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New album in 2009?

Gillan on stage in 2005

While being in Lima, Peru Ian Gillan gave an interview pieces of which appeared today on Bloomberg’s newswire. The interesting bit is about the band’s plans:

This is a three-year tour and finishes in Russia and then Germany in November. I guess we’ll have Christmas off and then I hope we shall then go into the studio and make another record and do it all over again.

With all due respect, anything that Gillan says should be taken with a grain of salt. But here you have it — no studio work is planned for this year.

Read more of the interview here.

Thanks to George Kikonishvili for the info.

84 Comments to “New album in 2009?”:

  1. 1
    SEVEN-47 says:

    If Deep Purple does return to the studio, I would like to see Roger Glover return to the role of producer!

  2. 2
    AndreA says:

    too late…I’ve too much time for waiting! 🙂
    I’d like to listen a new album with a bit of blues,hard rock and harmonica…evil and full of soul…but mainly I hope in a better coverart than the previous cover! ghghghg ciao people

  3. 3
    AndreA says:

    yes SEVEN-47..
    for example the last RofTdeep has good sound but I find the drumming has a “thin” sound,mainly the snaring..anyway I always remain devoted to the sound of the first ’90,later 80’s. for example I mentione THE HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHT and Bark At The Moon (OzzY). do you intuit what I would say? perhaps I am too old :-X

  4. 4
    Nikos says:

    great news about the upcoming DEEP PURPLE studio cd in 2009…………

    keep rockin’ dp…………


  5. 5
    Tommy Carlyle says:

    For the next record, I too hope Roger produces it. The entire ryhthm section has been lacking punch since he stepped away. My 2 favorite Purple albums are Perpendicular and Perfect Strangers, and I really would hope the band would move back into that big riff sound direction, on cuts like Knockin at Your Back Door, and Somebody Stole My Guitar. I thought Bananas was OK, but the writing on Rapture is completely forgettable, and too me seems like the band is moving away from what made them great. Being a keyboard player, I like what Don is bringing to the table, although Jon Lord will always be the Man to me, as he was my inspiration to play B3. I’d just like a bigger nastier sound with some better hoooks on the next record.

  6. 6
    SEVEN-47 says:


    I loved “House Of Blue Light”, especially the track “Unwritten Law”! “Slaves And Masters” has always been one of my favorite releases, even though many dismiss it as nothing more than another “Rainbow” album. When Roger Glover is producing there just seems to be a more powerful sound. If appreciating that makes one old, then call me “Geezer”!

  7. 7
    Ray says:

    A new Purple lp….Killer!!!

  8. 8
    schroeder says:

    roger glover and martin birch both producing the new DP… I can dream, can’t i?

  9. 9
    David Sanderson says:

    At least the last couple of albums sound like a ROCK BAND, Abandon was a bit haphazard and sounded muddy, almost like the recording, mixing and production was done by someone wearing boxing gloves. SEVEN-47 are you serious, Slaves and masters is not as bad as people make out but quite pedestrian rock music/muzak but The House of Blue light was quite possibly the worst album they have ever done, it sounded like Howard Jones had sampled Def Leppard’s hysteria album or something, quite horrendous. I would love to hear something like Purpendicular, to me that is as good as anything they have ever done.

  10. 10
    69 says:

    German Ticket Site Eventim had this little information:


    The intersting bit translates to the following:

    “None the less the german summer dates are something to look forward too. And if the rumours turn out to be true, one will also get to hear the first live impressions of their next studio album.”

  11. 11
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I liked “Hysteria”!

  12. 12
    SEVEN-47 says:

    MARTIN “THE WASP” BIRCH; Yes that would be cool!

  13. 13
    marcinn says:

    Love the Abandon thing 😉 I believe we’re going to hear some new stuff in summer. They won’t spend the break just doing nothing. The next Purple album album is going to be a masterpiece, I love them, that’s all 🙂

  14. 14
    David Sanderson says:

    I liked Hysteria, it used the techniques of its time well and the songs are great, but pyromania was far better simply because it sounded harder, rougher and more like a rock band, getting back to Purple, I just hope the new DP album rocks, with The House of Blue night, they used all these synth drums and guitar effects
    that were in vogue at the time, Perfect Strangers was a great comeback album but THOBL went too far (almost like Judas Priests Turbo album,) I much prefer the mentality they had with Purpendicular, The Battle rages on and the last couple of efforts, I’m all for experimentation and trying something different and agree with IG that Fireball is a vastly overlooked album but quite simply I love DP best when they give us a no nonsense rock album!

  15. 15
    stoffer says:

    I hope the new album is more like Perpendicular or Rapture, do not care much for Abandon and Bananas has only a few great cuts (will not compare to non-Morse era LP’s). Here’s hoping for just a straight ahead rockin’ new release, but they are after all a “touring band”. Martin the Wasp would be aewsome!!!

  16. 16
    scottbuster2000 says:

    As far as THOBL and Slaves & Disaster go you can pick on the production all you want, but in the end it comes down to the songs. If the material is not good then it does not matter about the production (That is secondary).It’s like a movie if the script/story is weak then all the F/X in the world can’t hide it. With THOBL only Bad Attitude, Mad Dog, Black & White, Strangeways(The Long Version), and Mitzi Dupree belong. COTW is utter rubbish, HLW is Purple by numbers, Archer rambles on without any real purpose, DOA though brilliantly played is Burn/Fire Dance/Gypsy’s Kiss again(A neoclassical Riff with harmony between Lord & Blackmore at the solos) and TUL is offbeat like Hungry Days and maybe would have worked better if the material was stronger like PS but on it’s own it leaves one wanting. It would be interesting to here any unreleased material(If any exist?) and see if their choice of material was right. To use a Zeppelin example how Wearing and Tearing never made it on ‘In through the out Door’ is beyond me, never Mind that ‘Houses of the Holy’ was left off Houses.

    For me Purpendicular is the Morse era Purple at it’s best cause one they took chances ATAway, Aviator etc. like Yes 90125 but remained DP. The second thing is it played to Mores’s strengths SIFLSreaming is a classic example of this – in a word Brilliant! When Steve tries to ‘In Rock’ it like he did on Abandon it sounds forced. He simply is not a Master of the Hard Rock riff like Blackmore – Iomme – Page(Stole My Guitar Notwithstanding),he can play it but not write it. Morse is in his element on stuff like Screaming,Loosen my Strings,Before Time Began etc. The excellent Neoclassical riff for Rapture was written by Airey. If DP wants to get a little ‘IN ROCK/FIREBALL’ then they have to look at the members who were present in the first place. The two Ian’s & Roger(Especially since he co-wrote a lot of those riffs with Blackmore) need to rediscover how they wrote those songs. McCartney said that when he did the Beatles Anthology project he realized he was writing differently then when he was Fab. For his next album he proceeded to write like he did in the 60’s and since then(97’s Flaming Pie onwards)he’s been writing his strongest material since the Tug of War,early 80’s. Glover needs to get in that head space again and I believe they could recapture a degree of what they had but now you have Morse/Airey there to embellish the material toward a Purpendicular/Rapture sound.

    The man I think should have a go at producing them is none other than Rick Rubin a self proclaimed Purple fanatic(In a Rolling Stone interview a few years back he said he didn’t fancy Hendrix but that he had 150 Purple Bootlegs in his personnel collection).150 bootlegs denotes a Purple People nut who should produce Purple – Deep that is!!!

  17. 17
    Hans Stellingwerf says:

    Waiting for a next cd in 2009……
    Okay then, but can we expect some live-stuff, something like the Soundboard Series would be nice from the Bananas-tour and the Rapture Of The Deep-tour:-))

  18. 18
    R says:

    The only real thing is Blackmore and Lord back again for new studio album and tour.
    Stopt these experiments!
    Morse and Airey are good but not Deep Purple.

  19. 19
    samanta says:

    Glover is producing 2 songs for a rock french band!

  20. 20
    SEVEN-47 says:


    I agree that with “Purpendicular” Deep Purple took chances, and that gamble in my mind paid off. But they also took a chance with Joe Lynn Turner and “Slaves & Masters”, unfortunately to the dislike of the majority of their fans. I stand by my initial statement that this release contained some good tracks, “The Cut Runs Deep” for one, and fit well with the music scene at that time.

  21. 21
    stoffer says:

    Good call SEVEN-47, Slaves and Masters did fit well at “the time”, unfortunately it has not (in my opinion ) held up well “over time”.

  22. 22
    Rainer James says:

    Bring back Martin Birch and Roger into the producing role.

  23. 23
    TruthHurts says:

    Speaking of Yes, how about a DP album like “Union”? Featuring the core band as they are if you must (I think Morse should go, personally) but with contributions from JB, JLT, RB, GH etc. They would n’t even have to meet up, it can all be posted (the contributions I mean). I ‘d want Glover and Birch as producers and for a lot of analogue technology to be used, especially for recording drums and vocals.

  24. 24
    George says:

    actually, DP did their most successfull and their greatest albums with Martin Birch.

    For Deep Purple

    1969 Concerto for Group and Orchestra (engineer)
    1970 Deep Purple in Rock (engineer)
    1971 Fireball (engineer)
    1972 Machine Head (engineer)
    1972 Made in Japan (engineer)
    1973 Who Do We Think We Are (engineer)
    1974 Burn (engineer, mixing)
    1974 Stormbringer (producer, engineer, mixing)
    1975 Come Taste the Band (producer, engineer, mixing)
    1976 Made in Europe (producer, engineer, mixing)- recorded live in april 1975
    1977 Last Concert in Japan (producer, engineer) – recorded live in december 1975

  25. 25
    abuh says:

    Re: Seven-47 & David Sanderson:

    Obviously, different people like different aspects of the music of DP. (Which is a good thing, BTW, because it shows that DP is a truly versatile band.) For me, House of Blue Light is one of the best-ever DP albums — still good to listen today, no “vacuous” tracks (well, OK, I often skip Mad Dog), probably because it sounds somewhat different than their more run-of-the-mill albums. To my personal taste, Fireball, Perfect Strangers, Blue Light, and Bananas represent the top of Purple music, as far as studio stuff is concerned. (At the bottom end: Abandon is completely unlistenable for me, a full hour of complete boredom, and unlike most fans, I don’t really care for most of In Rock, except Speed King and Child in Time. And Slaves is mostly fine, but it’s just not Deep Purple: it’s Deep Rainbow. (Or Rain Purple?))

  26. 26
    George says:

    actually, these are albums which I DO NOT like most of all:
    1974 Stormbringer (producer, engineer, mixing)
    1975 Come Taste the Band (producer, engineer, mixing

    So, was Martin Birch the right producer for DP? 😉

  27. 27
    George says:

    So, great sound engineer in albums like:

    1970 Deep Purple in Rock (engineer)
    1971 Fireball (engineer)
    1972 Machine Head (engineer)
    1972 Made in Japan (engineer)
    1973 Who Do We Think We Are (engineer)
    1974 Burn (engineer, mixing)

    but not the right producer for DP, in albums like:

    1974 Stormbringer (producer, engineer, mixing)
    1975 Come Taste the Band (producer, engineer, mixing)

    So, Mike Bradford is really good producer, Bananas and Rapture are one of the greatest DP albums.

    and…thus… I think the band knows itself who they need to produce another studio record… I think it will be Mike Bradford again and the next studio album will become the best Morse era album, even better than Purpendicular 🙂
    Am I dreamer or not? 😀

  28. 28
    R says:

    Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord.

  29. 29
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Point taken stoffer.

  30. 30
    SEVEN-47 says:


    I understand what you’re saying regarding “Slaves & Masters”, (more of a Rainbow release), but sometimes a new personality adds a refreshing change to something you’ve grown to love. “Purpendicular” falls into this category as well for me. I thought the addition of Steve Morse, and what he brought to the band, injected new life into a band I’ve enjoyed for 36 years.

  31. 31
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Even though it’s not my favourite line up it contained great tracks…..
    Nothing wrong with the production of Come taste The band……

    Stormbringer on it’s own is not bad either(Although I hated the soul thing way back then)but it could use a BEEFED up sound, yes.
    But I always understood it was RB’s lack of “spirït”that the album turned out less than BURN…..

    As you all know I favour a return of Mark 2……Incl Martin Birch…..


  32. 32
    samanta says:

    sorry… glover is mixing 2 songs for a french band… not producing…

  33. 33
    George says:

    what about “Too Much Fun” studio version in the new album???
    TMF is really my favourite jam-session, too much enjoyable song.

    You guys, think about it, we need TMF studio version 🙂

  34. 34
    George says:

    Do something like “Unchain Your Brain” from Gillan’s Inn. this is realy great rocking song. So, do something like “Unchain Your Brain”, Speed rocking song… You are the speed kings, aren’t you? we need more speed and more heavy album

  35. 35
    bad_omen says:

    Bradford a good producer? Uhm. Not really. Just listen to Ian’s vocals on his recent solo stuff and you’ll hear something that Bradford can’t (or doesn’t care to) achieve with Purpleds. Or let’s talk about the rhythm section which ceased to exist since he took over. I mean, you have to be really “talented” to lose Glover & Paice in the mix. So, as far as Bradford is concerned… I love “Bananas” & “Rapture”, but I can’t help wondering how good would it be without Bradford on fold…

  36. 36
    AndreA says:

    I’ve got GILLAN’s INN and I enjoy it even if the produced sound is not good (about me). I love DOUBLE TROUBLE studio side,it sounds good! simple and full of sound!

  37. 37
    David Sanderson says:

    Maybe a ‘Live in the studio’ sound like Gillan’s inn may be a good idea, I was listening to Rapture and the drum sound on the title track is a good reference point to start from.

  38. 38
    Rover says:

    Too bad that the album won’t be finished before the fall tour, which means we won’t hear any new material, and probably even less Rapture songs.

    I’m wondering, can’t the band hear the fans SCREAMING for more recent material played live? Or… are we who do scream out really just a small bunch of morons, and the majority of the audience is there only for the Machine Head songs?


  39. 39
    George says:

    Absolutely agree with you, DP shows are still amazing but I’m very tired with the same old classics and old setlist. in Steve Morse era DP recorded real classics, such as Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming, Vavoom, Casscades: I’m not your lover man, Hey Cisco , Seventh Heaven, Watching The Sky (one of the GREATEST and STRANGEST song of all time), Picture Of Innocence (no comment, they’re just stupids as they don’t play this song live), House Of Pain,
    Walk On/Clearly Quite Absurd/Haunted, Bananas, Do It Tonight, Before Time Began, Rapture Of The Deep, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Things I Never Said and of course Well Dressed Guitar. any of these songs have the power to create powerfull and real hard rock live.

    2 weeks ago I opened the topic on deeppurple.com forums about the setlist. just imagine such setlist:

    1. Pictures Of Home (with Child In Time solo)
    2. Hey Cisco
    3. Vavoom
    4. The Battle Rages On
    5. Fireball
    6. Rapture Of The Deep
    7. Casscades
    8. Speed King
    9. Walk On/or/Clearly Quite Absurd/or/Haunted
    10. Picture Of Innocence
    11. Before Time Began
    12. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
    13. Contact Lost/Steve Morse Solo
    14. Anya – Well Dressed Guitar (together)
    15. Don Airey Solo
    16. Lazy
    17. Perfect Strangers
    18. Roger Glover Solo
    19. Black Night
    20. Things I Never Said
    21. Ian Paice Solo/Ian Paice Roger Glover jam
    22. Highway Star

    Do It Tonight
    Never A Word
    Smoke On The Water

    That would be the fine setlist with Morse Era songs.

    I ask Mrs. Ian Gillan: My favourite and great musician, you wrote song “MTV” about the classic rock radio. in this song you complain the radio, that they’re playing only old DP classics and they don’t play band’s brand new and really great rocking material. BUT, what d’you play on your lives??? jst 2-3 tracks from Morse era, and all the same old classics. If you play only your classics, why d’you complain classic rock radio that they’re doing the same???


    and, you’re going to realase new album after 4 years of Rapture. we need new albums even once in two years! be more creative and RESPECT YOUR NEW MATERIAL, IF YOU WANT OTHERS TO RESPECT YOUR NEW MATERIAL!

  40. 40
    David Sanderson says:

    Are DP doing this deliberately? In 1968 we had 3 albums from MK1, no band would be so prolific these days and I have read repeatedly that Ian Gillan insists that over work was one reason he left DP in 1973, so how does he justify the punishing tour schedules they seem to do now? Since Steve and Don joined the band the albums ‘Bananas’ which although Jon Lord was there in spirit, Don played on and ‘Rapture’ which is arguablly this line ups debut are both solid enough albums, the band seemed to have toured a hell of a lot more than spent time in the studio, it’s great for the fans to see them but I would rather have an album every 2 years.

  41. 41
    David Sanderson says:

    Another point to some people, it’s hard enough getting casual listeners to even play a DP album or go to a concert, I manage it sometimes but it takes a lot of ‘listen to Machine Head first’, then you have to explain that a lot has happend since 1972, if anyone is suggesting that DP should play a set largely based on new numbers, the hard core fans would love it but we need to get casual fans into DP.

  42. 42
    Rascal says:

    A new album every couple of years??

    These guys are in the twilight of their careers, its a money thing. Albums dont contribute to the pension fund like touring a merchandise does.

    How many more albums will we see? two?? Maybe thats pushing it!

  43. 43
    David Sanderson says:

    It’s hard to please all the people all the time! With modern recording techniques they can record much quicker, saying that though ‘Machine Head’ and ‘In Rock’ weere recoreded in a matter of weeks, the band seem to spend all their time on tour and in between find time for solo projects, by the time the new album comes out we will have waited about 4 years! As for merchandising, not a big fan myself but they probably tour UK and break even or even operate at a loss on ticket sales, so yeah you have to take everything into consideration.

  44. 44
    Diarmuid says:

    Give up guys face it the last decent album was perfect strangers

  45. 45
    George Fotis says:

    Whats wrong with the House Of Blue Light ? It’s a real heavy sounding album, bring’s me back to the day’s of Machine Head . Blackmore is in top form on that cd , isn’t that what Deep Purple is ment to sound like Hard Rock much like AC/DC. Really the band need to lock them selves into a studio and listen to In Rock, Machine Head , Fireball , Who Do We Think We Are , and study the albums . The riffs the song writing and come up with something similar but with a modern the decade edge to it! Steve is one the best guitar player’s he is capable of anything , Ian’s voice is still good he can sing like that agian, and Don can do those solos’ just like Jon did , and yes Ian as produced before & Roger so why so they need somebody else coming in & messing with the the sound.

  46. 46
    George Fotis says:

    Oops i made some mistakes , it’ much easier when there is a preview check . It makes it easier to check though and find litle mistakes , would be much better if it was brought back!

  47. 47
    Prem says:

    Hey guys,
    DP in the early days used to have a live album follow every studio release. I wonder if there is any live CD of the THOBL tour and Slaves & masters since i have not heard of any of these album songs live. I would definitely love to hear Gillan & blackmore go thru live versions of Mad dog, spanish archer, Dead or Alive. Also would love to see how JLT handled a live DP concert. Surely they can dig out some zombies from the vaults

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Please, no more boring albums……….

    Where is the exitement?

    Oooops, I forgot, RB took it with him at the end og 93…………….

    Don’t tell me change is good, Roger.

    SOMETIMES it, s good……………

    But obviously you don’t give a rat’s ass or don’t have the right taste.



    There are many many great guitarplayers who can compose …………..

    Yeah, he smiles a lot…………

    RB did not……………

    Yeah, I also prefer a nice and beautiful girl above one who has a strenght of her own, opposes YOU when needed, kicks you in the butt cause you deserve it………….
    and has way more CHARISMA than that Mister Ken doll.

  49. 49
    Jim Bradley says:

    Ironically the only good album since Morse has been Purpendicular. He was supposed to be some kind of American Saviour to the band. Abandon was bad. Bananas and ROTD sound like Accidentally On Purpose Parts II and III, they don’t sound like Deep Purple Albums. It’s almost kind of funny the sort of stuff you hear Glover and Gillan saying. I can picture Gillan and Glover in 2014 saying stuff like this:

    “Now with Reb Beach in, and Eric Singer on Drums, I feel the band is finally firing on all cylinders”

    Roger Glover, 2014

    “Ritchie could almost play and had some okay riffs, and Steve was great, but now with Reb Beach playing guitar in Deep Purple, we’ve finally realized the sound we’ve always been striving for”

    Ian Gillan, 2014

  50. 50
    David Sanderson says:

    Prem, there is a live album from THOBL tour ‘Nobody’s perfect’ but it’s crap , also there is the double ‘live in Europe 1993’ set from ‘The Battle rages on’ tour, skip the Birmingham CD, if you want to see why watch the ‘Come Hell or High water’ DVD(I was there and left the NEC very bemused) but the Stuttgart show is worth a listen!

    Purple preist and Jim.

    Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple in 1993.

  51. 51
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Do you want me to leave the stage and leave you with your fantasies?

  52. 52
    George Fotis says:

    It’s wrong to speculate that albums have gone bad because since 93 because Ritchie has left. The whole band had chosen a different direction & Steve was the man they wanted . Had Ritchie stayed he most likley would have got rid of Ian G , got Joe back or Candice Night in and been playing pop music or Robin Hood medieval music , his hard rock playing days are over.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Glenn Hughes back , his a solid bass player and his bass lines groove. He still has a nice smooth sounding voice. But really the band would be better off with Dio as the next producer ,to give them idea’s . He know’s all about rock music , hard rock & lyrics , more than Michael Bradford.

  53. 53
    stefan says:

    To purplepriest….RB is gone…just as well..GET OVER IT!!! Yes I loved RB too ,but in the long run he just made the band unhappy! I guess he is were he belongs at the moment…Whipped to pieces by wife and mother in law! He´s a lost cause I´m afraid!

    I have to agree to those of you slags THOBL!
    At the best one can say it was no good…In my opinion it was totally CRAP with few exceptions! Abandon…forgettable!! Bananas was in my opinion a step in the right direction…great album!! Rapture a bit of a let down, but all in all O.K.!! Really loved “Wrong man”…more of the same please!

    As producer for the next album, I totally agree with the majority of you think they should dig up Martin Birch!! In the meantime I´ve been listnening to the new Whitesnake album (long live the internet),and I´m very impressed! It´s raw,gritty,heavy & bluesy at times! D.C. and the boys have made an more than decent album! Of course I´m going to buy it at release date (I´m not totally criminal after all)!Looking forward to their Copenhagen gig…as well as DP´s in august!!!

  54. 54
    Cephus says:

    Martin Burch is the greatest rock and roll producer ever. I would love for him to produce the next Deep Purple Album/CD. I would also like a “Deep Purple Comes Alive” CD/DVD featuring the best versions of the best DP songs since Blackmore left. A good Double Live CD WITHOUT SOTW! The Big ending track should be Somebody Stole My Guitar instead. Also, Deep Purple’s next tour needs to cover the entire United States. Deep Purple have not been to Birmingham, AL. since 1976!

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Cephus, I totally underline the wish of a live album without all the same tracks over and over again…………

    The accusation o me dwelling to much on the past is ridicilous, Stefan.

    First : You like “wrong man”which is a Ready and willing rip off. That song was from the early 80’s and possibly stolen from some old blues track itself.
    Secondly : You’d like to get back Martin Birch(Which I totally approve of!). This man is from the past as well!
    Thirdly : You write positively about Whitesnakes last efforts. According to you it’s OLD FASHIONED sounding……..?

    You are, erm, not very positive about HOBL and Abandon. Bananas and Rapture are not great albums as well?

    Why do you want to keep hold on that kinda band?

    Steve Morse has been here since 1994?
    That’s ages ago as well……………
    So what’s old and should be left behind?
    People are strange……..
    Me too………
    Mind you……….

    I know everything of being whipped to pieces.
    Well, not by people like that, no…………

    Greetz, NO Dirty Dog…….

  56. 56
    stefan says:

    Bananas was great, Rapture more than O.K.! Don´t agree that “Wrong man ” is a rip off at all! Yes, Birch is a man from the past, but knows DP inside out and have the ability to twist and turn the right knobs!

    No,the new Whitesnake effort is not old fashioned! Sure the sound is familiar and all the snake trademarks are present…but more than anything it ROCKS!!!

    I hold on to DP beacuse I love the band….and have done so since 1973!!I will always support them, but not swallow anything without critisism! Personally I think it´s great that we have diffirent opinions about our fav. band….it shows the importence and the we cares deeply about DP and their music!!

    Cheers….ROCK ON !!!

  57. 57
    purplepriest1965 says:

    One thing is for sure………

    You were there first………

    I started my deviation in 1977. Before I did not care about music at all……….

    I liked gardening and going to the beach, hehehe

    Well, I also loved certain food……….

    Hearing “Live in Japan” changed my life forever……..
    Yep, an album from the past(…..)

    I visited the Monsters Of rock festival in Pforzheim, Germany. I was only 22. Blackmore then was 42 and already got bickered for being antique………
    Right now I am anticipating my birthday, becoming 43……….

    There’s no more hope?

  58. 58
    stefan says:

    Bald to be wild eeh….?? Don´t worry Priest,sure there is hope!!As long as DP,GH,Whitesnake and other ´70s heroes make beautiful music, I don´t give a toss about being called antique! At least we like music
    that´s created by real musos and no F***ING machines!I refuse to call rappers musicians to the day I die….they´re twiddlers,techicians or whatever,but in no way deserves to be called musicians!

    Made in Japan changed everything in my life as well….It was almost an religious experience that day in ´73, when the first notes of “Highway star” came thundering out of the speakers!! At the tender age of twelve it was a lifechanging event…Some 35 years later I´m still here, still a fan and just as passionate as you Priest, and all the other lovely people that devote themselves and their time to DP and this site!! That my friends spells passion and loyalty!! Stand up a take a bow, I salute you all!! KEEP THE FIRE BURNING!!

  59. 59
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I am lost a lot of time in inner “turmoil”/struggle .

    And because of that I often find it impossible/hard to open up myself for the joy and exitement of, amongst other things, music………….

    But, there is a big possibility I ll stay hooked on things concerning DP and off-shoot……..

    Let’s hope : All hope is not lost………..

    Kind regards from a man who’s birthday is on the 4th of april………

    Bach and RB are born under that sign, so why should I be such a bad person?

  60. 60
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Btw, I am NOT bald at all………….

    So not everything is lost……….

    Certain things are………….

    Maybe she knows………….and : Vielleicht das nachstes Mal(…)…….

  61. 61
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Always the same…………..

    Trying to be authentic I scare people away…………

  62. 62
    Jeogger Junior says:

    Latest DP?
    IG has killed the band. Both live and in the studios.
    I’m sure Blackmore would not tolerate any of what is going on now. He made a band of his own that today sounds about 5% DP.

  63. 63
    stefan says:

    Dear Priest! Seems to me that you´re a tad down…maybe this site´s not the place to handle inner turmoil, but what do I know? Maybe there´s a fellow DP maniac out there somewhere who have the competence ( not sure I have? )to guide you to some professional help???

    Maybe I´m jumping to conclusions now, but if it is any comfort, I think we all have experienced the loss of the woman/man we loved! Somehow we survived and moved on and I´m sure you will as well! By the way…You don´t scare me off…Cheer up mate & all the best!!

  64. 64
    David Sanderson says:

    Stefan, have you ever considered a career as an ‘agony uncle’ in the newspapers or on one of those late night radio shows that insomniacs phone at 2 am? You have a good nature, I can tell, I don’t think Purple priest scares people away, he obviously cares and that’s not a bad thing, I have been through loss several times, life is good now and as I get older I appreciate simple things in life more and avoid confrontational and idiotic people with a certain ease now, I’m 41 this year and have mellowed out considerably , when the new DP comes out I will listen to it through headphones and consider that life ain’t so bad after all! By the way Purple priest, I have a bald patch and have started clothes shopping in Primark and Asda recently, it doesn’t bother me one bit though!

  65. 65
    bernhard rauch says:

    sorry purple fans, whats about an acoustic recording? steve morse recorded over the years excellent acoustic tracks solo and with the dregs. And Gillans voice on acoustic tracks, wow! O.k. not a pure acoustic album, but more of o combination of acoustic guitar and electric guitar sound of steve and acoustic piano with hammond of Don. A combination of old and brand new tracks, hey steve, what do you think? Purple is already playing acoustic very well together in my imagination. Acoustic rocks! Whats about you?

  66. 66
    Prem says:

    Thanks David for refreshing my memory. i do have the Nobody’s perfect CD & as you said definitely a bummer of a live album. So thats why it escaped me. Anyway i would defintely love to have a JLT Slaves & masters tour CD. It would be quite a thing to hear JLT belt out the classics & the gems from SAM. And i have the 4 CD set of DP’s stuttgart & NEC complete shows. That was DP on fire.

    Anyway DP releasing a new album in 2009? Well i will wait for it like all the previous ones. Each album have DP has its gems.Even abandon, the most morbid DP album had its share with tracks like , dont make me happy, watching the sky.

    Lets face it guys, no matter what DP puts out , we’re all gonna go out & buy it. and then write our opinion of it. Face it, we like DP one way or the other, the previous album is no measure of what the new one will offer. Thats our motto.

    Regarding Martin birch as producer & engineer… that would be great no fantastic… but headmaster birch has retired long since … i think his last album was with Iron maiden’s fear of the dark. Man, solos on his albums were a treat to listen to.

  67. 67
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Where is that ******* delete button………

  68. 68
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Primark and Asda?

    Never heard of, I m sorry………..

    Does that suggest I m off the getiing old “tag/hook” for now?

    Are they clothingshops for beerbelly men?

    I try to work out a lot. Keep the weight down is hard, I like to eat and drink……..
    But it keeps he stresslevels a bit down, me thinks………

    Indeed, I do not think Stefan intended any pun. Or did he?

    My “inner struggles” are not only born out of love lost……..
    I ll try NOT to go into these territories anymore.

    But don’t hold it against me if I break my promiss.
    At certain moments, late, some glasses of wine, people tend to get more open, ahem………Me anyway……

    Btw, talking about losses.

    I just received the news from some one close to Classics In Rock in Rotterdam(12/4/8)that, for now, the show is CANCELLED.
    Due to low ticket sale.
    He says it’s NOT an April fools Day joke……….
    Well, maybe tomorrow I ll believe it………..

    The positive (…)thing is :

    I do not have to spend the money(right now, anyway) and might do that , apart from still having feelings of guilt towards budget(…), on a ticket for ARROW Classic Rock .
    With amongst others Whitesnake(someone triggered this cynical bastard, hehehe), KISS, Journey, Kansas,……..

    In the meantime , I might check out KingFisher Sky in The hague, this week.
    Next sunday I ll be at the Paradiso for KAMELOT.

    In april I ll visit Ane Bun in Laantaarn-Vester in Rotterdam.

    And I ll probably have to swallow some pride and visit Y and T and Glenn Hughes in Zoetermeer, soon.

    Back to Classics In Rock : It would mean we do not get to see JLT and Doogie side by side doing Long Live Rock And Roll……….

    Is that a loss? Do you ask me……..
    Well, I like them both and was kinda looking forward to seeing JLT espescially since I last saw him with The S and M tour…………And that’s , erm, some time ago………


    I’d prefer JLT doing shows over here with Nikolo Kotcheff……….Brazen Abbot for all you did sleep over the last 10 years or so………..

    Goodnight, I m gonna drink some more wine……..

  69. 69
    David Sanderson says:

    No they are places that sell clothes for the price of a takeaway pizza, my designer label days are well and truly over!

    As for Purple, I am still finding obscure and related tracks as well as adding to my bootleg collection.

    Whitesnake? Not bad, not a massive fan myself but even Purple with Coverdale still doesn’t sound kosher to my ears. Kiss? Never got into ’em? Journey? Great at M.O.R 2006 and Kansas? wow that’s a band! But Y&T????? Standard formula rock!

    Go easy on the wine and approach the next DP album with an open mind, I always do, even now ‘Purpendicular’ is in my opinion the best thing they did since ‘Machine Head’, progress is slow but worth waiting for, another great album is long overdue.

  70. 70
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I am not drinking right now, apart from a Coebergh Ice…………
    Have to flush my pizza with something………

    Open minded?


    Here we go again………

    When someone rejects something, espescially after he REALLY did try…………
    Is that the opposite?
    Should someone like that try over and over?

    With “Live in Japan” it was love at first sight/hearing…………..

    I DO fall in love with things/persons(mainly women, hehehe)after several times instead of at once………..


    I still hate the sound you know who………
    Don’t Sharia me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s only me………..

    Kamelot tomorrow, in Paradiso/Amsterdam. It’s ironic : things I hate hearing in DP become great in other bands…………

    Btw, I just got my copy of the new “Whitesnake”.
    I ‘m sorry, but could not recognise leanings towards old fashioned style.
    I still think David can sing a lot better…………….and really cannot grasp why he wants to sing this style……….

    What a waste……………..


  71. 71
    David Sanderson says:

    I like David Coverdale but to me the music from 1974 to 1976 was Deep Purple in name only.

    Blackmore did a good job in Rainbow until Graham Bonnet and Cozy Powell made a rapid departure in, If memory serves 1980.

    Listeng to ‘Difficult to cure’ now with the Blackmore/Glover/Airey/Turner/Roninelli line up which is 80% current or ex DP members convinces me that this current DP is the right band for 2008.

    I have read articles in the music press that SUGGEST but please don’t quote me that if it were possible and egos could be handled, we would get a MK2 reformation.

    My take? (On a Mk2 reformation for the 3rd time)

    Bad move.

    Knebworth ’85 is still the best concert I have ever seen.

    The ’93 25th anniversary album/tour was comparitively good. I saw JLT bravely try to step into IG’s shoes but it was like watching your mate trying to chat Paris Hilton up. It couldn’t go on.

    The new DP? To me, it’s valid and whist their albums won’t set any records (no pun intended) as regards sales, they will promote the back catalogue, have enough clout to be musically valid and offer a different insight.

    Over the years, I have warmed to Ian Gillan, he is clever and VERY observant, Ritchie is equally if not more intelligent but so damned artistic, maybe, Purple Priest that is why DP is Ian’s band now, I have no great insight but I love DP and I am thankful that they exist, to me, this version isn’t ‘bastardized’ more a natural evolution.

    New album and next UK tour?

    Count me in! My girlfriend is Polish (check out my profile on myspace) she is just discovering DP, just as I did as a 12 year old.

  72. 72
    stefan says:

    Personally I hope MK. II never give in to the temptation to reform again….Why?…For the simple reason of clash of egos between Blackmore & Gillan! It did´nt work the 413 times before, and there´s no chance in hell it will ever work again. Besides, Lord´s too old and will probably suffer from tour fatigue very rapidly.I love DP, but I would hate to see them become a parody act!!

  73. 73
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I’m still dreaming of a one time all inclusive reunion pay per view event. If Blackmore doesn’t want to perform with Gillan, so be it. Morse can more than adeptly fill the void, and perform the Mark II material. Blackmore could still participate, and perform the Mark I & III material. I’m not sure who could cover the Mark IV music, way different than Blackmore’s and Morse’s style!

  74. 74
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Why is current DP a natural evolution and more worthy than, let’s say the one with JLT or Tommy?
    Sounds unlogical to me, even knowing Gillan to me is my favourite DP singer………….

    But without RB DP is not DP………simple……
    Mk 1,2, 3, etc had RB on board, that made them DOP, espescially with Lordy.

    Lordy to tired to perform?! Come on……….They just have to cut down on that lunatic massice tourscales and everything will be fine…………

    Knebworth your greates show???
    Maybe it was, but it does NOT sound very great to me on disc………..

    I had at least 2 great shows on the HOBL tour and later in 93/Essen(Germany)….

    I prefer listening to Difficult To Cure, Straight between the eyes and Bent out of shape any day instead of the later DP albums.
    Well, I can enjoy Purpendicular, Bananas……..

    Performing Mark 4 can easily be done with All concerned except Tommy(RIP)ofcourse……….
    Just put in the two lead guitarists from the “From now On” line up by GH………
    They did a fine job around 94(….)

    Where the **** is Rod Evans?!

  75. 75
    David Sanderson says:

    Rod Evans? I loved early DP but his 1980 US tour farce was in the words of Steps (awful manfactured UK band but the female vocalists were sensational looking!) ‘Better, best forgotten’.

    Knebworth was a great show because of the atmosphere, sure I have heard many sonically better concerts and usually been much drier, the crowd came with high expectations and Purple delivered the goods, I doubt I will ever see a more emotionally charged perfomance, the timing was perfect for the reunion, the comeback album was solid and the mid 80’s was the height of the stadium/outdoor venue rock era. DP sold well enough to hold their own in arenas for a few years before we suffered awful ‘Smash hits’ type pop, bad mullet hair cuts and spandex wannabe rockers, it was the yuppie period after all.

    Times change, that MK2 line up ceased to exist because of (call it what you will) Internal squabbles, personality clashes, egos, musical differences or whatever but it would be a mistake to try to recreate the past, that’s for tribute bands and some do it well. Remember Pink Floyd at live8? Great cause but hardly best mates, surely we don’t want similar vibes in DP (again)!

    The current and previous incarnation (with Jon Lord from 1995 to 2002) of DP never let me down on stage, Steve Morse brought new life into the band, if Ritchie is happy to play his medieval rock then OK!

    I am not a great believer in trying to resuccitate or revive what has gone, no matter how good it is, Deep Purple is greater than any individual, the only constant has been the drummer! Spinal Tap in reverse!

    The next album? Like I’ve said before, I will approach it with an open mind, there is little else I or anyone else for that matter can do. Nostalgia can be healthy in small doses but excessive wallowing in it is best avoided.

  76. 76
    stefan says:

    I have nothing to add to that….You just about nailed there Sanderson…Thanks!!

  77. 77
    David Sanderson says:

    Here’s an analogy I am relaxing wih a few beers and Liverpool V Arsenal is on TV in the misleadingly titled ‘Euopean Champions league’ it’s virtually a Spanish team versus a French team, both of whom happen to play in England, 20 years ago such a fixture would have been unthinkable. An indication of how times change.

    As for the next DP album, if you ask most fans I would guess their favourite albums either ‘In Rock’ or ‘Machine Head’, we can’t look back on music that was recorded over 30 years ago and pretend we all fell asleep in 1972 and just woken up,times change,I’m very happy with DP 2008, they have lasted 40 years so must be doing something right!

  78. 78
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Don’t make me happy……….

  79. 79
    David Sanderson says:

    Don’t Forget Ritchie’s birthday card.

  80. 80
    purplepriest1965 says:

    A friend of me congratulated me with that on my own birthday.

    he thought it is the 4th of April, instead of the 14th.

    What a fan…………..

    No, honest…………

    I suppose that’s the only one of the Purps I kinda remember…………

    Apart from that…………

    Gillan, the 19th of August?
    Lordy, a twin
    Paicey, cancer?
    Roger, sagitarius?

    Ritchie, be in and at peace………

    All the luck………..


  81. 81
    Sir Laz Space Burns says:

    The best direction Deep Purple can take is to have a double album with contributions from all surviving original members! Picture Stevie and Ritchie playing a solo as dual guitars? Jon Lord could handle his organ and Don Airey could handle Synths! A Coverdale/Hughes/Gillan duet might fit niecely somewhere in the mix! Rod Evans(If found) could do some scat singing or write something(ha!) Nick Simper could stop by and work stuff out too! Then it should be glazed off with HEAVY Riffs and Blues and outdo all their other albums while they still can! Then the band could have one or two charity shows with the lineup and totally hit #1 everywhere because they clearly can’t get there now!
    This album would be godly if correctly produced by Martin Birch or Dio and maybe both!
    This would be Deep Purple’s best album since BURN and it is highly possible to do a project like this!

    It would be called THE MARK of Deep Purple. In respect to their numerous lineups and former members participating in this mass return!

  82. 82
    Mark Campbell says:

    The cover of Rapture of the Deep is my favorite album cover . It reminds me of Dan Pirarro’s work in Bizarro .

    Cheeahs , Mark

  83. 83
    Screaming Doug says:

    Please bring back Rog as producer!

  84. 84
    Xavier Gomez says:

    I agree with Jeogger Junior, Gillan has taken Purple off the cutting edge. Since Ritchie left he has restrained much of the band into a sort of boogie stu cockney spin that is highly unpaltable and remotely purple in any sense of the band.

    With Jon Lord leaving, the chemistry of the Blackmore-Paice-Lord dynamic has become nostalgic. Even when the band plays the classics, it lacks that freshness and ingenuity that was a hallmark when Jon and Ritchie steered it. Without trying to look back I must say that Ian has carelessly turned the band into his backing band, one that would be better called, Ian Gillan’s Backstreet boys.

    Bananas, and Rapture of the Deep are albums that mar the sound of Purple.It violates the Purple sense of excellence, and of musical precision and composition By letting the so-called new-blood “producers” into territory only the band should lead has further detrioated the band into mediocrity. It lacks the Purple sound and concepts which presented it as a unique rock band.

    Gillan has projected himself as a stooge on stage and his dressing begets a bum with t-shirts that befit a bafoon. And need I say more about his mental-midget haircut? Where is that in your face rock steady Gillan we used to know? It is time the band took a long hard look at itself and not take for granted the loyalty of its fans. A return to Blackmore’s discipline and focus would be a good place to start.

    No matter what is said about the difficultly in working with Blackmore, not much can be said against his attention to diligent detail to work or to create music or raising the lid in rehersals and live performances.

    I sincerely hope the new album, (whenever the band intends to go back to the studios) will keep these precepts in mind. We do not expect Purple to live on its past glory, but it does not have to undo what the band stood for musically. As one Machine Head says it – you can’t get Lazy!

    One just has to do a simple comparison of the band in terms of compositions, sound, or even its live performances since the time Blackmore exited in 93 to 2009. They are an embarrassment to even look at on stage. Gillan looks like a clown in shots in one of the earlier concerts and mumbles and fumbles with the lyrics. This is not the Purple we used to admire and we want the band to stand up and be counted as one the world’s greatest rock bands. The Battle Rages on.

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