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Don Airey to tour with MSG

UPDATE (Dec 13, 2007): See our retraction on this story.

Don Airey will be taking keyboard duties on the upcoming UK tour of Michael Schenker Group. He will be joined by Gary Barden on vocals, Simon Philips on drums and Neil Murray on bass. The tour is said to start January 10 and “stretch as far as March”.

Check our tour dates listing for the dates available so far.

Glenn Hughes’ name was at one point linked to this tour, but he vehemently denied his participation:

The rumour about me joining Up with Michael is bizarre… I got an email from a fellow in Germany a couple days ago askin’ if I was interested in makin’ a record with Schenker. I never responded about the MSG project as I have been in the studio makin’ my new album. At this time I am only interested in my style of music, something which is so very close 2 my heart and Soul.

Thanks to michaelschenkerhimself.com and Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

22 Comments to “Don Airey to tour with MSG”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    Wow! This is great news…and Gary Barden back on vocals! Next to Blackmore, Michael Schenker has always been my favorite guitarist (doubters need to check out “Adventures of the Imagination,” “The Odd Trio,” the plethora of “Thank-You” acoustic albums, UFO’s “Stranger in the Night” and “Walk On Water”…you name it!)

    Schenker has strong Purple family connections and in fact could be considered a part of the Purple family himself. With productions by Roger Glover, drumming with Cozy Powell, singing by Graham Bonnet, keyboards with Don Airey…and I believe Schenker was even on the short list to replace Blackmore.

    Michael has had serious problems of late. Let’s hope he goes back to the mineral water and cleans himself up as he did in the early 80’s. The guy has a legacy of hard rock and guitar influence nearly (I said NEARLY) on par with Purple and it would be great to see him back in his prime.

    Glenn Hughes wouldn’t fit in… Schenker is different. Schenker guesting on a Hughes track would be more fitting I would think. He could give Michael some tips on turning his life around, however.

    Besides…we have Neil Murray on bass and this line-up is just about classic! I wish they would record!

  2. 2
    ormandy says:

    I guess no Deep Purple recording sessions from January 10 through March 2008. Ouch!!!

  3. 3
    Stefan says:

    Great guitar player and well known nutcase……I´d decline any offer from herr Schenker if I were a musician! Whatever planet he´s from it has yet to be discovered!

  4. 4
    Tracy Heyder says:

    He’ll probably join with Kevin DuBrow some day and make beautiful music together.

  5. 5
    Corn Dog says:

    Loved Schenker in his UFO days, but I never really liked MSG.

    I understand their are some funny Bonnet/Schenker stories!!

    Heyder, maybe you will too. Lets hope so.

  6. 6
    knight nurse says:

    If Michael is in a good shape it will be fantastic tour. This line-up rocks.I saw him on the last tour and he was just great, really! And I`m looking forward for Neil playing the bass solo in Into The Arena! What about the rest of Europe? Has got Don time for a MSG European Tour?

  7. 7
    Barry White says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Simon Phillips is quite the best drummer this world has ever hosted. Miss it at your cultural loss. Keeping within the DP theme, he appeared on the original “Whitesnake” album, “Elements”, “Naked Thunder” (Gillan said at the time he would have loved to tour with him bit could not afford him) “Before I forget” (Check out “Bach onto this”) as well as touring with the Who in 1988 (he once appeared on TV backing David Gimour in the 90’s(?) on “Comfortably numb”) he also appeared on Bernie Marsden’s two solo albums.

    If Michael Schenker is in his backing band, he too may be worth a look.

  8. 8
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Do you see the venom in your response Corn Dog (fitting name)? I am not wishing any harm to anybody, just observing the obvious that you hypocritical sympathizers seem to woller in. Again, with the direction that Schenker has taken his once great life, it is inevitable that he will most probably join the long list of tragic burnouts.

    That Corny enough for you?

  9. 9
    Corn Dog says:

    No venom at all, or do you believe you are immortal?

    Quick to judge, condemn and sentence.

    Part of the filth that walks this earth

  10. 10
    Stefan says:

    Uh-oh……….here we go again!!

  11. 11
    T says:

    Another thing I won’t discuss is reeeeligion… It always causes a fight…

    Everyone entitled to an opinion which I don’t mind as long as one can back it up with some real discussion and debate…

  12. 12
    Corn Dog says:

    We had the discussion and the debate, but some of us wont let it drop.

    Its just tiring to listen to some of the small minded remarks from a certain ‘idiot’.

    I apologise to the rest of you.

  13. 13
    Seven-47 says:

    Dear Corn Dog;

    No need to apologise, like Tracy Heyder you write what you feel and are passionate about it. There’s nothing wrong with that. You and I probably have more in common with Tracy Heyder than you think, we’re just on different sides of an issue, probably many issues. This is what makes life interesting!

  14. 14
    Sami says:

    Very well said indeed Seven-47, although extreme fanatism of any kind
    is unhealthy in my opinion.
    What a pity Don won’t be touring with MSG…Michael had/has some serious
    problems, but when he’s fit he blows everyone away(saw him on ‘a good
    night’ couple of years ago, and he really delivered!)!!Gary Barden up front
    at last(great singer!), I keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well.

    Cheers, and have a good weekend everybody.

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ermmmmmmmmm. no need for me here, I see…………….

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Corndog

    Do you own a dog?

    What about “cat-people”….vs “dog-people”?

    Is it not remarkable that RB changed from dogs to cats over the years?

    I think cat owners are more into spiritual things although RB still loves soccer……………There’s a mind boggler………

  17. 17
    Corn Dog says:

    cat-people vs dog-people?

    That could be an interesting debate!!

    I have owned dogs and cats in the past. Unfortunately my cat went out ‘never to return’……………..so sad!

  18. 18
    Jimmy jay says:

    don airey with MSG. sounds good to me. let’s also have a guest appearence by g. bonnet. under rated voice as is g. hughes. fantastic news.

  19. 19
    Seven-47 says:

    I agree in regards to Graham Bonnet, what has he been doing lately?

  20. 20
    Sami says:

    Seven-47 : check out bonnetrocks.com….quite informative site.
    the man is still in great shape, saw him a few months ago
    with JLT and he really blew the roof of the place(lots of Rainbow
    in the set list and a few Alcatrazz & solo songs). Of course it’s
    a nostalgia trip every time Graham tours, but very entertaining

  21. 21
    Seven-47 says:

    Thanks for the info Sami! Bonnet & JLT, I would have loved that!:]

  22. 22
    Sami says:

    …and he did a Great version of MSG:s Desert Song as well!

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