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deep purple visual history

Rufus Publications in the UK has announced that starting November 30th they are taking pre-orders for what appears to be an updated version of the fabled Illustrated Biography by Chris Charlesworth, long out of print. There is no publication schedule so far, so proceed at your own peril.

[Update Nov 28] The book is indeed an updated version of the Illustrated Biography, and some further details released today include:

Renowned music journalist Charlesworth has revised his original text from the 1983 edition of his book and added new Introduction and Aftermath chapters. The new look book has been completely redesigned and expanded to over 500 colour pages and now incorporates hundreds of photographs and images, some seen for the first time, including a series of unpublished images from the Made In Japan concerts from 1972.

Researched in 1982 through original interviews with members of Deep Purple, the book covers the period between the band’s formation in 1968 through to their eventual break-up in 1976. Forthright and remarkably detailed, it is the ultimate treasure trove of the era when Deep Purple established their legendary status. The book is also personally signed throughout by six of the original band members from this time: David Coverdale, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice, and Nick Simper and comes in two editions, expected to ship at the end of June 2023.

A 300mm square, hardback book in vegan leather with a 3D lenticular on the cover. Printed on 170gsm art paper. This edition comes in a glossy, printed slipcase with a separate, vegan leather folder containing full colour reproductions of 6 tour programmes from 1972 to 76. Also included is a reproduction of a rare poster from 1971 and an additional poster of the book’s cover. The book is personally signed throughout by David Coverdale, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice, and Nick Simper using caricature images created by renowned illustrator William Stout. Only 500 numbered copies will be made. This edition is available for £350 and discounted to £299 if ordered before February 28th 2023.

A 300mm square, hardback book with printed cover and presented in a cloth bound slipcase. This edition is available for £99 and discounted to £79 if ordered before February 28th 2023.

14 Comments to “The visual history”:

  1. 1
    mike whiteley says:

    In 1984,I was astonished to find this book in my small Canadian hometown.I flipped thru it,checked my wallet,counted my change,and bought it. I guess it was an import,because 25 bucks was a hefty price for a paperback. I’m looking at An Illustrated Biography as I write.
    It is worn,dog-earred,and slightly yellowed- much like I am,almost 40 years on.
    Many authors have penned Deep Purple bios since ’84,and the band’s history is pretty well up to date.Back in the day,Chris Charlesworth’s book was the definitive statement on what was,til that point,the Deep Purple story. It’s a great book.Well written,with many color and b&w pictures.Whether an updated version appears or not, I’m glad I still own the original.

  2. 2
    Allan says:

    I also purchased the original book in a small town in BC, Canada. It is a fine book, and it is still in excellent condition.

  3. 3
    mike whiteley says:

    @2- We went coast to coast,Allan. I got my copy in Newfoundland !

  4. 4
    mike whiteley says:

    As with every Rufus book that I’ve seen mentioned at THS,The Visual History goes on to my ” If I won the lottery …” list.

  5. 5
    RB says:

    I lent my original copy to a friend, who then proceeded to deny any notion that I lent it to him. 😢

  6. 6
    Scott W. says:

    Thank goodness it’s vegan leather otherwise I wouldn’t buy it lol. But Seriously, I’m ordering it tomorrow. We are eating beef anyways why not make use of their skin?

  7. 7
    David B says:

    Does anyone want to buy my original so that I can afford the new one?

  8. 8
    Mathias says:

    I got mine in the 80ies and loved it – helped me to improve my english far more than Shakespeare’s Macbeth that I had to read (in english) in german high school 😉

    I’m crazy and devoted enough to have ordered the bundle, one for me and one as a future present for my best friend and musical partner (i.e. drummer) – psst, don’t tell him!

  9. 9
    Rock Voorne says:

    @ 6

    Vegan leather possibly is something like veggies being sold as meatlike products?

    Overhere we have something like a Vegetarische Slager/Vegetarian Butcher which is very weird.
    They fill “something” up with spices and all and its ok to promote it like if its meat…

    I ate Broccoli burgers decades ago and I thought it was ok but a professional cook I used to collaborate with in a restaurant dismissed it as too fat and salty.

    So I tried switching to real vegetables, Broccoli with a cheese sause to get away with it, combined grilled chicken and I did NOT feel guilty.

    Vegan leather? Would it smell weird or rot away easily?

    Wokism surely has taken over everything.

    Anyway, more and more I ve to dismiss products like this because of the prices.

    Even the cheapest version is around 100 Euro I think?

    Adding signatures is nice but reminds me of VIP passes at concerts where you get “extra s”.
    Whereas I had been used to wait after a show and ask politely people to sign items I brought.

    It could become ridicilous/emberassing, the amount people brought with them, me included.

    And so I have a lot of items signed incompletely because I did never get Blackmore to sign anything. Forget Rod Evans! 🙂

    It is what it is.

    Maybe if he gets it in his head to show up near my city I ll succumb into buying a ticket for a so called RAINBOW show and try to approach the legend for the first time in my life.

    Imagine that even Gillan could behave very rude .

    The other year he signed a load of vinyl for me.
    Though looking at me suspisciously he said something in which I felt was the idea I might be one of those people selling items with signatures for high prices on the Net.

    I never was one to do such a thing. I do sincerely feel emberassed I brought too many items.

    I once tried to gain signatures from Y and T after a show here. They had been away for decades , a special table was set up and members signing.But NO Meniketti.
    It was a mess. Reminded me of The Beatles.

    Walking away on the parkinglot someone behind me said, having seen what I tried, “How low can you go”. I felt emberassed because the guy was right.

    The thing is you ll never know but they returned many times since, it wasnt special anymore and you could chat with Meniketti for example, one on one and no others heating up the mood.

    I also felt frustrated often CD covers became signed in a sloppy way. They re often too small and darkcoloured to get it done nicely.

    I do have nice ones as well though.

    Glenn signing a vinylediton was one of these nice moments.

    Bless him.

    THE BOOK…..

    I still have the old edition which I bought at the fanfayre in Belgium in 1986, a hot day, which was mixed with conversations,in which I wasnt involved, about the ongoing WorldCup or something like that.

    First time ever I saw, VHS times, Gillan Live in Japan interviewed inbetween the songs….

    I kinda forgot what more was shown.

    Time has really moved on and loads of recordings, video s getting uploaded, improved/enhanced lightyears away from the crappy quality we had to endure then.

  10. 10
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Alas!, I succumbed as well, the flesh is weak.

  11. 11
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Mine arrived today. Cost me almost 80 Euros duty in addition to the hefty price – all because some of you gullible Brits actually believed you’d have more money for your National Health Service if you left. Raspberry of a decision that was.

  12. 12
    Uwe Hornung says:

    The amount of photo material unknown to me has to be seen to be believed. The darn thing is also so heavy that your wrist aches after you have leafed through it. Not just one ton, but two. You won’t be reading this by the light of your night lamp in bed and your coffee table better be military grade sturdy.

    The reprints of the original tour programs are a real treat.

    This thing was incredibly expensive, but it sure looks it too.

  13. 13
    Chris says:

    I just got mine as well. I can’t believe how heavy it is (about 10 pounds). All in all, a worthy product. Just skimming through the text, I noticed a few remaining errors from the original ’80s text (like “Holy Man” being performed live?). Some of the pictures we have seen before, but there were a few “whoa!” moments of new pictures, particularly the new ones from Japan ’72. A LOT of the pictures from the original Omnibus book are not included, but this is no loss for those of us who have the original. It was probably slight overkill to have a full 20 pages devoted to the California Jam, even if it was one of their biggest/most important gigs. I also didn’t like how a lot of the pictures aren’t captioned with the date/location. (Apparently this is a problem with other Rufus Stone books as well, but this is my first). And I believe the “making of Machine Head” section didn’t include a single photo of the Casino burning down, which was kind of important.
    It also would have been nice to have a more extensive discography (eg, none of the live albums like Inglewood ’68 or Graz ’75 appear).
    I know I’m nit-picking. For the most part, it’s very well done.

  14. 14
    Tony Di Stasio says:

    Pros :
    • Deep Purple
    • Prompt replacement missing Roger Glover signature label.
    Cons :
    • Too many low resolution images used.
    • Images of Gillan and Blackmore incorrectly inserted chronologically.
    • Signature Labels pasted on separate pages.[My copy had a blank Roger Glover signature plate necessitating a signed label to be applied over it – making the page double in thickness.] Bound in signature pages on deluxe paper/card would have been a better choice [and a premium look].
    • Like the 2011 “Deep Purple California Jam Deluxe Edition” fake leather being used instead of real leather. This makes this edition NOT as Deluxe as it should have been.
    • The choice of font used [Century Gothic as an option].
    • Single column instead of double column text layout [like the original edition]
    • Apart from “Stormbringer”, lack of full or double page images of the album art. I would have recommended 180gsm chromatic pages of the album art inserted chronologically thru the book.
    • The book is more “scrapbook” than a Premium Deluxe reprint of “Deep Purple The Visual History” by Chris Charlesworth 1983 edition.
    • Similar in price, compare “Classic Hendrix” produced by Genesis as an example of beauty and quality.
    • Broken promises on delivery dates.
    A lost opportunity.

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