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Rapture in Rheine

Don Airey live at Hypothalamus (Rheine, Germany 2016-03-18)

If you close your eyes, you could think, it’s Ritchie Blackmore right on stage. Or Gary Moore. Or Jimi Hendrix. But if you listen closely, it’s surely Simon McBride. Behind him Darrin Mooney, a surely excellent drummer. Besides him Laurince Cottle, a bass player with enormous talent. In front of them a vocalist, who could easily sing Child im Time and hit every note. And left on the stage: Don Airey. Whom to tell about here would be carrying coales to Newcastle.
These five again hit the stage of the Hypothalamus in Rheine (Germany) again on the 18th of March. A small but fine venue with a maximum capacity of about 250 people. A year ago I already wondered why five world class musicians play in such a small club (see my review from one year ago). But they must have a good time there. Laurence Cottle told me after the show, he hoped to be back there 2017. And a good time surely had the audience on friday. For me it was even better like a year ago, because of the setlist. It included Rapture of Deep, besides Balck Night as last encore the only purple song. There were three excellent songs from “A Light in the sky”: Endless Night, Rocket to the moon and Love you too much. One of the highlights was The Inquisition form a band called Colloseum II of which Don Airey was a member “a long time ago in far away galaxy” – as he said. And then there was one of the most famous keyboard-intros in rock-history and the following Mr. Crowley. Incredibly good!
Around these highlights there were a lot of Rainbow-songs, some of Gary Moore and on of Jimi Hendrix to feature the talents of Simon. A more than enjoyable evening. To be honest: If I had to choose wether to go to a Deep Purple concert or a Don Airey concert today: I wohl prefere Don Airey. As with Deep Purple I would go and see five first class musicians. But a more interesting setlist.
By the way: Thanks to teh Highway Star: I wouldn’t have known that Don played near my hometown if I wouldn’t have it read it here.
My 22 year sold who attended the concert with me was also excited. He took some videos. I’ll send some of them, perhaps they can be added.

Friedhelm Wenning

review by Friedhelm

4 Comments to “Rapture in Rheine”:

  1. 1
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Don Airey is a class act & I would have loved to have been at that concert. You’re a lucky fellow Friedhelm.

  2. 2
    rudy says:

    darrin on the drums? Are you sure? on the other shows it was Jon Finnigan.
    Anyhow thanks for the review

  3. 3
    Friedhelm says:

    No, I’m not really sure. It was said so in the tour programm.

  4. 4
    RobH says:

    It was Jon Finnegan on drums, and what a great drummer. Darrin is currently out with Primal Scream so wasn’t available.

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