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I want to sign something!

Mr. and Mrs. Blackmore unboxing marble vinyl of the Shadow of the Moon 25th anniversary edition:

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

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  1. 1
    Uwe Hornung says:

    “I’m gonna write Ozzy …” – LOL !!!

    “Can we go now?” – doubleplusgood LOL !!!

    Is it just me or is there a tiny bit of an assisted living atmosphere at Blackmore Manor?

    Meanwhile, in other parts of America, unboxing continues. And hairdressers seem to be available now too, thankfully so.


  2. 2
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Peace ✌️

  3. 3
    Bruce says:

    Hello everybody.
    My god the man in black has gotten fat. What a ball the good man pushes in front of him! Doesn’t matter. Now let’s move on to something completely different!
    The sound in the video is completely dull and muffled, hard to understand. Candice tries very hard to present the LP, Ritchie doesn’t seem to care at all, he mumbles to himself, seems completely absent.
    So you two, that’s no way to market the record

  4. 4
    moonlightning says:

    Ritchie’s really funny !

  5. 5
    Uwe Hornung says:

    He’s goofing around, playing the role of the absent-minded curmudgeon.

    He’s had that gut for a while now, the man is pushing 80!

    Those orange-tinted glasses look awful, but there must be a medical reason for them, he wears them constantly.

  6. 6
    sidroman says:

    Ritchie’s looking good for his age but needs to lay off the beer and get on the Soccer field a little more.

  7. 7
    Mondrian says:

    Why is Candice talking to Ritchie like he was living in a reirement home?

  8. 8
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    What an odd and uneven pair! They old guy is helpless, and hopeless. Time for a nap; can we go now. 🙂

  9. 9
    Hiza says:

    Hello everyone.

    Yes, there is some hilarious ( if You want to see it that way) moments there, in this clip.

    But !

    I want to remind You to respect the Man in Black and his fiancee. What a mountain of good riffs, melodies and music he has created for us during all these years. And maybe there´s another LP coming. You never know. That´s the secret always with Ritchie. He´s hard to predict.

    If we all first live just as long as he has already lived…, creating fantastic music, magic with whenever, whoever with him…

    My dad (for example), a great carpenter (r.i.p.) didn´t achieve the age of 78.

    So just keep on trucking, and listening to music. Remember to respect our hero.
    He knows exactly what he´s doing. Always has.

    “…and the songs that I`ve sung, echo in the distance…”

    Kippis (finnish for cheers) !


  10. 10
    stoffer says:

    She’s trying hard while he’s hardly trying, boooorrriinng!

  11. 11
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Don’t be so sour-faced about it, this is not a serious-minded promotional video for a new release.

    Candice and Ritchie have been doing that “I’m the young woman with her head set on straight and you’re that grumpy, slightly disoriented old man with a baggage of fame”-call & response comedy ever since they first toured together a quarter of a century ago. It’s their shtick. Sometimes it’s truly funny and sometimes it grates a little. It’s the way the two operate in public. But there must be more serious endeavors between them too, otherwise Autumn and Rory wouldn’t be there.

    I’ve seen BN dozens of times and I only once saw Candice genuinely pissed off at him when he was having one of his moods where you just want to mount the stage and shake the guy. But even then she put in a superhuman effort to gloss it all over – credit where credit is due, she is the perfect host and could have her own successful TV show (well, she did come from radio initially).

    PS: Doesn’t anybody here agree with me on Coverdale’s new hairdo and general appearance?! [@1, the link at the end]

  12. 12
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Oops, wrong link on the last one!


  13. 13
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Darn, right link, but wrong thread – I think I need assisted living support from Candice too!

  14. 14
    Gregster says:

    Uwe said…

    qt.” (But) there must be more serious endeavors between them too, otherwise Autumn and Rory wouldn’t be (t)here “…

    Very true, & of-course there’s a public-manner/face in which they present themselves, so-be-it ! If you don’t like-it, lump-it !

    Respect where respect is due folks, & respect for the elderly is much needed, yet alone for the man-in-black & his wife when simply providing an update of sorts ! We don’t get them too often, & there may be few left to welcome !

    And don’t forget about those Signature Stratocaster’s made available for us all, simply by taking a chance on finding a golden-ticket inside an LP…That’s quite a good gift for anyone lucky-enough to win one imo.

    Peace !

  15. 15
    BreisHeim says:

    My favorite part is when Ritchie pulled the record out of the sleeve and says, “aah! Herman’s Hermits!”.
    That’s funny.

  16. 16
    Leslie S Hedger says:

    I see nothing wrong with this. Ritchie is just clowning around.

  17. 17
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Believe me guys, living on long Island in New York is bloody expensive. The guy and his wife needs to earn a decent income.
    Candice spends a fortune in looking good and it’s not cheap.
    Peace ✌️

  18. 18
    sidroman says:

    When did he move out on Long Island? I seem to recall that initially he lived in Southern California, then moved to Connecticut, then Long Island.

  19. 19
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Blackmore is a wealthy man and has been so since the 70ies. He’s never invested into dodgy things nor been an Elton John type spendthrift. I’ve never even seen him with so much as an expensive watch or a flock of Ferraris. Other than generously dimensioned living quarters he eschews the typical wealth insignia of rock stars – and he didn’t take up flying either or buy his own private Learjet. No yacht either; knowing him, he probably doesn’t even like water and/or can’t swim – after all most medieval people couldn’t. Hell, the guy doesn’t even golf or ski (though there is a Mount Blackmore in Montana, but it is unlikely that it belongs to him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Blackmore).

    I’m sure that Blackmore’s Night earns money too, but that even without a single cent from post-Purple activities since 1993, he’d be in a more than comfortable position from his Purple and – to an extent – Rainbow royalties plus of course the income from his various investments during the last half century. Autumn and Rory will not have to worry about their college fees. But certainly one not too far away day about effective estate tax structures. Only the first US-$ 5.3 million will be free for each of them, from then on it will be 40% from every Dollar though the average Federal Estate Tax rate is only 17%. But I’m sure the tax advising firm of the Spouses Blackmore will have come up with something – man on the silver (or more likely: golden!) mountain alright!

  20. 20
    Daniel says:

    In response to #19:

    Just out of curiousity, how do you know he’s a wealthy man? One would assume so but I see no sources listed?

  21. 21
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Daniel, look at the aggregate Purple record and ticket sales since 1968. Look at how much Ritchie co-wrote. Look at his monetary demands for the Mark II reunion and again for allowing the return of Ian Gillan after the Joe Lynn Turner experiment. To this day (at least under the royalty laws of Germany), Ritchie earns when anybody plays the Smoke On The Water riff (or any other Ritchie-co-penned song) commercially, even if Steve Morse or Simon McBride do it. Any Mk VIII live albums with Mk II material: Ritchie still earns. A sale of a T-shirt with the Machine Head, Fireball or In Rock cover at a DP Mk VIII gig generates money for him unless he is photoshopped out (which caused strife when Purple did that some years ago because they didn’t want to pay him).

    Merry Xmas Everybody alone, co-written by Jim Lea and Noddy Holder, is good for £500,000 between them each and every year since 1973. You do the math, Noddy Holder has referred to the song as “my pension scheme”, Jim Lea became a real estate mogul (and a neighbor of Madonna). Now DP have never written a perennial Christmas hit like the songwriters from Slade, but look how much longer than Slade DP operated/operates, how DP was/is a global success while Slade were largely UK-centric (undeservedly so, it’s a pity they never cracked America) and how DP were and are (unlike single-focused Slade) album sellers. Plus how Purple’s music doesn’t just get played in the months before Christmas. Ritchie has countless steady money drips from his past (and why shouldn’t he). And the occasional very short Rainbow reunion tour at very little cost (everyone else is on a wage) and with venues sold out in advance adds a little pocket money too.

    It’s also telling that since the early 70ies, Richie has never had money issues. Rather, he could afford making moves that were decidedly uncommercial like leaving DP in 1975 (then a cash generating machine) to finance Rainbow and to repeat the exercise in 1993 with initially Rainbow again and then more permanently with BN. His participation in the DP reunion in 1984 came from the realization that no matter what he did, Rainbow could never achieve DP’s status commercially and that there was yet more money to be made with a DP reunion, but not because he was in financial dire straits. And sure enough, after another 10 years or so of brisk business his attraction to the idea of staying with DP waned once again.

    Ritchie might not have accumulated the riches of, say, Jimmy Page, but I don’t believe that he is very far behind. For the avoidance of doubt: I don’t have issues with any of this, I have contributed happily to his wealth, haven’t we all.

    PS: And as far as I’m aware, Ritchie hasn’t even yet sold his song catalog though that might be coming. The song catalog of an aspiring singer/songwriter guy who along with Deep Purple Mk I was booed at during an open air festival performance in 1969 didn’t do too shabbily quite recently …


  22. 22
    Kosh says:

    Ritchie is as old as my dad, actually he’s more like my dad every time I see him… that said, he’s still paying the joker in these vids and I’m sure he’s not that excited by the re-issue stuff going on… the fact that one of my dad’s favourite bands of the sixties beat scene was none other than Herman’s Hermits made me chuckle, and question whether he is actually my dad?!? Hmmmmm judging by my dads lack of wealth it would seem unlikely… hey ho.

    On another note, it’s nice to see David looking neat and tidy and slightly less like my mum than of late… he seems to have dropped some of the transatlantic drawl too… maybe he’s touched upon his roots, whilst doubtless getting his roots done… ? Perhaps he’s my mum after all ? However the preference for leather pants would suggest (alas) it’s a no. Like the suit.

  23. 23
    Uwe Hornung says:

    DC is still using way too much make-up, especially eye shadow. Someone should have told him that what makes perhaps sense on stage under heavy lighting and to better project expressions to people farther away, is not warranted in a podcast format, I’d prefer it if his make-up artist had a lighter touch. Still, the new look is a step into the right direction and the suit looks nice.

  24. 24
    sidroman says:

    Speaking of the tinted glasses I wonder if the Man In Black wears them because he’s Sensitive to Light?

  25. 25
    MacGregor says:

    I have wondered for many decades why Blackmore didn’t register the name Deep Purple way back then, after all he came up with the name idea. But then again that could create other issues I suppose. Oh well there is a pot of gold at the end of a Rainbow it seems. All good for him & good luck to him. But surely as we know a true musician plays music for the enjoyment etc, not for the pot of gold, no matter how tempting that appears. I am well aware people have to survive & I am glad he hasn’t flaunted any monetary gains, (I detest all that glitters is gold false rubbish). Oh the vanity of it all! Cheers.

  26. 26
    Gregster says:


    What an interesting “Twist-in-the-tale” of conversation in this thread !

    Better to remember the quality of the music presented over the decades, than the possible income generated imo…

    And besides, a few lucky people are going to receive a couple-of awesome Stratocasters sometime soon…

    Peace !

  27. 27
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Sidroman, I suspect a medical condition there too. Ritchie seems to be wearing them all the time except on stage – sensitive to the UV light of daylight hours perhaps? The orange tinting seems to indicate so. He was never much of a shades wearer as a younger man after all.


    UV light is extremely hazardous and can cause many problems including eye irritation, and longer term eye damage and cause cateracts. Our SAFE-T-CURE ORANGE UV FILTER GLASSES provide the best protection by blocking UV exposure up to 400nm and blocking “blue light” between 400 and 510nm. The harmful blue light can cause eye irritation and damage especially when taking photo-sensitizing medication.

    – Amber/Orange glasses reduce eye fatigue by absorbing most of the visible violet and blue light spectrum’s.
    – Enhances visual clarity during curing and inspection processes.
    – Wearable over prescription glasses.
    – Absorbs 99% of UV radiation and visible light up to 510nm.
    – Orange is a secondary colour comprised of red and yellow, so it provides some benefits from both colours.”

  28. 28
    Ivica says:

    Don’t touch Ritchie vinyl with your fingers ..it’s not a guitar:)

  29. 29
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Wow, I guess all members of DP family tree can retire happily with a nice steady stream of income.
    Peace ✌️

  30. 30
    Daniel says:

    I see a lot of speculation without any sources listed. First, RB’s supposed earning streams and now the reason for his yellow glasses 🙂

  31. 31
    Daniel says:

    In estimating his wealth one should also probably consider his three divorces, that his last major tour was PS in 85, that he does not have his songs played on the radio per se (not to the extent of LZ) and that the recent Rainbow reunion was likely financially motivated first and foremost, given the state of his guitar playing. Speculation on my part too, of course. That is why I am calling for sources 🙂

  32. 32
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I actually would think that apart from Nick Simper (who waived all his rights), Joe Lynn Turner (just one album and that didn’t sell well) and Simon McBride (the new boy not yet saturated) none of them need to work anymore. Perhaps Rod Evans – wherever he is – is an exception too, he’s back to receiving royalties, but I doubt that the Mk I catalog is still selling like hotcakes (though Hush still gets airplay and is resurrected for period films such as Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood). And little Ian, of course, that percussive octopus, is tentacling income from every DP album ever recorded! And has always been the most savvy investor among them to boot.

    Re handling vinyl properly and not getting your fingerprints all over – that seems to have become a long lost art, hardly no one does it properly anymore. Coverdale is especially awful/clumsy with it (this from a guy who once had a huge vinyl collection and probably still does). Whenever the ole grease-finger unpacks vinyl (and he does a lot of that unpacking stuff), I wince and expect the vinyl to groan “I’ve been mistreated …” any second.

    Not that I’m a vinyl fan, its alleged sonic superiority is mostly myth and vintage nostalgia. I never forget when I first heard Mk I’s third album on CD in the early 90ies. I knew their stuff from vinyl days forwards and backwards, yet for the first time I could actually hear Paicey’s intricate bass drum patterns. For getting bass frequencies across audibly, digital is unbeatable.

  33. 33
    MacGregor says:

    I do ponder one aspect to all this alleged money etc. If we, the hard earning consumers who have spent so much over the years supporting the musicians, were to have our dollars spent then returned to us with interest & also to the value of what it use to be worth, we would be the ones living in castles. We have been duped I say, duped out of our hard earned & for what? A few cheap chords & words & a simple drum beat. Something isn’t quite right. Cheers.

  34. 34
    Gregster says:

    Adel said…

    qt.”Wow, I guess all members of DP family tree can retire happily with a nice steady stream of income”…

    Not necessarily…Apart from irregular & unknown record-sales year-to-year, there’s the tax-man, solicitors, living expenses & life-style costs to consider…And hidden expenses that crop-up too such as family matters…Plus some folks were only in the band for a few recordings, so the royalties would be less…

    Don’t forget it was the tax-man that encouraged the boys to record “Machine Head” in Montreux way back in ’72 to retain some earnings…

    And many other bands too, such as Queen, eventually recorded overseas to save on taxes…I remember Roger Taylor stating that the UK tax-man was taxing their royalties at 87%, & anything in the bank was taxed at a further 12%…And that left them sweet-FA !

    The numbers the filthy-press report on earning may be approximately true, but they forget about mentioning the taxes paid…

    No wonder many leave the UK for easier-going taxes in the US-of-A…

    Typically however, financial advisors & investors would be ensuring that what funds are available, keep generating income too…And these people want their share for the services provided also lol ! Lots of people will have a hand in your wallet, taking out their claimed share…

    I’d guess that the UK band-members may have a pub or two to keep some security & stability, & that too means paying people wages, which refers back to the previous paragraph lol !

    The more money you have in a bank, the less interest they pay you.

    And all the boys ever wanted to do was play music lol !

    Peace !

  35. 35
    Gregster says:

    Uwe said…

    qt.”Not that I’m a vinyl fan, its alleged sonic superiority is mostly myth and vintage nostalgia”.

    +1 here !!!

    I have nothing against “snap, crackle & pop” vinyl, as when played on a quality turn-table, with pre-amp, & a good amp & speakers, it can be pretty impressive sound once the music starts…And plenty of people are prepared to pay for vinyl.

    Who’d have thought that the rumors would come true from decades past, about vinyls come-back hey ???…

    But there’s just so much more to be gained from the CD imo, least of which is the added play-time available, nearly doubling that of a record…This gives any artist the opportunity to deliver the full intended worth of a song, without being focused on time constraints & editing etc etc. The only hassle is when you get around to trying to read the liner-notes lol !

    Peace !

  36. 36
    Uwe Hornung says:

    “The only hassle is when you get around to trying to read the liner-notes lol”

    You’ve said it, Gregster, not getting better with age either!

    On the related subject of glasses: Ritchie, a sharp dresser in his younger years, wouldn’t be caught with those orange glasses even on BN song videos, album covers, promo material etc if it wasn’t a medical requirement and alleviated pain from UV sensitivity which with a man his age is often macular degeneration related. I’ve seen it with my dad and my wife’s mother.

    As regards Ritchie’s economic status, it is heart-warming that some of you worry that he might be leading the life of a skid row pauper, robbed by the IRS (my dad’s life recommendation to me was: if you earn well, be thankful, and don’t moan about taxes – I stuck to it) and money-grabbing ex-wives, but what is accessible to public view of his private life doesn’t strike me as anything but well-to-do (as you might expect from the chief songwriter of one of the most successful hard rock bands ever). Why Ritchie should be significantly poorer than, say, Jon Lord or David Coverdale with their Henley-on-Thames/neighbor to George Harrison and (formerly) Lake Tahoe mansions is beyond me. (Jon Lord once revealed that even his 1/5th share in the writing credits for SOTW is good for regular six-digit-amounts year after year.)

    And that the Rainbow reunions of more recent years were motivated by financial need is the first I hear. I’m sure Ritchie made some money off them, but if he really needed the money, a call to Ian Gillan starting with “Look, I have rethought a couple of things …” would go a long way to replenishing Blackmore family funds, don’t you think? One Mk II 4/5 + Don reunion world tour to rule them all … I believe that the Rainbow reunions were more likely driven by a whimsical, nostalgic mood of Ritchie and supported by Candice – ever the good wife – because she felt it is something he needed to get off his chest. (That even a Ritchie Blackmore underestimated how he wasn’t quite in the shape to do justice to his own legacy is another matter and perhaps an explanation why we won’t see anymore of the like. He was always his harshest critic and I don’t think the shaky performances escaped him.)

    Let me know when you want to set up that ‘Ritchie’s Old Age Support’-charity fund though!

    ; – p

  37. 37
    derwick says:

    My aunt has age-related macular degeneration and wears this kind of tinted glasses.

    I don’t know if there is a corolation with Ritchie’s glasses ?

  38. 38
    barberwise says:

    I think Ritchie asked the other DP members to reunite for just one concert but Gillan declined saying it wouldn’t be funny at all.

    Concerning Rainbow, I think he was nostalgic of him playing Rock n Roll and also he found Ronnie Romero (Candice found him on YouTube) so he wanted to try and see what it would look like. At least that is what he explained in interviews. I don’t think he reformed Rainbow for money, well anyway I think it wasn’t his primary intention.

  39. 39
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Thank you for the insight of music business and taxes.
    To be honest it would be much simpler to just sell the whole lot to a music company and just get a lump sum like what David did with Whitesnake but I guess it’s a nightmare trying to give each member his share.
    Peace ✌️

  40. 40
    sidroman says:

    Jon Lord a couple years before he died was asked about a Purple reformation concert with all the surviving members. He remarked “that would be a dream.” Many people have interpreted that as Jon was all for the concert to happen and to film and record it for the fans, in a place like the Budokan in Japan, a Purple stronghold.
    What Jon really meant was that the dream would be a logistical nightmare with various managers, promoters, and ego clashes happening.

  41. 41
    MacGregor says:

    The old vinyl versus cd debate is a tried & tested one. Some cd’s do sound woeful compared to the record, it depends on the transfer & what source was used. However I do agree with the luxury of not having to turn over the album & therefore put up with the interruption to a section of music. That of course is more of an issue with a concept album or a lengthy composition. Not having to listen to the crackle & pops in quieter music is my favourite thing with cd’s. And of course the worse case scenario of the needle becoming stuck, oh what a nuisance that is. Not to mention being capable or not of getting up to change the record back in the good old days, he he he. Cd’s do have issues sometimes though in repeating like a stuck record, skipping tracks etc & also the background noise issue, a bit like the old cassette formula. Modern technology does have many advantages over the older way of things. The longer time frame of cd’s is a winner as Gregster pointed out. Very hard to not enjoy that wonderful bonus. Cheers.

  42. 42
    MacGregor says:

    The cd v vinyl comments have also brought back my memory of purchasing my first cd’s in 1986. Floyd’s Dark Side, Yes’ Close to the Edge & Suzanne Vega’s debut album. Heading home all excited & expecting miracles of no background noise at all amongst other things. Totally devastated upon listening to the two older analogue recorded albums & hearing so much hiss & occasional tape rumble etc. Vega’s album sounds wonderful & being modern at the time, no doubt a possible digital recording. So it took a while for me to lower my expectations of the compact disc. The other thing was the spin from the manufacturers about the ‘lifetime guarantee’. Who’s lifetime, mine or planet Earth’s or the disc itself. Also the ‘indestructible’ tag. They are from from indestructible as we have witnessed. Not to worry with ‘modern’ technology & the remastering & remixing from the original Master tapes some things have improved. Except for the amount of cash in my wallet, now I have to buy everything again just to hear 100% crystal clear recordings where everything is ‘perfect’. Cheers.

  43. 43
    Gregster says:

    @42…Yes, the older AAD ( Analog-Analog-Digital ) marked CD’s may have some residual tape noise contained within them, but it’s generally not too bad imo, especially when compared to regular tapes, & their inbuilt hiss. It’s possible to remove it all, but then you’re doctoring the original EQ, & I suggest that it’s left in those CD’s to keep them faithful to the original master-tapes. Often the phrase “Direct Master-Tape-Transfer” is used, to keep everything authentic for the purist.

    That said, there’s no denying that everything instrumentation & vocal-wise is vastly improved…eg, You get to hear the words to songs much more clearly, where even the letter “s” when sung comes-to-life, instead of being “lost in the mix” & the lyric sheet necessitated for correct interpretations of words. As Uwe pointed out, the bass is much more clearer & natural sounding, along with much improved percussion sounds, their definition & tone, especially with cymbals. Guitars always sound good lol ! – But maybe guitar brands & differing branded amps sounds & combinations become more confidently identifiable.

    It’s very rare ( in my experience & collection ) that a dud CD is purchased, but they are there, I do have a few. Some of my duds / faulty ones are the European bootlegs ( which is hugely disappointing, as the concerts are great ones ), & oddly enough, Robin Ford’s debut album “The Inside Story” CD went totally clear in appearance, but my computer managed to be able to burn-it OK, even if the CD player can’t play it anymore. And the only available copy of “West Bruce & Laing”s sophomore album “Whatever Turns You On ” that I could get, was the 2008 remastered & repackaged in mini-LP version, & it’s “brick-walled” to-the-max…I have re-recorded it at the -6db threshold with success, & lost most of the distortion, & it sounds much better, which was an unexpected result, as I was only trying to lower the volume level, so that it was closer to “Why Doncha”, as I play them one-after the other, & the latter was way louder. There are German Polydor versions available through Discogs, which will sound most excellent, as Polydor recordings ( especially the German made CD’s ) are superb, but the postage costs are double the asking price of a 2nd-hand CD at the moment, but I will get a copy one-day-soon.

    I have “Black Sabbath Vol.4” CD that’s full of digital distortion & sounds woeful from the 1990’s. For years, I just thought that was how they recorded their stuff, high-on-coke lol ! However, the Warner Brother’s boxed set I grabbed, unexpectedly fixed all the Sabbath woes, & I was impressed with how well recorded each album was. A superb collection of warm, clear sounding recordings, but like the DP WB’s boxed-set, some songs from albums are swapped-out over the European versions.

    The only DP dud to surface was the 3 x CD 1993 release of “Live in Japan” that was most of all the 3 x nights that “MIJ” was sourced from. “Mr.Sheen” ( an Australian spray-can, furniture wax & polish ) fixed the oily-finish that eventually appeared through a few of these discs, but CD-1 does have a digital skip in it that won’t go away…(This happened years later, in the early 2000’s).

    Them’s the breaks ! Not all CD’s are made equal…

    But these are what, 3-4 dud’s out of maybe 500+ CD’s or more ?…And its only 2 or 3 that either won’t play, or have a digital jump in them…There should be no problems at all, I agree, but the odds are that you won’t pick-up a dud.

    I’d suggest steering clear of re-issues that are not from the original label, or at least tread with caution. But as mentioned before in here somewhere, in another thread, I have a “Friday Music” 2008(?) version of “Made in Europe”, & it sounds superb…Chances to take lol !

    I have some LP’s ( vinyl )that I bought, that have more annoying snap-crackle-&-pop in them from new, than you would expect. And even a wash in warm clean water, followed-up with a spray of methylated-spirit ( pure alcohol ), plus a dose of Mr.Sheen couldn’t cure completely lol !

    Peace !

  44. 44
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I’d like to believe that if Ritchie called Big Ian and said …

    “Look, I know I did some of my best music with you and the other guys, let bygones be bygones, I will be on my best behavior and get my chops up in time for a final world tour of the old crew + Don, we’ll split everything five-ways.”

    … then he wouldn’t have the phone slammed down on him.

    I’m not saying that this is in any way likely and time is certainly running out, perhaps I’m not even sure whether it should happen at all (maybe time has already run out), but anyone with a calculator would see the financial incentive and anyone with a heart the sense of closure.

  45. 45
    MacGregor says:

    @ 44- I have quite a few genuine releases on cd that have become faulty over time & have been like that for about 20 odd years. They were fine for about 10 years or so & then obviously something has broken down on them for that unplayable fault to appear & render them useless. I did manage to copy them when it first started to happen. The hype of the marketing forces at that time for compact disc was way over the top, they can be faulty in so many ways, any disc, vinyl lp, reel to reel, or cassette is potentially prone to that. Same as hard drives, USB, Flash cards etc, it all eventually becomes like the Sabbath song on Technical Ecstasy says, ‘All Moving Parts Stand Still’. I kept buying albums for a year or so after 1986, such was my disappointment & too high a expectation of cd’s at that time. I then converted to cd only & sold all my lp’s around 2002. Purple’s House of Blue Light was one of the first cd’s I bought in 1987 when I changed formats totally. Talking of Sabbath those re releases that have been ‘remastered’ & appeared recently are not for me. Until they remix a few classics, the holy trinity of SBS, VOL 4 & Sabotage I am staying put with those original cd’s. I know the one you are talking about, Volume 4 Castle Communications release I think it is & Sabotage is even worse. Muddy indeed however the VOl 4 album does have that original sound to it on any format. Cheers.

  46. 46
    Gregster says:

    @44…Regretfully at the moment, we have a lot-of war activity both brewing, & on-going across the continent, which means danger for all concerned…Without doubt, the present band is touring very cautiously, but they also have a new superb guitarist to support them, & it wouldn’t be right to upset a delicate balance dynamic…Plus rumor of a new recording-in-the-works leaves Ritchie out-in-the-cold, which is where he chose to be in the first place…

    From what I have in DVD form, the 1985 reunion gig from Sydney Australia is about the best they ever played, that’s been captured on film…And everyone was happy too with genuine smiles-all-round…And the soloing from “Under the Gun” & a few other tunes needs to be heard / seen to be believed…

    “Come Hell or High Water” is quite good too imo, as apart from great music & show, hearing the-other-side-of-the-coin from the remaining line-up about Ritchie’s departure also reminds us of why a reunion like this will never happen..The mk-II beast was well & truly milked & slaughtered by 1993. Perhaps RB even lost money for breaking a contract in the middle-of-a-tour, for leaving was more important to him than money-in-the-bank…

    Way better to savor these shows above than hope for anything forthcoming with the 4/5 +Don line-up.

    Peace !

  47. 47
    MacGregor says:

    Talking of making ‘Easy Money’ two new clips unseen before of the mighty King Crimson, 1973. One of those is the song Easy Money from The Midnight Special show. Cheers.


  48. 48
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Uwe @44
    Can Candice help out and do backing vocals to help IG. He does struggle with ,,’space trucking’😂
    Peace ✌️

  49. 49
    Georgivs says:

    Ritchie’s net worth is estimated in the range from USD 16 million:

    to 25 million:

    Not a pile of gold, but still good enough for comfortable living.

    To compare with, Ian is in between 40 million:

    and 50 million:

  50. 50
    janbl says:


    It would almost be like if Blackmores first wife, Margit Volkmar, called him and asked him for a one night stand.

  51. 51
    MacGregor says:

    Money songs by musical artists, now lets see: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Abba, King Crimson, Deep Purple, Robin Trower & Jack Bruce, Dire Straits…………..There would be many more no doubt. Just a few I thought of from memory. Cheers.

  52. 52
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I’ve never had that: A regular CD decaying in sound over they years or becoming unplayable (I’ve had numerous CDs with glitches from day one though), my oldest CDs stem from the early 90ies (I started buying CDs and getting a CD player a little earlier than Slaves & Masters came out). Though if I’m honest, I tend to buy new remasters and remixes of everything I own (just did that with Elton John’s Madman Across The Water box set + Honky Chateau, Thin Lizzy’s Live & Dangerous box set plus Bill Nelson’s Red Noise box set, they all sound great) and give the older stuff away, so my collection is in a constant cycle of rejuvenation, yet still increases in size as my wife never fails to sternly observe. I have no idea how many CDs I have, I fear the number 10.000 might have been left behind a long time ago (and my dear wife is adamant it indeed has!), the ‘Purple Family’ part alone is good for more than 2.000 CDs, from Buddy Britten with Nick Simper over obscure Scandinavian Christmas albums with Jon Lord to Zephyr with Tommy Bolin or Ian Paice drumming with The Velvet Underground to Sweet Savage with Simon McBride. I know, all this sounds like the people from the funny farm should pick me up any minute. I blame my parents and society at large.

    As regards our “Looking for money, I need a livin’ …”-endeavors re former and current Purple People, it’s of course all speculation/conjecture, but lower range two digit million sums sound about right to me, not Jeff Bezos- or Elon Musk-type quadruplezillions, but can we agree on “comfortable”? (To me, those sums still qualify as “wealthy” with ease, but maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned?) And given Ritchie’s remaining statistical life expectancy and history of non-reckless investments as well as a not too lavish life style, it seems safe to assume that Candice and the kids have nothing to worry about, ever.

    And if Steve Morse has also accumulated sizable wealth in all his years with DP, I’m especially happy to hear that given the costs of US medical treatment and his wife’s condition. They will need it. Not that the best medical treatment money can afford could save Jon or Big Ian’s wife. If the reaper has an appointment with you, he cannot always be bribed out of it.

  53. 53
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Janbl: Hey, I don’t have one-night-stands with my first wife, but she’s a good friend of mine! As she is with my second wife and, disturbingly so, they both agree on most things regarding me. As I do with the ex-husband of my second wife who became a friend of mine regarding her! We all even go on vacations together. It’s family, there’s (meanwhile grown up) children, you don’t throw the past away. I always tell my former and my current wife: “I brought Deep Purple into both your lives!” and then they both look kind of pained at each other …

    Speaking of Margit, Ritchie’s first wife and mother of Jürgen Blackmore, she’s an elderly lady now and still lives in the North of Germany.


    There is supposedly no contact whatsoever from Ritchie (also not to Jürgen who has health issues by now), but something in me dearly hopes that there is still some financial support. I’m old-fashioned, love comes and goes, but you don’t give up being a provider to people you share a history with.

  54. 54
    MacGregor says:

    @ 52 – Over 10,000 cd’s, I thought you may have a few thousand but that is ,well a few thousand more than I anticipated. I can imagine your good wife rolls her eyes quite a lot when you start talking about a new album you had to have or have just purchased, he he he. You must have a separate music room surely, I have seen a few in my time, but not with that many albums. And then there are the bass guitars, another room no doubt. You need a castle Uwe, or do you already own one? Cheers.

  55. 55
    Gregster says:

    Whoa !!!…10,000 Cd’s is incredible Uwe…I’m impressed & astonished at the sheer-size of your collection… Enjoy !!!

    It’s very true about my Robben Ford debut album CD “The Inside Story” losing the reflective silver-lining, & becoming see-through. Very lucky that the computer after a couple-of-times managed to burn it. ( This means, I can replace it with a new-burned-disc )…

    Fingers-crossed you don’t find any faulty ones in there at some point. I really only burn them to computer to eliminate the damage that may accidentally happen when removing & playing a disc. You can always re-burn if / when digital degradation happens.

    I think that sometimes Windows will mistake a recording that hasn’t been played-in-a-while as having excess-data that hasn’t been used in a while, & so deletes small files in its cleaning process.

    Peace !

  56. 56
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Alas!, space has become an issue … then there’s those Australian monitors and their outsize terrarium. Plus my wife is a book hoarder. At this rate, they’ll never find our skeletons one day.

    Owning a castle is one way to lose a lot of money quickly. Many of them aren’t even that expensive to purchase, but the upkeep … You know, there was a reason why they mostly had unpaid serfs to support them back then.

    My predicament is: I never grow to dislike music I once liked. Yet at the same time, my music horizon widened over the decades, so there is more and more bands and artists I liked and none fell by the wayside. I listen to music like other people read books, I’m curious and interested. And if I like a band, then I get this nasty completist urge. So there’s probably 50 to a 100 bands and artists of which I own the complete catalog. That’s a lot of ABBA, Aerosmith, Accept, Asia/UK/John Wetton, Allman Brothers, Beatles, Be Bop Deluxe/Bill Nelson, Bad Company/Free/Paul Rodgers, Jeff Beck, Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Band, David Bowie, Chicago, Nick Cave, The Cars, Charlie Daniels Band, Alice Cooper, The Doors, Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan, Depeche Mode, Drive-By Truckers, Eagles (plus albums of Eagles members and their previous/later bands), ELP, Foghat, Fleetwood Mac, Gentle Giant, Rory Gallagher/Taste, Grand Funk Railroad, Genesis, Ian Hunter/Mott the Hoople, Heart, Steve Hillage, Humble Pie, Iron Butterfly, Elton John, ELP, J. Geils Band, Journey, Judas Priest, Billy Joel, Jethro Tull, Led Zep/Robert Plant (yes, even them!), Lynyrd Skynyrd, Max Webster, Mothers Finest, Mostly Autumn, Nazareth, Night Ranger, Ted Nugent (sigh, his inane rants make it harder and harder to buy any of his product), Ozzy, Robert Palmer, Iggy Pop, Porcupine Tree, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Queen, Suzi Quatro, Rammstein, Renaissance, REO, Rolling Stones, Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry, Rush, Scorpions, Slade, Sparks, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Springfield (yeah, I’m a sucker for him), Steppenwolf, Rod Stewart/Faces, Status Quo, Sweet, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Traffic, Three Dog Night, UFO/MSG, Uriah Heep, U2 (I don’t really like them, but I need to document the phenomenon), Paul Weller, Wishbone Ash, Johnny Winter, Yes, Neil Young (no, not even I have everything from him, but a substantial part, he releases just too much!) and ZZ Top albums right there to name but a few!

    Spotify does nothing for me, I’ve tried. Without something in my hands to leaf through, music becomes like radio to me. I even eschewed a Volvo V90 Hybrid and took the gasoline model, just because the Hybrid couldn’t house a CD player due to the battery! (That incredulous look of the car salesman: “Now why would you still want a CD player?”) The Amazon jungle has to forgive me, that was one sacrifice this baby boomer could not make.

  57. 57
    MacGregor says:

    The need for a secret room at Uwe’s abode is one worth contemplating. A room like we see in those old movies that the bookshelf wall turns around when a secret button is pressed & low & behold you are suddenly in another completely different room that no one else has ever seen before. A huge room with wall to wall shelving loaded to the max with cd’s of all descriptions. As long as your wife doesn’t accidentally press that button & gets spun into that room & that nightmare of the unfathomable amount of cd’s completely surrounds her, all should be ok. Cheers.

  58. 58
    Uwe Hornung says:

    LOL – “And what does this lever here do …”


  59. 59
    MacGregor says:

    I did wonder about books also in your abode. What that secret room needs is another secret room & that is where the castle comes in. A castle is needed big time along with the servants & everything else that goes with it. Just give the order, ie, I want the DP 2nd album The Book of Taliesyn but not the remastered one this time, the original release & before you know it it is promptly delivered on a silver platter & even placed in the cd player & it commences playing for you. Regarding property maintenance, just get the minions to do it all. Too easy. Well it could be in another world I suppose & as history shows it has been for a few. Not to worry Uwe as long as you & your wife have enough walls to fit everything on all those shelves & you both don’t have any disagreements over who gets what, all is good I hope. My issue with music collecting is I only like what I like & I discard anything else over time & I keep moving about the country every now & then. so obviously moving all those albums year after year became tiresome so I sold them all. When I say all those albums, not that many compared to what you have. Then I also made a decision to not replace everything I had on vinyl with cd’s, I became even more selective. It sounds like I am the one who needs a castle & to stay living in it & not move anywhere else. Plus having all the servants etc. Cheers.

  60. 60
    MacGregor says:

    Regarding your music collection Uwe I am appalled. Whilst we do not expect a complete listing of all your music collection other wise we wouldn’t get out of here alive, I did not notice any King Crimson. Does this mean they have been demoted to the even lower echelons than Led Zeppelin in your esteemed preferences of musical taste? If so I am beyond reproach & in total shock. Led Zeppelin more important than the mighty Crim. I can’t get over it. I am hoping that was a typo of sorts. Cheers.

  61. 61
    sidroman says:

    I agree with MacGregor Uwe, no Tommy, Who’s Next, Live at Leeds or Quadrophenia?

  62. 62
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Sure I have King Crimson, two box sets (The 21st Century Guide to KC Vol. 1 and 2), and relatively newly remastered/remixed editions of In The Court Of The Crimson King and Red. I just wouldn’t dare to call myself a King Crimson specialist based on that. I also have that UK (the band) box set that came out a few years ago as endorsed by Eddie Jobson – UK are after all a continuation of the King Crimson Red era of sorts. Don’t shoot me (I’m not even a piano player), but between KC (without the Sunshine Band) and UK, I lean toward the latter for sheer accessibility. Of course, my dear wife would categorically state that “accessibility” and “UK” rule each other out as diametrically opposed concepts. : – )

    She does like some Led Zep though, yes. I have never even considered drawing marital status-impacting consequences from that – that’s how magnanimous I am! More seriously though, she has likened Glenn Hughes’ voice to chalk screeching over a blackboard …

  63. 63
    Gregster says:

    @56…Now that’s impressive, & I’m happy to say that I’m familiar with most people / bands listed, & have a lot of overlay shared, sitting on the shelf too.

    Too bad about the “Cars” not giving us another follow-up similar to “Candy-O”, but every album of theirs is quite different, one-to-the-other.

    And no-doubt you forgot to list a few too, such as KISS for instance, but we know better, as with STP…( And I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Jimi listed or the Who, but I guess they’re guaranteed, & not necessary to list ).

    I’m hoping FZ owns some real-estate on your shelf too lol !

    You’d like Robben Ford Uwe, check-out the “Soul on Ten” live album circa 2002 for an introduction…

    Also, RUSH have the “Signals” 40th anniversary re-issue now available, & I admit to buying these, simply because of the extra live-shows featured, but alas, they don’t feature one on this “Signals” set, so that’s the end of that venture for me…( I could never understand why the debut, Fly by Night, & Caress of Steel didn’t get anniversary treatment, but them’s the breaks ). I acquired the “Permanent Waves” 40th reissue only the other week, & the bonus live material is sensational ! And to be quite honest here, the original recordings were so good, I fail to hear any improvements in sound quality…Perhaps in 5.1 listening, percussive nuances are generally more pronounced only imo. And this is determined when played one-after-the-other, original followed by new-edition.

    Peace !

  64. 64
    MacGregor says:

    My oh My Uwe, you shouldn’t have made that abbreviated list up me thinks. Seriously though I do remember you saying something along those lines before regarding Crimson. Just thought I would mention that Zep gets a mention before a few others as sidroman @ 61 says, The Who? But you cannot mention everything or can you. This site will crash if you do that & I hope you realise that & what about the moderators, please show some empathy & compassion Uwe. I know what your wife means regarding Glenn Hughes at times, she has a good ear. Cheers.

  65. 65
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Ok, ok, I did forget Kiss and The Who!!! Also Bachman-Turner Overdrive while we’re at it. And T. Rex/Marc Bolan too. Plus The Police, but then there is not that much to collect from them. Likewise Blondie, Baker Gurvitz Army, CCR/John Fogerty, The New York Dolls, Chic, Kool & The Gang, Alan Parsons Project, Kings of Leon, Lou Reed, The Ramones, The Sharks, Toto, Superfurry Animals, Manic Street Preachers, Oasis/Liam/Noel, Starz, Charlie Dore, Maxine Nightingale, Outlaws (US), Sailor, Simon & Garfunkel, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, The Runaways, also Loverboy, Quiet Riot and The Strokes or Big Star. A lot from Prince. Most everything from Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens/Yusuf, Tinariwen (that Tuareg band from Mali), Supertramp, Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Styx and Def Leppard. Considerable amounts of Santana, Saga, Iron Maiden, Molly Hatchet, Nickelback and Saxon. I even have everything from Gwyneth’s ex-hubby Chris and nearly everything from Herr Sheeran plus indeed everything from Taylor Swift …

    How to carelessly ruin your hard rock credentials … I guess it’s time to own up: I herewith identify as a 14-year-old blond girl, my preferred pronouns are she/her. Be gentle with me!

    I just noticed, I don’t have any K-Pop yet though my wife’s daughter has tried to valiantly convert me to BTS … Watch this space!

  66. 66
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Lest we forget: complete Marilyn Manson, Bob Marley and Budgie!!!

  67. 67
    Gregster says:

    LOL ! I keep forget to review this thread, as there’s so much going-on elsewhere…

    @65…Taylor Swift ???…Surely there must be some Katy Perry too lol !

    * I’m actually hoping that you may have some Kim Carnes in there, she made a really solid album with “Mistaken Identity” imo. Well rounded with lots of styles, & solid musicians able / allowed to express themselves…The guitar solo in “Draw of the Cards” is really, really tasty, & the way the final note rolls-off haunting. Good stuff.


    Peace !

  68. 68
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I have more than a handful of Kim Carnes’ CDs, but nothing from Kate Perry, sorry!***

    Draw of the Cards is a cracker of a number!


    You were of course aware that there is a DP-extended family (via Whitesnake’s Bernie Marsden) connection with Kim?


    I really liked that Alaska singer (name escapes me), though he was a Rod Stewart/John Waite/Feargal Sharkey clone (but then Kim was perceived/sold as “a female Rod Stewart” too, so it all makes sense) – Bernie Marsden took a good pick! I would have liked Alaska to have gone further, especially that second album (still not available as CD) was a nice piece of AOR.

    ***But everything from Katie Melua and Rumer, do they count and does that elevate me on the Richter-wimp-magnitude-scale?!



  69. 69
    MacGregor says:

    Kim Carnes & that Bette Davis Eyes song & Draw of the Cards also takes me back. Regarding Katie Melua her version of The Cures song Just Like Heaven is wonderful, also the Mike Batt written Nine Million Bicycles. She does a few other really good melodic songs also which I have on a cd, Spiders Web & the Crazy song you linked to. Her early career & that doesn’t seem like that long ago. Cheers.

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