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Book and Remastered Albums from Gillan

Ian Gillan spoked to Reuters yesterday. He told them that he had already lined up a publisher for his upcoming novel, which is a political thriller titled “Wessex“. Gillan said, “This is my one and only novel. This really is a labour of love. It’s the only idea I have ever had for a book which has inspired me to write it.” Gillan also said he expected the book would be controversial. “A lot of wrong things have become the law and this affects people very deeply.” “This book is based on my own philosophies.”

Gillan also said during the interview that he has signed a deal last week with a British company to remaster and re-release the five solo albums that he produced during the 1970s and 1980s. This should happen later this year.
Thanks to Yahoo UK News for the information.

7 Comments to “Book and Remastered Albums from Gillan”:

  1. 1
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Which “five” solo-albums are meant?
    Are only the IGB albums count and Cherkazoo?

    But anyway. It will be a good thing. I hope for some bonusmaterial.

    The novel is not for me, because to read an English book is to difficult for me…..


  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I always find it a bit strange that a man from this Western world still can’t read English…..Anno 2006….
    Espescially when he is such a big follower of groups with that language……
    Maybe you are lucky and it will be translated?


  3. 3
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Hey Purpleprist1965,

    there are also a lot of people in the western world, who don’t understand German, Russian or Dutch 😉

    I understand English and can write it (with a lot of grammar faults – I hate the English tenses). It’s enough for internet and forms, but to understand a novell with all that nunaces – no way. And Ian speaks a very sophisticated English in some terms.

    And you will believe or not, I don’t matter about the lyrics of DP-songs. It’s the sound of the music for me that matters.

    If I would understand every lyric, than I think I wouldn’t like Whitesnake…

    But one lyric I always love: “No Laughing In Heaven” – it is easy for me to understand…. A great one – and played in Buffalo!


  4. 4
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I suppose that comparison does not work……

    English has become THE main language ON EARTH in the last decade…..
    Even “our enemies” do speak it very well…..

    You’re right that understanding every lyric is not without shame…..
    But hey…..there’s also a lot to enjoy….
    Indeed, “No laughing in heaven”, that’s a nice one……
    So you(…)were so lucky to get that gig? Jeeeeeeez, some guys have all the luck……

    Concerning the attendance numbers in the USA Gillan better goes to Europe and Japan I suppose ….

    But even that might be a dissappointment :
    I saw him with his band in Paradiso/Amsterdam in 1990, or was it 1991? (Getting old sucks!)…….and I do remember that not only the house was not packed but also I had shame myself :
    I brought my , then girlfriend Irene, to the gig, saying Ian Gillan was my HERO……
    She said : (Not without reason) : It was the worst show I ever been to!!!
    Gillan was, like he has done on numerous occassions, not in good shape…..and, erm, delivered not very well……
    It was not Blackers that messed up big time, It was ian(MY HERO!!!!) who did……

    Not to say I am still sad because of his too long departure from ROCKMUSIC…….
    “Lord” have mercy on my soul……
    Give Ricardo a call, David……
    Take a break, little Ian…….
    Roger…..and Ian……make sologigs and albums….
    Glenn……Give us Mark 3, before we die…..

    Sorry, did not take enough coffe today……

  5. 5
    David Sanderson says:

    My English isn’t too good either, mind you where I live most people speak Polish or Portuguese anyway! What’s Portuguese for ‘Anya? Damn fine looking woman, she is, pity I’m spoken for……aah, it’s nice to have these little fantasies. Maybe in another life, it’s fate or karma, I just know it!

  6. 6
    Cunning Linguist says:

    The only reason English is “the” language is because English speakers are too arrogant to learn other languages. Prior to the war, English wasn’t that great a player in international circles.

    By the way… Native Chinese speakers outnumber native English speakers by a wide number. Mandarin is the largest language on earth.

    French is spoken on every continent–including Antarctica–and is geographically more widely spoken. En fait, on parle francais partout, voyez? Il faut apprendre des langues etrangeres.

    That most people in the world know English is a myth. Most people have little or no knowledge of English whatsoever.

    Spanish is quickly overtaking English in the number of total native speakers, and the United States is currently one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries on the planet. I find it ironic that most English speakers cannot speak this rapidly growing language. When it becomes “the” language on the earth, buena suerte en aprenderlo porque con su actitud, sera bastante dificil.

    Karl-Heinz: Your English is excellent. Even native English speakers will not understand all the nuances of a novel. I wish I spoke your language as well as you speak mine.

  7. 7
    Master of many tounges says:

    I speak many lingos, I once met this bird outside the Turkish embassy, Purple done a song about her or somefink. Arrogant? Bit harsh me ol’ son!

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