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Vavoom indeed

Paicey is currently on tour in Europe with Purpendicular, and their setlist gives a chance for the fans to see live some of the tunes they don’t see performed by Deep Purple these days.

Vavoom: Ted the Mechanic, which was Purple live staple for a long, long time, but not any more:

Mistreated (I like the way guitar player is thinking in this one):

Child in Time

Bonus track 😉 drum solo:

Thanks to all the videographers for their efforts and to Gerry Doyle for the heads up.

11 Comments to “Vavoom indeed”:

  1. 1
    Mark Gowans says:

    Gillan hasn’t got the lungs for songs like that anymore so thats probably why they’ve been dropped from the set.

  2. 2
    Nick Green says:

    Mr Gillan sounded pretty near perfect at the O2 in December. Still nailing Bloodsucker, Hard loving man & Highway star. Still got it and still the best (in my opinion) 🙂

  3. 3
    LRT says:

    Uh, they’ve always been…

  4. 4
    Steven Maxwell says:

    That is CRAZY that Paicey is doing that! Or maybe not ($$). But pretty cool. The singer looks great, has nice presence, etc. BUT, his singing is BARELY cutting it. He’s pretty mediocre…..I’ll take present day Gillan over this guy. So what, he can do some screams, but everything else this tribute guy is doing is not strong.

  5. 5
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Wasn’t very keen on the first video, but the next three were quite good. Keep practicing boys!. Just wondering if the drummer would available to play at the kid’s parties…..?!.

  6. 6
    MrPtheDPfan says:

    Only watched Ted so far .Pretty good I thought , guitar player gets flashy . Hey if Paicey can’t stand being off the road . Happy he has some guys to boogie with .

  7. 7
    Adel says:

    People are missing the point here. The only reason and there only one reason Ian Paice is doing this is for practising and stretching his muscles between DP shows. Come on guys gets real the band is rubbish but it serves it purpose as far as Ian concerned.

  8. 8
    al says:

    @ 1

    I love it when every time a video of cover band or whatever is posted,and every body jumps to the bashing of Gillan,how he has no voice and cannot sing shit!! dude,the guy is 70 yo,and he is still has the personality and interpretation of no peers,so,instead of going”Gillan doesn’t have the lungs ” should say,Gillans has been an influence for many generations of singers and style and the banshee screaming and all.

  9. 9
    max says:

    I saw this band two days ago in Karlsruhe and thought they were really good. They didn’t just copy the stuff but added a nice touch here and there, bringing in lots of little nods to this and that – things only hard core fans would recognise. And very fiendly they were too after the show. Ian Paice seemed to enjoy it – and rightly so. He signed stuff and had a chat. A fun night out for sure and highly recommended!

  10. 10
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 8:

    I totally agree with you. I have to admit that years ago I was disappointed as well that my hero didn’t sound like he once used to anymore. But the truth is that I’m astonished of his talent and stamina. Most of us could only dream of the physical pre-condition he brought to the table when he started out and in that regard he overshadows many other great singers we look up to. In my book he has always had one of the most powerful voices in rock history and unlike others who have (had) a tenor voice he always sounded very raw and butch as well.

  11. 11
    Xavier says:

    i must say Ted the Mechanic sounds better than the original Gilly purp version…

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