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Cascades: I’m Not Your Lover

Cascades: I’m Not Your Lover, Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 19, 1997:

Personally for me, Cascades was one of the highlights of the live shows back in 1996-97. It has all the makings of a classic Deep Purple song right up there next to the Highway Star, Burn, Gypsy’s Kiss and Anya. And that Steve’s solo spot that ever so slowly builds up to reprise the song is always sending shivers down my spine.

31 Comments to “Cascades: I’m Not Your Lover”:

  1. 1
    Roberto says:

    During 1997 and 1998 Deep Purple played the best shows after the perfect strangers tour.The band was in full flight and Gillan(in the right night) was super.They way of playng and their feelings look so young.
    I remember a night in Rome in june 1998.It was my first gig,I went by myself and it was the day before the final school’s examen,but Deep Purple were more important to me.I couldn’t believe to be there.I will never forget it.Still now I listen to my cassette and it always sending shivers down my spine.Ian Paice together with Ian Gillan will always remain my idols.Then I saw Deep Purple others 5 times but the quality of that shows,even if excellent,has not been the same than that tour.

  2. 2
    True Believer says:

    Ok, Ive just picked myself up off the floor….Long Live Deep Purple..Suupppeeerb.

  3. 3
    stoffer says:

    Awesome!! I wish I could have seen the Purpendicular Tour in person, or maybe they could play some tunes like this when they come around again.
    I second the LONG LIVE DP.

  4. 4
    Gary M says:

    The Purpendicular tour here in Detroit was the first time Purple wasn’t the main act. They were here with 2 other bands which didn’t fit their style. Anthrax, maybe. I can’t remember, but they were the opening band. They played for about an hour and I remember Cascades as being the standout tune. The ” trade-off” riffs between Jon Lord and Steve Morse were awesome. I sat there wearing my old Perfect Strangers shirt while a couple of 15 year old girls were yapping and giggling next to me. Needless to say, we left after Deep Purple. Unfortunately I also remember rock stations not playing any of the Purpendicular tracks. This was the start of the problem the band keeps facing here in the good ol’USA.

  5. 5
    ormandy says:

    Me proud. I third the long live DP.

  6. 6
    max says:

    Back in 98 they played 8 songs from ABANDON plus Ted the Mechanic…as can be heard on the A.BAND.ON.TOUR. CD which sounds rather good for a bootleg. I attended that show and it sure was a treat. I wish they had a setlist as adventurous now…

    Cascades is a very fine track, pity they dropped it so soon.


  7. 7
    elements says:

    looks/sounds very good!!! is the whole show avalible somewhere?

  8. 8
    ivan says:

    I love the song-why did they drop it? Also, “Sometimes I feel like screaming” is a top 5 DP song of all time for me-they haven’t played it in a while-why?why?why? Purpendicular is such an amazing album!
    I saw them in Orlando at the House of Blues a couple of months ago. They put on a great show, but I would have loved some variety in terms of the songs…

  9. 9
    T says:

    To say that “Cascades” is a classic along the lines of “Highway Star” et. al. is a bit of a stretch, however this is a very strong performance of a great song from a fantastic album. This clip could prove me wrong, however!

    I could allege the live, extended version of ’69 is also a classic but few would agree. That’s what makes Purple great: They have so much going for them, we could argue all day on the best songs, members, albums–and we’d all be right at the same time.

    I have always maintained that Purple needs to have more representation from their newer albums to give a little more credibility to the naysayers who believe DP is a “classic rock” or “nostalgic” act.

    What we need is a Deep Purple show–or shows–in a Purple-friendly country, such as England or France (it wouldn’t work in the US) in which they play *nothing* but songs from the Morse-era. Record the show and put it out on DVD and CD. This is who the band is *now*. The old songs could be limited to two or three encores.

    Great video. Morse is very good a looping on the digital delay. Good timing.

  10. 10
    tom fox says:

    this was a great tour saw the lads at st georges hall bradford -cascades sifls ted and some real excitement around the new material steve morse absolutely awesome

  11. 11
    Lackluster Jack says:

    Anyone wishing to see a video of the Purpenducular Tour should run straight to their nearest music store and get the 1996 Live in Montreux DVD. After viewing this DVD several times I still have only a one word to describe it. WOW!!!

  12. 12
    ormandy says:

    Well said “T”

  13. 13
    Bryan Caillouette says:

    It is so true. Deep Purple is not nor have they ever been a nostalgia act.
    They write create and perform new music (if the muse descends) to include in their current repertoire.
    I had the great fortune of seeing them in 1995 at the Sunrise in
    Ft. Lauderdale
    when they were just debuting the yet unreleased Perpendicular album. They were absolutely astounding and having not seen them since Detroit march 11 1985 a real surprise.!
    By the time they got to the State Theatre in Kalamazoo Dec. 1st 1996 they were a finely honed killing machine and incorporated the Perpendicular album most effectivley into theri set. The local paper referred to them as “50,000 kinds of loud” and they were and I was deafened for 7 days by Roger’s bass. (There was apparently a pole dancers convention in town which interrupted my conversation with Mr. Gillan and I never did get my Clear Air Turbulence poster signed.)
    The other show referenced above was the “Nightmare before Christmas” Dec 10th 1996 which featured Danzig as the closer and Deep Purple as headliner much to old Glenn’s chagrin I’m sure. On the bill was Helmet, Godsmack, Anthrax as well as Corrosion of Conformity. They all had muddy sound and reeked of un-professionalism. What was amazing and peculiar was the very underage audience and the bands themselves whom had come to see the other Nu MEtal bands were jaw dropped and blown away by Purple whom had the foresight to tour and use their OWN PA and sound techs. The sound was superb. The interplay between Lord and Morse was at a peak. They played for just over 80 min. No filler whatsoever. We taped that show from the first railing and the taped was used for the Dye it Purple Again cd. I recommend it highly. Also the in-house video was astonishing whomever was directing that night new exactly where to go and what to expect. Any one having or seen this Knows what I mean.
    So what was the question?
    Yes Deep Purple is still a viable CREATIVE rock and roll machine: unlike some artists whom after 27 years of silence will drag its rotting corpse across the stage for an entirely nostalgic (tribute) display. I wonder if they will play “Stairway”?
    See ya at the 02

  14. 14
    Ole says:

    Man, this is great. Only saw them a sunday at Amager. Not on fire like this. Morse solo is played with the heart and not controlled, and Paice is following him – just like the old days. Gillan bangin his congas like KB hallen in 1985. Great show – great singing. Thank you for this.

  15. 15
    Stormin says:

    I,m with T,lets have a Morse era dominated show at somewhere the RAH,this just shows how brilliant it would be…

  16. 16
    micke says:

    It’s impossible to watch this and nöt hmmm along to the tune.
    And hear that crowd when Steve starts his solo spot….

  17. 17
    XL says:

    I saw the tour. It was great. Morse is God. The song rocks like…

  18. 18
    rob dykes says:

    yessssssssssssss! saw dp at johnnyland near corpus christi tx usa in 1996. only a few hundred fans there but it was the best ive seen …any one else there?

  19. 19
    suzanne says:

    wow. what a treat. thanks ths. great conversation as well.

  20. 20
    John H says:

    Cascades was definitely one of the highlights of that era. For me also it’s right up there with Highway Star, Burn, and other DP classics. A shame just a couple of years later it was reduced to just the instrumental section, then dropped altogether. Those arpeggios are incredible, great guitar solo, great melody and riff. One of the best. That Purpendicular album always takes me to a special place, the summer of 1996, life was good!


  21. 21
    T says:

    I get the same feeling from Purpendicular as well–and many other DP albums. It is interesting how the music transports you to a time or place. I think this is the reason a lot of people dislike certain albums for the same reason–not muscially but because of what was going on in either *their*–or the band’s–lives.

  22. 22
    Snoopster says:

    I agree with you guys, it’s a crying shame that all Purpendicular tunes were phased out of the setlist… for what? Lazy and Space Trucking? Awww…

  23. 23
    deep lavender says:

    To me, what really put “Perpindicular” over the top were the acoustic-type songs “Aviator” and “A Touch Away”. I don’t feel Blackmore would’ve ever done those songs. Those 2 songs let Morse lead the band into a new (dare I say) ‘softer’ direction, but still distinctly Purple. Gillans voice on the celtic-like “Aviator” was magnifico!!!
    I wish “Aviator” would be thrown in the setlist.
    For those of you who saw the “Perpindicular” tour, did they ever play it?

  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    He does them ALL THE TIME in BN.
    And are we happy?

  25. 25
    BILL MAJOR says:


  26. 26
    T says:

    Blackmore’s night is a different genre altogether and the implication that it is along the lines of Purpendicular is ridiculous.

  27. 27
    rascal says:

    Exactly……………………..Blackmores night is pure shit!!

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I said nothing of that sort.

    I IMPLIED that RB went his own acoustic way with BN.
    Aviator and A Touch Away …….., well….then give me BN anytime…….Those songs suck bigtime and do not belong on a DP album, Songs like Rosa’s cantinna and Cascades.erm yes………do.
    NOT that BN has the same style as the ALBUM Purpendicular(Which I kinda like, do not get me wrong. But……it’s NOT DP. It’s The Ian Gilland band, improved with DP men and their name)

  29. 29
    Rascal says:

    Because you dont like certain tracks doesnt make it less DP, or more Gillan band.

    When Blackmore ‘took a hike’ the band continued, and progressed, and that shows in each album.

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Even if I would give you that, which I don’t………
    Unfortunately NOT on stage……….

  31. 31
    Rascal says:

    Your opinion………………………..and thats all

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