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Gillan interview on Rockpages.gr

Gillan on stage in 2005

Crossword puzzles, Ritchie’s mother in law, and the Big Bang theory — what do they have in common? Read on. A very entertaining interview with Ian Gillan done by George Anasontzis.

Thanks to Kevin Dixon for the info.

60 Comments to “Gillan interview on Rockpages.gr”:

  1. 1
    Danny says:

    Really interesting interview. It would appear the rift between Gillan and Blackmore involved more than just about character and attitudes…$$$$$

  2. 2
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Hopefully IG will eventually share the “naked pictures” of Ritchies ‘Mother in Law’ with us fans. She seems to be ‘Laying the Law’ down in the ‘Man in Tights’ little castle of dreams……..


  3. 3
    mike whiteley says:

    This is the first time the $$$ issue has been mentioned regarding RB’s departure.Let’s hope IG is given to exaggeration.We all know music is a business,but this twist in the tale certainly paints an ever darker picture of The Man In Black

  4. 4
    stefan says:


    The interview confirms my suspicions about “Blackers”,even if only half of Ian´s answers are true! Why is that almost every guitar genius have to be an asshole??

    Naked pictures of Mrs.Stevens?? I´d rather see Candice in the nude! If Ian played his cards well, he could always use them for blackmail….I know I would!!ROCK ON!

  5. 5
    Joshua Collins says:

    October 21,2008

    Dear Ian Gillan,
    I’m most definitely a fan of yours. Whenever anyone else starts to say who they think is the best I sort of laugh and think man you’ve never listened to Deep Purple with Ian Gillan. The first performance of Ian Gillan I saw was at the Sam Houston Coliseum in 1984 with another well known band whom he was singing for at the time. What a show. I think Ian Gillan was drinking Jack Daniels out of a fifth and eating peanuts on the side of the stage. That night I had never heard or even knew what Smoke on the Water was but when it was played the audience lit up.
    When the Perfect Strangers reunion occured I was there for it all. I then started to learn about Deep Purple. My personal favorite song is No One Came. Fireball is my favorite album. I never understood why more of the Fireball album or Who Do We Think We Are album wasn’t played live or more widely known or played on the radio.
    I also started to appreciate Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore’s musical abilities beyond sheer heavy metal. All of you fellows are the greatest band. What a blessing. It is such a loss to everyone that Mark II isn’t together. I don’t know if Blackmore is intimidated by Ian Gillan or if he is uncomfortable with himself. The gift of being Deep Purple is profound and not to be the united winning team is an enigma. Blackmore must love Deep Purple somewhere in his heart. I wish that Blackmore would be a man and join the stridency of Deep Purple. Other great bands can do it.


    Joshua Collins

  6. 6
    R says:

    Ian Gillan speeking and speeking at hole is not very impotant.
    Without Ritchie Blackmore there are nothing special.
    Not Deep Purple
    Not great DP songs
    Not Rainbow
    Not Blackmore’s Night
    Not MK 4, 7 and 8 of course, becuse they live on MK II glory wich fundament is Ritchie Blackmore.
    And not “Ian Gillan” who give smart interviews, becouse he wouldn’t be singer from many, many yers.

  7. 7
    Rascal says:

    And how old are these guys??? 60+ and still bitching amongst themselves! Behaving like ‘kids’……sounds like so much fun!

    Photo’s of RB mother-in-law…..I ask You!!

    Do they show her in a compromising position?
    Any of Candice?
    Both of them?

  8. 8
    Jeffs says:

    R. you are misguided. DP without any of the original MkII members is not the same. Blackmore and Gillans abscense is particularly crucial to the chemistry of this band. Ritchie is of course one of the worlds most innovative and influential guitar players of that there is no doubt. but as you can see from any band that he has played with (apart form BN)he eventually falls out with the singer;-( In Ian Gillan he had an astonishing singer…As the frontman of what was at the time the world’s biggest selling band, RB engineered the singer out (for whatever reason)as he has done with all the other fantastic singers he has worked with. Gillan (at the height of DP’s success) was the voice, the frontman, the melody writer ad the sex symbol of the group. this is inevitable. The singer always gets the majority of attention from the girls and Ian was a handsome and charismatic man with (again) an astonishing voice which complemented the sound of the band perfectly. As a guitarist who has worked with some fabulous singers and musicians, I can’t tell you how important it is to the success of the band to have a great singer/frontman. In summary MkII Glort was not just about Ritchie Blackmore. The band at that time was the sum of it’s parts and all of it’s parts were equaly important.

  9. 9
    Jeffs says:

    R. you are misguided. DP without any of the original MkII members is not the same. Blackmore and Gillans abscense is particularly crucial to the chemistry of this band. Ritchie is of course one of the worlds most innovative and influential guitar players of that there is no doubt. but as you can see from any band that he has played with (apart form BN)he eventually falls out with the singer;-( In Ian Gillan he had an astonishing singer…As the frontman of what was at the time the world’s biggest selling band, RB engineered the singer out (for whatever reason)as he has done with all the other fantastic singers he has worked with. Gillan (at the height of DP’s success) was the voice, the frontman, the melody writer ad the sex symbol of the group. this is inevitable. The singer always gets the majority of attention from the girls and Ian was a handsome and charismatic man with (again) an astonishing voice which complemented the sound of the band perfectly. As a guitarist who has worked with some fabulous singers and musicians, I can’t tell you how important it is to the success of the band to have a great singer/frontman. In summary MkII Glory was not just about Ritchie Blackmore. The band at that time was the sum of it’s parts and all of it’s parts were equaly important.

  10. 10
    R says:

    Of course MK II without any other memeber is not the same, but Blackmore is the base of this great band and always will be. Ian Gillan is the best singer for DP, but Blackmore is the true legend as composer and soud. And I don’t know why IG give these stupid interviews.
    Until today I belived on possibele MK II (Deep Purple) reunion, but Gillan sucks with his personal comments.
    Blackmore is over these things. He is music God.

  11. 11
    marcinn says:

    I found the interview very funny and entertaining. I don’t know if Ian has the pictures of Blackmore’s mother in law, it may just be an ironic comment from him. Try to think of it in that way, Ian has a specific sense of humour and I think he shouldn’t be taken seriously in some cases.
    R, you’re right without Blackmore there wouldn’t be all the amazing bands you’ve mentioned. But the same situation would be if Gillan hadn’t been introduced to Ritchie, Ian and Jon. I do respect all of them, but it was Gillan’s singing on In Rock that clutched my heart and to this day gives me goosebumps. I still adore his singing, and being 63 he is still very good, and aware of his voice’s limitations. In the 1970’s he created the image, the monument of an singer with extinguished capabilities; he might haven’t even realized that in 40 years his voice will change, and he will not be able to live up to it as the fans would like it. But I’m happy as long as he lives and continues to do what he does. He is not just a singer. He’s got charisma, and is wonderful lyricist, a poet, multi-talented man. He is also a writer and a philosopher and good provider of catchy melodies not only for Deep Purple. To me the Gillan history in the music is awesome, I love all his records because they are all so diversified yet at the same time so Gillanic 😉 I would like to stress that I also adore Blackmore, and I do not bear a grudge against him beacues he left DP in 1993…

  12. 12
    Jeffs says:

    Well said Marcinn…Purple weren’t just Blackmore, but they certainly were who they were because of his contribution, He was one fifth of Deep Purple, his contribution was acceptional… but so was Paicy’s, Lord, Glovers etc.

    Ian is certainly the most interesting member of the band, his wit and anecdotes have given us all far more insight into the heartbeat of the machine than any the rest of the band. Ritchie keeps it all under his hat for a reason I think.

  13. 13
    Danny says:

    Last memorable album from Deep Purple? Perfect Strangers of course. As rocky and at times volatile the relationship was between RB and IG, the end product was astounding.

  14. 14
    marcinn says:

    Opinions and tastes may differ. We’re all entitled to our own thinking. We all have our favourite members of this band, albums, songs etc. But whatt is crucial to the understanding of DP’s phenomenon is that they were and are five people, very gifted musicians who contribute to this well-oiled machine and play their balls off every night. I respect them for the hard work they do. I belive everyone was/is in this band for some reason and to my ears Rapture of The Deep is one of the strongest Purple albums in terms of sound and lyrics. And I bet tomorrow it will be Purpendicular or THOBL;)Danny, try playing The Battle Rages On in this ordrer: The Battle Rages On, Anya, Talk About Love, Time To Kill, Ramschackle Man, Twist in The Tale, Nasty Piece of Work and Solitaire. It always blows me away. Without Lick it Up and One Man’s Meat it’s a true masterpiece, though the production could be a bit better.

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Jeff

    Just saw a bit of your myspace

    I m in between something so did not check it all out out

    I see you are or were with STATETROOPER, the band with Gary Barden, now with Michael Schenker again

    I must admit I never came to exploring the band although I was very interested

    Is this MSG thing temporarily or…….?

    I still doubt about going to see the MSG show next friday, the U tubes of late were a bit dissappointing in that sense that his voice seems so much weaker than I wished for

    What do you think or do I compromise you?

  16. 16
    TruthHurts says:

    Joe Lynn Turner has said a similar thing about Ritchie, RCA and 250k in a recent interview. Apparently the deal was that Blackmore accept Gillan back for 25th anniversary LP and tour, and RCA promote new Rainbow LP (1995’s Stranger In Us All).

    A very funny deal RCA ended up with DP: three LPs, none remotely like each other, by three totally different line-ups!

    P.S. TBRO main riff IS EXACTLY Rainbow’s “Fire Dance” at around 2:30. So much for “Slaves And Masters” always being slated as a Rainbow album.

  17. 17
    Chip says:

    That interview was a hoot. Blackers is such a douche. Want proof…when did the revolving door on Purple membership end…when Blackers left of course.

    I was a Rainbow fan before I was a Purple fan and Ritchie always has a soft spot with me. He was brilliant.

    Now…I take Morse every day every time. No drama and better studio recordings. But I’m a Morsified Zombie.

  18. 18
    Rascal says:

    Not suprising to see that Blackmores ‘integrity’ is the opposite of his once outstanding talent. I guess a loaded bank balance is far more enjoyable than ‘principles’.

    Interesting to realise that Blackmore is still a ‘thorn’ in Gillans side. I wonder who has the sleepless nights???

  19. 19
    Loanshark says:

    Clever move of Ritchie, he is the only one who understands how the bussiness works! Do you really think the management and recordcompany would pay him that money up front, if they were not confident that they would earn it back X-times over? The others are jackasses that they didn’t do the same, how naive…
    Or is there more to the story that you are not telling us, mr. Ian Gillan? Like, how much were you paid to rejoin DP?

  20. 20
    David says:

    How ironic is it that the moody broody man in black ends up being led around the backwater towns of eastern and western europe by his mother in law ? How long with that last?

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Saying that TBRO riff is exactly Rainbow.s Firedance is way over exaggerating.

    Only a short piece inbetween maybe

    Btw, BENT OUT OF SHAPE is a great album

    It s always the same debate about if he nicked this and that

    He did but implying that he copied so much that it is intolerable is overdone.

  22. 22
    TruthHurts says:

    yes, but the point of regrouping MKII at that time was supposed to be a statement that this wasn’t Rainbow + Lord and Paice, which is what MKV were(and still are, by some) accused of being.
    TBRO is an album of recycled riffs and regurgitated tracks (many songs having been originally written and recorded with Turner had their vocal parts erased and Gillan’s vocals mixed in instead).

    I love MKII as much as the next fan and while it’s true that the LP and tour had their moments, it was clearly a difficult and unhappy reunion.

  23. 23
    BlueLight says:

    If Blackers needs being well payed to feel good about his music – so be it. Maybe he saw the succes half way through the tour and wanted more from the cake but management got bored on the greedy attitude. Blackers left…Joe was invited. Then everybody was pointing fingers att Blackers. I really don´t know about this, but making his defection to a thing that is depending on the singer, Mr. Gillan…I personally don´t think so…I think that is pure image. However, a twist in the tale always makes a band, company etc far more interesting and more creative. DP being aware of this or not I think the MKII line up managed with such a great succes beacuse of this built-in tension. It was probably needed at the time, being able to break through.
    I would say they are all birds of a feather and I sure don´t blame them for it – as being strong individualists. Deep Purple is by far the best thing that has happened to me as a musician. I love them all very much and are grateful and humble of their work. Them being part of starting up the hardrock-genre by really pushing the boundaries of society and musical style. Sometimes when listening to their perfomances I still get tears in my eyes, then I know that their music really go DEEP.
    Maybe one day Blackers will jam with DP, like John did, maybe not. Who nows what is fact or fiction? Lets atleast agree on the fact that their music is extraordinary and vital, even today.

  24. 24
    stefan says:

    It´s hilarious that so many fans are so touchy about “Saint Ritchie”!It also cracks me up, every time I see the denial of facts among those worshippers of the very same!

    Ritchie is a lost cause…GET THE FUCK OVER IT!! He´s quite clearly content and happy, being dragged by the balls around the world, courtsey of his missus playing the poofed up court jester!!Yes,he is a guitar god,yes I´m aware of his legacy,do I want him back??NO FUCKING WAY!!

    Thanks to his departure we have a great DP today, and I for one rather like to see it stay that way!If he (God forbid) should come back…..the bloody thing would implode again! Would they find the strength to start over once more,at this age??? Not bloody likely!So just get over it and let´s not waste valuable time…they´re not getting any younger you know!!ROCK ON!

  25. 25
    SEVEN-47 says:


  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Saying over and over again that other people should get over something while you get cracked up, or something like that,time and time again leaves the question who has a problem.

    Talking about those others mainly and often in a very disrespectful way does not strenghten your argument.

    You will not change their ways in that fashion, it only serves your need to talk about them in that way.

    Maybe you should consult your wife how to interact with people or maybe she should redo her studies or perhaps she s not a professional at all?

    I m not getting any younger as well

    I d like to leave this place with a smile, thank you.


  27. 27
    Rascal says:

    Says the guy who has never shown disrespect or displayed any obsession.

    Or maybe you think a few days away wallowing in your own self made sympathy helps provide the illusion that previous obsessive postings dont exist.

    So maybe the answer to the question is still ‘you’

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I was already told that your texts make people think……and think…….and think.

    I had to re read it a few times , as with other posts on your behalve.

    It seems to me you have a fondness for language and a leaning towards cryptical outings.

    I ll be the last to say I m perfect in forementioned behaviour but it seems to me that I ve been less disproportional as compared to a few others.

    I do NOT imply or say continously that the other is a moron or something like that, I just disagree on some subjects
    And I tend to focus on opinions or behaviour instead on the personality

    But ofcourse, I ve been triggered to go beyond a few limis here and there.
    I m no saint…..

    But still, implying that I m as guilty as some others of trying to insult people makes no sense

    For example, calling the playing of SM twiddly diddly is not exactly from the same poisonous source as saying he is a big this and that. I think YOU are sharp enough to know that.

    Well, my coffe is running out and also my wit, so……

    Bye for now.

    Good day to ya all

  29. 29
    elprupdeep says:

    well as Ian said the management were absolutely shit during the most incredidible years of mark II so I supposed ritchie was very clever to fuck them up (manager in general because that were not the same one)with the quarter of the million he got, but it will be nice if ritchie have asked a million and have a share with roger jon and ian paice and have a quarter each. what a genius but not a trustfull man but as I said well done to try to get some money back money you deserve , but only if you have think about the others members it would have been a wonderful ending.cheers & long live DP,WITHOUT RITCHIE . And long live BN.
    P.S. in fact if it wasn’t for that quarter of a million probably DP will not continue and I think they(other menbers) were so upset about that they wanted to kick his ass (ritchie ass) and say no we are not dead yet .

  30. 30
    Rascal says:

    ‘less disproportional’…………MMMmmmmmmm

    Interesting to see you have set a level at which You believe certain ‘behaviour’ is acceptable.

    I dont imply ‘guilt’, I simply suggest a lack of innocence which then appears to manifest itself in frequent cries of ‘denial’.

    Its about ownership.

    You react and respond……….and make it interesting……..

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison……….


  31. 31
    Crimson Ghost says:

    There are so many inaccuracies from this interview and the following comments here on this blog which is obviously a self amused creation for posting old things as they’re new, and waiting for the riccochet here.
    What a wonderful passtime that must be.[sic!]

    The money figures are wrong, along with other bullshit in the interview that I can help clear up, and I don’t blame Gillan for that, just for a bit if anything.

    I guess I’ll have to come back later and spill the entire true story concerning many things said here, expect Blackmore, Gillan, and Glover quotes that simply reflect a different tale concerning the money and reasons for splitting.


  32. 32
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Finally, Professor Pig is gonna show us how to do it.
    As long it s not mathematics, thank you

    @ 30

    Rascal, you kill me!
    Ok, less cryptical then

    Ownership? Huh?

    Set at a level? Don t think so. On the contrary.

    A small dose of poison seems to be wholesome, I heard……

  33. 33
    Rascal says:

    You dont set A LEVEL?

    You sit in judgement over others comments and yet you expect limited and behaved responses in return.

    Your denial and liability issues………….kill me

  34. 34
    Crimson Ghost says:

    It’s called “self entitlement” Rascal, but you were about to inform that, or may as well have… just summing things up casually for you.

    The straight pig poop scoop when I get a second.

  35. 35
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Fair enough



  36. 36
    TruthHurts says:

    ‘Twiddly diddly’… that’s this thread alright.

  37. 37
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Purplepriest, no more benefit of the doubt for you, it seems to be a lost cause.
    You can deny all the help you receive on the couch, but Tracy makes a solid effort… bless him, seriously, I think the doc has your number there, indeed.

  38. 38
    Rascal says:

    Its called ‘throwing shit’ Crimson Ghost.

    If some gets thrown your way, then throw it back.

    Priest doesnt mind throwing it, he just doesnt like the smell when it lands back in his face……

  39. 39
    Crimson Ghost says:


  40. 40
    andresihotang says:

    So, so, so, the same old song came to the table again

    Only God knows why about Gillan vs Blackmore. Even one of them would not tell you the very true story until the funeral

    Let’s see fact, so we can take away this everlasting discussion from many subjective and outgoing comments :
    1. Ritchie is DP’s icon(great guitarist & songwriter)
    But Ritchie is the loser talking about Deep Purple
    ‘band&family'(’73, ’87, ’93). So both are two
    different place where MIB put his legs on Deep Purple
    2. Gillan is the voice, the charismatic frontman. But all
    in all he hates Ritchie. When he loves Ritchie, the
    product is Deep Purple best album (MH, IR, F, PS)
    3. So Gillan and Ritchie are not suitable one to the
    other. They can only work together for a little years,
    the product is what we love so much. Just look the
    fact and stop blaming Ritchie or Gillan or dreaming
    about MK II reunion. Deep Purple now is still Deep
    Purple. Reality is reality

  41. 41
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Reality is very bendable

    People change, opinions differ
    Ofcourse it will take a lot of effort from different parties, but they did that before, so

    I would not be surprised by anything in the near future

    But, ofcourse……

    It also might happen that they just slid through 2009 doing the same thing they did since 93

    Because ofcourse nowadays DP can celebrate 40 years of History on their own

    If you like that or not, it s an opinion.

    I know Jon denied his so called dream but…….

    Maybe thats a very good idea still

  42. 42
    Sami says:

    Blaaahh, Status Quo song comes to mind….’Again again again again’…

    Anyways, have the rest of the week off, so tonight it’s time to relax with some good music(DP, Wishbone Ash, BÖC etc.), beer & vodka…wife and son at grandmom’s so it’s boys’ night out, hahaa 🙂

    KIPPIS to you all, yours truly, Mr. Predictable

  43. 43
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I like that song, Sami, good choice

    I kinda liked the QUO and AC DC once but soon realised they were no match for the mighty Purps, Rainbow, Led Leppelin, HEART,Ten Years After…., UFO, and so on

  44. 44
    Sami says:

    That’s right, Priest…vintage Quo is almost essential while drinking. Didn’t prevent the hangover though 🙂

    Cheers, be well

  45. 45
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Are you sure you don t mean to say that drinking is needed while listening to QUO?

    I do not own a lot of QUO only QUO LIVE from the unremastered series unfortunately and ON THE LEVEL, which includes a great live ep from the 70 s as well


    Funny story behind that one, btw

    Very often the increasing knowledge of the language spoils the perception of the song.
    For many years I did not know much about the real meaning behind texts
    Appearantly the remaning was interesting or appealing enough
    The way it was sung, the drama and exitement of the music and the songs in general, the FEEL, the deliverance….

    I would surely scratch my head if NOW I d hear songs like highwaystar and all night long for the first time
    I try to ignore a lot of lyrics and hang on to the feeling they gave me when I was younger

    OH DEAR!

  46. 46
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Does anyone know suggestions concerning QUO?

    I d love to have more official or very good bootleg material from the line up that recorded QUO LIVE.

    Is there a DVD perhaps?

    There goes the thread again.

    Oh boy……

    Still awaiting the moment IG comes to shake me up and correct my behaviour on the forum, hehehe
    Would be another unfriendly encounter with my hero, then

    Years ago, w or chat with hen I tried to speak to him while sat behind a large glass of beer in Hiltonhotel, Rotterdam, he stubbornly reacted very negative ….I M TIRED
    Those moments are very human and understandable, but unfortunately on more than occasion he was like that

    I also got a very dubious look when I confronted him with loads of GIllan and DP vinyl material to be signed.
    Did he think perhaps I was a dealer who intended to sell these autographs fro big money?

    Still it was quite amazing sitting there at some moment at a teatable with Jon and Ian who were talking about days pre Purple.

    And so on…..


  47. 47
    Sami says:

    Priest : check out Classic Status Quo-dvd,
    it’s out on Universal Masters and has songs from the 70’s (their best) line up. Don’t know if they are live or just clips though…

    More recent, Heavy Traffic-cd(from 2002) was very good, in my humble opinion at least 🙂


  48. 48
    Sami says:

    Gillan related : just purchased & enjoyed thoroughly the new Shadowman-cd Ghost in The Mirror. Steve Morris on guitar, a really classy hard rock album!

    Buy it , people!

  49. 49
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Thanx Sami

    Yeah, HEavy Traffic had a tendency to go back in style
    Unfortunately the gig I saw felt a bit uninspired
    Always felt sorry I did not go to see the final gig of the original line up in 84

  50. 50
    TruthHurts says:

    “Heavy Traffic” is indeed very good, overall their best since the ’70s IMO. “Under The Influence”, from ’99 has some good moments too..they are still capable of making good music when their record company/pop audience lets them.

  51. 51
    purplepriest1965 says:

    But I also think this is NOT Quo anymore

    I prefer the Lancaster and Coghlan line up

  52. 52
    TruthHurts says:

    A bit like DP before Morse you could say…

  53. 53
    Anon says:

    Unprofessional, disappointing interview.

    Blackmail, greed, pettiness, arrogance, from Ian Gillan’s mouth. (very sad); Where is the humble musician who is true to his purpose.

  54. 54
    Tracy Heyder says:

    “Here We Go Again”………

    You poor souls.


  55. 55
    stefan says:

    Once upon a time Quo rocked…..today they should concentrate their touring to geriatric institutions! They only have to play the same song over and over again…and again,again,again!

    One know something´s not quite right when your grandma is crazy about them,wouldn´t you say?If the day ever comes when my mother likes DP…well,then I know they´re to old to rock and call it a day!ROCK ON!

  56. 56
    Joshua Collins says:

    Before Ian Gillan joined Deep Purple the band was searching to find their sound. The early albums were more heavy with Jon Lord’s contributions. Ritchie Blackmore’s early contributions were great but rather sporadic. Once Ian Gillan joined the band they wrote all their own songs. Lalena is a fine song but Deep Purple didn’t write it as well as Hey Joe. With Ian Gillan Deep Purple made their rise to success. It seems that Ritchie Blackmore became more narrow in his scope without playing a wider variety of their songs from Fireball or Who Do We Think We Are. With the great success of Deep Purple in 1972 it seems that Blackmore isolated himself more. Some people can handle success and others not so well. I think that with success you’ve got to be well balanced. When Ian Gillan left Deep Purple the band wasn’t the same nor as successful.
    I do believe that Blackmore’s grasp of good hard rock is superior but he has a tendency to be inconsistent. Jimmy Page was consistent with his band as well as Tony Iommi. I won’t criticise Blackmore that’s not my style. I wish that Blackmore would get over whatever prevents him from being in Deep Purple and be a great musical contributor to the Deep Purple sound.


    Joshua Collins

  57. 57
    Rascal says:

    Quo aint Quo anymore………???

    DP aint DP anymore………..???

    Queen aint Queen anymore………..???

    And so the seasons change……………..

  58. 58
    George Fotis says:

    Whats photo’s does Ian have of Ritchie’s mother in law ? Nothing he has absolutley nothing, just trying to sir up trouble. It’s always Ritchie the bad guy all the time , this time Ian has started trouble! Why is he telling DP payments & information on what Ritchie did. Ritchie had every right to refuse him back in the band. Joe’s voice sounds more modern & in better shape than Ian’s, he should have been given another go on a second album . I’m sure it would have been stronger, than Slaves & Masters.
    All Battle Rages On Tour, Ian partied , drank , smoked, stayed up late & forgot words to songs.

  59. 59
    rik says:

    Ian Gillan has what is called in the business ‘a sense of humour’.

    I’ve read many interviews over the years where he talks nonsense.

    I imagine he’s chuckling to himself over this.

  60. 60
    Jon Hill says:

    I am disappointed there is no DP tour of the US. I”ll have to go to Europe it appears.

    Steve Morse is a great and consistent addition to the Purple line up. I love RB, but Morse is far better in concert. Especially after seeing several self indulgent performances by RB in the 70s.

    Cheers from Indiana!

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