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Legs to stand on

David Coverdale spoke to Rock Classics Radio on Apple Music Hits, and among more recent things, shed the light on his writing in th Purple days:

It’s the old cliché of they’re all your children. One of the questions I was asked at the management meeting for DEEP PURPLE was do I write. And I could honestly say yes, because I’d been encouraged by local musicians. We never announced them as written by me; we’d say, ‘This is a song by STEPPENWOLF.’

So the first thing I had to do was go down to Ritchie Blackmore’s house and see if we connected. And it was mindblowing to work with this guy who was like a Hendrix. I mean, Hendrix was my muse, and Ritchie had all of these elements there. And I was so enthusiastic, I wrote six lyrics for the song ‘Burn’. I actually used one of the lyrics not many years ago on a different song, which wasn’t used a more bluesy song. But that’s how enthusiastic I was. And ‘Stormbringer’ I wrote for him, ’cause he loved that mix of sci-fi. It really didn’t float my boat — I was much more of an emotional, physical theme, relationship scenario, search for direction…

But, yeah, so probably ‘Burn’. And then ‘Mistreated’, which came from me just making words up on the spot. That’s when my muse was just coming straight in. And I think maybe I flushed out a lyric here or there. But in essence, it was just an improvised lyric, and that song still has legs nearly 50 years later.

Apart from the snippets posted here, we have no idea if and how the rest of the interview can be accessed outside the Apple’s walled garden. Please enlighten us if you know.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info and transcription.

2 Comments to “Legs to stand on”:

  1. 1
    Adel Faragalla says:

    I just get the sense he is just like to have a dig at the DP MK2 line up. He feels he is always is in the shadow of MK2 line up. Well we love u DC and we love your MK3 and MK4 contributions but ur career in WS is what defines you more. JUST DROP DP for a while and focus on WS. Who know you might be inducted twice in the R@R hole of fame again as WS. Unless you think DP will be always bigger than WS… Which is true. As Ian Gillan once said DP family tree is more like a jungle 🤔
    We still love Mr Coverdale and we love all DP members equally that’s what makes DP fans the best and the most diverse fans that ever existed.

  2. 2
    francis lavaud says:

    tout ceci n’a aucun intérêt après tant d’années!!

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