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Whitesnake will not tour with Led Zep


A few days ago a rumour originated in British tabloid Daily Mirror about Whitesnake as a support act on Led Zeppelin’s alledged world tour:

A long-time pal, Whitesnake’s frontman David Coverdale, said yesterday the tour was “very likely” and he was expecting to be the support act.

David said: “I’m expecting a call from Jimmy any day asking my band Whitesnake to support them on their world tour. Am I on board? You bet. Probably worth billions!

Coverdale promptly denied the rumour in his email to Classic Rock’s Geoff Barton:

What fucking world tour, we ask ourselves? We’re already out on our Good To Be Bad world tour, thank you very much!

I have no idea where this started, Geoffers. But, with the wildfire of the internet, my poor ol’ German publicist is fighting them off with her rusty, but trusty, Luger.

I assure you there is no… (of course there fucking isn’t) …any foundation in this.

Why, after all the charming back-and-forths between one Monsieur Plant and oneself through the years, who could imagine such a premise possible? Not me, squire!

Thanks to Nigel Young, Blabbermouth.net and Daniel Bengsson for the info.

111 Comments to “Whitesnake will not tour with Led Zep”:

  1. 1
    David Jane says:

    Why would any member of Deep Purple be a support act for a crap band like Led Zeppelin – lets face it Robert Plant would never win a place in Deep Purple or any of the spin off bands.

  2. 2
    stefan says:

    This is probably blasphemic on this blog…..hmm…but..In my mind Zep is the greatest rock band ever with DP as close runner up!!! Yeah,I know and I´m prepared to take some verbal lashings!I´ll stand by my statement beacuse: Zeps music is much more diverse,epic,grand,mythic,thunder & lighting and the hammer of the gods! Apart from that they´ve never changed bandmembers and hold just about every attendance and money record there is, at least in the states!

    I never got the chance to see them in the good old days! One part of me desires one last album and a farewell tour….on the other hand…I wish the legend to be intact! There´s a lot of integrity in Zep to have refused a reunion all these years despite the shitloads of money they´ve been offered (yeah I know…Page loves money and once had the nickname Led Wallet!!)If they choose to do it, Mr.Plant would never agree to have DC anywhere near the tour! For some reason there´s a lot of bad blood between those two!Now…fellow DP afficionados….let the slaggings commence!!

  3. 3
    stoffer says:

    stephan, I will not “slag” you because you think Zep is the greatest rock band of all time, it is a fact that most people (not on this website)agree with you. In fact not too many people other than us will concede DP as #2. Zep has more popularity, money, headlines etc. but my personal prefrence is DP always has been and always will, Zep’s music is everything you said it is, but DP is to me the blue collar rock band, never stops working and never really anything fancy. Long live DP and to some extent Zep. cheers!

  4. 4
    stoffer says:

    sorry stefan, NOT stephan…..:(

  5. 5
    George says:

    Looollll… Whitesnake may be supporting act for LZ, ’cause Whitesnake IS NOT kind of “greatest mega-bands”.
    Ok, Good To Be Bad charted #5 in the UK, and what??? Do they have even one chart-topper album? NO. (DP has dozens of chart-toppers) Has Whitesnake sold-out the same stadiums in the same towns, day after day? No. (DP had 5-6-7 sold out gigs in the same stadiums every night in the USA, during Perfect Strangers Tour)….

    LZ has sold 200 million records, DP – 130. Maybe LZ were more popular than DP, but Deep Purple now is (and always was) a greatest mega-b(r)and… DEEP PURPLE is the name which tolds you everything. They’ve been maintaining mega-image for 40 years. THIS CAN DO ONLY THE HIGHEST CLASS MUSICIANS.

    So, DP isn’t a name to be secondary supporting band for LZ tour. DP are in primera division of todays music world.

    So, let any secondary band to support LZ… 😉

  6. 6
    stefan says:


    I´m not sure what you´re babbling about,but here´s some facts for you! When Zep reunited for the O2 arena show last december, about 20 million people tried to get tickets!!! If they choose to tour again I can guarantee they´ll probably sell out Wembley, Madison Sguare Garden or the Millenium stadium 10-20 times in a row!! In the seventies all Zep albums went top 3 in the U.S. charts, and they even had all nine albums ( incl. “Coda”)in the charts at the same time!

    Yes! DP are indeed primera division…and so are Zep!!!

  7. 7
    George says:


    No, I compared not LZ and DP, but Whitesnake and Deep Purple (as both being discussed as supporting act)…

    I mean that, LZ is really greatest band with their comercial success… (musically I prefer DP, cause LZ musically died in 8 years, and DP are fresh and alive for 40 years)… but the numbers are the numbers… LZ is more popular than DP, they of course are both primera division. That’s why I can’t imagine DP in the role of secondary supporting band for LZ….

    BUT I say, Whitesnake can be supporting act for LZ, as they aren’t prime-band… they are just popular band (popular because it’s headlined by Coverdale, who itself became popularo cause he was IN DEEP PURPLE)…

    and also, I forgot, Good To Be Bad reached #5 in the UK 😀 this doesn’t mean that WS became prime…

    btw, In 1980’s band Gillan had 4 chart-topper albums in 4 years… that was prime in this time 🙂

    So, let Whitesnake or any secondary band to support LZ… 😀

  8. 8
    adder says:

    Whitesnake is a premier band!!!but they can’t support Led Zeppelin because Coverdale was a member of Deep Purple..And George don’t forget that whitesnake on tour of 1987 and Slip of the tongue had many sold out gigs in the same stadiums…and how many years has ian gillan to make a top 10 charting album?

  9. 9
    Carlos (from Paraguay) says:

    DEEP PURPLE is the Teacher, Whitesnake is the Preacher!!…….. but led zeppelin is just the heifer!!

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Looked that up………….
    Some name for a pregnant cow ????

    Maybe LZ should pick Pearl Jam as support?

    And what Amy Whinehouse?
    She can also do duets with Robert the moment he gets melancholy about his last more interesting musical effort………

  11. 11
    roberto says:



  12. 12
    Rost says:

    To Stefan,
    There are not 20 million tried to get tickets, but only 1.5 million. Not so much for the Greatest Rock-n-Roll band in the world, what do you think?

    I’m, personally, like Zep very much, but for me they die at 1975 after great “Phisical Graffity”. In “Presence”, except “Ahhiles last stand” and “Nobody’s fault but mind” there is nothing special. I don’t want to talk about “In through the out door” – THE REALLY SHIT.

    Purple is living legend. They are still fresh, Zeps – dead as band and as musicians.
    Can you tell me something significant that any Zeps member did after breakup? Page did nothing and also forget how to play the guitar, Jones – nothing and finally Mr. Plant – he, he except”Fate of Nations” and “Mighty Rearranger” all his other stuff is piece of shit.

    I bought Plant’s double cd “66 in Tumbaktu”, I only one play it full and usually stop listen to it after first 4 songs. This is BORING.

  13. 13
    Chip says:

    Of course we think DP is better than Zep…otherwise we’d be lurking on another site.

    That said Zep is one of the great bands in rock history. I do think they are a tad overated…but that might be my own internal bias kicking in.

    Outside of some of Plant’s solo work, there really hasn’t been a lot to get about excited about with Zep spin off projects (a few good songs from the The Firm and Plant/Coverdale notwithstanding)

    I think the true measure of the greatness of DP is the number of excellent bands/artists that have spun off from the band.

    DP has always attracted the best musicians…and when you see bands/artists like Whitesnake and Glenn Hughes still making great rock records…it really does speak volumes about DP through the years.

    If popularity = “goodness” then Michael Jackson would be the worlds greatest recording artist. I think we all know that the opinions of a fickle public…fueled by a repressive and slanted media….is not going to fall for the best thing.

    I kind of like being a fan of a band that’s a little out of the norm….it makes it more fun. So stop feeling jealous of the Zep reunion now….it will be bigger than anything DP does….it will be overhyped….it will not be as good as anything you will see from DP this year in concert….

    And that’s OK. We know the truth….

  14. 14
    Pierre says:

    I really can’t see the point in arguing which artist is the better one. Are a Carlsberg Export a better beer than a Fuller’s ESB just because it has sold more? Don’t think so!
    DP and LZ are two great bands. There were a lot of them coming out of the UK in the early seventies; DP, LZ, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Yes, Queen, Genesis, King Crimson… Could go on forever. I don’t know which one is #1 to me and it doesn’t matter. And I also really enjoy the solo efforts of Robert Plant, I just can’t understand why he has so often spoken condescending about his contemporaries. Strange one.

    The thing that annoys me in this DP-LZ comparison is that DP just don’t seem to get the cred they deserve. I mean LZ have deserved all their cred, yes, but DP very seldom get mentioned when it comes to the influence of rock music. Instead Black Sabbath is always mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Sabs but I remember the 70’s when DP were on all people’s lips and BS was not. But that changed a lot when a mr John Osbourne started stumbling around at home muttering 4-letter words… And suddenly BS was the greatest rock band of the 70s and the inventor of hard rock.

    I think the reunion of DP in ’84 was OK, but what happened afterwards dragged them down. I think they would have got more cred of what they accomplished if the reunion never had taken place. But then we would never have gotten the possibility to see them again, and that surely counts for something…

  15. 15
    jaro says:

    Pierre you are right.I still wait for Mk2 reunion!

  16. 16
    dpprpl says:

    Granted, Led Zep is a fantastic band (#4 all time by my counts after DP, ELP and Rush). Now then, it was the most popular amongst these bands and maybe only superseded in fame by the beatles (sesame street music) and Rolling Stones (best 3-note band ever). I go by virtuosity (this is why Floyd is behind), musicality (this is why Yes and Crimson are behind), catalog and variety. The claim of Zep being the most diverse is not really that true. It was, though, back in their days and were kept under that impression forever. The one thing which Zep is recognized (even by DP members), is that they were ground-breaking in many good ways).
    Really, Zep III was a bold move, even though the record is not that amazing in my view, after a very decisive Zep’s I and II, confirming the arrival of hard rock blues-based songs with an edge.
    By 1970, what was going on in the DP camp? nothing less than In Rock, a nuclear H-bomb of a record (something that Zep could never even give it a try). The aesthetics in Purple, even when talking about a REALLY hard album, is something that no other band has attained(ELP being very close, -though, without a guitar) are The thing is that DP was a better machine. The rhythm section (jones-bonham vs. glover-paice could be the line of bigger debate, both were amazingly tight and distinctive, superb combos). DP’s song structure is usually more complex, thus less appealing to the masses.
    Still, by 1974 DP was on top of the world, the better band musically finally beat the first to arrive at the scene in sales and popularity, notwithstanding the change in lineup. Mk III was a monster live. Check out Live in London.
    But in 1975 everything changed. I attribute this mainly to poor management by DP (even to the point that they almost disbanded) By the time Ritchie left, game over. Zep took the title. Physical Graffiti IS probably their best effort and funk (come taste the band, was not really a contender).
    Actually, many fans didn’t like The Song remains the same, but to me it’s the live recording that saves the day for Zep (even with the many oberdubs and everything included) The true quintessential versions of No Quarter, Since I’ve been loving you, Stairway, Dazed, The Song remains, Rain are there. (I can’t even listen to the studio version of Stairway). Whole lotta love is better in the How the west was won, but it wasn’t released back then.
    So it’s a lot of how things happened. Sadly, Bonham died, but many point at, Page intrinsically knowing he hadn’t that much more to give (something that has largely being recognized as true). But, he has been an amazing curator of the Zep brand. (the cd box, the dvd, the re-releases) fantastic businessman.
    The DP reunion was a blessing with a double edge, and I’ll take it anyday, and so I also really enjoyed the Page Plant unledded tour.(best versions of many songs there, which otherwise I wouldn’t listen anymore, like 4 sticks, battle of evermore).
    This upcoming Zep tour is welcome and I think it’s going to be good, but it’s not going to be DP Mk VIII. Not even close.
    Hopefully there’s not going to be a supporting act. (DP shouldn’t have one either)
    Check out a Rush concert- 3 hours and it’s fantastic still.
    In any case, enjoy the good music still left around.
    GO SEE BLACKMORE’S NIGHT!!!!!! best rock musician and guitarist ever in that band. (I had to say it right? lol)

  17. 17
    stefan says:

    Did´nt the Whitesnake album “1987” outsell any album ever released by Purple….???? Secondary band my ass!!I think some Purple/Blackmore fanatics have a hard time accepting that fact!!!

    Zeppelin rarely had supporting act,they filled the halls and stadiums themselves. They even rented the venues themselves so the local promotors ended up with nothing! Manager Peter Grant was lightyears ahead of everybody and earned shitloads of money to himself and Zeppelin. He practically changed the business singlehanded!

    I don´t think I´m the only one on this blog to like more than one band…so what are we arguing about? I love DP and have done so since 1973 and will probably do so `til I drop dead! I do however have other mistresses such as Zep,Rush,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Black Sabbath and many others! To me there´s just two kinds of music…good music and bad music! How to categorise it is up to the listener, his taste and ears!!

  18. 18
    DickPimple says:

    Led Zep & DP? Both great. The difference………live. Page……great studio musician, get it wrong – do it again. But live……sloppy.

  19. 19
    stoffer says:

    LIVE!! yes indeed Live, Zep as good as they were never made a live LP as good as Made In Japan or even Live In Paris..

  20. 20
    Marc Dayvis says:

    Led Zeppelin used to be my second favorite after Purple, but then two things happened. The first is I more and more found Robert Plants vocals to be annoying and not nearly as melodic as Ian Gillans or Ozzy Osbournes. Secondly, over the last 5 years or so, I found out from friends that the first 3 Zeppelin Albums are mostly cover songs, and reworkings of old blues, r&b, and folk songs, without having credited the original creators on the record sleeve. If you look at stuff like In Rock, Fireball, or even back to Shades, Purple was inventing new stuff, and when they borrowed or stole, Ritchie and the band would always be forthcoming and list it on the record. Whereas, again with Zeppelin, it looks more like they were saying they wrote the first 3 albums on their own. Purple overall is way better than Zep musically, however Jimmy Page was amazing in that he invented new and better ways to produce/engineer rock music, and was a genius at fusing different styles into the music to create a brilliantly ecclectic style.

  21. 21
    stefan says:

    DickPimple & Stoffer!

    I agree as such…”The song remains the same” was not a great live album! Too many overdubs and pretty sloppy, but they finally released a great one a couple of years ago: “How the west was won”!! But no live album can match “Made in Japan”…….EVER!!!!

  22. 22
    AndreA says:

    Led Zeppelin better than what? Robert plant is a singer-chicken,about LZ I love only the first 3 albums and Presence..I never loved Robert Plant,I have seen always him like a man with stink under his nose,sometimes he feels to be God,the immortal golden curl…Gillan has been always better on stage,I hate Bonham because when he was drunk under the DPMark4 stage he shout against them: deep purple are sheet…
    I think that no one purple musicians would like this against others…and at the end I think that Led Zeppelin (that belong to the history of rock rightly) are a COVER BAND: infact i think that paul rodger’s FREE has born before LZ and that their blues sound was covered by led zeppelin.
    try to listen LZ1 and LZ2,the sound belong to the moody FREE blues..
    that’s i think. LZ suck me…

    and beatles are better and stoner than rolling stones

  23. 23
    AndreA says:


    I wrote sheet instead of SHIT

  24. 24

    stefan you can drag out all the figures you want to support ZEP but that don’t make them the best. There are a lot of artist who have BIG numbers to support them a place at the top(BEATLES-ABBA-ELVIS). The facts remain that ELVIS and the FAB 4 have everyone dead to writes when it comes to record sales(Including your No.1 Zep). ABBA was offered a BILLION dollars to reunite in the 80’s less than 7 years after they disbanded. LED ZEPPELIN would never have received an offer like that so close to their break up(Now 25 years on a billion dollars is feasible for them). Do you know what all this means…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! If you think ZEP is the best I hope it’s not because they sold records by the truck loads and can sell out stadiums(HANNA MONTANNA does this). I hope it’s for the music and music alone cause that’s all that matters PERIOD! Music and all art for that matter is in the relm of personal taste. If you think the 80’s college radio band like BONGWATER are the best then they are NUFF SAID!
    Now having said this it’s my opinion that in the relm of Hard Rock NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE WAS AS POWERFUL & DYNAMIC as DEEP PURPLE Mark II! But you know there might be some HANNA MONTANNA fans(And Zep fans)who would take issue with this. DP Forever!!!

  25. 25
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Stefan I agree with you; personally for me it’s Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, and Bad Company. I own everything Led Zepplin has recorded, but I’m just not as passionate regarding them as I am Deep Purple. I think what intrigues me is all of Deep Purple’s alumni, and all of the great music they have spawned.

  26. 26
    jim says:

    I dont think its about money,sales or sellout venues its about how good the musicians are and DP never failed in any lineup to produce the goods.Purple are a better band all round musically.So if you compare DP and LZ in the studio LZ done more overdubs than DP so to me that means LZ cant play very well and live they are a joke and Pages solos are so pathetic it sounds like a baby monkeys playing the guitar he really is a crap player and just for the record Made in Japan has no overdubs whatsoever on it at all its what was played on the night that you hear on the album and its the best live album made ever by a million miles compared to anyone elses live albums but so was Made in Europe a great album.And to Rosts comment ealier about Page forgetting how to play the guitar well he never new how to play it in the first place and still dosent.

  27. 27
    Jeff G. says:

    Andrea, DP MkIV WERE sheet. Make no mistake about it. Don’t even know what Lord and Paicey were hanging in there for…They were very lucky that they were so well respected and talented that they didn’t become relegated to being session musicians for the rest of their lives. And I’ll be damned if Whitesnake didn’t nearly become a new form of Purple. DC with Lord & Paice out-Purpled Mk IV with ease. And I don’t know any fans who wished Hughes had joined them during that period in Whitesnake’s history. Obviously, Whitesnake was not supposed to be DP, because DC allowed his other band members to assist in writing super , super stuff that was not DP-like in any way. My point is that DP Mk IV, unless you’re a Bolin fan, was simply Sheet – a wounded, directionless, fading band.

  28. 28
    Wrong Man says:

    How about Whitesnake supporting Deep Purple on their Reunion Tour next year. They would sell more tickets than Zepplin thats for sure after all money talks.

  29. 29
    T says:

    Never cared much for Ded Zeppelin.

    I never found the musicianship particularly impressive in any category, and the “bad” songs by far outnumber the “good” songs.

    I never understood the immense prestige Page enjoys as a ‘great’ guitarist and attribute the success of the band more to the drug subculture of the time than to any real innovation (à la Grateful Dead). It was simply cool to smoke weed and listen to Led Zep and the Dead.

    Whitesnake is far better off on their own with some classy opening act than to play second fiddle to a group that hasn’t recorded an album in almost 30 years.

    Zeppelin will remain inconsequential until they can prove that can still compose. I think they *can*–but are afraid to. DP put an updated, modern album together when they re-united, which is the whole point of a reunion.

    In *my* opinion. 😉 And you know what they say about opinions.

    Besides. Everyone knows Flash & the Pan is the greatest band ever! 😉 😉 😉

  30. 30
    jim says:

    For me its not about sales,money or how big an audience its about how good a musician you are.Now I’ve had this out on many a web site before and that is LZ are ok in the studio except for the amount of multitracking and overdubs they do but live they are pathetic big time,Page just dosent come across as a guitar player at all,just listen to his solos live they’re criminal he should be jailed for the amount of bad playing especially for selling it to the public because your name is LZ but if those fans like shite because of the name LZ then they’re just as bad but listen to DP in the studio,there might be 1 or 2 overdubs and thats it and live Purple are untouchable with the exception of Rainbow of course.Made in Japan is thee live album of all time by a million miles and Made in Europe is a close second, so why would anyone think DP or WS would open a show for a band that cant play very well like LZ when both DP and WS are so much more profesional in every respect beats me.Theres an interview with Jon Lord I’ve read somewhere and he says DP were touring with Cream and were taken off the tour to star in there own shows because Purple blew Cream off the stage

  31. 31
    stefan says:


    Flash & the Pan??? Someone whispered Bay City Rollers in my ear….Can´t be right eh???

  32. 32
    jim says:

    sorry for repeating myself from comment 24 and then comment 26 but Ithought my comments were’nt put through

  33. 33
    T says:

    Heh, heh… Bay City Rollers. Wish I would have thought of that.

    I do like ‘the Pan though. Just not as much as Paice & the Purps.

  34. 34
    Percy says:

    Why would Zeppelin even need a support act on a tour if they do one? Jimmy Page’s ego already bloats the bill. I can’t stand Whitesnake, but I bet they can play most if not all their songs in the original keys. That Zep reunion last year was absolutely awful hearing all the songs be given lower keys to allow the Plant to sing them without screwing up. Sorry, but Zep are way over-rated in my books and Jimmy Page is the greatest conman in rock history.

  35. 35
    jay wiz says:

    nothing wrong with flash in the pan. they made more albums than led zepplin. as far as guitar playing, no one does it better than the stove pipe hat wearing RB. bay city rollers would headline a led zep concert.

  36. 36
    Tracy Heyder says:


    For violating “Statute #96, Section 13445, page 69, paragraph 12” regarding Blog Subject. It has come to the attention of the Blog Subject Police and they have decided that PURPLEPRIEST1965 is the leader of a band of gypsies whom can’t seem to stay on the proper subject for more than 5 entries………he he he….

    Well hello everyone and here’s a song for ya……

    Does it really matter or is it even closely relevant as to which band is the “Best”? One’s taste or preference for music is truly their own, and to even begin to think that it makes any sense, trying to convince someone else that a song or record or band is better or worse than another is insane. That would be the same as telling someone that they have to like Burbon over Vodka, or Pepsi over Mountain Dew, or Chocolate over Vanilla. It’s a mute disussion and it totally blows my mind that there is this much termoil over it. Obviously there are major differences between the bands you are all disussing here. But which is BETTER? Hell, whose to say? Me? I love Deep Purple and prefer them over all others……Most of the time. But there are a few songs that I enjoy from LZ over some songs from Purple. It doesn’t make the band any worse or better. They are totally different bands with totally different direction.

    But to put things into the present state, Led Zeppelin doesn’t even exist anymore. Deep Purple and Whitesnake do. What do I mean by that?:

    At least Whitesnake will have current songs to give the audience when they go out on tour. The Reformed Zeppelin will most likely not put out a new album and will do a Greatest Hit’s Tribute show to the band that originally put out the songs they will play. All in all, they will be putting on a “Tribute” show when they tour. What a shame that will be. Jason Bonham, the drummer for Zep is also the drummer in another “Greatest Hit’s Tribute Band”. Foreigner. Again, they too are touring on their old hits and not being creative at all. Quite the rip-off and very unfair to the newer members of the bands whom have to follow along in past members shadows. What’s worse is that I’m sure, LZ will be collecting premium ticket fees when they do go on tour and all you will get is “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME”.

    Quite the Rip Off I’d say, and unfortunately as someone else stated, they will draw the crowds due to great promotion and the ticket sales will break records I’m sure where Purple, whom are still creative and give you the full package (new material and masterfully played shows)struggle to fill medium sized theaters, at budget ticket prices. Very frustrating for sure, but somehow it’s the way it goes.

    So in closing, appropriate thing would be for Led Zepplin to open for Whitesnake. Not the other way around. Whitesnake is current. They just put out an album which they are promoting. Zeppelin hasn’t recorded anything since 1980. They actually don’t exist officially as far as I’m concerned until they produce something new to show that they are the New Led Zeppelin. Ironically they are just a “COVERVERSION”, which is what David Coverdale was named when Whitesnake took on a Zeppelinish sound in the late ’80s.

    When Purple reformed in ’84, they did so with a NEW RECORD. Perfect Strangers after 9 years of being gone. They toured not only on there old hits, but a new record. That is legit. Whitesnake…..the same thing. They keep it REAL by keeping current, when they tour.

    This Zeppelin thing is BS and should be Boycotted unless they show something current from today.

    that’s my oppinion and I’m sticking to it……


  37. 37
    David Sanderson says:

    Let’s put this in perspective, Zeppelin haven’t even reformed, if they do, I would love go to see them, for the record, I have all their albums and love their music but I prefer Deep Purple, some prefer Led Zep, some dislike both, freedom of choice, this ‘my band is better than yours’ thing is a bit silly really, anyway it’s a nice warm sunday so I’m going for a ride out and pub lunch, have fun!

  38. 38
    elprupdeep says:

    this is only big money.billions and billions for retiring rock&roll men.led zep reform of course this was predictable, anyone could bet on that one and win. so what I have to say is , I will surely do the same if I have a band with such a name (who doesn’t love money)and the second thing I like to add is for the fans (if we were not here??????????????), wouldn’t be great if something like deep purple jethro tull rainbow whitesnake led zep and charles aznavour (just kidding for the last one) will do a big event together and make THE FANS happy . something like monsters of rock or something like that, but more like a tour. with the names on the billboard written the same size and the same colour and in alphabetical order (last one is just for me-alphabetical order-) deep purple are the first for me ,sorry. long live dp. cheers. the frog of perth.

  39. 39
    stefan says:

    Where´s ABBA on that bill?????

  40. 40
    roberto says:

    led zeppelin and black sabbath:reunion for nostalgic people.no new record but a lot of money.

  41. 41
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I am really confused now.
    I thought comparisons were “not done”?

  42. 42
    Bo says:

    In my opnion DP has alwas been, and stil are, FAR FAR better than Led Zeppelin. I like Zep – but they will never get close to Purple.
    BUT Led Zeppelin has alwas been lightyears ahead when it comes to promoting. I still find it crazy the way Purple are playing in small venues in small towns. Like in Denmark, where I’m from, they play to festivals for +/- 1000 people. Should never happen and I hate to see it.

  43. 43
    Ad says:

    Imho we should treat Whitesnake as an offshoot band and from all the offshoots Whitesnake fared considerably better than Plant solo, Page solo Page-Plant, the Firm, Rainbow, Gillan, Glenn Hughes etc etc. and yes Whitesnake would be an excellent choice to support Led Zeppeli

  44. 44
    stefan says:


    I´m Swedish living in Copenhagen,Denmark! The reason DP plays small venues like KB Hallen, wich generally is sold out, is that most Danes have a terrible taste in music!!! In a perfect world they should be playing a sold out Parken(national football stadium)!! But it ain´t gonna happen I´m afraid, not as long as Danish giggers have more passion for beer & “hygge” (having a good time)than music!!!

    I have witnessed Danes at several concerts, and apart from a passionate few, the majority just stands there with a beer in the hand and a attitude that signals: “Okay…Impress me”!!!Don´t get me wrong…I have nothing against having a good time, but for me the music comes first, second & third! In Sweden, giggers usally knows everything about their fav band, and does everything to encourage and lift the spirits at the venue! When it comes to knowledge and passion for metal & hard rock bands I claim the Swedish audience the best in the world!!!

  45. 45
    David Sanderson says:

    WOW! I walked over the Humber Bridge twice (for return purpouses) saw the crowds outside KC queueing for tickets and had a great pub lunch as well as strokng a labrador in Hessle. All the while life continued, que sera sera, enjoy music but fist ENJOY LIFE.

    Does all this speculation actually mean anything?

  46. 46
    Rascal says:

    No comparisons allowed……….unless you are the current blog ‘psychiatrist’ (you know who you are).

    Led Zep doesnt exist anymore!!! They do when I turn up the volume……’eject and eradicate the unbeliever’

    Nostalgia or current……………who cares??

    “What Is and What Should Never Be”

  47. 47
    AndreA says:

    Jeff G

    I am not hooligan,so I’ve never gone and I will never go to a concert for screaming shit to a band! I like DPmIV: real and the best hard faunky band in the world! I could shout shit in a stadium over a football team not to a band; if I love a band I go to its concert…

  48. 48
    George says:

    Omg, Omg, Omggggggg

    Today I listened to a high quality enough bootleg version of LZ, London 2007. What it was??? what it was??? Who says that LZ are greatest and best band? who says that LZ are high-class professionals? Who says that Robert Plant is a even good vocalist??? Don’t be silly, London 2007 show was just terrible, with NO FIRE AT ALL, WITH NO ENERGY AT ALL. Plant was singing just like a pussy, 2-3 times he tried to scream but stopped in the begining. Gillan’s voice is 100 times better than plant’s.

    What about DP, Ws and LZ, the first two are NOT classic old bands, for me they ARE modern, firefull, charismatic, dynamic and energetic great bands.
    LZ is just 4 old mans, who hasn’t played together for more than 30 years, who hasn’t recorded any material for 30 years, who hasn’t even jammed together for 30 years.

    They (LZ) are just DIED musicians. Only NAME LED ZEPPELIN isn’t did 😀

  49. 49
    George says:

    sorry, I mean DEAD, instead of DID 😀

  50. 50
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Facts :

    The members might not have seen eye to eye as intensively as The Purps, but they actually came together for a few reuniongigs and more : Page and Plant worked together for some time including cd’s, gigs……

    I have not hearsd the bootleg of 02.
    Still curious…………

    Led Zeppelin started together with DP, AC/DC, KISS, Heart, Status Quo as my favourites around 1977.
    A lot in my taste changed since then………..

    Classical Music, Motown, FUNK, Blues, …everything in between………….
    I had passionate times with each.

    Things came and went…..came again sometimes.


  51. 51
    Rascal says:

    Plant was singing just like a ‘pussy’


    George wheres Zippy, and Bungle????

    ‘But I’m only laughing cause you ain’t in my scheme’

  52. 52
    Tracy Heyder says:

    It amazes me that there is this much chatter on such a mute subject. PURPLE and ZEP are 2 entirely different bands. One exists, the other doesn’t. One is going to be a Tribute Band and the other is a prolific creative force still today. One will only be collecting the pay for performing old hits from 28 or more years ago, while the other will be hard at work writing new material for another record to promote soon.

    There is no comparison and they are not in the same league no matter how successful the tour is.

    So ZEPP OFF!!!!!!


  53. 53
    MattDP says:

    To me there is a simple way to decide who is better. Just compare the individual skills and the amount of good music that was created.

    Led Zep had a lot of great music in a short period of time but there output was noticeably drying out and died with Bonham while DP is still going. As for skill I will only compare LZ with M2.

    Plant vs Gillan? Gillan because there is no way Plant can match the vocal range in songs like Speed King, Blood sucker and Child in Time.

    Bonam vs Paice? Paice wins. Bonham had the power. Paice could of easily replicated that power but he also had the superior finesse, skill and speed to boot.

    Jones vs Glover? Glover wins. I don’t know about skill wise but Glover was more important to DP because he was 1/3rd vital in the song creations where Jones was minor.

    Page vs Blackmore? A tie. Page was a better composer and had more variety Blackmore had more skill and was better live.

    Lord vs ?Jones? No contest. Lord was half the DP sound that brought a dimension that no other hard rock band could match.

    End of story.

  54. 54
    David Sanderson says:

    Preist, I am getting old, I have started listening to Hannah Scott!

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Who’s Hannah Scott?
    Is she Jewish?
    Is that the result of me promoting Lucette van den Berg(who songs Jiddish)?

    Btw, It’s not preist but priest and I have grown tired of that nickname too.

    My name is Mark(…)

  56. 56
    stefan says:

    “I want a horny little jewish princess with a garlic aroma that could level Tacoma….”!!(Frank Zappa)No, I´m not antisemitic…I´m just kiddin´ !!This is taking an weird direction, or is it just me?I thought we discussed Zep vs. DP???

    To compare the two bands is just plain stupid….I love them both passionately!!

  57. 57
    Tracy Heyder says:

    “Things I Never Said”, till the “Sun Goes Down”……….


  58. 58
    marcinio says:

    on their recordings they might be the same level (i still prefer purple) but when it comes to live performances…zep will never be able to reach purple.
    deep purple has always been one of the greatest live bands on earth! same goes NOT for zep! and now after 40374039 years they are rusty as a band,too. and let’s no forget mr. plant who can’t sing a lot of his own songs anymore. (notes to high..)
    they’re just not the same..if i listen to black dog and he sings those lower notes in a new style because he can’t reach the high notes anymore it just sucks for me!
    gillan is much closer to his old voice! plant is too far away from it. even if zep gets a larger audience, live they won’t be as good as purple.

    speaking about whitesnake…why the hell should coverdale support plant??? he now sings like plant did in the 70’s… if you listen to the new studio song “dog” you see the difference between coverdale and plant today. plant has lost his power! and the high notes! i wish i could have seen plants face after he listend to coverdale/page , which is a true masterpiece!

    anyway whitesnake is such a great live band that they shouldn’t be support act of anything at all!

  59. 59
    George says:

    Have you listened to Zepp O2 bootlegZ?
    I listened, bootleg quality was extremely good, BUT the band are playing in a dull way, the’re too boring, I DIDN’t feel any energy or drive during the whole concert. AND Plant tried to scream only 1 times, and his scream lasted just less than 1 second, cause his voice stopped screaming itself.


    Ian Gillan ALWAYS was too much better than plant. I saw the picture of their vocal-rage (painted in the piano notes) and Gillan in his best has THE HIGHEST VOCAL RANGE IN THE WORLD ROCK-MUSIC. the second is Freddie Mercury, and only in third place: Robert Plant (in his best, he was N3 vocalist). And nowadays, Plant can’t be listed in even the Top 1000 vocalists of modern time. I think Gillan is somewhere in the top 50, or in Top 30. (I mean today’s Gillan)

    What was the difference between Gillan and Freddie, Freddie could hit 1 notes more in high notes, BUT Gillan could hit 4 notes more in low notes (I think baritone (for gillan’s extremely amazing low notes, listen to No More Cane On Brazos from his solo album “Naked Thunder”)

    So, this states that Gillan could 3 notes more, than freddie, and 6 notes more (almost 1 octaves more) than Plant.

    Gillan is in great form on Hard Rock Show, he screams amazingly during Highway Star intro.

    So, forgive old \, with no voice plant, he has already done his part in music long ago, BUT Gillan is still doing his part.

  60. 60
    Michael Whitehead says:

    There is no doubt that Led Zeppelin by popularity was(the Beatles of the seventies) and the most successful band of that era. I find it hard to Compare Deep purple to Led zeppelin since they both had differences of style.

    Where as Led zeppelin had used various genre’s of music say blues, folk,Rock,Progressive, heavy rock and sometimes combining all of these elements into its song format to create a many textured form of rock.

    Deep purple were different focusing on the instrumental capability of the hard rock format and expanding it into great groovy powerful tunes.

    I love both bands and two records i really admire are Led Zeppelin 4 because of its creativity, diversity and Deep purple’s machine head because it is the first album by a band that i consider to have perfected powerful melodic heavy rock. WHewww what a listen

  61. 61
    Rascal says:

    Mmmm interesting

    And yet, is correct to say that a voice is solely defined by its vocal range…..Mmmm i think not

  62. 62
    David Sanderson says:

    Priest, not sure if she’s Jewish, but she’s passionate about music, maybe we should be, rather than getting old and cynical, this Zep V Purple debate is futile, arguments always are, I listen to DP all the time and I still watch my original ‘The song remains the same’ on video, maybe there’s room enough in there for all music I am getting old and less inclined to agression, my spelling was never great anyway, Mark!

  63. 63
    AndreA says:

    David,you are right but I think it is not bad thing to debate about DPvLZ…LZ has been a fashion for al lot of people,like as LZ makes people cool…LZ remain a great band but they does not discovered the music because basically they are born on blues sound…DP were rock beat only on the 1st,but if you take THE BOOK OF T. since this lp they became introspective…LZ remains the same except for some songs…Take LZ1 LZ2,they are basiccally similar,the LZ3 is more acoustic than before but remains a bluesy work…the giutar is good always but the sound and the atmospehere are always the same…Take IN ROCK (DP breaks LZ,in music,in singing,in guitars,in all) and you see that it is different from Fireball (some funky,blues,baroque -fools’giuitar),different from the harder rock Machine Head,from Who Do We…and in eighties,nineties almost now DP makes LP,always different one from the others..
    If LD should decides to make a new studio work probably it could be the same of past,bluesy guitars,arpeggios,chicken voices on orgasm trouble,…LZ are great,DP are greatest,more creative band,LZ are linear,FREE were born before LZ and I think they were better than LZ. I can compare DP only to URIAH HEEP that I consider a great british band of seventies. they’ve been never lucky like DP,LZ,BS but I find that a lot ok their songs are incomparable…full of soul,atmosphere. surely Byron was better than Plant (it is not difficult to be a better siger than chicken plant) and the rest of the UH band were great musicians: do you all know Ken Hensley ? at the end there were a lot band better than LZ….I am not able to understand why LZ has maken this success,perhaps because of Plant’s nude chest? bacause his hairs?his trousers? because they loved to admit they used lsd? oh mamma mia mia miaaaaaaaaaaa
    LZ f.o.

  64. 64
    Roberto says:


  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Whoooooooooooooooooooooo, CAPTALMAN again…………………

    I just found some old sunglasses underneath my “stuff”(Still trying to dig myself out of this pig shed before I really get too old)and cleaned them.

    I m not that much of a sunglasses guy. That’s more for people with overrated ego’s or a lack of them.

    I m neither but I do not have a clue so…..

    During summer days they might come in handy .
    And after all the hardship of wintertime placing yourself in the sun means you have FAITH……

  66. 66
    stefan says:


    You´re apparently tone deaf!! I love Gillan,but his pipes isn´t what they used to be!It´s not about screaming your ass off, but holding the tone as clean and clear as possible!Today there´s only Glenn Hughes in the Purple family that has that ability!!There´s a reason for the absence of “Child in time” in DP´s setlist these days!!!!!

  67. 67
    Rascal says:

    Well thats cleared that up!

    Led Zeppelin success is down to Plants ‘nude’ chest.

    Glad to be in the presence of such intellect.

    ‘and still you play the sycophant
    and revel in your pain’

  68. 68
    Roberto says:

    Dear Stefan,

    I was talking about Gillan’s glory days:the 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………….I have still good ears……….

  69. 69
    AndreA says:

    I like also joking when I write,you are too serious…any way I say that R.Plant is like a “yop model”..also now…the ever golden curl guy..but today is 2008DC…I have not a intellected mind,I like smiling with people,you don’t. Of Course I like Ulisse story,Omero,Troia,Enea,Agamennone etc….

  70. 70
    David Sanderson says:

    I’m not intelletual either, prove me wrong!

  71. 71
    Eddie says:

    You all seem to be missing the point. It’s clear from Coverdale’s comments that he was taking the p155 out of the journalist who wrote the article.

  72. 72

    MattDP says A tie between Page vs Blackmore? A tie???? Page was a better composer and had more variety????? RUBBISH!!!!! Jimmy Page has not been the same since ZEP disbanded. He has not sustained any momentum in his post ZEP career. The DEATHWISH soundtrack – 1 single solo album(Geffen would not allow Page to make it a double like he wanted)- 2 Average records with THE FIRM(I liked them both but they do not live up to the legacy’s of messers Page/Rogers),1 Live record of ZEP songs with the Black Crowes, CODA a ZEP outtkae pageage, ZEP BBC Live, A ZEP DVD compolation, A sudo-reunion with Plant(Result 1 U

  73. 73

    MattDP says A tie between Page vs Blackmore? A tie???? Page was a better composer and had more variety????? RUBBISH!!!!! Jimmy Page has not been the same since ZEP disbanded. He has not sustained any momentum in his post ZEP career. The DEATHWISH soundtrack – 1 single solo album(Geffen would not allow Page to make it a double like he wanted)- 2 Average records with THE FIRM(I liked them both but they do not live up to the legacy’s of messers Page/Rogers),1 Live record of ZEP songs with the Black Crowes, CODA a ZEP outtkae pageage, ZEP BBC Live, A ZEP DVD compolation, A sudo-reunion with Plant(Result 1 Unleaded Live ZEP Record & 1 Above average album of new material), 1 Excellent Live(Finally)How the West Was Won, 1 Solid outing with Mr. Coverdale(Imagine that a PURPLE member brings out the best in Page)….Get the picture? Failed project followed by a ZEP project. All of Pages contemporaries BLACKMORE,BECK & CLAPTON had momentum to their so-called post Classic work. Now not all of the work is popular, say BLACKMORE’S NIGHT but even this band like Rainbow before it has more than a 2 album track record. There are Fans of both Rainbow and Blackmore’s Night that became fans not knowing that THE MAN IN BLACK is already a Legend with PURPLE, Page can’t say the same. He is and forever will be the guitarist of ZEP not ZEP and…Even Plant who I consider the most overated vocalist ever can seperate his career into 2 block(The ZEP years and post ZEP years). A fact that Plant likes to remind everyone of by steadly refusing to return to his ZEP past(Go on YOUTUBE and look up the post ‘Page/Plant/John Paul Jones-and P.Collins Rare Interview’ and you will hear it from Plant himself – it’s a dig at Page about haveing his own career in the 80’s which Page rolls his eyes and smiles). Page is a legend on the basis of what he did from 69′ to 1980, Blackmore had Rainbow-the Dio years(Highlighted by One of the most influencial Hard Rock Neo Classical Metal albums of all time). It may be a tie up until 1980 but after that it’s a round one KO by Blackmore.

  74. 74
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Scott

    I agree almost totally.

    Except for one thing :

    I did not follow everything they did, although LZ alwas very big for me.

    I had trouble following Robert Plant as soon he openly tried to distance himself in more than one way from LZ.

    But, changed from time to time in that approach, I feel.

    The CD and tour of “fate of nations”(1992/1993?)really gave LZ followers something in style and by playing lots of LZ material live.

    So, not really expressing a different view, but still………

    Btw, an other adventure with personell from Ritchie was with Cozy on “Pictures at eleven”, amazing tracks they were!

  75. 75
    michael whitehead says:

    My answer to my previous message about (Led Zeppelin being the Beatles of the seventies)Is that popularity does not make a band better. Deep purple are simply a better hard rock band than Led Zeppelin. Better musically and better groves.

    I grew up listening to rock music in my teens and amongst the top three heavy rock bands of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, my preference was Purple. All my friends enjoyed playing and dancing too Deep Purple’s music at partie’s. They were our ultimate rock on and grove band, something that the other bands could not match.

    One thing i have to say! Deep purple were never given the recognition that they truly deserved as a great and timeless band. Every incarnatation of Deep purple had brilliant musical ideas be it mark 1, mark2, Mark3 ,all the way through to the current lineup.

    Plenty of crap metal bands get the recognition, Which is a shame, but being a true believer i and other fans know that Deep purple are one of the the greatest ever bands.

  76. 76
    JIM says:

    Scott good on you Page has been put somewhere high in the ranks as a player but he honestly is’nt that good just listen to his live solo’s they’re pathetic even on a good day Ritchie beats him all the way on every single note

  77. 77
    AndreA says:

    We can enjoy DP e LZ but DP musicians have been always better than LZ..

    Jim and Scott speak about Page and Blackmore.

    Blackmore is also a poet with his melodies,maily on Stage. He has been able to play blues,epic,baroque,pure hard rock…Page does not,he has been always closed in few standard styles.

    Blackmore is the only one,there is no comparison!

  78. 78
    Nemanja says:

    First of all I have a few remarks to post to all of you clowns. Just to inform you that the Deep Purple as a band is the founder of the HARD ROCK, and Led Zeppelin is the founder of the HEAVY METAL. I hope that now you see why they can not be compared. For me the both bands are perfect. And also one more notification for you-whoever says that DAVID COVERDALE is a lousy vocal, is crazy. He gave another dimension to the music of the Purple while he was the member. To make a long story short-Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are the best R’N’R “pair” ever, late Bonzo is the best drummer of all time, Jon Lord is the best keyboardist ever and Coverdale is the true SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, not to forget the incredible Ian Paice.

    Best wishes from the country that lives for rock music-SERBIA

  79. 79
    JIM says:

    AndreA what a fantastic line about Blackmore being a poet on stage fucking brilliant you have my respect good on you

  80. 80
    AndreA says:

    Good On You Too,Jim! and
    wishing well to all,we are a family,the world is our house..(hey!I am not a Pope,you Know..)

  81. 81
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Nemanja, ……………..


    Led Zeppelin the founders of Heavy Metal?

    Oh, my God……………

    Can it get any worse?

    Every ***** should know you are now confusing them with the Mighty Sabs………

  82. 82
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Sabbath and Judas Priest are the founders of Metal. Zep, along with Purple, were more variable and heavy at times, but not Metal. Where Purple had true master craftsmen from each instrument, Zep relied more on their mystique style and variable music. Plant was an icon due to his unique voice, Page, though great player is no Blackmore or Morse, but again had his own sound. John Paul Jones, great composer and fine bass player, but no Roger Glover. Bohnam had his own sound and style, but hardly as masterful as Ian Paice. Jon Lord and Don Airey……..need I say more?

    But, all of this irrelavent. To each his own……

    Obviously they are both outstanding bands and have put their permanent mark in music history.

    But for me…….It’s Purple all the way…


  83. 83
    Nick says:

    Zeppelin were the founders of Heavy Metal indeed, but they also had more styles.

  84. 84
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Apparently Nick needs a little lesson on Heavy Metal and what it is……..

  85. 85
    victor ponzo says:


  86. 86
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Could it have been that The Who, The Beatles, MC 5, Blue Cheer and so on had already metal in them?

  87. 87
    purplepriest1965 says:


    The DUTCH won again today.

    Nice atmosphere, smiling people and so on……
    And everywhere I go, supermarkets and so on, ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE………

    What a pity , I do not give a toss about this game.

  88. 88
    jim says:

    victor ponzo I totally agree with you 100% well said

  89. 89
    Andrea says:


    try to find the heaviest LZ work heavier than DP IN ROCK…
    then I go to kiss the Pope’s hand…

    LZ,a good hard blues band..nothing more

  90. 90
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Andrea you are dead on…..

    Even though Purple ARE NOT (just ask them) a Heavy Metal Band, “In Rock” was as close as you can get to it without it being so. By far one of the Heaviest Albums from that era. I believe it is heavier than the Sabbath records of then. But, they didn’t want to hang their hat on that, so from then on they approached from the “Bluesier, melodic sound” which they have done perfectly ever since.


  91. 91
    stefan says:

    Victor Putz!

    You sure have a way with words!!!!!!

  92. 92
    stefan says:

    Correct me if I´m wrong, but accordingly to my sources (internet,magazines,books and documentaries) the term “Heavy Metal” was used for the very first time with Zeps debut album!!!!

  93. 93
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Stefan: You are probably correct as far as something a Magazine might have published, but it only takes a listen to the record to clear it up. Yes, as with Purple, there are some Heavy tunes, but Metal? I think not. The closest thing to Metal would be “In Rock” from Purple and it is by far more heavy than anything Zep ever did. Either way, they both were a major part in the progression of music today, and there are glimpses of “Metal” if you must, but their melody separates it from the catagory.

    Just my opinion…..


  94. 94
    AndreA says:

    Tracy Heyder
    we mean the same..so perhaps my English is not good so…you take me wrong



  95. 95
    AndreA says:

    “The closest thing to Metal would be “In Rock” from Purple and it is by far more heavy than anything Zep ever did.”


    the same I think and tried to wrote before ^

  96. 96
    jim says:

    Tracy you’re right Purple,Sabbath,Heep and maybe Zep were classed as heavy rock bands at the start of the 70s and metal came in the late 70s with bands like Maiden and Judas Priest Saxon and a few others.In Rock was the heaviest album of the early 70s and Zep refused to be classed as a heavy metal act in later years pesonally I dont think they should be classed as a band because i’ve just got no time for them at all but Purple have been true to being a heavy rock band all this time and have always been very musical about it

  97. 97
    stefan says:

    Well…..I´m not going to argue with anyone or their opinions.As it is, I love both bands unconditionally! I think “metal” is a bastard term anyway, so let´s waste no more words about that!

    That said…..In my opinion “Kashmir”, “Immigrant song” and “Whole lotta love” are just as heavy as anything DP ever done..O.K.??!!

  98. 98
    AndreA says:

    in “Immigrant song”
    Plant sings with effects into microphone (listenn his voice and you understand that is singing with anormal high tonality,like a mermaid..)..

    I am sorry 🙂 but I never loved Plant’s voice..at theend i admit LZ made beatifull songs,but DP better (I take just one song:”child in time” is a example for me,LZ never make one like this..there is no comparison)

  99. 99
    stefan says:

    Dear Andrea!

    I admire your loyalty…..I´ve heard Plant singing “Immigrant song” live, without any effects and it was absolutely awesome!! “Child in time”….. is a song way out of Ian Gillans reach today I´m sad to say…….!!!

  100. 100
    jim says:


  101. 101
    stefan says:


  102. 102
    Tracy Heyder says:

    My input to this is………

    I just listened to the new release: Ian Gillan “Live at Anaheim” double CD. I recommend it very Highly. This is from his “Gillan’d Inn” Tour. There are 19 songs on this from throughout his career. He hit’s the vocal spot on each and every song and does so as close to the way he sang them originally that it totaly blew my mind. I’ve heard Plant sing over the years. I’ve seen him live with “Page/Plant”. Yes he still has a great voice and His Own Voice, just as Gillan does. BUT……where probably the only song Gillan truly has trouble doing “exactly” these days is “Child in Time”, Plant has trouble with ALL of the Zep tunes. Nine times out of ten, when it comes to the “high notes”, he will go down instead of UP due to fact that he just can’t do it anymore. He does a great job masking it this way, but it is a fact. Gillan rarely has to do this, though he does from time to time on some tunes, but not too often. It’s not so unexpected being over 60 years old. For God’s Sake, he has been Screaming this shit for 40 years!!!!! “Child in Time” is by far, the extreme high tune and worse thing for Gillans Pipes. Since he has come to terms about the damage that this one song causes him each time he sings it and dropped it from the set list, over all he Kicks Major Ass on all the other tunes now.

    So, Please pick up “Ian Gillan- Live at Anaheim” and take a vocal journey that will amaze you.


  103. 103
    stefan says:

    I sure will Tracy!It just pisses me off with this comparison nonsense! Ian Gillan is….GREAT and so is, at least in my mind Robert Plant! Their age surely puts some restraints on their vocal performance, with that in mind I think they´re doing a great job!!I for one is looking forward to the Copenhagen gig this august, like a child in the toy store!! Take care and have a PURPLE SUMMER ya´ all!!

  104. 104
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I’m with you……

    I have stated this over and over…..
    those critics whom center on the point that Gillan can’t do Child in Time as he did 30 years ago as though that was all that matters are totally lost. Over-all he evolved. His voice has been punnished to the max, but he still stands up on stage and puts in the effort to Scream his head off. I’ve been listening to Purple since the beginning and he has always had his godd and bad days. That’s what happens when you tour as much as they do. You get some perfect spot on performances and sometimes not. The Vocal Cords aren’t a Guitar or Drum Set that is tuned to perfection on each tune. they are human tissue that changes and is irritated beyond belief when put to the “Screaming Test” that he does, night after night.

    I’m not putting any sour grapes against Mr. Plant, But……Where Gillan has been touring with this band and his own since 1994 solid, straight through, Plant has not. He has gotten much more rest and down time, and like it or not, he doesn’t come close to performing his Zep tunes as close to the original as Gillan. But he does a great job manipulating his voice to change direction which get’s the job done and he still sounds great. He is an Icon and to this day as recognizable as Gillan.

    Comparing?…….there is no comparison.

    Wish I was going to be at the Copenhagen gig. Looking forward to them coming back to the States.


  105. 105
    mamak kusuma says:

    so “interesting”…debating 2 rock bands which are uncomparable…LZ was great, DP was/is great ..their musical type is different.


  106. 106
    Jimmy says:

    Purple was the BEST,saw them both in the 70’s -LED ZEP ripped off memphis minnie and other blues artists and never had the guts to say so-DEEP PURPLE lawd IAN could sing his ass off and Ritchie B was the slickest,fastest more melodic than Page ,they just wrote their own stuff or said it was a cover.the ZEP lied

  107. 107
    Nero says:

    Always been a Purple, Zep & Heep fan.
    But let’s be objective.

    Look at the band AND the spin-off projects.
    No band has ever and will ever combine so much individual talent as Deep. Gillan Band, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Bolin band, PAL, Simpers Fandango, Glen Hughes,… not all were tremendous popular,… but there was so much talent. And combine the albums they sold together, it’ll pale the Zep spin-offs.

    Whitestake is a great band,… it’s not the size of DP but a damn good band. But not as productive as Zep in creating all time classics. Though they do have some tunes that will ring a bell in time to come.

    Comparing Whitesnake to Zep is like comparing miss Congeniality with miss World.

    Eurgh,… I must say that i’ll definitely go for miss Congeniality. But that’s another story.

    OK,… Coverdale wins.

  108. 108
    Metal says:

    You can´t compare DP and LZ, I love both bands, because both had one of the two best rock-drummers who ever played on earth: Ian an John.

    They had both one of the two best Hard-Rock guitarplayer who ever played on earth: Richie and Jimmy

    They had both one of the two best hard-Rock Singers who ever played on earth: Ian and Robert


    The only difference is, that John Paul is a double genius on bass and organ, he is the better bass-player than Roger but not the better keyboarder than Jon.


    P.S.: Don´t forget The Who and Black Sabbath….

  109. 109
    A MUSIC LOVER says:

    I’m sorry to say that I’m sooo tired of hearing Coverdale being called a “Plant clone”,considering they were both on the music scene at the same time.I am a Zeppelin,Deep Purple and Whitesnake fan as well as countless other Phenomenonal bands of past and present…very little at present. And to hear whiny Zeppelin fans(Plant included)crying that Coverdale (with enormous talent showcased through the 70’s,80’s,90′, and now -with 2 different and remarkable bands)is a copycat Plant and yet what has Plant done since Zeppelin.Is it because they have similar hair and looks?It’s definitely not due to sound because after viewing the O2 reunion, I can understand why Plant doesn’t want to reunite because he definitely doesn’t come remotely close to the range he had. Unlike Coverdale who can still bang out songs of old and new…even Plant’s Zeppelin tunes. Let Plant try and sing Deep Purples Burn like Coverdale did on the Whitesnake tour in ’08. Really listen to Coverdale and Page project and you can hear the influences of every band forementioned(and I must mention also it was the most underrated awesome album)and it burned Plant because after Zeppelin he didn’t do anything big.The Plant/Page record didn’t even come close to Coverdale/Page for sound and great songs. As for the record sales Whitesnake-Whitesnake alone sold 8 million plus…the same as Led Zeppelin I and soldout many a venue including stadiums after they stopped opening for Motley Crue. So find some stats and background before you speak, you sound like a bunch of schoolgirls comparing Britney Spears to Christina Auguilera.Robert Plant is a phenom of an artist,like Page, Bonham, Jones, Coverdale and both Whitesnake & Deep Purple. What he lacks is humble and humility, and that is what has held back artist talent and depth. Don’t whine and cry because someone has done something similar to your act,many talented bands and singers do everyday..thats called influence. And I will be the first to say music influences my life everyday and yet I’m not a “Plant Clone”, and thank god for that.

  110. 110
    Keiron aka Gobberz says:

    I agree with you Tracy Heyder – comment 36. I am a huge fan of Whitesnake, and also a big fan of Led Zep and Deep Purple, but persoanlly I prefer Mark III (I think) with DC, he is a huge talent and a fab song writer, and just because someone like a particular band, or it is their favourite it doesnt mean that they dont like other bands. To be honest I hvae more AC/DC Albums than Led Zep, Whitesnake or DP albums, but that doesnt matter. I also have more Alice Cooper alubms than DP or Led Zep, but the fact is whoever sold more doesnt mean they are good, its just someonespersoanl opinion.

    Led Zep hasnt fully toured in yeard, hasnt released a new album in 30 years, and that is why a lot of people seem to prefer DP, but who cares How much they sell, how good they are, I respect all of them. And this thing with Whitesnake Supporting Led Zep, well I think DC would like it, but To Be Honest as Led Zeppelin havent done anything in almost 30 years, and Whitesnake has brung out some fantastic stuff, and has earned the respect of millions of fans world wide, also giving credit to DP, and Led Zep, but Whitesnake are to big or high up to be a support act, even if it for the ‘great’ led zeppelin – no offense to Led Zep….I dont care wheter thid ia a DP fan website, but look at it, even AC/DC has become more popular than DP, mabye not sold as many as Led Zep (yet), but who cares, they’ve done what they have and stop moaning about who is the best!!

  111. 111
    Gobberz says:

    This is in response to George somehweere near the top.

    Yes Whitesnake isnt the biggest band in the world, and Yes I am a LZ fan, but LZ isnt the greatest Rock Band in the World. Personally I am a huge Whitesnake fan, and find their quality of music far better, Still Touring as well. Yes they havent sold as many records and havent had as many chart toppers, but Whitesnake and Slid it In, Love Hunter and Slip of the Tongue have done really well as well as Good To Be Bad(not their best, but awesome anyway), and I would bet DP wouldnt support LZ, their too well-known for that – and better. Anyway Whitesnake, DP and LZ all rock, but neither DP or Whitesnake will or should support LZ.

    Mabye less famous bands or bands tht would benefit from it like Black Stone Cherry, Stone Gods, Foo Fighters, Excess Presusre and so on.

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