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When the music is good and the feeling of humanity is there

Ian Paice, Ottawa, Feb 8 2012; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

Ian Paice spoke to the Ultimate Classic Rock, and he’s waxing philosophical in this one:

I think that with these past couple of records that you guys have done, you really have made two of the strongest records in your overall catalog.

We never felt that it was a risk. We know how good the musicianship in the band is and we know how good the adventure still is. More importantly, we know how much we all enjoy it, and that’s the secret. If you still enjoy what you do and you can focus all of those positive feelings into playing and creating new stuff, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come out with good product. But we never doubted it. You can make the best record at the wrong time and it will disappear without a trace. You can make the worst record at the right time and have a major hit. There’s no logic to anything that goes on in our business. All we’ve ever tried to do is capture the moment in the studio that was us at that time. Sometimes it’s been right, sometimes it’s been wrong. But we’ve always tried to capture the essence of a live band and I think if any of the records do stand the test of time, it’s just because of that fact. I think what we did with Now What?! Is just a reestablishing of the musical credentials of the band, never mind the fact that it was a big record in lots and lots of countries.

So it was a natural progression that following on from that, we had so much fun making that record with Bob Ezrin in Nashville, as soon as we got the chance to do another one, we’ll take all of that experience of working with him and the knowledge of the studio and enjoying it, to make another record. When you make records quickly, and you make them with a great deal of joy and pleasure, they generally turn out to be really good records. It’s when you have the opposite going on, where it takes a long time, nobody’s really enjoying it and it becomes a labor of work, rather than a labor of love. You end up with a record that maybe isn’t going to do so much.

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