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Secret Voyage

Blackmore’s Night Secret Voyage cover

The new Blackmore’s Night album is around the corner. It’s called Secret Voyage and will be released via SPV in Germany on June 27, the rest of Europe on June 30, and USA/Canada on July 15. The album will include 12 tracks:

01. God Save The Keg
02. Locked Within The Crystal Ball
03. Gilded Cage
04. Toast To Tomorrow
05. Prince Waldeck’s Galliard
06. Rainbow Eyes
07. The Circle
08. Sister Gypsy
09. Can’t Help Falling In Love
10. Peasant’s Promise
11. Far Far Away
12. Empty Words

The record company has posted a track-by-track commentary from Candice Night and album preview clips.

Correction [May 12]: The North American release date will be July 15 and not June 15 as we reported earlier.

Thanks to Blabbermouth.net, Daniel Bengtsson, Pal17 and Mike Garrett for the info.

141 Comments to “Secret Voyage”:

  1. 1
    robert says:

    Rainbow Eyes! yessss

  2. 2
    Tracy Heyder says:

    There you go priest…..more great Blackmore to enjoy. Has a Rainbow Cover to boot. What more can a Blackmore Groupie wish for? He he he……….


  3. 3
    Grindhouse Dean says:

    God Save The Keg. I love this album already. Great artwork. Another classic from one of my favorite bands of all time. Can’t wait.

  4. 4
    Sami says:

    Looking forward to it…the last couple of
    BN albums have been a bit samey, hope there’s some
    fresh ideas this time around.

    TMIB is unique & one of a kind, and he’s just doing
    what he wants to do, no matter what the ‘rock-police’
    says or thinks. BN has built their own fan base over the years, Ritchie doesn’t need to rely on the DP-brand, so to speak. Blackmore’s got the last laugh,
    as always 🙂


  5. 5
    stefan says:

    “Can´t help falling in love”….??? Could it be the old cheesy Elvis tune? Hmmm….if that´s the case he´s really scraping the bottom of the barrel! “Rainbow eyes”…sure, why not…we have´nt had enough songs about rainbows over the years, it probably needs more cowbell though! Ritchie´s got the last laugh, Sami?? Don´t know about that…personally I laugh myself silly every time I see a BN cover or video!!!

  6. 6
    Sami says:

    Stefan ; got to hand it to you, that was quite

    good 🙂

  7. 7
    rich t says:

    Well, some people have closed minds i guess :-p

    I for one am looking forward to the new album and also interested to hear the cover version. As for the art work, it looks great!

  8. 8
    Wünderbjarne says:

    Another shite album from a shite band, left with no imagination whatsoever!

    Why Blackmore continue to destroy classic songs from both Rainbow and Purple is beyound me, but he should be given a proper beating for completely destroying Can’t Help Falling In Love.

    TMIB has got no shame left. Thank God he’s soon reaching retirement!

  9. 9
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I happen to enjoy all the Blackmore’s Night stuff. Gives another dimention to the Purple Arena. I will admit that covering the Elvis tune could have been avoided. I listened to the sample on the site and it comes off very cheesey as STEFEN stated. Any Rainbow tune should be welcomed. They are true Blackmore tunes and transform well into this style of play.

    Yet another group of songs for the Purple Fans to enjoy. How bad is that? Not bad at all……..


  10. 10
    T says:

    For Deep Purple fans, Blackmore’s Night is a love-it-or-hate-it affair. I appreciate the disappointment that some fans have for Blackmore’s career direction and he has received more than his share of grief for it. Interestingly, I hear almost no criticism for Jon Lord, who also left rock for a less orthodox career move. Be that as it may…

    Despite being just snippets, the preview allows a reasonably accurate picture of “Secret Voyage”.

    The artwork is fantastic. Having researched Columbus and the age of discovery for some sixteen years and having lectured extensively on the subject (I’ve used Blackmore’s Night instrumentals as background music for video presentations), the imagery hits close to home for me.

    The opener “God Save the Keg” is a regal-sounding introduction to the album. Despite the rather trite alcohol reference (I can forgive that), the music is fitting in this context. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

    “Locked Within a Crystal Ball” contains as large an amount of electric guitar as some previous efforts. At this point, the production sounds quite good as well.

    “Prince Waldeck’s Galliard” is yet another (!) acoustic instrumental. These are always welcome and I would like to see an *entire* album of Blackmore doing this kind of work.

    As most already know, “Rainbow Eyes” is a Dio-era Rainbow track–and not one of the most memorable. I never liked it much and thought it should never have been on the album. Its saving grace was the nice string arrangement and the recorders, but the vocal line was weak and hoarse-sounding and the song as a whole was not in the context of the rest of the hard rock album. I would have had another song in the same vein as “The Shed” end the first side and move “Gates of Babylon” to close the album. “Rainbow Eyes” should have been the reject.

    The Blackmore’s Night version, on the other hand, is quite good and more appropriate to the style of the band. Dio’s voice is impossible to replace, but Blackmore’s Night has always done a fairly adequate job of turning old Rainbow numbers into something new. It is never an attempt merely to re-record anything, but rather to present a totally different interpretation, such as the extremely successful “Self-Portrait” from “Under a Violet Moon”.

    I am expecting a slow turn to songs more along the line of “Ariel” from the final Rainbow album. So far, that hasn’t happened. At this point, the current album appears to be “more of the same” with good production values and some interesting moments, much in the vein of “Village Lanterne”. Will Blackmore’s Night continue to generate interest?

    Longtime Blackmore’s Night fans will like it. Non-fans of the Purple persuasion will continue to be disappointed.

    Be that as it may, Blackmore’s current project, with the except of Glenn Hughes (who also gets his share of grief and criticism), is the most prolific of the Purple family, with consistent albums on a regular basis.

    That’s something that Deep Purple can’t say.

  11. 11
    Annemie says:

    To T,
    I would like to say to you, that you have a repeatedly strange opinion about the release of albums. I agree that every fan loves it when a new album comes out…BUT: Whether albums appear or don’t appear on a regular or a prolific basis, doesn’t seem to me a matter of the most urgency or a garanty for a high musiclevel!.Artists are no ‘regular programmed workers’.All depends so much on their touring,their inspiration and creativity , all their expierences during the travelling that they can use…ect. ARTWORK IS NO INCESSANTLY WORK! The most most important is, what a band has to offer on an album.Deep Purple is a band that would not be proud ‘to say’ the albums were following fast like bricks from a factory. I think they want to make an album with heart and soul and value!So, long live irregularity and artistic freedom!
    And also very important, long live their intensive touring.For true fans,nothing is more exciting then meet ,see, hear them in live ,and share the music vibes together!
    The presentation and package of all Ritchies works are always beautifull and of great taste.(yet,also very predictable).But, it is for me still the content that matters. This album seems not at all less then the previous. But whether I was listening to their first or to their 50th album, it sounds always the same.The greatest disaster (to me) is that flat nosy voice of lovely Candice. An insensitive voice without any temper in it .YES, Elvis turns around in the grave. It is terrible, her voice is undersized and the worthless disco rythm sounds really cheap. The song she performs the best is prince Waldeck’s Galliard. 🙂
    I do agree that everyones taste is different, and although I’m not and I will never be a BN -fan, I wish all lovers of it a great time.

  12. 12
    stefan says:

    I don´t mind the music, it´s guite good occassionaly! What I do mind is the fact(and I DO know this),that RB´s under the spell of his mother in law! Love is truly blind at times….He´s doing this out of loyalty to Candice, and establishing a career for her. That´s all fine and dandy….but why can´t he do both?? One hard rocking career and one wimpy with the missus! Beacuse Candice & Carol´s got him by the balls…that´s why!!

    Whatever he is choosing to do…..I wish him all the best! I just can´t help thinking about all potential, talent and hard rocking material is going to waste beacuse of his love to a mediocre blond bimbo vocalist…It´s really sad and I just wish he could claim his manhood back!! For Christ sake….he used to be the man in black after all!!

  13. 13
    T says:


    First of all, I respect your opinion and thanks for the response. It all makes for an interesting dialogue. That is what these forums are all about.

    The lack of albums on a consistent basis relegates a group–especially a group the age of Deep Purple–to “dinosaur” status. From time to time, “classic rock” groups appear in my hometown. These groups haven’t made an album in 30 years. Thankfully, Deep Purple doesn’t quite fall into that category because they are an active recording band.

    Blackmore’s fear at one point was that Purple would become a “nostalgic” group. Certainly, the lack of a product would put purple on the same platform as these groups that just tour, appearing at county fairs and amusment parks. I would hate to see that happen to Purple.

    Your point that putting out albums “like bricks from a factory” is well taken. However, the albums that have followed “Abandon”–that is, the last two–were far from the greatest ever Purple albums, and “Bananas” in particular was not worth the long wait: Five years! Fortunately, “Rapture of the Deep” was a vast improvement, but if they wait too long, they will lose the groove…and their audience!

    I disagree that I would rather have the band tour than record. The band ignores the US anyway, and I rarely get to see them. I would much rather have a Purple album with new songs every two years consistently (à la Blackmore) than see them play basically the same songs every three or four years–if I’m lucky.

    You said: “Whether albums appear or don’t appear on a regular or a prolific basis, doesn’t seem to me a matter of the most urgency or a garanty for a high musiclevel!” This may be so.

    HOWEVER: It can be argued that the best years of Purple were 1969-1973 (or 1974). Part of the reason for that was the pressure under which they were working. Purple has always put out their best albums then they worked consistently: “In Rock” (’70), “Fireball” (’71), “Machine Head” (’72), “Who Do We Think We Are” (’73), “Burn”(’74)… See?

    Compare “House of Blue Light” to “Perfect Strangers” (3 years apart) and “Light” to “Slaves & Masters” (one of my favorites but I’m in the minority) (3 years apart) and then the sub-par “Battle Rages On” (3 years later). Then FIVE YEARS to get “Bananas”? Notice that only two years went by for “Rapture of the Deep” and the incredible improvement! (“Rapture” also have a VASTLY IMPROVED cover!) 🙂

    Purple has become a very “comfortable” group because they no longer have to work as hard and it shows in their songwriting. It’s like a muscle: Use it or lose it!

    I agree that cover art is only a marginable part of an album, but as we have discussed before, it can make or break an album from a sales standpoint. I didn’t buy “Born Again” until a couple of years ago because I couldn’t get past the cover. Ask Gillan for his opinion on the same subject…

    But it is only a PART of a much larger package. The lyrics, the mix, the cover art, the running order, and even the music itself can be dissected into categories–all make up the album. An album is like a work of art. One has to step back and take in the entire work. Step too close–and you only see a small part.

    I maintain that Blackmore (and HUGHES) have been the most active Purple members. Hughes in particular has put out some of the most memorable work with many songs superior to the relatively few songs Purple has put out in the same time period (I appreciate this is opinion).

    Blackmore redefined himself and managed to attract an entirely new fan base, some who have never even heard of Rainbow or Deep Purple.

    Purple should take note that they have always been best when they have consistently recorded.

    As for Blackmore being a slave to his mother-in-law… All I can say is go back and listen to the old albums. You can hear “Blackmore’s Night” throughout the Purple- and Rainbow- years, with live Rainbow in particular being full of mediaeval musical themes. Blackmore said in interviews over many years that this is what he was wanting to do.

    And he finally managed to do it.

  14. 14
    T says:

    OH…you mentioned the Blackmore albums have been very predictable.

    This is absolutely true!

  15. 15
    elprupdeep says:

    this art work cover reminds me my early years of being a fan. rainbow rising is still the top cover for me but I think this one is going to be the second. cheers and long live r&roll.

  16. 16
    Annemie says:

    To T,
    We certain have some opinions in common.
    I agree that no new albums at all would be sad ,or it hasn’t to take extremely long to bring out a new one. But please, it is not the time limit that earns the merrit for a great album.Just overlook the past after 69/72 etc. No band left. DP members tell themselves that too much pressure and an impossible partnership kills the band and make bad music!They will know for sure! All fans now know more or less that a new DP album can be expected.
    The albums you mention are mostly with a break of three years,and that is not the obligation of every year, and that is all my point.I think you don’t mean it so stricktly, but that it also doesn’t has to take so long! With the refreshment of now and the a new album, and then a new tour, I think we all would be very happy! And I’m a devoted fan, I love to see the bandmembers happy too!
    I agree also that an album as a whole is indeed a work of art.It should be anyway!The cover of ROTD is eccentric and I love it. You know I bought Born Again for the music, but I loved especially the horrible baby! 🙂
    I will return to this topic BN( sorry for getting of it),because it was only a view of you that I wanted to exchange thoughts with. So ,thanks for answering. Also lots of happy hours with the whole DP-family!

  17. 17
    AndreA says:

    Rainbow Eyes?
    no comment…I love Rainbow,what a shame to read this…

  18. 18
    Rost says:

    What can I say?
    The last cd of Blackmore’s Night I’ve bought was “Village Laterne” and I was very disappointed with it at the same way as with the previous one “Ghost of the Rose”. I’ve tried to be a Blackmore’s Night fan, but….after first three albums (which I really like) it started to be boring and I’m not going to waste my money on it.
    Ritchie must come back to rock-n-roll with Purple, Rainbow or alone I don’t care, but MUST.

  19. 19
    Rost says:

    To T.

    I prefer wait five years and get something great like “Bananas” and “Rapture”, than just two years and get a crap like “Abandon” (one of the worst albums in the Purple catalog in my opinion).

  20. 20
    George says:


    Are you joking? Have you really listened to A Band On ever? It’s DP’s one of the hardest-sounding album, with genious tracks like Seventh Heaven and Watching The Sky. (+ great version of 1970 classic Bludsucker).

    A Band On is not best Morse era album, BUT it is a lot harder than Purpendicular, Bananas and Rapture.
    It really Rocks.

  21. 21
    George says:

    in A Band On Deep Purple sounds like the real HARD ROCK BAND

  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Should I really join this cosy conversation?
    After all, I bought only the first two albums.

    They were Japanese import, so I must have been kinda enthusiastic, way back?

    The albums after that I got only copies……….
    Both categories I play once a year I guess.

    In general I buy less and less albums…………but……….I once expected to buy anything RB and DP connected eyes closed……..

    The time I kept asking the shopowner about a forthcoming release………..over and over again…….for weeks.Must have been in an other life.

    We DP connected chappies ought to be very happy, maybe…………
    New albums by Whitesnake, Glenn Hughes and now BN.
    Has Big Noize (JLT!) an album out yet?

    In general I subscribe to the point of view that Glenn Hughes fans must be the most satisfied since 1993.
    The level of the songs is often high and the formula stays close to what DP fans who love FUNK as well like to hear.

    I missed out on several gigs by Whitesnake, DP and BN now……….

    For several reasons………

    Hopefully the GH gig end of this month will be a blast…………..

    I already have 3 frustrating gigs by him under the belt.

    The first had a very bad sound, a minimised line up and GH in a very bad mood, the 2nd was quite good but TOO loud, the last mostly too loud.

    And I think (But who am I?)he should cut down the excessive screamings live.
    His voice has so much to offer, I really shrink when I has to endure this over the top Michael Jackson screams too much!

    And ……please………….bring back the ORGAN to the front.

    Hell, I still do not own even a copy of the Village Lanterne…………

    Groupies like me should be crucified……….or cherished, hehehe

  23. 23
    Chip says:

    I’m happy that Blackers has found his “bliss.” It’s unfortunate that he his happiness seems to be derived from:

    —Being a shill for his wife’s family ambitions
    —Churning out the same repetetive quasi medeival, quasi Abba cludge that he’s been churning out since the first BN record

    I’m glad some folks enjoy his work and he seems happy so that’s great. But if you’ve ever seen “This is Spinal Tap” Blackmore’s Night reminds me of the Jazz version of TAP that had second billing to a Puppet Show at the amusement park.

    I guess if you don’t mind being the butt of a joke…life is good.

  24. 24
    Chip says:

    Oh…and to answer the question about why Jon Lord doesn’t get slagged for going in a different musical direction…

    Come on. Lord has been a classical composer for years and it’s obvious this is passion now. I have a copy of all of Jon’s stuff but I only listen to it occasionally as I’m not fond of classical music.

    He’s a good composer. He is doing what he loves. And he doesn’t dress up like a goof ball and parade around renaisance fairs whilst pushing off his semi talented trophy wife as a legit singer.

    Or something like that is the difference. That didn’t sound bitter did it 🙂

  25. 25
    SEVEN-47 says:


    You shouldn’t be crucified; tarred and feathered maybe, but not crucified!

    Just kidding; have a good day.

  26. 26
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Spot on priest…..spot on!

    Your statement on GH is a carbon copy of what I have been saying. GREAT PERFORMER and ARTIST!!!! But……the over the top squeels have to go. Back to BN though, I concuer with ROST here. Though I will continue to support the Purple Family by purchasing all their albums, I agree that BN has become somewhat boring. It’s a nice change and variation from the other Purple related material, but it has as far as I’m concerned run it’s course. Ritchie should break away from this for a while and work on a Rainbow album. It doesn’t really matter the line-up, as long as he picks some quality musicians I’m sure it will be great. Actually, I would like to see him do a Blues record such as Gary Moore has been doing. Ritchie has a great Blues feel and it would be yet another avenue from TMIB to show off.


  27. 27
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I copy no one………..

    I stand alone………..

    Sun is shining, but’s it is still raining in my heart……….

    For those who think it’s from a WHITESNAKE song : Don’t ya think he copied that?

    Compare the skills of DC with Rod Evans…………..
    What a difference…………….

  28. 28
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Compare, compare, compare…….

    I think I figured you out. You have been constantly compared to by someone else your whole life (probably came up short… he he he). Now you’re stuck in the rut of building yourself back up by down grading and constantly comparing others. I now understand the “Blackmore Worship Syndrome” (BWS for short). It’s OK. It’s running rampant on this site. You aren’t as alone as you think. You are just the loudest and most constant voice of your little group. You don’t work well with others, just like Blackmore……and that’s OK priest. Stay in your One Man Band.

    For those whom suffer from “BWS” as does PRIEST, go buy some “Steve Morse Band” and “Dixie Dreggs” CDs and play the hell out of them, then take 2 asparine and play all of the MK-7 and MK-8 CDs. It’s a sure cure. You too will be saying: “Ritchie Who?”


    Come on, you gotta laugh at this one priest. Don’t take it serious. Except for the last part though……

  29. 29
    T says:

    Interesting how “Abandon” is either one of the best…or one of the worst. The same could be said for “Slaves & Masters”.

    As for Blackmore’s Night, I still prefer the first two albums but I will defer judgement until I’m able to hear the new one in full.

    Best Blackmore’s Night song overall: “Fires At Midnight”. That’s the approach I would like to see Blackmore take.

    Elprudeep made an interesting observation on the new album’s cover harking back to the days of “Rising”.

  30. 30
    stoffer says:

    I would prefer to wait 5 years for a DP album than to buy the drivel(?) that is BN.

  31. 31
    AndreA says:

    ABANDON is the heaviest in Morse-era,I appreciate it
    Gillan dares on it!

  32. 32
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I suffer from Tantalus syndrome, TS.

    Like Blackers and JS Bach I m Aries, known innovators but not likely to finish projects after getting them started.

    I m still not convinced I should follow any of your advices ….

    I bought a Chris Isaak cd instead, yesterday.
    Baja sessions. It will suffice during summer days…..

  33. 33
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Maybe it’s time for some Geritol?

  34. 34
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I reckon you have experience with substance like that?

  35. 35
    David Jane says:

    I would like to see (or is that hear!) two things:

    An album of acoustic guitar music from Mr Blackmore.

    A blues album with Ritchie and Jon Lord.

    Blackmore is still the most talented guitar player in the world – no guitarist can match his talent for melody, feel and technique.

  36. 36
    Tracy Heyder says:

    No priest……but my Mum did when she hit menopause, and it worked for her. Should for you too….he he he.

    It probably would work for Blackmore too. Seems to be a good hormonal remedy. You and Ritchie may have something in common…….


  37. 37
    AndreA says:

    yesterday into my car because of my travel-job,I played
    a lot of times EYES OF THE WORLD…played and replayed…wonderful magical song,with a great DON intro and a super fender stratocaster! this is Blackmore I love,inspired,great! I love this sound,never boring!

  38. 38
    Rascal says:

    Have these blogs been reduced to analysising (tracy the part time psychiatrist)the likes and dislikes of Priest?

    ‘an army of one’…………..

  39. 39
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And I have been reduced to tears!



    “Wasting my time, lightning candles in the wind….”(DC)

  40. 40
    Annemie says:

    Oh, this wonderful site becomes even more enriching. Geritol…is this a US alcohol stuff with stimulans???
    Here it truly rains…through the roof, in my living room …in my kitchen…But never in my heart!!!
    COMPARING all blogs,I think finally that Priest suffers only from a ‘Nostalgy Worship Syndrome’ NWS. When not rude insulting current time zones, it is quiet harmless!His Worship for the holy past?For me…no good luck ever came my way !(not often!)Once I was able to tan the skin and run over the beach,I had the dream job,a smal country house…it is all gone, but I would never put the clock back! In my heart shines the Deep Purple Sun …With that music,my dear ones and some booze, I’m the richest woman in happiness!I cherish the beautiful moments of past and present and I try to look forwards!All times have their charm.All Highway Star Siters have their charm!All tarred and feathered groupies have euhhh 🙂
    I can’t headbang anymore but…for every crises there is a solution…YES! Cheers, Kippis,Tjok Dii (from my Thais neighbours),Skal,na zdorovje,alla tua salute,Hölkin,Proost…to you all!!!

    P.S.We may be always divided in criticism and opinions, but I wish us always united in gratitude and joy for the everlasting Deep Purple Family!!!
    Me only for my favorite line-up members of course! 😉

  41. 41
    Annemie says:

    Oh, this wonderful site becomes even more enriching. Geritol…is this a US alcohol stuff with stimulans???
    Here it truly rains…through the roof, in my living room …in my kitchen…But never in my heart!!!
    COMPARING all blogs,I think finally that Priest suffers only from a ‘Nostalgy Worship Syndrome’ NWS. When not rude insulting current time zones, it is quiet harmless!His Worship for the holy past?For me…no good luck ever came my way !(not often!)Once I was able to tan the skin and run over the beach,I had the dream job,a smal country house…it is all gone, but I would never put the clock back! In my heart shines the Deep Purple Sun …With that music,my dear ones and some booze, I’m the richest woman in happiness!I cherish the beautiful moments of past and present and I try to look forwards!All times have their charm.All Highway Star Siters have their charm!All tarred and feathered groupies have euhhh
    I can’t headbang anymore but…for every crises there is a solution…YES! Cheers, Kippis,Tjok Dii (from my Thais neighbours),Skal,na zdorovje,alla tua salute,Hölkin,Proost…to you all!!!

    P.S.We may be always divided in criticism and opinions, but I wish us always united in gratitude and joy for the everlasting Deep Purple Family!!!
    Me only for my favorite line-up members of course!

  42. 42
    Mike & Charlotte says:

    Thats what you get being an old wining Alzheimer-suffering,on purpose DP insulting ,tarred and feathered bl..(ackmore’s)jobless groupie…Life is indeed anymore what it was!As psychyatrist fans, the complete syndrome is MNWS(Masochist Nostalgy Worship Syndrome)! First Bhoehoeeee… but then hehehe…Wow! Back to Geritol!!!!!
    About ‘Secret Voyage’, we rather travel in our fantasy! Imagining brave Rascal defending long haired Priest Custer…Good luck Rascal,and watch out !The cavallery came to late!!!
    P.S. In reality,Priest has just an evil character!!!
    (but we are much worse!):D

  43. 43
    Thunderhawk says:

    Jon Lord and Ritchie should do something together.
    And then cal lthere project thje return of the beasts or something.

    Just because Jon and Ritchie together is magic, i,ve never felt the same thensions between Morse and Lord.

    But when Blackmore and Lord duel, al hell will break loese.

    P.S. sorry for my bad enlish.

  44. 44
    T says:

    David Jane above got it right, and I think a Blackmore-Lord collaboration will happen–but it won’t be blues.

    As for our opinions, we can agree, we can disagree, or we can agree to disagree. I’m not a big fan of the personal insults. I ignore–or don’t read–what I don’t find interesting.

  45. 45
    Sami says:

    Mike & Charlotte : You’re way out of line, personal

    insults just won’t do!!!

    How low can you get, you pussies!!??

  46. 46
    Mike and Charlotte says:

    To Sami,
    We honnestly are only kidding.
    We are the last one who would in reality dislike Priest or anyone of this site.We love all!!!
    We thought everyone knows that!
    In case this is not sufficient, Appologizes!!!

  47. 47
    Sami says:

    Thanks for clearing that up,

    Mike and Charlotte.

    Have a good weekend 🙂

  48. 48
    Mike and Charlotte says:

    Hi Sami,
    Thanks to you too!You’re a great character.If we would think someting was out of the line for someone, we would handle the same way as you.
    We just assumed that everybody was reading and remembereding all the replies. We have to read them often in one track.So it seemed funny to take all the appelations from the others(who were also kidding)to PP together in one long phrase.(we like to imitate inspector Grimm in ‘The thinn blue line!).
    Never thought that it would give a complete other impression, when someone read such reply for the first time.(like T perhaps did).
    To make sure we were not serious, we wrote to end that we were worse with the little smiley (just this time not well printed ).
    We are glad everything is all right, and we wish also a very nice weekend to you and all the others!

  49. 49
    T says:

    The written word lacks the intonation of the voice. That’s why things can be taken totally out of context or misinterpreted. Sometimes the smiley even can be taken as a smart-alek thing instead of the actual tongue-in-cheek wink-wink or *ha ha*. I work with linguistics and semantics for a living and see this all the time.

    What I was referring to was the type of thing that has been going on in these strings for a long time. People stray from the topic and start insulting, mocking or making fun of people. In my opinion, this just isn’t the forum for that but it’s not my place to tell people what to do.

    I’m a huge Blackmore fan. I learned guitar because of Blackmore and I still consider him to be the greatest rock guitarist of all time. Now he has taken a different route and has become one of the best acoustic guitarists as well–and he’s getting better. One could argue he’s better now than he’s even been–technically.

    I’m also a huge Blackmore’s Night fan. I understand the music and the direction he has taken and why.

    Fortunately, so far at least, I haven’t received the same grief as Priest!

    Long Live Rock & Roll

    T 😉

  50. 50
    Annemie says:

    Hi T,
    I do understand very well what you mean, and you have an very admirable view on it.Only in reality, not everyone have the same respect for eachothers completely different taste or opinion, as you handle. I could write easely to you my opossite opinion,and I got from you a nice and honnest answer back ,which I appreciated. I think that it is when our tastes or idols are handled like trash , we can feel hurt, and then the reactions follows.For myself, I have the character to go in then to the root of the matter.I can easely write to you that I adore Morse, I know you adore Blackmore, but we respect echother.That’s what I find great.It doesn’t matter to me what Priest writes, not even when it hurts me with truly insulting MK8, or always speaking negative about current times.Somehow it is not on purpose .But I think that is is therefore that he gets all kind of reactions back and you don’t.You are also never away to answer, no matter how the differences may be.
    A complete different thing is that I find a little well ment fun and some nice personal news is never out of place .Mostly we know eachother a little bit by our replies isn’t it.Above all, I never believe that no one means to hurt or grief another one here.
    But you are right that humor can be very different interpreted by each of us.( so better carefull)
    And yes, long live rock and roll, and long live friendship between all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. 51
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I also get the impression, not only here but through MSN, e mails, sms and so on, that things get mis interpreted a lot.

    One thing I noticed :
    That you can get insulted or hurt cause someone is being “harsh” towards your love for Morse or mark8(I lost count, sorry, is it 8?) ……..

    That to me(…)sounds pretty remarkable.

    I never get hurt or insulted when someone is doing the same towards my preferences. I might get annoyed, aggrevated, bored, and so on…..
    But to take it that personal?


    I NEVER intend to be mean towards persons,but ofcourse you can feel differenty because the way I talk about Steve Morse.

    Ofcourse, the man might be very friendly and so on……..(How the **** can I know? I do not really know the man. Do you?)but………….

    Is it really a sane reaction to attack me fiercely on a personal level cause I find it ridicilous when people rate him above RB?

    Someone said RB stopped evolving such a long time ago so he is not relevant anymore.
    Excuse me for not a better (…)comparison but, pull the same logic with JS Bach : he died centuries ago and so did not evolve anymore……
    Are you now really concluding he has lost relevancy as well?!

    Excuse me as well for not being such a prolific and profound writer as some others appear to be.

    English is not my first language. After so many years it bloody well ought to be……………..

    It’s getting late………..

  52. 52
    T says:

    The anonymity of the internet gives one a boldness that they would not have face-to-face. “Cyber-meanness” is one of my pet peeves. I’ve been tempted to tell someone off more than once, but so far I have just grit my teeth and limited it to some snappy comeback which I probably shouldn’t have done. I prefer debate to yelling and sarcasm.

    Purplepriest has an usual style of expressing himself that is both ambiguous at times and often puzzling so it stands out. He’s easy to misinterpret. Part of it is personality and part of it is English is not his native language–both are OK. But I admire is dedication to Blackmore in these times when RB has been villified by so many rock fans. He did not jump ship.

    We can have opposing viewpoints and still have a dialogue to find common ground.

    Blackmore cannot be eclipsed in my mind. There is no one like him, and attempts to clone his style have all failed. In BN, his playing is much more disciplined, consistent and cleaner (which might be part of the purpose of the project–to become a better musician).

    Morse is technically superior–a musician’s musician who can go on about the acoustic characteristics of various kinds of wood, etc. Read his “Ask Steve” pieces. The man is brilliant in many ways, but with a style (and personality) the opposite of Blackmore’s–which was why he was hired. The change was deliberate. It works. For some people, it’s a love-hate relationship.

    But I enjoy DP in its current state. “Purpendicular” and “Abandon” were outstanding. My only criticism is that they tour too much and record too little–a viewpoint not shared with others.

    As for Blackmore’s Night, it’s also basically love or hate.

    I’m waiting for this next album. And speaking of which… Why is Blackmore’s Night not touring after September 15?

    Annemie, thanks for the kind words. Purplepriest, keep the faith.

  53. 53
    Tracy Heyder says:

    T:….All in all you convey a very good retrospect of all of this. BUT, to be completely honest and simple, none of this has anything to do with how much one likes Blackmore or Morse, MK2 or MK8. It is in regards to how friggin’ often it comes up, no matter what the Blog Topic is. This is where it begins to rub people the wrong way. Look, I have been a huge pain in purplepriests behind, I will admit. And as you stated, I’m sure as with him some of my off color sarcasm can be misinterpreted as attacking or offensive, but I actually go to great lengths to put in various “pretzel logic” twists in my stuff for the fun of it. I truly enjoy all of the back and forth banter. PRIEST is one of my favorites and as I have stated in other blogs, he is witty and has some very good input about the various subjects at hand…..BUT, he constanty bashes Morse and praises Blackmore to the point that it becomes annoying. So…….I put in my annoying 2 cents to try and “help him” get back on track. It has become a kind of rivalry I guess you could say between us, but from my end it is truly out of total respect for him and also for the fun of yapping about PURPLE. He just needs to be reminded that this is the “Highway Star” website. A site devoted to DEEP PURPLE. Not Ritchie Blackmore. Ritchie has his own site. Trust me……..anyone who loves Deep Purple, loves Ritchie Blackmore. I surely do and have pretty much everything he has put out on record. The same for Steve Morse. But I don’t constantly cram either one of them down anyone elses throat or constantly bash either one of them over and over again……It’s totally unnessesary and get’s very old…..

    So, as long as that exists, there will be those like myself whom rebut it and put it in it’s place…….

    Cheers T

  54. 54
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Again : (…)
    I m not always positive about RB.
    On the contrary………

    It’s not that “Black and White”…..

    HOBL, one of my favourites, and still…I m always pissed off about the 80’s tendencies(I already said that in 87)in there.
    Indeed, RB had a sound between 84 and 89 which kinda, ahem,, puzzled me too….
    Gillan was croaking his way to the tracks and still………..I loved the man.

    Great songs(Apart from “Call of the wild” which I truly despise)and very potent live tracks like “Strangeways”are missed in a live setting uptill today.

    I m off swimmin’

    “the Battle rages on!”

  55. 55
    Annemie says:

    Hi Priest again,
    I write you this with good intentions .I think you handle the English words very well, but that often you don’t get the meaning behind them.I don’t feel ‘hurt’ for whom you prefer and give the best ratings for.I ALWAYS feel hurt when a person or great evenement is infected over and over again by undeserved negative remarks. Criticizm may be hot,tempered, but not untrue or unmeaningful. I know T handles the best way in replying, but my nature is like Tracy and Mike and Charlotte, to try out all means to get you on the right track again.But I’ll try to be also careful .

    Without ANY REPROACH: HOBL has nothing to do with this context, I can’t follow.
    The battle rages on ???
    Not for me.
    I love to go into replies for sharing joy, or when they are intresting… Only when they repeat bashing criticism that do injustice to our idols of this site, I feel forced to clear them .(useless perhaps)

    So now for you Priest…Before Time Began xx

    Tracy and T, Thááááááánnnkkk you for understanding and the intentions for the very best!

  56. 56
    sir.Nikos says:

    hello Highwaystar.COM


    MY FAVORITE SING IS: Locked Within The Crystal Ball.


  57. 57
    T says:

    In Spanish there is a saying. Cada loco con su tema. Each crazy one has his own theme. Something like, “To each his own.”



  58. 58
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m often gazed at in utter bewilderment when I m talking/writing stuff.

    I jumped from saying that my writings are NOT “Black and White” to that track from HOBL.
    I have a tendency to be , more or less, associative.
    That’s all………..

    I m doubting now…………

    Was it really necessary to explain……..?

  59. 59
    Annemie says:

    Well, you made by this the Blue Light clear the Black Night.Cheers!

  60. 60
    Tracy Heyder says:

    You see?……this is the wit that I speak of regarding Purplepriest. When he is on….he is on….

    Priest:….I love the “Black and White” association you made. BTW, I concur with you on the HOBL CD. Great record except for trying so hard to be accepted and coming off so commercial. Strangeways was always my favorite from this and as with “Sun Goes Down” from Bananas, a total mistake never to be played live.

    I still haven’t gotten a copy of “Secret Voyage” yet. Can’t comment too much until I take a listen.


  61. 61
    Pe'er says:

    Poor Candice really can’t write a meaningful sentence to save her life. She is so wrapped up in this new age nonsense that the poor girl just can’t think straight. Her discussions of each song are just as annoying as her sophomoric lyrics.

    At least Blackmore is there to provide the real artistry and direction in his current efforts.

    How come we don’t really hear and read anything about Candice unless it is relation to Blackmore?

  62. 62
    Rascal says:

    Whats worse???

    The attacks on ‘Priest’ or when they suck up to ‘Priest’?

    ‘long live rock ‘n’ roll’

  63. 63
    purplepriest1965 says:

    “Sleep with the devil and then you must pay”?

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, don’t have time for that.

    “I don’t want to taste your poison….”(…)

  64. 64
    Rascal says:

    ‘Sleep with the devil and the devil will take you away’

    ‘To the gates of sweet Hell’………….

    I just hope its worth it!!

  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:

    What are you talking? Or implying?
    Me sleeping with the devil?


    I certainly feel that some paths in life I chose(After lots of thinking/doubts)have been, to say the least, unrewarding.

    That’s why I wish for a time machine.

    Can’t beg for mercy on my soul, I m agnostic which means you have to suffer the consequenses of trying to be brave while standing alone(…)

  66. 66
    Rascal says:

    Implying???? Me???

    The devil takes many forms, and I should know, for I have divorced 2 of them.

    Is that agnostic or just non-committal?

    Beg for mercy……..for you have nothing to lose.

    ‘Choose your masks’

  67. 67
    Rascal says:



    Face your demons…………choose your mask

  68. 68
    Tracy Heyder says:

    No sucking up here. It just goes to show that I hold only respect for Priest (most of the time when he isn’t Morse Bashing)and the rest of you. I only have one beef with priest and you all know what it is. Nothing more. I find him knowledgable and intertaining and easy to mess with.

    Relax, I’m not having a melt down…….


  69. 69
    Mike & Charlotte says:

    Hi Purplepriest,
    You brought us varied thoughts.
    You sure are a complex person!In fact it is true that we don’t know who you are and what you deal with.There are so many things in live and we dont’ know why they ever happened to us.Perhaps you know that we two are together with our ‘bunch’ DP fans and HWS addicts . We are friends from all over the world with often not such a ‘nice’memory of the past .The question about taking a second chance and going back in the past is a so often discussed one.The conclusion was, supposed to be back and have taken that other choice, we think it would be better, but we never know either.
    We liked you to propose a movie(but probably you know it already or you don’t like movies, so sorry then) and it is called Mr.Destiny with Michael Caine.(all about spilled milk,so strange).
    We would like you to know also:We often handle a lot humor and have a laugh with eachoher and ourselves,sometimes wicked, but not to mock or hurt.Often life is so sour that it is a kind of medicine to make pain easier to bare.So we are no ‘pussies’, we are just used to much to like humor and fantasy !’We only insult our friends, the rest can go to hell)’.
    We wish you your favorite music to visit the past, and a timemachine of hope an braveness to face a nicer furure!
    …And all this on Ritchies site!Perhaps he would say:’Oh it’s good to be back home again’! Cheers!

  70. 70
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Am I being expelled after all those kind words?

    I do not know that movie, should I?

    One of my favorites is “Papillion”…..

    I did like that series of “the twilight zone” as well.
    Unfortunately I m kinda stuck in something like the latter for about 16 years now.

    It’s hard being stupid and knowing it.

  71. 71
    Tracy Heyder says:

    It’s just being you…….

    Oh well.


  72. 72
    Hess says:

    Dear All

    A great collection of songs.

    Best wishes

  73. 73
    Mike & Charlotte says:

    Hi Purplepriest!

    Oh no, don’t think of expelled.If you seriously have a hard time it would be so stupid trying to cheer up or advise you with clichés.
    We just understand that we don’t know you.16 years! The past is a true touching thing for you, we shouldn’t mock with that.If we had know anything helpfull to you, we would have offered it! Next time,when we get carried away in one of those hot tempered debates , we wish you know we mean no bad !

    Twilight zone was exciting strange..Papillon is hard and moving.That Mr.Destiny movie handles about a guy who managed to loose all his credits by just one stupid act ..He has to face every day the concequences of it. He has to go on with remorse an dissatisfaction.At one booze evening,he enters unaware in ‘a gate of another dimmension’ and
    he gets back in the past to restore’his fault’. and…etc.It is just a special nice movie .We don’t know however if it is to rent.

    Wish you a sunny swimmin afternoon!!!

    Oh dear..perhaps we become expelled from this blog for dwelling of… sorry!!!

  74. 74
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I love to dwell.

    That’s, indeed, being me.
    Well, part of it……….

    Mr. Destiny : it seems like I resemble him……..

    My stupidity lies in the FACT I did more than one stupid move/choice……..
    Even more so………I kinda knew I was seriously in danger of doing that.

    16 years. Btw, this has nothing to do with that other break-up.

  75. 75
    palumbo says:

    RITCHIE IS only DIFFERENT NOW WITH PROJECT BLACKMORE S NIGHT for the production and style !
    BUT ALWAYS BLACKMORE HIMSELF ! THE SONGWRITTER MAN , is similar to blackmore hard rock in the past !
    Basically, texture , material unplugged are always greatest songs !

    after , is question lover or not lover production, style and direction blackmore s night

    but if ritchie for example , playing hard rock 80% material bl night in rainbow , no surprise , greatest songs and could be greatest lp hard rock

  76. 76
    palumbo says:

    also, ritchie live is fantastic with blackmore night

    maybe , the greatest guitarplayer on the planet for moment !

    i m 42 yers , love morse , satriani, beck, jimmy H , joe bonamassa, gary moore, john sykes , steve lukater , john norum, malmsteen, karl cochran,and more other but ritchie blackmore is very special !


  77. 77
    Mike & Charlotte says:

    Hi Purplepriest,

    It seems sad and far from easy for you!
    It looks however not that you are so stupid, or you wouldn’t be aware of your ‘mistakes’.That dwell off this time made us see things in an all different way.In our debates we could not guess that you have such deep feelings .Excuses us for being personal this once, but you are a very sensitive person!Only one question.Are you not to hard for yourself? In our movie that person even has a much nicer live then he could ever be aware of.
    When someone like you is so struggling with memories and perhaps remorses every day again can be sure he has a good character.You know that is much more worth then being a smart rotten businessmen without a conscience! You deserve for sure an uncountable bonus to enter a happier life ! And even that is so difficult when you are caring and puzzling about all facts! We wish you strenght to manage !

    When we are disagreeing again, this thougt is still in our minds,but of course we will be writing *****to you! You know we are more evil as you!
    Just kidding , Strangeways is all we got…

  78. 78
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    In certain places I felt inclined to respond but hesitated.

    Although I tend to be very open and way too far concerning personal stuff “Too much is not enough” is not one of my lines.

    Well, THIS is just trying to keep a hold on that lid.

    Yeah, I m sensitive, OVER SENSITIVE, I ve been told once.

    There was a time in which I felt I could be just me and still find happiness.
    Times have changed : I m not that age anymore, circumstances(which were better)lost forever, society seems to have changed…..

    I learnt hard lessons but the “frame” is differerent from “then”, so how to impose knowledge?


    For now…..

    What was this thread about anyway?

    Ohhhhhhhh, “the Secret Voyage” one. I have NOT heard it yet.

    Right now I d rather prefer a copy of F.U.N.K. to prepare myself a bit for the next forthcoming gig by you know who(I suppose).

    Today I finally got into seeing the DVD “Live in Australia/The basment One” by GH.
    I must say……….it was hard.

    I LOVE Glenn but , maybe I m getting more and more sensitive also in that field, his high pitches are becoming kinda painful for my ears.
    Was it really that different(his singing)in the 90’s? Or is just me?

    Doubts keep piling up.

    Where’s is my straight-jacket?!

  79. 79
    purplepriest1965 says:

    That “uncountable bonus”.

    One of my remorses(what’s in a name?)is that I feel I robbed myself of at leat ONE.

    Some people say that you chose your destiny.
    Well, I KNEW “a certain thing” would become “my cross to carry for life(…).
    And so, for 16 years it has become just that.

    Maybe I need to be reborn to get rid of it?

  80. 80
    Annemie says:

    To Purplepriest,
    I realize, that I didn’t know anything in true life of you.You know I’m sorry I used perhaps wrong words to fast.
    That ‘dwelling off’ made me clear (with a little shock)that not every pain needs the same cure.If your sorrow can’t be cured like perhaps often is thought it should be, it must be awfull hard. Living on and carrying with you all what’s behind and endure the concequences of it.
    I wonder too if you judge not extreme hard your acts. I hope I may say ,that I find it is brave of you to go on, but most of all to keep those interests in all what’s happening!

    You know, you seem to be very different as how you look at first side in your replies !I think I must do more reading ‘between the lines’ an use more imagination.
    Of course , when we are debating again,my ‘Smith and Wesson’ has to be in reach for keeping my bloodpressure down, but in fact, being truly honnest you bring a lot of smiles!
    Cheers for now!!!

  81. 81
    Annemie says:

    hi Rascal!

    About hell…Gillan sings’No laughing in heaven’ and…Ozzy yells he’s sure -with our kind of parties-we sure go to hell…and that we all gonna have a ******* good time there!
    So…I can’t hardly wait!Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82
    purplepriest1965 says:

    For now…………….Goodnight to ya all………….

  83. 83
    Tracy Heyder says:

    This is what has become of Deep Purple fans?

    Come On!!!!!!!! It’s time to Buck Up a little, don’t you think?

    Now I get it……when I go to the Deep Purple shows and I look around and wonder “What the hell has happened to these people”…….I now know what it is.

    Sounds like “Mutually Assured Distruction” to me.

    Time to go listen to some Pat Boone or Tom Jones…..clear all of this I just read out of my noggin.


  84. 84
    Rascal says:

    ‘They tell you that’s your future
    It’s all down to human nature
    Simply settle for what you got
    That’s destiny and that’s your lot’

  85. 85
    Mike and Charlotte says:

    Hi Tracy,
    We know what you mean !Let us assure you we always buck up.Sharing music vibes is sharing all emotions coming out .Coincidentally we got in to a kind of sharing some mutual personal dwelling. We don’t think it is out of place on this site this time.Yesterday I got a splitted eyebrow from demonstrating to much enthousiasm in some emo luxe circle…wearing ‘peace’ on my badge !…So, still not MAD, rather crazy. It’s hard work to keep a ruthless image but even more daring to show what ‘s behind it !

  86. 86
    Mike & Charlotte says:

    Hi Purplepriest,
    Well…leaving this Highway Topic ,chatting on the sidetracks….We guess that during the low traffic reply hours,it is not so bad.
    About GH, you may be amazed, but we would not pass the bar when discussing him.We like him for his funky rythms and playing the base so melodic ,while singing…But, he is not ‘our thing’.We will explore however the info you wrote .For the moment AFTER ALWAYS PRESENT DP, we are now lost in Tony Iommi.We underestimated that one .Live, his solo’s and playing are just impressing beautifull.
    Yesterday evening , we were meeting with our mates.We discussed things as usual, but we hold still at you and that last question. This kind of thinking is often in our minds.Just strange. We like to pass a thought ,only instinctive from expierience.So,if you have the bad luck not to get over this…we don’t think you should force you to be reborn, or get rid of it.It would be perhaps like deleting 16 year ‘waist time’ or losing a part of your own identity.All that long time stands perhaps for more then you can imagine.We believe your words.If you really are like the little we know of you,we mean very serious that is brave to manage till now.We looked back at our own past and we got surprisingly moved!It IS true that there are such beautiful precious times in our life.We all remembered ours.You are right to love or miss them.It IS the truth that it is somtimes impossible to bare the memories of low periods. We don’t have to force them away. Perhaps we better take care for them as well.Gentle,trying to understand or accept them. We feel sincere sympathy with you.
    When you know something to make your life happier,can you perhaps try to accept it?You deserve it without any doubt!
    We take direction the Main Road Blog again,… me (sweet Mike)seeing all vague with a blue eye(I wait to claim it is purple) …listening to Lord’s ‘Pictured Within’…Wonder if you like that too? Cheers with coffee for this time!!!

    PS Do you know where ‘where is my straight- jacket’ came from , or is it just for fun? Ohhhh, my eye…no steak to put on it…only the hope that my opponent will show more symmetry in face as me !

  87. 87
    Annemie says:

    It’s hell…such a poem of wisdom and me with my primitive brain…
    Nicely done!

  88. 88
    Annemie says:

    Mike &Charlotte,
    I can not believe I would ever write this.I could not find find a sensible answer to that same question.The way you feel about it seems a very thoughtful one.

    btw.Mike, If a frozen hamburger will do , shall I sent you one?

  89. 89
    Annemie says:

    Hi Tracy,
    Oh no,we are just proving to be true Purplefans in All circomstances!
    Your fault that this afternoon I enjoyed Tom and Pat.I forgot almost Tom ‘s way of moving and his wonderful voice!Worse!!! I forgot even my drink!!!
    Double cheers to you now!!!

  90. 90
    Annemie says:

    I lost the count of my ‘ cheers to’…
    This last strongest one to you Priest!!!

  91. 91
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I feel amost shy now.

    One thing is for sure : Ian and Zoe(…) my cats I had with me since may 92……..

    They truly are/have been one of the blessings in my life.

    I love “Pictured Within”.
    I almost felt/insulted hurt myself when a certain “person” said : “I can imagine depressive persons to go into committing suicide after hearing this one.”

    That was, I felt, really blunt about such a beautiful record full of integrity.

    I do not always feel the need hearing “melancholy music” when I m depressed and it NOT necessarily helps but I do cherish albums like this.

    Together with gems like “live in Japan” and “In rock” I think I ought/am obliged to take that with me to an island.

    BTW> “The straight jacket line”just popped up. Just irony…………Well, it is for now….

  92. 92
    Crimson Ghost says:

    This thread is most amusing and very stimulating to read.
    A Blackmore fan with cats named after Gillan and one of his ex’s really says it all.
    I like Gillan AND Blackmore at the same time, so it looks like miracles really can happen.[sic]

    Abandon was a filler album for tour momentum, nothing more, they had to learn how to make records again after that, same with S&M.

    BN are time warping, but look who’s in charge… he’s been doing that since 1977 or so, nothing new there.

  93. 93
    R says:

    Ritchie Blackmore – The Greatest!

  94. 94
    Annemie says:

    To Purplepriest,
    I remember very well our ‘chat’ a while ago about Ian and Zoë.Is Ian doing well? I ask because you write …are/have been… You would not believe this, but I would cry for it if not,because I knows how much it means! I cross the fingers anyway!

  95. 95
    palumbo says:

    to R

    steve morse is very great, steve lukather very very good, malmsteen is truly and incredible virtuosos , joe bonamassa is a very great bluesman man, jeff beck simply great , satriani , vai, david gimour , and more and more , als great , since steve howe to santana or dire strait , als very
    good guitarplayer , also gary moore , john norum, kee marcello , karl kochran, akira , campbell , and also john sykes , OH john Very great guitar player , als are own identity but MISTER RITCHIE BLACKMORE is magical , special , sensitive , epic, virtuoso neo classic, and SIMPLY BEST OF ALL TIME , more better than 2 jimmy !!
    stargazer, gate of babylon, tarot woman, difficult to cure , maybe next time , perfect stranger, SPEED KING, higway star, mistreaded, BURN , BURN , incredible song, chil in time , a light in black , ariel, wolf to the moon , black masquerade , black night , and more and more and more , place in line , this guitarplayer is simply inovator and power songwritter , playing perfectly guitar when ritchie say i ply great , nobodys isn’t better that him !
    sorry for people no Blackmore , but thats my last .
    i m guitarplayer himself ,no great , but player and i say ritchie is


  96. 96
    palumbo says:

    and i also /

    ian gillan was great singer in EARLY YEARS 70 , sorry but since END YEARS 80 mister gillan isN’t good singer !!

    since ritchie left purple , ian sing a little more better because free singer bad or good , no maestro for pressure , ritchie is a very difficult person , ritchie desire best of best to singer !
    david coverdale, jlt, dio, doogie white, bonnet, singing best song in blackmore aera !!

    ian speak always negatif to ritchie , ritchie losing time with blackmore s night
    i say to ian / you understand music?? other music that hard rock or deep purple or blues?? very mistery ??

    RITCHIE PLAYING VERY GREAT GUITAR IN NIGHT AND WRITE VERY GREAT MUSIC !!write music differently color, material and ritchie prove another project, move , no afraid move wings opposition current sens to people
    desire listen !!
    because ritchie is a very old school artiste , clean artiste and sincerely !

  97. 97
    Charlotte says:

    Hello Purplepriest,

    Only me today, with some GH comments/wonderings ! When Mike and me are in the same town, we overlook and write together.Besides this, Mike went to the hospital again,to stitch his eyebrew. They first just ‘glued’ it, but it infected. The better part is, that he’s in love with the nurse, and so he hopes this ‘eye’ can leed to sparks ! Let’s hope she has an ‘eye for him’!

    You are very right about Lord. He has the ‘Hard Rock power’ and those sweet melancholic feelings as well in his soul. He is a genious. We watched that DVD ‘with Pictures’ from him, after he left DP.Only to witness this impressive man in his daily life/work makes one touched.

    An Island…wow …Perhaps I can buy the island next to yours with my Fireball/House of the blue light/……Rapture (yes I know… wth SM… I will play that one
    softer…well as usual…)

    I don’t dare to tell how long I havent’t listen to Glenn !So I’m gone come out stupid !(yet less stupid then I was,influenced, only partly reading your replies.)
    I tried out’ Live in Australia’,listnened to Glenn with Ratta Blanca, to Fused (hmmmmmmm with Iommi), to some FUNK/other songs on youtube. Glenn is a very creative and charming artist.Honnestly, I must confess that what Blackmore means for you compared to Morse, that means Gillan for me compared to Hughes. Now,the good news first : Your ears are definitly in great shape. Glenns voice is in general rather very high ,but I noticed he can be surprising like in Soulmover. But the high pitches are sometimes absolutely overdone. I didn’t like those few Funk-songs I tried out. Not for those high notes here but for the style in general.I know sometimes ‘one have to learn to taste’,but for me now, it was ugly. In Fused my attention got captured by Iommi.(I think this one keeps always his identity.) Do you like him ? In Ratta Blanca I think Glenn sounds more like in earlier days. What do you think of ‘Live in Australia ‘? ‘Mistraeted’ was first a shock to me. I do see how Glenn goes into it and I doubt…but it seems still overdone for me .Whiter shade…, Nights in… then I compare spontaneous with the classics…
    I really wonder what songs you like and which one you dislike. Also what would you recommand from him that deserves most attention ? I know it is of course personal, but it is very nice to have a little guidance to save a lot of search.(And you saw him live.)

    The thing I can’t help is , whatever I listen to, and for all what I become even enthousiastic for…Afterwards, nothing sounds more wonderfull and everlasting as DP. For me, Mk 2 with Ritchie, Mk 6 with Satriani, Mk7 with Steve, Mk8 with Don…If they wouldn’t be there no more, I would be incurable sad !I believe you don’t mind me saying this, I will never mind again if you come up for your MK 2 !

    I hope you can recommand some GH songs which I shouldn’t miss !(if not to much waste of your time)

    You know, in our all ‘cheering up mix’ of alcohol and music I discovered a forgotten most important ingredient :A big kiss for you, with all vibes of friendship added!!!

    P.S. I understand you love animals too ! So I want to let out something. Don’t think we are agressive !(with the blue eye.)You know, a guy from a group of Emo’s had terrible fun that evening, looking at us and showing something vague. We came nearer, and that bastard was holding a cat with the behind legs in his right hand, shaking her and holding her high. He said to us :This is a ‘Wonder Animal’…She is moody like an Emo but she sings as a Hard Rocker. And the next was that Mike’s fists gave a faster answer then his mouth.He got the blue eye back, while making sure the animal got away !(that was the most important anyway !)So, you see, it was not on purpose, just love animals as much as Hard Rock!

  98. 98
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Lack of spontaneity kills!

    I just typed a reply and I disconnected myself from the Net so it got lost …….somewhere.




    Zoe, the Lady of my house and life for about 13 years died at the end of 2005.

    Ofcourse DEATH is unavoidable for all of us.
    And animals often last not that long like we do.


    I would have loved the peace of mind I often yearn for.

    I feel she went too early.
    I m not totally sure but I feel I was kinda absent in my thinking in that year.
    I did NOT do things at the right moment, so…..

    I try to cherish my memories with her, her love for us(…), the smile she gave me the moment I had to leave her at the vet.

    I know I should not live that way, but……I anticipate Ian’s death with great FEAR.

    But, ofcourse, all things come to an end.

    In my case that would really feel like the end of an era.

    Through my ex girlfriend I found Ian, who is an amazingly loving charactre.
    I lost my ex end of 92(My fault as well), Zoe end 2005…………

    I wonder…………….

    If this is becoming a bit too personal.

    I m gonna try answer another one over here.


  99. 99
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, Charlotte

    That’s a story!

    Well done, Mike!

    I do understand you are not a pair reading the “nurse story and living in different towns and so on”.

    It’s ofcourse impossible to really know people through “ONLY” writing on things like this, but we try anyway.

    It’s very hard to give you advice on what kinda tracks/albums and so on.
    It’s not being lazy. On the contrary.

    Is it not taste/persoanl opinion?

    I kinda grew into his stuff since 1977.

    At first I despised his contributions in DP.
    I really hated the approach he took.
    I was(still am, I think)a HUGE Ian Gillan fan and this man …………..

    I did not like Play me out, his soloalbum, did NOT knew anything by Trapeze, only listened shortly to Hughes/Thrall when it was released.

    I was NOT open to him after my first notions of him.
    After all, was he not responsible for DP’s demise?
    Was he not the one making DP too soft? Soul,disco and funk were really our(hardrocklovers)enemeis and HE chose to incorporate that into DP’s sound! Still, I loved most of the albums he did with DP, espescially BURN, ofcourse.
    His sour outings towards DP after the split and saying everyone (Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gillan) were stuck in the past while he evolved, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, those lines really got me annoyed.

    To make a long story short :

    Like in DP Glenn showed with doing vocals on 7th Star(Iommi/Black Sabbath), Face the truth(John Norum),some wonderful stuff with Phenomena and Gary Moore he could deliver.
    And that without leaning too much towards his funk/soul inclinations.

    I think that period kinda unblocked my thinking about him and after that I happily strolled along with what he did.

    Fortunately he made MANY things in the Classic Rock vein after that.
    You have to explore themselves, one by one, I think.

    Sorry I can’t spare/save you time.

    Time is precious. It’s one of my mayor problems now I m 43.

    But I feel certain things just NEED time.
    We often want to make haste………
    Im afraid that does not work.

    I could give you a “list”, but……….

    Like with DP, how to chose?!

    Just take your time, without too much reservations……….

    I have YET not seen/heard very much of Live in Australia.

    I have a lot I have not watched/heard yet. There’s is so much.
    And I have a lot on my mind, ahem………

    I always return to my “interest in things concerning DP and their off shoots but very often in the last 5 years my mind is so overloade my passions get overshadowed.

    I have seen rata blanca, I liked that, indeed, more like “we” DP people love, I think.

    FUSED I found too heavy, too dark.

    But I like things on that album as well, espescially “I go insane”.

    Will be continued, I suppose.

    Good luck on your travels through GH land.

  100. 100
    stefan says:

    Dear Priest!

    I thought the topic were Ritchie´s latest load of crap?I have no intention of offending you,but…..First of all: Don´t you think you´re a little bit too personal on this blog??Second:Are you kidding….still sobbing about your girlfriend since `92?????Be a man & GET OVER IT your miserable f**k!!! Yeah, I know it´s harsh but you obviously need a boot in your behind to get on with your life!!

    Get a shrink,start exercising or start drinking heavily….anything,just do something and stop whining!!I mean this with the best of intentions!Good luck!!!

  101. 101
    stefan says:

    By the way…I have two cats…Tango(boy)& Milonga(girl)!I have a serious case of “cat scratch fever”!!!

  102. 102
    Annemie says:

    Hi Stefan,

    How thoughtful of you, being so worried if this is not to personnal.
    If I would be your pet I surely would sharpen my nails.
    If I would be your girlfriend,I would need a shrink!

    May I wish you a very nice scratchy day!!!

  103. 103
    stefan says:

    Dear Annemie!

    However tempting that thought might be…..I´m happily married!But if you were my girlfriend, you would certainly not need a shrink! If one always is sincere there´s almost impossible to misunderstand each other,would´nt you say?That´s what any relationship is all about…..honesty!!BIG HUG to you Annemie!!!And now…Could we get back to music???

  104. 104
    Charlotte says:

    Hello Stefan!

    Scratch fever,is that like Malaria?
    I hope so!

  105. 105
    Charlotte says:

    Hello Purplepriest,

    I thank you for such a lot of valuable information and own meanings about this. I was so surprised to read that you also didn’t like the start of GH with DP. I liked even more to hear that you were a Gillan fan, and the rest of that phrase in special !!!

    I never heard of 7th Star and Face The Truth and Phenomena. I will start with 7th Star. I travel slow in exploring musical landscapes. Part of it is ,that I fill ¾ of the time with DP and with all that is happening in present around and with them !

    I wonder how it is possible that me (and most of our ‘Highway Star bunch’)could be so blinded for your knowledge. I know that I can write in name of us all, that we acted not clever and most of all not fair. We will regret this so much, but I think you very well know by now !
    You are right about not knowing people just by replying on this site. For myself I can decide in this matter as far as I want. Regarding our group, I can’t. You may know we will be ’spread’ over Antwerp, Gent, Limburg, Brussel. Be sure, we are no creeps or weird crap. I had to move to another town as them anyway. From the lovely country to the grey suburb of Antwerp. DP is the concrete that sticks us together, young ,older ,oldest. Only nobody except me and Mickey likes writing. I’m always afraid to do something wrong, So I prefered writing together with Mike. I fear already to do a mistake, by answering or going into something too personal. Don’t you mind about what people say and write when you come out with some open inner moods ? I ‘m always ahead in defense, by closing all the personal gates leading to my inside info. Especially on a public side. In fact only to prevent myself from becoming hurt. You do the opposite thing, you are really though ! After all comment is never away !
    I let you know for myself and from the rest our group the exploring in the music travelling. btw You are a cool writer !

    It is unthinkable that someone has to go through such torture. I try to soften your sorrow to mention to you :see how much pain and how much tears you had and have for your girlfriend. If it had been otherwise, wouldn’t you forgive if you saw how much grieve and sorrow your love was baring ?
    I think too ,that you can’t handle things hasty. It is not the purpose to ‘replace’ your love just like that. I will tell you one thing that happened in our group. The oldest sister of my two gipsy girlfriends (yes, three sisters) got pregnant. For that people’s it was a shame and she was forced to marry the ‘future father.’ This man mistreated the baby time after time, until the little one was placed in a nursery. When the oldest sister threatened to leave him due to other violence, he swore he would commit suicide. The situation became repeated time after time…until, the girl returned home and slept there. Next morning when she returned the door was locked, and she thought she was thrown out by him. When they forced entrance he had commit suicide. And now she stands back in life, with her baby, living as when have been hit on the head with a rock by moments…and although it is not necessary she feels guilty all over, she does. I think now, what must that be with you when there was true love.
    43 years is in fact so very young. People marry ,get divorced ,feel lonely as can be hiding behind marriage, fall bored asleep forgotten the passion, stay free … but…Our motto is that in all situations one has to have true loving friends, not only for amusement. When facing our ‘groups split up‘ we agreed already to mail/call/support eachother in all kind of ways. I’m not saying it is a solution, but –only in experience-it sure can do a lot. Please be sure you are much too hard for yourself, no guilt, then all will be perhaps work better. Whenever there happens something with your cat, and your friends are not available, I will be !
    When there hangs a black cloud over the day, just let it know. If we really got expelled we will start our all own side ! Ciao xx

    Now, time for Ozzys ‘Crazy Train’ and cooking. Perhaps I’m a bit crazy too…I intent to stay free, sharing soul and fun, I think for all my life. Around me, I see no ending of love or happiness due to age, and I don’t put time on things…I’m only a bit interested in Zakk Wylde, but he wears that familiar ring…

  106. 106
    Annemie says:

    Oh, Stefan,

    I promise to be never honnest with you again, but


  107. 107
    stefan says:

    Well,so much for honesty and bluntness…..When push comes to shove….Truth hurts sometimes,baby!Get over it and grow up!!

  108. 108
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well Stefan, thank you for such a constructive reply.(…)

    The others……….
    Thanks for the kind words.

    But I do, like I already tried, have the feeling as well I might go to far now and then.

    Yeah, I never cease to show my vulnerable side.

    In real life as well.

    I m familiar with the theory that only strong people can show their vulnerability.
    I once did hold on that that one.
    But in recent years I d rather get rid of it.
    EMOTIONAL PAIN is a strange thing, it really does extend itself in a literal sense!
    And the moment that happens, I seem not to be able to think straight anymore.
    How unpractical!

    The same with sleepless nights.
    So unpractical.
    Why does one’s system do that?

    If there’s a God, I think he really ****** up making us.

    The moments you need the sleep for your rest your worries and your woes are larger than life.

    There’s is a point in your rude suggestion, Stefan :

    To put it this way :

    It might be completely legitimate and utterly human to express oneself like the way I do, it often does NOT pay.

    Stefan, I kicked myself in the **** many times but it did NOT work.
    Shrinks and so on stare at me like they would seeing an alien.Are you a defender to put your emotions into coma using anti depressants?

    And BOOZE, well, I adopted that strategy from my last “love” 2 years ago, It has become a habit now and it does not solve the heartache.
    You know that line : “I tried to drown my sorrows but they are very good swimmers.”?

    GUILT is a rotten thing, I wish I could think otherwise.

  109. 109
    stefan says:


    Let´s see if you get this….I hold no grudge to you as such,my comments was meant sincerely,tounge in cheek and with a little nasty twist.Why?…..Well, I´m no Freud…but,my wish was to maybe annoy you enough, to do something about your emotional problems! You know…”I´m gonna show that a**hole”….get my drift?

    Instead I succeeded to annoy all female bloggers with maternal instincts(no surprise!!!)I truly tried to get you Priest,and what makes you tick!At this point I had enough….For heavens sake you´re starting to depress me!!!

    Sharing personal emotional issues is O.K. to an certain level….But the main issue on this forum in my opinion, must be the music and everything concerning Deep Purple!Again…I wish you the best of luck,Priest….But…Please,go easy on the “Borderline” stuff!!Cheers!!

  110. 110
    Annemie says:

    To Stefan,
    I bought already a vail!
    I’m relieved that you’re girlfriend is in good hands!!!

    For we came to this not on purpose, it is at the moment the only ‘place’…So perhaps you can skipp just for the time being…

    Cheers to you!

  111. 111
    Annemie says:

    To Purplepriest,

    If you don’t mind the understandable comments, neither will I.I will do this one in Dutch, but that is for the first and the last time.If you think it is a good idea, I think it’s better to pass our own mail-address to eachother, perhaps Mike and Charlotte can do that too.If there is then something more personnal, it is is never a problem.Here we go!

    Zelden heb ik iemand zo lief en gevoelig ‘tegengekomen’. Replies geven -als je echt alles ovedenkt en er echt om geeft-,is beslist heel uitgeput.
    Waar jij mee leven moet is een nachtmerrie, en toch al zo lang.Ik ondervind zelf, dat al heeft een mens goede vrienden die al het beste menen, ze verdriet of pijn wel begrijpen, maar niet meer als deze blijft duren.Het wordt vervelend of je wordt als flauw of onwillig gezien.
    Ik heb nog nooit iemand zo flink en moedig als jij geweten.En dan nog al die domme -en nu ik je veel beter begrijp-zo’n kwetsende antwoorden op de site.Het kon toevallig niet erger geweest zijn.Ik kan mezelf niet in de spiegel zien, of de ogen gaan naar de grond.
    Ik weet ook wel dat we nooit weten hoe het met ‘Later’ of ‘Die andere Wereld’ zit.Wat ik wel weet is dat er zo iets in ons zit als ‘een ziel’.Volgens mij is dat zo dat eninge stukje dat men zelfs met de beste scan niet vindt, ons eigen Ik.
    Dan denk ik altijd aan Jim Morisson , Er zijn de twee werelden, de gekende en de ongekende…
    daartusen zijn Doors…Dat is ook helemaal ‘mijn denken’.
    Mij heeft nog nooit iets zo geraakt dan iemand als jij , die zoveel met zijn geliefde inzit , dat hij zelfs terug wil gaan,in de tijd moest hij kunnen.Dit om proberen het goed te maken…’to restore’…nu ik weet wat jij daarmee bedoelt en heb ik er echt mee geweend.Wat ik nu wil zeggen is , dat er echt in die andere dimensie, achter die ‘Doors’ waarschijnlijk ook iemand is , die je ondertussen heel goed begrijpt, en heel veel met je inzit.Jou liefste, die heel erg zou willen dat je niet ongelukkig bent en je zeker vergeven heeft. Charlotte zegt dat toch ook, draai het eens om…wat zou jij doen?…
    Hele lieve Mark, wil je niet proberen, beetje bij beetje ,jou liefte meisje elke dag mee in je hart en je gedachten nemen, maar daarbij geloven dat echt alles goed is…het is echt alles goed…Als jij jezelf kan vergeven, zal ook dat schulgevoel minderen, en de pijn!
    Alle mensen zijn bijna zo van dat ‘flink doen’.Ik niet, en M&Ch duidelijk ook niet, en hun ‘bunch’ lijken mij geen ‘zachte eitjes’. Jij ‘doet’ niet flink, jij ‘BENT’het.
    Zou je kunnen eerst wat tot rust komen, laat deze replies maar wat meerusten, het is echt wel heel veel tegelijk nu.Als je een ander mail adres goed vind, laat ik het mijne wel in het ‘Nederlands’ of ‘Antwaaeerrps’ weten(daar snappek zellef oek niks van mor joa.)
    Alle verdiet en alle pijn is niet opgemerkt bij jou, en het is veel te ver gekomen. A.u.b., twijfel ook nooit meer aan jezelf, ik zou in jou plaats zot worden denk ik…Je doet het fantastisch.Ik vind dat je na al deze site -rotzooi nu verscheidene prachtige replies hebt.Ik ben er zo blij om..Ik was zo verlegen mij’ public ‘te excuseren, maar nu ben ik heel tevreden dat gedaan te hebben.Ik denk dat anderen ook niet meer bevooroordeeld zijn.En binnekort krijgen we weer vanalles naar de kop, zo van ++++**** je weet wel!Maar eender hoe, wees maar gewoon jezelf, zoals altijd, en trek je van andere opmerkingen niets meer aan!
    Net als bij Charlotte , kan je ook bij mij er zeker op rekenen ,dat je -eender op welke manier -niet alleen zult staan als er met Ian iets zou gebeuren.
    Op de muzikale replies zal je moeten wachten, want ik ben nu ook zo moe(vooral mijn hand ,die bijna weigert dienst te doen om te surfen.(een extraatje na mijn ‘schip in draaikolk’avontuur.)Maar ja, zolang de rhum maar gered is!!!(just kidding)

    Probeer maar een beetje te relaxen, het komt wel goed.Als het mag ,hierbij een klein knuffeltje van me aan Ian,en een hele flinke aan jou!

    PS Als je dat van de mail niet goed vind, begrijp ik dat natuurlijk ook, dan vinden we mekaar altijd op de THS.Laat het maar weten!

  112. 112
    purplepriest1965 says:


    What makes you think YOU would be the one to change me?

    I think that rieks of arrogance/pretention.

    I was not born yesterday, I have a lot of experience under my belt, and you are certainly not the first he/she thinks she’s doing something very bright talking that way to me.

    You hold no grudge?! Hell, do I care , man!

    If you get annoyed by something you read just scroll further……….

    As if only talking about music/DP is everything!

    Btw, I m not an asshole……….

    Talking like that really makes no intelligent impression.

  113. 113
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Annemie, Charlotte,….

    E mail adressen uitwisselen?

    Hoe werkt dat?

    Ik kan t hier wel plaatsen, maar of dat verstandig is?

    Misschien via de administrator?

    Welterusten, Mark

  114. 114
    stefan says:


    Read again….I´m the asshole, not you!!The idea was to piss you off to show me….Okay? Arrogant? Yeah,maybe I am…It´s just that “feel sorry for myself” caracters sometimes gets under my skin!If something bad happens one can´t rely completely on other people,or shrinks or whatever. As an individual one have to accept the most responsibility personally, and don´t expect others to bail you out!I have no intention of changing you,merely ask you nicely to go elsewhere and feel sorry for yourself….Oh, and take yor female fan club with you,please!I want to discuss the mighty DP family and music in general! I´m sure there´s a “whacko” site somewhere way,way,way out there!

  115. 115
    Annemie says:

    To purplepriest

    A very short one here, I have a heavy day waiting.
    I geef je hierbij mijn email zomaar door.Als jij nu naar mij dan gewoon een mailtje stuurt heb ik toch automatisch het jouwe !Voor mij nooit geen administrator, ik gebruik vaak gedeelde computer, dus ik zou nogal last hebben.
    Hier volg ik.annemie666@gmail.com
    Ik zie dat de ‘ad’ erg vreemd gedrukt staat maar dat heeft geen belang.Dus: mijn voornaam,drie zessen,ad,gmail,puntje,com

    Voor mij kan dat doorgeven geen kwaad, want ik gebruik filters.Ik vraag wel het nooit door te geven op andere plaatsen.

    In geval het niet lukt(ik ben een enorme pc-kluns), dan ‘bespreken’ we hier de volgende poging.)

    Voor charlotte zulen we gewoon afwachten, daar zullen we wel van horen!

    Een hele mooie dag nog, en misschien kan je een kort ‘testje’ doen om te versturen!

  116. 116
    Annemie says:

    To Purplepriest urgent again

    Dat blauwe e-mail afdruksel is gelukkig faut.GEEN ik. voor mijn naam.Wat een shock dat dit in het blauw kwam, maar gelukkig niet correct.(zie dat ik een kluns ben…)

  117. 117
    Mike says:


    I do have that long hair as IG, but I’m defitly no female.

    First that ‘wishfull thinking’ any woman would enjoy you hug…Now showing jealousy for a female fanclub invented in your mind…Self confident gentlemen would not even think on that.

    I notice that you are the only conceited ‘fan’ here amongst all others, so bossy and demanding for your ‘urgent needs’.

    Nevertheless to stay on the toppic for you…Explore the lyrics of your mighty DP family, it will sharpen your intelligence and make you street wiser.

    I’m off now, meeting my dear friend Charlotte and some other ladies and men of ‘my harem’ for a toast
    to Purplepriest and as always to DP.Nothing as magic as the love of friendship…

  118. 118
    Mike says:

    Good evening Purplepriest! (just imitating HWS)

    It is in fact M Mike.The M stands for Modesty you see, for I’m the best dancer/singer/worker/…
    …fighter since recently…above all with the Most evil character.I noticed we have that in common.That one and only Hard Rock Passion/ seems the second valuable possession we share.
    Rests only the last issue…Are you too a complete whacko? I practise that all the time.

    Charlotte laat je spoedig met veel plezier haar
    e-mail adres weten in een reply’tje op haar manier.You shall see!

    I always thought I was the toughest, but after
    reading you, I’m not so sure about that.OOhhh yes.I am sure again…it is me after all……

    I have the hardest backage ever from f….euh from
    following Limbo Rock Lessons.We are all practising bravely, I manage till 85 cm!!!

    I’ve got to go,all my friendship and a firm hug,but…please mind my eye!!!

  119. 119
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I will try to figure that one out, Annemie.

    Probably I ll try to use one of mine G mail accounts as well.



    I already did agree to that but appearantly you are still annoyednot satisfied

    In your last effort you are talking about taking responsibility and so on…..
    I m taking most of that most of the time, so……
    I can’t expect others to bail me out?
    Well, that sounds very negative again.

    MY VISION it is that we are here on this earth to HELP each other where/if possible.
    It’s not a MUST and neither did I write things here in that order : asking for help.(…)
    It evolved into something I did not foresee.

    I m just one of the millions that slip of the road while getting used to internet and so on……

    Blogging/writing on the Net in general is a dubious affair.
    But appearantly WE’re doing it anyway.

    I can’t give you a good reason for me posting on THS and other sites.

    I already said : You have made some points which were right.

    1) THS should be mainly(…)about DP and so on
    2) That I got way too personal.For different reasons(…)

    I expect it to be a struggle avoiding it completely from now on, because FOR ME things in life are not seperated in that way.

    I think we have to agree that we disagree?

    Have a NICE Purple day?


  120. 120
    Tracy Heyder says:

    What the??????????

    Have you all gone completely MAD? What is the point to all of this? Nobody here knows anyone for real, yet there is all of these ‘Very Personal’ attacks based on nothing regarding this site, or the topic of the blog. It would be nice for a change if we could stay “Somewhat” on track for little while.

    I can truly understand some remarks regarding some oppinions that are posted about Deep Purple or whatever the Blog subject may be, but how do you guys (and girls) find it even remotely proper to continue on with this “Fan Bashing” subject.

    I have done my share of pointing out stuff, regarding “Related” topics. PRIEST by far receives most of my remarks, but they are in conjuntion with his “Blackmore Worshiping” and I do it with no “Mal-intent”. I respect him and the rest of you more than that, and I believe many of you have lost your way and gone way out of line.

    Putting personal info for the rest to tear appart out there is not a good idea (as you can see). You very quickly get a lesson on who and what you are dealing with and then it is too late.

    I do believe that there is some very “constructive” words that most of you have regarding this wonderful band DEEP PURPLE. But I think many of you have reduced your efforts to “destructive” words that have nothing to do with it and are reducing the very best Web-site to a Soap Opera that belongs on less quality sites.

    Focus…….Focus……Focus…..have a drink and Focus…….


  121. 121
    Annemie says:

    To Purplepriest,
    Aub, kan jij me aub een mailtje sturen op het blauwe mailadres annemie666@gmail.com
    Ik heb dat al twee keer fout getypt.Het kan me niets schelen dat mijn mail adres hier nog maar eens op verschijnt.Als je me maar kan bereiken.Het is alleen voor jou bedoelt, mailt er me en of andere idioot, dan zwier ik die er af met de filters van gmail.
    Sorry dat ik soms onduidelijk ben ik ben gewoon zo uitgeput van zoveel na te denken.
    Ik zou het heel erg vinden nog een hele nacht wakker te liggen en me af te vragen of we mekaar gewoon kunnen mailen.Ik zal mijn e-mail adres de hele avond in het oog houden.
    Ik verander nooit mijn mening over jou, dat is deze in mijn nederlands geschreven mail.
    Ik begrijp niet zo goed de rest van verantwoordelijkheid en zo.
    Maakt niet uit, ik hoop gewoon zonder deze hele ‘meelezende bende’ alleen met jou te mailen.

  122. 122
    Annemie says:

    Everything all right Purplepriest!Great!!!

  123. 123
    Annemie says:


    I just don’t give a f*ck about your opinion about this.
    This matter is closed , and we can go happy back to read and write in our all HWS.

    With Gillans words: It’s a simple as that…It is a FREE world!!!

    Cheers, as always!

  124. 124
    Mike says:

    Purplepiest 😉

    I see my comments from this afternoon for each of you are still waiting moderation.


    Gillan fan in heart means:’ We are all in this together’! What about a drink on that?

  125. 125
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe( Im ARIES, I m sure of that I ain’t no lion) I m heading retardedness, forgetting a lot……….
    Don’t think I joined in any fanbashing at all, anywhere.
    If(I really cannot remember such a thing) I did, I apologize.

    I might have done “some Morsey bashing”, but I think it’s exaggerated I ONLY wrote about that. Tracy, sorry, my man, but that’s not true.

    If the result of my AUTHENTIC writings is that some(not all)show their “real charactre”, well, maybe………..that’s cool too?

    People might think/feel it’s very emberassing the way I write things down.

    I can empathize with that opinion(…) up to a certain level, but does it say something about me or them?

    “I love you
    I want you so close.
    But you fool with my emotions.

    Ain’t no good luck came my way
    Nothing but bad luck.I ve been led astray.
    Don’t look on the bright side
    There’s too much shine
    Gonna stay in the shadow whee I can clearly see.
    I need some of what you ve got babe
    But it’s dirty, dirty
    And it ain’t no good to me(…)”

  126. 126
    Alex says:

    Just putting this results together:

    Bravo and beautiful!!!

    So if I DID ask help from you, this would be regarded as a shame.Most Unpurple!

    To Tracy Heyder,
    Reading your ‘non pernonnal, musical focused replies’ is more then sufficient for learning to know you for real.Pity that took a while for some of us.

    The line was never so straight as on the new blog.Friendship and respect are sparkling!

    Making mistakes is understandable, not being able to appologize isn’t.

  127. 127
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I guess something got lost in the “Translation”. I wasn’t attacking you nor anyone else here. On the contrary. I was only pointing out the fact that it seems that these blogs have become quite the soap opera and very personal stuff is getting thrown into the mix. I actually was thinking of you all and trying to give the hint that it’s beginning to take a bad curve and cause much animosity among us folks whom were getting along much better not long ago. Everyone has a different view towards Purple and what should and shouldn’t be discussed. I don’t intend to come off like the “Blog Police” or anything, but I am just trying to convey some relevence to maybe prevent someone here from going too far and getting really pissed off. It’s not worth it and we surely have much better stuf to discuss than each others personall buisness.

    That’s just my oppinion and I will gladly sit back and read all the dirty laundry one wishes to divulge, but I’d rather maintain a nice dialogue about what is going on with Deep Purple. There is some really good info that has been discussed and brought to these blogs from all over the world which makes it very intriguing and interesting. I love how we all come from the 4 corners of the world and yet have this great band Deep Purple in common, and share the many experiences and oppinions. Let’s try and maintain a dialogue that is of the same quality that this great website was built on. Let’s not disrespect each other. Let it be known that Purple Fans are above all of that.

    Keep it Real…..

    Cheers and sorry you don’t (as you state)…”give a f*ck”. I truly gave you more credence than that, but then you see my point and I rest my case……

  128. 128
    stefan says:

    Dear Tracy!

    Point taken…I´ll do my best and stick to what´s relevant! To Purplepriest:As mentioned before,I hold no grudge and apologise for some of my remarks! As Tracy point out…We´re all PURPLE PEOPLE and should be above juvenile behaviour!!ROCK ON !!!!

  129. 129
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Never intended to spoil your fun, I was just being me.(….)

  130. 130
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Actually I find Priest to be the least insulting. Very strong oppinionated, but not insulting.

    Again, I hold no authority in any of this, but I was just hoping to bring us back to a relevant faction, that’s all. The sarcasm and comedic views are fgreat as long as we don’t let it get out of hand. This site is better than that and we need to at least respect each other so that we can continue corresponding properly and with positive results.

    Now, I think I’ll sit back in the Hot Tub and have that drink, with Jon Lord “Sarabande” playing in the background.

    CHEERS ALL and “Purple Reign…..purple reign……”

  131. 131
    stoffer says:

    I’ll drink to that!! as stefan said we are all “PURPLE PEOPLE”

  132. 132
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Power to the people?

  133. 133
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I just scrolled back, something I seldom do……………

    Amazing to see the situation evolve on this forum since the 15th of may, only 2 weeks ago!

    It made me scratch the back of my head, ………………….
    What more to expect?

  134. 134
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Maybe you finally see my point……

    A Revelation truly!!!!!!


  135. 135
    stefan says:

    Always expect the unexpected when passion rules the game……We´re all passionate people, and our main passion is the mighty Deep Purple!! Whenever the debate is heated our emotions sometimes get carried away and we almost reach meltdown…..It´s not entirely bad, when it demostrates true passion for our fav. band!

  136. 136
    Tracy Heyder says:

    And THAT IS WHY this band still reigns after 40 plus years, and that there are followers since the beginning……through all the MKs.


  137. 137
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Tracy

    Just when I thought……………..
    That Tracy chappie is not that bad. He is just misguided…………………


    Today I read last DPAS with your name, It had been away for some time.
    After receiving I almost literally devour DPAS and then sent it to friends…………where it stays months, years…………

    It has been so long seeing the mag I forgot about almost everything, herhehe

    I saw the little print and got nervous, owwwwwwwwwwwwwww headache time again.
    Should I wear glasses finally or am I just suffering data stress?

    Your NAME, which has now become hammered into my brain,was there in the pages of DPAS
    You were suggesting that DP should incorporate “Sun goes down” back into their set.

    I AGREE!!!!!!!

    How’s Tina?

  138. 138
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Very cool that you spotted that…..

    Misguided? I think not. I’m a guider….he he he.

    Tina is great. My heart and soul mate for 15 years, and has become quite the Purple Fan. It was her actions that actually caused our first encounter with Purple back in 97. Check out the story and revue from the “Sunrise Fla. show and the Boca, Fl. shows from that date in the Tour Revue Archives. It’s worth the read.

    Actually to correct you, I was stating that “Sun Goes Down” had been skipped. It has never been played live and I believe that is a mistake. I even spoke to Roger Glover about it and he stated that sometimes songs don’t work as well as others live……..I agree with that statement, but not regarding that tune. That was one of the heavier tunes from Bananas that I still feel would be a great openner with the groweling keys and then extended further in the middle to become another “Space Truckin'” type jam.


    Cheers to you again and put on the glasses because as long as you are a Purple Fan, the “Sun Never Goes Down”.

  139. 139
    purplepriest1965 says:

    As long they not turn too much into Disney…….

  140. 140
    Tracy Heyder says:

    The Haunted Mansion is a great Disney Attraction that would be a nice backdrop for a Purple LP………


  141. 141
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Im haunted……HAUNTED….
    It’s that what you wanted?

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