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Hughes at Sunflower Jam

Glenn Hughes at Hell Blues Festival 2007

Glenn Hughes has announced that he will appear at the Sunflower Jam in London on April 4:

My manager and I have been working with Jon’s manager , Tarquin and Jacky Paice and Vicky , Jon’s wife , so that I could clear my schedule to appear – to thank Jon and our MK3 &4 fans for their love ..so glad to announce this to you ..

He later added that reunion with Coverdale is not in the books:

David cannot attend : I will gladly be there for him to share his love for Jon

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

41 Comments to “Hughes at Sunflower Jam”:

  1. 1
    Jason Hillenburg says:

    I’m sorry – I can’t imagine clearing Glenn Hughes’ schedule is all that difficult.

  2. 2
    David Hall says:

    Just DC and the Man in Black to go.

  3. 3
    Alket Kellici says:

    Man In Black is out,you didn’t hear ? DC might be a go !

  4. 4
    al says:

    This is great news! Now DC needs to clear out his schedule and appear there,to almost complete Purple family minus Man In Black.I hope they film/record the event.

  5. 5
    Laurent Bootsy says:


  6. 6
    Antony Jenkins says:

    brilliant news just DC now

  7. 7
    Paolo Angeli says:

    Great news, hope he’ll perform this time around

  8. 8
    Larry Toering says:

    This pretty much sucks! Here comes Mr. Scream/popularity contest. Bad as all hell of an idea. Took some serious whining, I’m suspecting. It boggles how two and a half years of mocking penetrates this legacy.

  9. 9
    Jason Hillenburg says:

    Sorry to chime in. If I don’t have anything nice to say, I should’nt say anything at all.

  10. 10
    Larry Toering says:

    Self acclaimed legend. Bring it on, Paul. We have your bulldozer hanging. 😉

  11. 11
    John Tartaglia says:

    Hope Coverdale goes too!

  12. 12
    John Tartaglia says:

    Put this concert out on DVD

  13. 13
    LRT says:

    Thanks for the bad news. Of course it is about Jon, to think anyone would question that, is massively arrogant. Yawn already! Poor idea, probably driven by lack of Purple energy in someone’s eyes, or perhaps just giving an old dog a bone to bring in more coin for the cause. I’m glad they can act like friends from great distances enough to let him add some circus to it. I certainly can’t wait for all here in attendance to serve this back to me after he cleans up in his own mind. 😀 Please prove me wrong, Glenn. To be honest I liked the recent playback on the pay to play gig with Lita Ford, but apparently the masses didn’t seem impressed. After that, I somehow doubt he can penetrate much through this. I smell some surprises by Ian Gillan, either that or a showing of outclassmanship (new word, btw) by not beefing up a chop to speak of, and letting the band instrumentally blow it up.

  14. 14
    LRT says:

    (incoming orders to tone down the antics… another sweet odor) lol

  15. 15
    Ian says:

    Great news , look forward to see Glenn perform some MK 3 and mark 4 stuff, “This time around” would be a great tribute to Jon.
    The obvious big question Is he going to play with his own band or join Purple on stage?

  16. 16
    Cameron Hons says:

    I have heard a Jon Lord tribute show will be on DVD. Please let it be this one too. Glenn is awesome !!!!

  17. 17
    Cameron says:

    David can’t attend because he’s probably busy with Whitesnake at this time. I’m very happy that Glenn is going to the Sunflower Jam with Deep Purple. I’m glad that most of our favourite Purple People will be playing at the concert. There should be another DVD, because it’s also a good thing to help the Sunflower Jam and to support the artists who get involved

  18. 18
    al says:

    already some haters in here and “sharpshooters”ready to bash in on the topic and the musician!

  19. 19
    cnosni says:

    DC not coming according to Glenn.

  20. 20
    Deeperpurps says:

    Al @ 18,,,Agreed. Glenn Hughes is going to do something good there, and maybe it will be enjoyable for all. Why is it necessary for people to take shots at the guy? Why are people so bitter and twisted at him?

  21. 21
    Ian says:

    What is wrong with some people who contribute to this site? Glenn wants to honour the memory of a friend and former band mate by turning up and performing a few songs and we get the same old rubbish from the Glenn haters based on how he used to sing thirty years ago. The guy was a major addict and not well, please get over it and move on.
    Glenn has been clean for 20 years, honours the memory of MK2 and mk3 at his gigs and still produces great music and in my experience always has time for his fans after gigs..
    If Glenn is not your thing , that is fine but please cut the abuse and petty point scoring.

  22. 22
    Ian says:

    Sorry meant Mark 3 and Mark 4.

  23. 23
    byron says:

    Hope DC will make some vid to say hello.Ritchie is certainly not interested by the event.Sad ,because playing “Carry on Jon” at the RAH for this special night would make sense.

  24. 24
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    I for one and happy to see Glenn Hughes on board. I feel All the Purple People present and past should be the first ones in the hat. Come on ROD EVANS. Perfect place for you to step out of that closet you are hiding in and sing a song. Simper, Coverdale too. Oh yeah, and of course… Ritchie. Make it a Total Purple event for JON. All things are posible when faith is in the LORD.


  25. 25
    Tommy H. says:

    I get the feeling that some people here made it their hobby to bash Glenn for the same old reasons. This kind of negativity towards personal weaknesses is pointless.

    Thank you, Glenn, for joining in! It’s really cool that the Sunflower Jam now features at least one musician from another Purple line-up. If Ian Paice could join Glenn for some Mark III/IV-stuff – that would be great. Is there any good reason why David can’t be there?

  26. 26
    Martin says:

    I think it’s going to be wonderful to see the Purple Family getting together and remembering Jon Lord . I really don’t care who likes who and who hates who. Let’s have a fitting tribute to a legend….without any squabbles.

  27. 27
    Bo says:

    To Jason Hillenburg:
    Glenn are far more active than both Coverdale and Blackmore.
    He sing far better than Coverdale these days. OK Blackmore are better on guitar than Glenn. If Gillan are not not arriving for this then there should be free room for Blackmore.
    Silly old men they are. Both of them.

  28. 28
    George Martin says:

    David cannot attend or is it really David doesn’t want to possibly upset someone by being there? We all knew this show was coming for a long time now so to say someone can’t attend really means they feel it’s best if they don’t attend. I’m glad Glenn Hughes will be there even though I’ve never been a big Glenn Hughes fan. I think it would be kind of cool if Nick Simper was there. Maybe a MKI jam.

  29. 29
    LRT says:

    Nope, just smeller of a bad idea, however it turns out. I never want anything to go bad, but it has to start somewhere. But it’s good for the cause and I would never knock the event itself. Just a little tired of the selfie man lately.

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I can not like everything about Glenn but I do and will keep a big warm spot in my heart for him..

    In the clip below my first real encounter with the man.

    I ll never forget it.

    The mighty return on stage in the Netherlands by Mister Glenn Hughes, although maybe not the voice of rock, surely one of the biggest voices that ever graced our earth.


  31. 31
    MacGregor says:

    George Martin@ 28- If Coverdale isn’t in attendance for whatever reason, so be it! It has nothing to do with anyone else, so it is pointless trying to ascertain why he isn’t going! Just because a memorial concert for Jon Lord is announced, that doesn’t mean all past members are going to attend. His memorial is NOT a Deep Purple reunion, for any lineup & I am stating the obvious, as we all know Mr Lord will not be there physically. I am sure it isn’t a compulsory thing, so whoever attends does so & who ever doesn’t attend, doesn’t!
    And if anyone thinks that a non attendance is disrespectful, they are 100% wrong! Cheers

  32. 32
    George Martin says:

    MacGregor @31 I never said anyone is being disrespectful, I don’t know where you got that from. I clearly said this concert was known to be coming in April for quite some time. I believe I first heard about it last June. Anyway, I just think someone like David has the ability to be able to attend this given this much notice. That’s all. He has every right not to be there and he does not owe us any reason for not going. I don’t have any problem with that but to say he cannot attend sounds a little weak to me.

  33. 33
    al says:


    exactly! And it is for a good cause,so there is no ‘clashes”of Egos,or who’s better and such …I think!

  34. 34
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    If someone thinks that non attendance is respectful they are not criminals either.
    Despite his impossibility to live without the spotlight, despite everyone on Earth are his brothers, despite he is “selfie-made” man and despite all this hype and blah-blah-blah Mr. Hughes is the ONLY one to be called a real gentleman.
    All Purple people expressed their feelings and emotions and condolences when all this happened so like it or not the event being discussed here is a purely public event. Since it is public a priori it has some PR and/ or hype element and meant for the public in the first place. Managers rule here.
    It’s again clash of egos. What keeps DC for instance from joining in? Or who keeps? His schedule? Bears in Lake Tahoe? Tonnes of doubts. You should never ask about MIB’s reasons. It’s untouchable as we all know what or who prevents Blackmore from being part of the cast.
    Where is Simper? Turner? Sorry guys in my totalitarian country the ability to gather together and show for the last time honour and respect regardless of war before is still the highest value. People are not asking for reconciliation or even mutual handshaking. Just show some respect for the Great person you all would call a friend.

  35. 35
    Fender123 says:

    And here we go again with the Glenn stuff. Personally I cannot abide him with his constant self importance and general arrogance, but when it comes down to it I agree that he is a great songwriter in his own right and, having played with the great man JL he deserves to be able to pay his respects in this way. In a strange kinda way I’m almost looking forward to seeing him at The Sunflower Jam in the hope that he can make an appropriate tribute and prove all us so called ‘haters’ wrong. Here’s hoping. Cheers.

  36. 36
    MacGregor says:

    George@32- I didn’t say you said anything regarding the ‘disrespectful comment! That comment is in relation to some previous comments a little while back by some Purple fans. I can see that some people are either annoyed about who is or who isn’t, or they want to speculate as to why somebody is or isn’t going! Personally I cannot wrap my head around the thought of why anyone is bothered either way, by the who’s who in attendance thing, what happens, happens & it will be a positive memorial no doubt!
    It isn’t a Deep Purple reunion as some may ‘hope’ for, it is a Jon Lord memorial conceert to pay respects & no doubt there will be people there who have had absolutely nothing to do with Purple, or other artists that Lord may have been involved with over the period of his stellar career! Cheers.

  37. 37
    Paul Mann says:

    Perhaps I could just make one thing clear: this concert is not and never was intended as an all-eras Deep Purple reunion. Those who were expecting this all along have got the wrong end of the stick. It is intended, first and foremost, as a celebration of Jon, and I think it’s fair to say that there are some musicians in the history of DP to whom he was closer than others. I can’t comment on why DC isn’t appearing, because I don’t know why. It may well be that he would have wished to be there, but just can’t. However, there are many great musical surprises planned, and the concert will both celebrate Jon individually and honour the history of the great band he founded.

  38. 38
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:


    I’m going to throw in my 2 cents here regarding the opinions and views about the attendance or lack of by Purple People at this Tribute to Jon Lord. Especially since I have been so vocal regarding TMIB not showing and about his ‘un-original/totally plagiarized’ tribute song (The Loner)….. ‘Carry On Jon’.

    To begin with, the Sunflower Jam under normal conditions is a charitable event that was co-founded and is organized annually by Jacky Paice (Ian’s wife) in the fight against cancer and other diseases by funding and supporting research, treatment and education. It all began when Jacky met a 16 year old Leukemia patient whom happened to be a huge Deep Purple fan, fighting for his life in a hospital. She took Jon and Ian to the hospital to meet him and it really gave the little boy a wonderful moment in his short life and they too were moved by his uplifted reaction. He passed away a couple of weeks later and this was the inspiration behind organizing this annual event back in 2006. Jon has been in attendance of all except 2 (2009 and of course 2012 due to his passing 2 months prior).

    This particular event coming up is a special one to say the least. It’s actually called ‘Celebrating Jon Lord’. The man is dead. He was an iconic figure whom due to the band he was a huge part of co-founding, changed the lives of ALL Purple People involed. Deep Purple is responsible for catapulting the careers of David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, JLT, Rod Evans, Nick Simper and Tommy Bolin (RIP, at least he has an excuse). Their affiliation in this band along side this larger than life Maestro is what put their names on the map. This particular edition of the Sunflower Jam pays special tribute to JON LORD and the proceeds go to a magnificent cause. Forget about this being a Deep Purple Reunion. It would be a JON LORD reunion with ALL whom should take part and pay proper respect. This Uncommon Man will be there, Above and Beyond. It is preposterous that the rest of his Purple Family not be. Especially those whom continue to connect themselves with and benefit from their past affiliation with the Man and the Band….


  39. 39
    MacGregor says:

    Tracy@38- yes, I am well aware of the origins of the Sunflower Jam & also The Teenage Cancer Trust with Roger Daltrey & his involvement in that organisation. Being a Who fan & reading about certain issues in regards to that, is also inspiring! Cheers.

  40. 40
    Scott W. says:

    If #38 is THE Paul Mann, i have faith that the event will be a fitting tribute to Jon if Mr. Mann is involved! Whomever of Jon’s bandmates can make it, great. I am sure Jon’s Ex-Bandmate’s love Jon no less if they cannot attend.

  41. 41
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    I’d have to state here that the last sentence @ Paul Mann #37 gives even more of a reason for All Purple People to attend. This is a landmark event I still stand my ground on the fact that Jon Lord was such an iconic figure in Rock and Purple history and anybody whom was blessed to be able call him their Purple Band-mate is truly irresponsible if absent from this Celebration of the Great Maestro. I ain’t budging on this! Especially after reading that last sentence @37.


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