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Glenn Hughes: “Let the legacy of Mk.3 remain intact”

I guess this settles it. Glenn Hughes issued this update regarding Mk.3 reunion rumours:

I am in Russia, and wanted to give you all the news about the rumour of a Deep Purple MKIII re-union.

As I have been the one that is consistantly being bombarded with the same question over and over again. My answer has always been that there a 5 members, and that at no time have we had a band discussion about a re-union. Yes, David and I flirted with the idea 18 months ago, and since then my brother has fully comitted himself to his love and nurturing of his beloved Whitesnake.

For all GH followers, you can all see that my solo career has gone to another level, playing to more people around the world – the popularity and the demand for my activity has risen….David’s recent statement has finally put this rumour to bed….Although I would have loved to have seen it happen under the right circumstances, I’m just as happy to let the increbible legacy of the Mighty MKIII remain intact…..

See you somewhere in concert on the Planet this year………

Glenn Hughes
April 8th, 2007

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

5 Comments to “Glenn Hughes: “Let the legacy of Mk.3 remain intact””:

  1. 1
    Jeff Summers says:

    This is very unlikely bearing in mind that Paicy would have to leave Purple to do this and Jon would have to come out of retirement…Not to mention the chances of Blackmore being involved with this are extemely unlikely!!

  2. 2
    Luc Brandoit says:

    If somedays it happend: Cool… But every members of Deep Purple still doing what they want, they stay masters of their destiny , giving us very good music with bands or solo carreers. So if one day they decided , far from contractuel areas, to make one, two, …ten concerts with MK III during a break of personnal actual activities :It will be a “Winning one shot combination” witch give us a lot of good moments for the ones who haven’t had this chance to see this marvelous formation at the time…
    Do what you wanted , … but never forget the good moments of the past !
    A message to Ian Gillan: Don’t worried: For the fans , Each moments of Deep Purple life make part of the “History” of the band… (Why don’t you sing “Burn”, it will be like a “Give Peace A Chance”…) – you stay “THE” singer of Deep Purple !

  3. 3
    Dung Beetle says:

    …but I wouldn’t put it past Ritchie to get involved just to get under the skin of ‘the current incarnation’.

  4. 4
    Paul Orchard says:

    Why would Jon Lord stop what he is doing which is making the best music of any ex or current purple members for a MARK III get together? Jon Lord produced the greatest album ever made in Pictured Within. I really dont think being on the road with Tricky Dicky and David ‘look at my package’ Coverdale would be of interest to him. I have been a lifelong deep purple fan. But nowadays I only get really excited about Jon Lords work. Richie is still an amazing guitar player and I love what he is doing. But its all a bit like everything else released under Blackmores Night. One album merges into another. And Deep Purple are still the best rock band around, ROTD was an amazing album and they truly rock live. But go to a Jon Lord concert and me moved by the music in a way no Purple, BN, Glenn Hughes and certainly no Whitetrousersnake concert will!
    And when is Jon Lord going to get a knighthood?

  5. 5
    Sir Laz Space Burns says:

    The recreation of Mark Three will probably never happen but there is a small flame of hope that given certain circumstances Glenn Hughes may join Whitesnake just like Blackmore nearly did following his second departure from Deep Purple in ’93.
    I can definitely see the possibility of this scenario. Ex-Whitesnake guitarist John Sykes could even rejoin the band’s everfluid lineup during this time and why not the other two mentionable fromer Whitesnake members, Jon Lord and Ian Paice?
    A little known fact is that Glenn Hughes has sung backround in a cuople of Snake albums so the effort would undoubtedly launch the band to levels of success they’re not expierencing now.
    As much as Gillan has shaped the band we’ve never to this day see the explosive album likes of Burn ever graze the Deep Purple catalogue.
    This lineup would definitely be incredible and hold the reigns of a modern supergroup.
    The modern Deep Purple lineup could be finally put on hiatus while the project develops and who really cares about Whitesnakes current lineup?
    When the right person bribes them to do this we’ll see them unite. John Sykes really is the only person in the rock community to fill Blackmore’s shoes and possibly Jeff Beck though it would be most unlikely he’d take to this venture.
    I can almost hear the music of a future lineup like this with Glenn and Dave+ Others to revitalize Deep Purple yet again.

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