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Flying Colors’ online backstage summit

Flying Colors 2019

Taking advantage of the forced downtime (and probably trying to make up for some of the income lost due to no touring), Flying Colors will be holding an online event called Backstage Summit on May 5-8, 2020. It’s not quite a live performance, but more of a Q&A session with the band and a songwriting workshop where you can also submit your own music for review and critique.

Prepare for an in depth up close and personal time where the band covers everything from how to write songs to what happened in 1973! You can ask questions, respond, and participate on an unprecedented level. Here is the current schedule (each session is 1 – 1.5hrs in length):

  • Tuesday | May 5th | 1:00pm EST | 7:00pm CET – Casey McPherson
  • Wednesday | May 6th | 1:00pm EST | 7:00pm CET – Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse
  • Thursday | May 7th | 1:00pm EST | 7:00pm CET – Steve Morse and Dave LaRue
  • Friday | May 8th | 1:00pm EST | 7:00pm CET – Full band Songwriting Session Live!

Tickets are $75 for all 4 sessions, available through the website set up specifically for that purpose.

5 Comments to “Flying Colors’ online backstage summit”:

  1. 1
    Keith Livingstone says:

    Dear Deep Purple……..

  2. 2
    Nick Martinez says:

    Lost income,these guys are multi millionaires,can home life be that boring where you go on the road and leave your families behind,you did it over and over again,kick back and enjoy life,you’ve nothing to prove,love the band.

  3. 3
    Chris Parsons says:

    Nick Martinez How do you know they’re multi millionaires?

  4. 4
    Nick Martinez says:

    Chris Parsons millions upon millions albums sold,call jam 2 miles each,like rich actors money is not enough,need the crowd

  5. 5
    Chris Parsons says:

    Flying Colors? None of these guys were in Purple in their heyday.

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