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Find the words and make them rhyme

Doogie White was a guest on the latest Mitch Lafon’s podcast and the interview turned into the retrospective of his career. Starting with the ongoing reunion of his first band La Paz (which has now a third album out), to Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Michael Schenker. (listen inside)

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Owl meeting a bumblebee in mid flight

Ritche Blackmore is featured on the cover of May 2016 issue of Guitar Player magazine. The cover story includes his profile, interview with the man, and reminiscences from Jim Hurley, Blackmore’s Night violin player in 1999-2000.

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Vavoom indeed

Paicey is currently on tour in Europe with Purpendicular, and their setlist gives a chance for the fans to see live some of the tunes they don’t see performed by Deep Purple these days. (watch inside)

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Fun in Nashville

While working in nashville on the new album, it was not quite all work and no play. Don Airey found the time to go out and do be a guest keyboard player with a band called Thee Rock’N’Roll Residency at a local pub. They did Ozzy’s Suicide Solution and Mr. Crowley: Then Roger Glover stepped […]

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Having complete understanding

Glenn Hughes recently spoke to Mitch Lafon and the nearly 40-minute interview is the feature of the latter’s weekly podcast. They talked about Glenn’s health problems, Black Country Communion (“BCC will be the last band I play in…”, whatever exactly that means), Hall of Fame induction (“I completely understand what Ian Gillan is saying…”), and […]

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Just a singer

Graham Bonnet recently spoke to the Blairing Out show. His 48 minute interview is thoroughly entertaining. He comes across as a candid no-nonsense man, often hilarious, and with a healthy dose of humility (that never hurts). (watch inside)

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Blackmore is sued for botched album promotion

Blabbermouth reports that Blackmore’s record company Frontiers is suing him for failing to adequately promote the latest Blackmore’s Night album All Our Yesterdays. According to the complaint, filed on March 16 in Manhattan federal court, Blackmore received a $220,000 advance for the album and signed a contract guaranteeing his “full support to the promotion surrounding […]

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Rapture in Rheine

Don Airey live at Hypothalamus (Rheine, Germany 2016-03-18) If you close your eyes, you could think, it’s Ritchie Blackmore right on stage. Or Gary Moore. Or Jimi Hendrix. But if you listen closely, it’s surely Simon McBride. Behind him Darrin Mooney, a surely excellent drummer. Besides him Laurince Cottle, a bass player with enormous talent. […]

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Not with a bang, but a whimper

Mike Eriksson recalls in his blog Trinkelbonker the end of the first run of Deep Purple — which reached its lowest point 40 years ago today, on March 15, 1976. When Deep Purple did their five shows back in Britain between March 11 and March 15 1976 it was actually a pretty big homecoming. UK […]

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Lucky thirteen

Roger Glover has posted the first studio report from the new album sessions:


We started the next album in Nashville on the 28th January. Thirteen days of pre-production and thirteen days recording in the studio. Lucky thirteen because we have thirteen tracks, all but finished except for vocals.

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