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Here we come a-caroling

For all your November caroling needs, Blackmore’s Night have released a lyric video from their upcoming EP.

11 Comments to “Here we come a-caroling”:

  1. 1
    francis says:

    autant les premiers albums étaient sympas car ils sortaient de l’ordinaire autant les derniers sont ennuyeux et inintéressants…

  2. 2
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Honesty, this is heaps better!:
    If you listen carefully, you’ll find a few little nods towards some classic Deep Purple tunes on this one…

  3. 3
    Adel Faragalla says:

    I tried so hard to like this style of music as I adore the Ritchie we love from DP and Rainbow but I just can’t take this anymore. Sorry but I am out their circle of fan club. Good luck to Ritchie and Candice and their army of fans.

  4. 4
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Oh, that is really cutting edge and filled with all kinds of musical surprises, the nifty key change especially, I know great original art when I hear it! There is nothing like a good song and this elaborate musical piece …


    Blackmore’s Night have now reached that pantheon of bands normally populated by the likes of The Ramones, AC/DC, Motörhead and Status Quo: You like one song – all the songs are the same – you like all the songs! No point arguing with that. (That was slightly unfair, Quo show more variation and The Ramones and Motörhead were at least cool.)

    I know, a Christmas single is not the most opportune moment to stretch your musical wings. But Slade’s Merry X-Mas Everybody was Prog rock compared to this (and a good song to boot). The trouble with Blackmore’s Night is that all their releases throughout the year are Christmas Singles. Spare me.

    Rant over. I worship Blackmore, but his undeniable talent has become static with BN and – worse still – banal.

    Will I now be banned from The Highway Star? I still bought it!!!

  5. 5
    Uwe Hornung says:

    @2 Blackwood Morerich: The new BÖC album is indeed their best one since the mid-80ies. I was blown away. Great unsung American hard rock heroes.

  6. 6
    Robin Of Loxley says:


    75 year old guitarist enjoying life and not really caring what the internet trolls have to say. Fair play.

    I hope your family are a little more tolerant and don’t start thinking you’re banal and irrelevant.

  7. 7
    Uwe Hornung says:

    @Defender of 75-year-olds: It has nothing to do with age. Ritchie – even as a young man – always had a regressive streak in his musical tastes, but the input from the others with DP put him – to his and the band’s benefit – in musical situations and environments where he shone though they were not of his choice. That worked well within Mk II, found its limits with Mk III (hence his departure) and after that he might have named Rainbow just as well “Ritchie Blackmore’s Strat-Trashing Comfort Zone” (with a few exceptions such as Gates of Babylon).

    But who am I to write as a Blackmore fan since 1975 and owner of even his most obscure Joe Meek ditties plus having witnessed the man about 30times+ in concert (w DP/Rainb/BN) – I’ve just morphed into an “internet troll” at the mercy of his family!!! : – )

  8. 8
    stoffer says:

    Its quite good if you like that sort of thing! I would have hoped he would grow tired of BN by now, but it obviously makes him happy. Candice is easy to listen to as well, no judgement from a long time DP fan. We all get older and more mellow do we not??

  9. 9
    rock voorne says:


    He should have continued with Shoshana/Judith……

  10. 10
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Candice has grown as a singer (even if it’s all very samey) and Ritchie can play the telephone book and still elicit something with me, but Steeleye Span or Renaissance this is not, much less Carmen or Jethro Tull to name two bands Ritchie always professed to like. I like folk rock if it’s done with some brains to it. Blackmore’s Night sometimes (or often) sounds like Peter, Paul & Mary with that guy from Deep Purple strumming along. ; – )

  11. 11
    Robin of Loxley says:

    I would hardly call Rainbow “Ritchie Blackmore’s Strat-Trashing Comfort Zone” considering the content of the debut album and it’s unheard of (at the time) modes and structures plus, Rainbow Rising is one of the seminal albums in the history of rock music, a tad more respect is due. Ritchie shines in every music environment he has been in.

    We’re all fans and his current output has given him a lot of satisfaction and a whole horde of new fans. There are some hidden gem with extraordinary playing among all the BN albums, embrace that.

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