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December words from Roger

Riger Glover, Quebec City, Canada, July 29, 2007

Roger Glover has posted this year’s round-up on his website:

Of all the tours we completed this year, the reception we received in France was exceptional. In Paris, Gérard, our promoter, presented each of us with a “Gold Ticket” – a great looking plaque commemorating our box office achievement – we sold more tickets than any other band this year. I sincerely thank him and his staff. I’ve never seen anything like it before but it seems symptomatic of the way the business, at least our business, has changed. Live music rules!

Read the rest of December Words on rogerglover.com.

Thanks to Andrey Gusenkov for the info.

11 Comments to “December words from Roger”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    “…more tickets than any other band this year.”

    They also work harder than just about any other band.

  2. 2
    stoffer says:

    No Roger,….Thank You!!

  3. 3
    Jaro says:

    My favourite band Deep Purple became farce.Stop this nonsense-touring.
    Save your legend boys.
    One off Mk2 concert to celebrate 4o Anniversary would be enough.

  4. 4
    Rikk Desgres says:

    Roger (and Ian, Ian, Steve & Don)
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I hope to see you again in 2008.

  5. 5
    tomekdp says:

    OK, very nice, happy Christmas to Roger and all of the band – now, what about the new DP album?

  6. 6
    Bo says:

    If rest of the world was like Roger, then this planet would be the paradise we all dream of.
    Roger, you are second to none, and I can just say as “Stoffer” We ALL thank YOU for being the person you are.

    I look forward to the next album from the most smiling band in the world.

    To you, rest of the band, the people from Thames Talents and all Deep Purple fans around the planet
    Merry Christmas & happy New Year

  7. 7
    francis says:

    i wish a merry christmas and a happy new year to all the band members and their families & other DP family members too. i saw you many times in france, at Perpignan, Montpellier, Pau, Toulouse and it was great. Deep Purple’s music changed my life.

    God Bless you all.

  8. 8
    Craig Neely says:

    We should all say “thank you” to Deep Purple, as the band should know that we do not take them and their grueling efforts for granted. Our generations have been blessed with the music, insight, and humility of Deep Purple’s bandmates. They offer themselves to us with the greatest rock music efforts of our times. From who else can we hear such dependable virtuosity of performance, lyrical intrigue (serious and humorous), and an embracing of humanity (even with its faults)?

    I had the privilege of seeing 6 shows in this last tour in 5 different countries. The memories of the shows will last as long as me. Moreover, without the band I would not have experienced the thrills of meeting so many different people and experiencing so many different cultures. Also, for personal reasons, one show became a wonderful turning point in the lives of me and my wife of 20 years.

    A “thank you” can be superficial, like when you pass through the checkout line at the grocery store. But, a “thank you” means much more when it is spoken from the heart for another having truly made a difference in your life.

    To Don, Ian, Ian, Roger, and Steve: THANK YOU.

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy whatever your special “thank you” holiday is. May you and your families have the best of fortunes in the upcoming year.

    Craig Neely
    Emmaus, PA, USA

  9. 9
    Roberto says:

    Hello Roger!
    I wrote to you by your site 1 month and half ago more or less,could you reply to me?
    Thanks a lot!

    I havw 2 dreams:
    Please Roger think it over!

  10. 10
    stoffer says:

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all of the Deep Purple fans who use this page to share ideas, opinions or whatever! Be safe, be happy enjoy the time with family if possible and long live DP.

  11. 11
    ormandy says:

    To Ian, Ian, Roger, Don and Steve a.k.a. DEEP PURPLE, Merry Xmas and a happy 2008!!! Oh…and I’d love to see you guys start off the new year in the recording studio so us fans will have a new album in 2008.

    ps: Thanks again for the best concert the Warfield theatre ever had.

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