as usual. (He didn’t do Sweet home Alabama man, pity!) But what can I say that was wrong? Nothing. Everything was superb as Ian said about us. But we are superb because of you guys. You put us on another planet, you make us dream for two hours.

I could see that the show was on the screens too. I hope you recorded it, because it was the best show I ever saw, and it was my sixth one. Good idea we could see Ian Paice playing and Don on the Hammond too. Very good.

As usual before the encore, I could not sing anymore but amazing how Ian sang Hush and Black night. Tell you what, man, you are like a good wine: you get better and better with the time.

All of you guys, thanks again. I hope to go to Montpellier now, so see you soon my friends. Have a good time in France and all over Europe.

Richard Legris

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