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JLT band is a supergroup (of sorts)

jltseptsm.jpgJoe Lynn Turner will perform at the Crazy Donkey in Long Island on Thursday, September 20 as a warm-up gig for his European dates. His band will include a cohort of fellow “previously played with Blackmore” musicians:

The set will be a mix of Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Joe’s originals songs.

It appears that the same lineup will also perform at the upcoming JLT shows in Spain and Germany.

Thanks to Mike Garrett for the info.

35 Comments to “JLT band is a supergroup (of sorts)”:

  1. 1
    Albertino says:

    Here in Brazil we are expecting JLT for the first time plaiyng solo here, welcome Joe!!!!

  2. 2
    Paice30 says:

    I saw ’em in NJ (9/14/07).

    Wasn’t a bad show.

    The only Purple I recall hearing were “Burn” and “Highway Star”, nothing from Slaves and Masters.

    His new song, “Blood Red Sky” was pretty good (real cool guitar riffs).

    “Spotlight Kid” may’ve been the highlight.

  3. 3
    dr.robert says:

    Joe is great!

  4. 4
    Alex says:

    He is not perfect DP man!

  5. 5
    joe crowley says:

    I really wish he would do a live album but limit the disc to only 1 Rainbow tune and 1 Purple tune and the rest his solo stuff, he’s got a vast amount of great tunes of his own.

  6. 6
    Tom FitZ says:

    Joe Lynn you are a Great Singer – so why jump on the Deep Purple/Blackmore band wagon?
    Stick to the songs that you made a musical contribution too,perhaps then people may take you more seriously as an solo artist in your own right!

  7. 7
    Joe says:

    go away you PURPLE wannabe !

    1 album & this guy gets coverage from THS like he is O.J. !

  8. 8
    Alex says:

    Joe Lynn turner = Poser Journey/Foreigner wannabe Please Jolene GO AWAY!!!!!

  9. 9


  10. 10
    stoffer says:

    JLT should stick to Salves and Masters cuts and a few Rainbow tunes that he was involved with, and the rest should be his solo stuff, otherwise like “FitZ” said nobody will take him seriously, I know I don’t………………

  11. 11
    T says:

    I recently went through “Slaves & Masters” and still find the musicianship, production and songwriting a Purple highmark.

    Did it sound like Deep Purple? No…no more than any other Purple album does. Every album is different. Just another shade…

    Joe has every right to sing songs with which he is associated. He career is so varied he is able to have a very diverse show.

    Joe Lynn Turner–great singer on one of the best reunion-era albums.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  12. 12
    JLT says:

    y r people so unkind?

  13. 13
    The Cat-That-Sleeps says:

    I’m afraid the “black page” of DP happens is Gillan who is stuck to the same old classics. In the 80’s he wanted to play lots of obscure songs, Blackmore always refused. In the 90’s, Blackmore left and the setlist became more interesting. But now… how pathetic Gillan became, always the “Machine Head” classics, nothing surprising. They did a wonderful album called “Rapture…” but only play 2 or 3 tracks of it. JLT was fresh, funny and the “Slaves & Masters” songs were awesome on stage, giving Blackmore much inspiration. JLT was like a naughty boy in a party full of grown-up : he gave them a kick in the ass (with Blackmore) and turned the S&M concerts into a bunch of energy. Gillan doesn’t take risks anymore, he became the classic-rocker that he blames on the excellent song “MTV” ! Sad sad…

  14. 14
    Alex says:

    “Rapture…” is wonderful because of these 2-3 tracks..ha-ha

  15. 15
    Bo says:

    Alex, Joe and others. Get lost. Disapeare from the planet OR at least DONT even think of writing to THS again. If you dont like Joe LT, OK, but keep it for yourself.
    Joe is, and has always been a great singer and today maybe even better that Gillan. You blame S&M for not being a DP album, but since RB left the sound of DP has gone – maybe except for a few great one like “House of Paine”. The DP sound you can more or less only find on CDs or DVDs from old days.
    Todays DP is still great but so much different. What about Coverdale/Hughes/Bolin? They for sure changed the sound more than Joe did at S&M.
    So goodbye to you “We dont like” Joe freaks.

  16. 16
    Anthony Emery says:

    I like JLT!!! Liked him in Rainbow (not a patch on Dio but who on god’s earth is???) and I liked Slaves & Masters – hey it’s MUCH better than Battle Rages On (surely the worst DP album of them all apart from 2 songs)…

    So if you don’t like JLT – don’t buy his records and don’t read about him.

    Hughes/Turner Project has it’s good moments too….

    If you like JLT listen to him and read about him – if you don’t then don’t…

    It’s a fairly simple philosphy.

    My personal opinion is that the best studio album of ALL DP albums is ‘Burn’ … yet Made in Japan is my favourite record of anything EVER…

    That’s why people are allowed to buy their own stuff!!! Taste, choice & free will!!

    ps – i met Jon Lord and chatted with him for 20 minutes in July…. Surely the nicest man in rock and a real defining moment of my life!!!!

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Be kind to Joe, he is my friend..

    Rod Evans

  18. 18
    Joe says:

    Hey Giorgos,

    I’m NOT going anywhere….Let that pretender get his own website !!


  19. 19
    stoffer says:

    I don’t think JLT is awful!, I just think with his catalog of material he should do songs he was involved in writing. His later work with Rainbow MK23 is great, I Surrender, Stone Cold etc., but in my opinion he makes it look like he was the inspiration on some some of the DP classics on his previous set lists (not including S&M). He is good enough to stand on his own material.

  20. 20
    AJ says:

    If you didn’t just get home from the Crazy Donkey like I did, consider yourself lucky IF:

    1. You don’t like albums named Difficult to Cure, Bent out of Shape, or Straight Between the Eyes

    2. You hate live rock music by a tight band of professional musicians playing spot-on Rainbow songs, quality original compositions (albeit, not enough), and excellent covers of Purple

    3. You prefer not to listen to a veteran singer who still sounds great and (like it or not) has rightfully earned his place in the Family Tree.

    Very lucky indeed. I was hoping they played longer!

  21. 21
    John George says:

    I like anything that Deep Purple has ever done! I like Ian Gillan. I like David Coverdale. I like Glen Hughes. And I like Joe Lynn Turner! I like Tommy Bolin. I like Steve Morse…..In Fact; I feel that when everybody in the “Deep Purple” group themselves invited these people to play in thier band; they knew what they were doing! Better than any of us can ever know! Do you know why? Because “They” are “Deep Purple”! Rock On JOE!! And try and come to Chicago our Millwaukee sometimes! (The same for David & Glenn)….

  22. 22
    T says:

    Right on John George. Purple spirit.

  23. 23
    XL says:

    JLT was great in Rainbow. A bit weak voice live. Slaves and… is a good album. I saw a new live clip on Youtube with JLT and it`was ok…

  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    “A bit weak live…”
    Were you there? I don’t think so…….
    Well, I was…….Several times. Joe’s voice only lacked during the Slaves and masters live period and a while after that……..
    I guess that’s what’s abroken heart can dio to you……..

  25. 25
    Anthony Emery says:

    purplepriest1965 – was that a deliverate typo? …a broken heart can dio to you??

    Dio has broken the hearts of most singers!!! 😉

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    But, indeed, kinda funny.

    Will think about this , what it says about possibly me(…), in a Freudian way, ok?

  27. 27
    Anthony Emery says:

    No worries – I saw Dio singing with Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath) last month here in Melbourne Australia and even aged 65 he is still a magnificent professional with 90% of his talent still able to shine through the years…

    Having said that – I would NEVER disrespect JLT as I love his Rainbow/DP stuff…

    God bless ALL the Purps – AND Sigmund Freud!

  28. 28
    Jussi from North says:

    Joe and the band was great in Barcelona September 28th. All songs (Rainbow, JLT and DP) sound fresh and so tough as they should to sound.

    Purple songs Highway Star and Burn was the last in the show.

  29. 29
    Rascal says:

    A Super Group???? Oh please.

    Its the same old crap. JLT in a DP, and Rainbow, covers band. Yeah, he sings a few of his own obscure attempts………………….big deal.

    This guy needs to lookup the word ‘originality’.

  30. 30
    Jussi from North says:

    Perharps not a Super Group, but still they played the show very well.
    I am not sure, but don`t think that JLT ever have tryed to be one of the big name in DP (and he surely isn`t one). Allthought he is a great singer and probably not a very difficult person (played with RB so many years).

    In Rainbow he was one of the three (four) excelent singers. Not ever a originality member of the groups he have been, but still a great singer.

    I`ve seen him twise this year and both of the shows was better than I expected.

  31. 31
    Sami says:

    Not a super group, but not the same old crap either…JLT is a Great Singer & performer, and S&M is still the best Purple album of the re-union era(it’s not
    ‘Deep Rainbow’ any more than Mk8 is a ‘Dixie Purple’)!
    Saw Joe with Graham Bonnet in Finland, and it was a Fantastic gig…classic songs sung with power & passion!!Just wish that he would stick with songs he sung originally…

  32. 32
    Rascal says:

    S&M the best re-union album? Well Sami, you are entitled to your opinion. Im sooooo glad though not too many people thought the same. Id hate to think that JLT could have been a permanent member of DP.

    Some people might think that JLT shouldnt have the right to sing classic DP, particularly on the back of such a poor selling album, and tour like S&M.

    But I think he should!! After all we all need careers!! I guess JLT needs the support of DP songs because he isnt easily recognisable on his own merits.

  33. 33
    Rasta Man says:

    What merits exactly?

  34. 34
    holyman says:

    JLT es un cantante de aquellos.Purple con él,sonaba a Purple.No nos damos cuenta de que Purple es Ritchie Blackmore???cante quien cante,solo suena a Purple,si el toca la guitarra.Chauu

  35. 35
    WhitePurple says:

    JLT is a good singer. He ‘d many different occasions to show it. Maybe his vocal world is a little limited and he hadn’t created a distinctive vocal style: when RPlant, DCoverdale or IGillan sing, you can rapidly recognize them without error…. About a possible Rainbow return, please don’t forget DWhite! Not a bad vocalist (Cornerstone,…), of course he’s also been chosen by Blackmore himself!!! But JLT don’t believe another possibility: the definitive Rainbow death! For me, it’s the real thing! Blackmore works with another good singer, yes CNight, and he seems happy with it. So if JLT needs Rainbow to express himself, i feel very sorry for him!

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