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Revolution 1971

The official Youtube channel has posted a video produced by Swiss TV in 1971 looking at how people “consumed” music and if it’s any different from consumption of, say, Coca-Cola. The event they chose to investigate was April 1971 Deep Purple concert in Montreux.

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Purple pick up Kerrang! award

Deep Purple were inducted into Kerrang! Hall of Fame this year at the award ceremony held on June 12 in London. There they join previous years inductees of the (mostly) metal oriented publication: Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Slayer and Machine Head (the latter claim their band’s name has no relation to the Purple classic album). […]

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Some time next year…

Deep Purple have played at the Hellfest in Clisson this past weekend, and at the press conference before the show Roger Glover confirmed that the band is indeed working on a new album for tentative release in 2015:

…Some time next year there will be another album…

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A week in the life of Ian Gillan

Back in April Classic Rock Magazine has republished online a profile of Ian Gillan, concentrating on his everyday life outside of the band. The article originally appeared in the print edition of Classic Rock, issue 59, quite a few years ago. If you’ve missed it in dead tree form, it’s quite an entertaining read (registration […]

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Jon Lord wins a poll

Jon Lord has won the Greatest Keyboard Player poll held by Real XS radio in Manchester, UK. The final top 10 is as follows: Jon Lord Rick Wakeman Rick Wright Keith Emerson Ray Manzarek Matt Bellamy Jordan Rudess Tony Banks Dave Greenfield John Paul Jones Thanks to Alan Heron for the info.

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How Coverdale “got packaged” with Page

An industry insider Mitch Weissman recently shared on Lefsetz Letter this tidbit of history on how the Coverdale/Page collaboration was put together: I almost had [Jimmy Page] and Billy Squier unite for a record in the 80’s. Jimmy and I were chatting in NY’s China Club under the Beacon Theater in ’89. We had become […]

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Not wearing spandex

In his September 2013 interview with Songfacts Graham Bonnet talked about the guitar player luminaries he had worked with during his career: Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Michael Schenker. He took time explaining how he got into Rainbow and how he got out of it: Songfacts: If you think back to 1985/1986, it seemed […]

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Gillan to perform in his home town

Blackmore Vale Magazine (I kid you not) reports that Ian Gillan offered his services to perform at the Guitars On The Beach festival in his home town of Lyme Regis. The event is essentially a mass gathering of guitar players not unlike the ones that set the world record, albeit not on quite the scale: […]

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Dm, Gm, Cmaj, Amaj

Guitar World has an article on Yngwie Malmsteen’s 80s cover of the Highway Star which contains an undated quote from Blackmore about the two solos on the track, both becoming legendary: I wrote that out note for note about a week before we recorded it. And that is one of the only times I have […]

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Essener Pop und Blues revisited

Longer clips from the Internationales Essener Pop und Blues Festival in October 1969 have surfaced on YouTube. We posted the first instalment before, but those are no longer available. The new clips have about 10 minutes of Mandrake Root and 7 minutes of Wring That Neck with better sound. Thanks to Igor Gillan-fan for posting […]

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