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Park and bark

Elizabeth the opera singer is drooling all over Rainbow take on Mistreated from Munich’77.

46 Comments to “Park and bark”:

  1. 1
    DeeperPurps says:

    Great reaction! Massively powerful vocal delivery by Dio. And more importantly, absolutely majestic guitar work by Ritchie Blackmore!

  2. 2
    Gregster says:


    Wait ’till she hears DC’s version @ the Cal-Jam !

    Peace !

  3. 3
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I saw that performance live at the innocent age of 16 (a school trip had coincidentally taken me to Munich, otherwise I would have gone see them in Frankfurt or Wiesbaden where they also played that October).


    The whole band was on fire that (mid)night, great sound, Dio in a commanding voice, Blackers really dangerous and charged up (plus: sans widow’s peak of the tour before in 1976, new hair and new fringe, a wonder of the regenerative powers of nature!), Daisley/Powell likely an even more potent rhythm section than Bain/Powell, Stone seemed slightly bemused by it all, but enjoying himself in his rather shy manner (he’s stated in many interviews since then that Rainbow’s music was really too simplistic and not a sufficient challenge for him).

    Of course, Dio’s voice control on the track cannot be faulted, but as I’ve written before: Coverdale’s testosterone-drenched vain machismo “hurt lion’s roar” is missing.


    Coverdale’s rendition is likely less perfect from a vocal technique point of view, yet it’s a question of performer credibility: I’m sure Jon Anderson of YES could have sung James Brown’s Sex Machine well, but would you have believed him?


    That said, Ronnie sang that song as well as someone outside of the DC/Paul Rodgers/Joe Cocker/Frankie Miller circle of singers reasonably could.

  4. 4
    MacGregor says:

    I do feel she will not be the only one ‘drooling’ over being ‘Mistreated’. Has the song Mistreated ever been Mistreated? Yes indeed & that is only because it was not for Dio’s voice & feel at all. Dio singing the word baby? Never. Well maybe he has before in his younger be bop & crooning days but surely not in Rainbow, Sabbath & even during his solo career. The Munich concert has Dio mentioning this song before having to regrettably sing it again, with the comment ‘from another band, who’s name escapes me at present’ or words to that effect. Oh & don’t forget the ‘barbarian at the gates’ Cozy Powell pushing it into different territory. We have heard enough about that from TsUWEnami banging on even harder than Cozy himself at times. Oh well, not to worry. We have all been Mistreated. Cheers.

  5. 5
    Uwe Hornung says:

    You will have noticed, you ole instigator, that I was quite reticent in my comments on, inter alia, the late Herr Powell!

    Munich was a great gig by the whole band, no two ways about it. Dio-era Rainbow were always too sheer bloody-minded for widestream appeal like Purple, but that night they didn’t just kill the king.

  6. 6
    MacGregor says:

    I am actually in shock & picking myself up off the floor Uwe. Well done indeed, is that the first time? Just joking. I am envious indeed as I have moaned more than enough about missing classic Rainbow in concert, that was the previous lineup in ’76, but still a miss indeed.. Speaking of Rainbow there is a cracker at the moment in our eastern sky with a sun shower. Probably that Man in Black casting a spell as the sun is setting in the west. Typical isn’t it, he only comes out at night.. Cheers.

  7. 7
    sidroman says:

    Didn’t Graham Bonnet also sing this occasionally when he was in Rainbow? I would love to have heard him sing it.

  8. 8
    Ivica says:

    Sublime performance RJD, but still this song is David Coverdal’s part of the universe, as well as the song “Soldier Of Fortune”. I like that Herr Uwe put a clip of the artificial intelligence song “I Surrender”by RJD .. that would be interesting for the voice of RJD
    It’s a pity that Ritchie wasn’t in the RJD era, he wrote a song hard rock-blues like “Mistreated ” late… when Dio went to BS (“Love’s No Friend”..Graham did a great job)
    It’s always nice to listen to lady Elizabeth …. also to see that face

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    Ha ha ha, have to enjoy the Jon Anderson comparison to James Brown. Regarding poor ole Mistreated & even more poor ole RJ Dio having to sing that song for so long. Was that in his era of Rainbows setlist constantly as I think it was, hence his comment at the Munich gig. Many people would have expected Blackmore to play Purple tunes at the Rainbow concerts. Was Blackmore aware or would he even care of that scenario or expectation. Mistreated was obviously his choice we would think as I cannot envisage Dio saying’ why don’t we play something from DP’? Although he may have who knows. Rainbow had two albums worth of their own material by the time they hit the road, more than enough with solo spots & dare I say it ‘improvisation’ to fill a good two hour show. It is me being picky again but I always thought from day one with the On Stage double album, ‘why are they playing this song’. Cheers.

  10. 10
    Hassan nikfarjam says:

    An example that songwriting is more important than technique and speed. Few simple notes and creating a masterpiece. The thing that seperates Blackmore from others is his ability in creation and production. This song is based on Coverdale’s voice and only a few singers can perform it.This version with Dio is fantastic and Blackmore’s improvisation is admireable.

  11. 11
    Georgivs says:

    Dio’s ad libbing is funny, though. He misplaced his soul, it turns out. Wait, he did what???

  12. 12
    Coronarias says:

    The whole question of which performances are picked up by “You Tube Reactors” seems to be driven more by copyright considerations than quality. And IMHO, there are a whole load of copyright owners busy shooting themselves in the foot by refusing to allow reactors to comment on the performances in their control. I can think of no other reason, for example, for the billions of Granada TV Child in Time reactions out there.
    So – I always disliked Dio’s performance of Mistreated. It’s one-dimensional bellowing, compared with Coverdale’s wounded animal bluesy and emotive treatment. And Cov/Hughes (and Paice) always did the fast bit far better.The only reason Dio sang it was because at the time, Rainbow didn’t have enough popular songs of their own to attract the crowds

  13. 13
    Max says:

    Rainbow was to be on German telly! I could not believe it. Here was spotty me, 14 years old who had never seen his hero move before. No MTV, no youtube, no dvd, no nothing. I only knew what he looked like from the album covers and the occasional report in BRAVO or some other groundbreaking music mag. And now they were gonna be on TV! I had wore out my copy of On Stage already and could not wait to sit next to the tv set with a microphone and a mono cassette player. That was the plan.

    My parents had other plans. They fancied a devorce and decided to send my brother and me to the north of germany to spend the holidays with my beloved granny. And as the Rainbow show was going to be aired only in the south of germany … no Rainbow rising for poor little me. I hated it so much that I still can’t find the words to describe it. And I saw that show as soon as the dvd got out some 30 years later …

  14. 14
    Henrik says:

    Dio like JLT has this american way of overblowing sensitive songs.-
    It becomes too theatrical.

    So, no. Dio isn’t in Coverdale’s league when singing Mistreated.

  15. 15
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Kleiner Max, parental abuse knows many forms, I feel for you! :mrgreen:

    But it teaches you something: In Germany all civilization stops once you are forced to leave the former Roman Empire or, if you like, the Amerikanische Besatzungszone (both are pretty much the same thing). Beyond that it’s all – let’s face it – Celtic/Germanic Tribes dancing around open fires with no decent plumbing nor reading and writing.

    Mistreated has never been a favorite DP song of mine, I think it’s stodgy – I like my music with more chord changes and harmonies. But Blackmore loved it and never considered it a real DP song (“there wasn’t much to do for Jon Lord”), which of course ignored DC’s crucial contribution to the song, maybe that is why he dragged it over to Rainbow. To his defense: It was the only Purple song if one ignores that SOTW and sometimes MWFT were played as encores in the Turner era.

    The set list of Rainbow in the Dio era was extremely static. The lion’s share always came from the debut + Kill The King as the opener, Rising songs were mostly ignored, only played in snippets (Lady Starstruck) and quickly thrown out (Stargazer + A Light In The Black) or served as a mere canvas for guitar destruction orgies (Do You Close Your Eyes When I’m Smashing Another Cheap Strat Copy). The songs from LLRnR (the album) were ignored even more (the already mentioned KTK had been in the set for years already, other than that only LLRnR (the song) made a lasting entrance. What I saw in Munich was the same set I had seen in Frankfurt a year before, with only the as then unreleased LLRnR added (it went down well, catchy as it was in the inane simplicity of its chorus).

    I believe it was a mixture of Blackmore’s inherent laziness and impatience that kept the set list more or less the same for the whole of the Dio era. Lazy because he didn’t want to learn anything new, impatient because he didn’t let new songs develop live – sometimes you have to give them a little time before they work on stage. Blackmore is “if it doesn’t cling to the wall immediately —> NEXT!!!”

    What I saw in Munich was what Rainbow would continue to play until the end of the Dio era – condensed even more on that endless tour opening for REO Speedwagon (throwing out, inter alia, Catch The Rainbow, a mistake IMHO) that should have broken them in the US but didn’t.

    If they had really worked at it, they could have had a stellar set list with an unplugged version of Temple Of The King for variety/pacing (Uriah Heep never had any fear to dig out the acoustic guitars for Lady In Black or The Wizard) + Stargazer and Gates Of Babylon in extended versions, not to mention Tarot Woman as an alternative opener: “Toto, I’ve a feelin’ we’re not in Kansas anymore, we must be over the Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow …” and – WHAM!!! – then straight into those majestic synth lines Tony Carey wrote on the spot. And A Light In The Black could have been the guitar destruction Blitz.

    But so many things were wrong with early Rainbow’s promotion and marketing tactics. Ever noticed that there wasn’t a single TV appearance in any country of the Dio line-up(s) during their existence where they promoted one of their singles by traditional miming? Outright silly to give up on that kind of exposure. And then they cracked the singles market with those two Graham Bonnet vids of SYBG and All Night Long, but only after Dio had left.

  16. 16
    Rock Voorne says:

    @ Max

    I was living a small village in the Southern parts of the Netherlands.
    I m talking early 80 s.I was 15 + and a huge fan since 1977.

    Dont know why but at home we didnt receive WDR on the TV

    A block or 2 away from me an older friend did!

    He also had huge walls filled with vinyl he sold for a dime once his girl settled in and he had to clean up his act.
    Totally baffled because it contained many great gems.

    I m talking re broadcasts on WDR we watched at his place, together with a bunch of friends who were all older than me.
    Drinking beer, talking about porn et all. I really was a shy kid, so…….

    It took years for us again to have a VHS device and I think even more to get me a bad copy of a videotape,
    I even spent a lot of money early 90 s for a bootversion on CD.

    I wish I c have had more patience.

    Again years later the DVD was released and now I m rarely watching TV
    but everything on a PC screen combined with 2 modest speakers.

    So, I m wondering why, but you re probably talking 1977 here, you did not get WDR where you were.

    Its possible my friend, he was 31, already recorded it years before I entered his mancave.

  17. 17
    MacGregor says:

    @ 10 – whilst I am not totally sure of the reasons certain artists stop anyone doing whatever they like with their music on the internet, I would think it would be a business decision to protect their business (in this case their music) from other people possibly profiting from it. I have heard Rick Beato waffling on about it & also others. Anyway in relation to the ‘billions of Granada TV Child in Time reactions that are out there’ surely that is a over the top exaggeration of sorts. And were there any extra ‘bums on seats’ at Rainbow concerts because of Mistreated? Was it that popular of a song at that time. Did Blackmore enjoy playing it & did he also think Dio might be able to sing it better or differently than Coverdale? Who can tell. I have always thought that Rainbow would have been fine without that song in their setlist. Anyway it is all water under the bridge now. Cheers.

  18. 18
    Ole Jacobsen says:

    I have seen a few of these reaction videos. I find them to be quite a waste of time. But I like watching one now and again. I guess it fills a need we have. A statistics a few years ago found that around 33% of all people reading a car review had already bought the car. 😉

  19. 19
    Max says:

    @ Rock Voorne: Oh well all the money we spent on terrible sounding bootlegs and empth generation video tapes! I sure could go on a nice little holiday now if I had saved the dough.

    @ Uwe: Talking of civilisation: Die Amerikanische Besatzungszone established a couple of great clubs here in the southwest of Germany. I fondly remember one called “Alabama” that introduced me to line dance and other earthly delights. A visitor from California I had taken there almost could not believe it. “This place is vvvery much like an American place, Max!” Being gay he was a little scared though … the manners of the G.I.s that attended that honky tonk in the middle of nowhere (near Bruchsal that is) were very rustikal. On your birthday you would get hitten on your behind by their belts (collected before the event) as many times as you would be years old. So on my birthday I’d prefer a German Kneipe… But a secret love for country music remained with me ever since. They did not play any Rainbow tunes there.

    The 76/77-setlist of your dreams is one I share for sure. I never understood why they had to stretch Still I’m Sad that much and keep Mistreated in the set instead of including some songs of Rising and – later – LLRR.

    Did I hear anyone say Hush and Black Night?

  20. 20
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Not so bad at all, they play it with feel:


  21. 21
    MacGregor says:

    Good points Uwe & yes something wasn’t right there in Rainbow. Was it only Blackmore though with his destructive attitude at times. Or was Dio against the commercial hit record aspect, well we know he was in that sense at that time. Video clips wouldn’t have been a priority me thinks. Did Ronald ever have any say in things? Cozy wasn’t into commercialism either so there may have been a attitude at that time to stay away from certain ‘stardom’ aspects to it all. Although we could hear certain commercial chorus lines becoming more frequent as things evolved. Lady Starstruck, Do You Close Your Eyes, LLR&R definitely had it, LA Connection also. Thats the problem with ‘living in the past’ though, the medieval times. Television as we know didn’t exist back then! Probably just ole Blackers & his moods though, start something & then get really bored & pissed off about it. There were two pretty strong minded people Blackmore had to deal with in that lineup. The Ouija board may not have been delivering what he was hoping for. I didn’t mind them not going too commercial & as you know I have a penchant for things from the ‘darker old school’ side. Cheers.

  22. 22
    MacGregor says:

    @ 10 – Apologies Hassan my comments at 17 were in response to @ 12- Coronarias. Cheers.

  23. 23
    sidroman says:

    Didn’t Graham Bonnet sing Mistreated occasionally when he was in Rainbow? I would love to hear him cover it.

  24. 24
    hassan nikfarjam says:

    In my opinion the best version of mistreated is from “Made in europe” . But the california jam one is also excellent. As I mentioned this is a song that only Mr.Coverdale should sing.
    But this version with Dio is ok. Cozy Powell is magnificent.

  25. 25
    MacGregor says:

    The most favoured version of Mistreated for me is the Made in Europe one. That little improv that DeeperPurps mentioned over at the other cauldron recently. I know it is 12 months or so later than the California Jam version, however I was a little disappointed when I first watched & listened to that simply because Blackmore didn’t do that improv bit. Obviously it came later in an afterthought & or boredom. It is a very good blues song though & it doesn’t worry me at all that Jon Lord doesn’t feature in it. It is a guitar song, a blues song with plenty of gusto. Coverdale invented the vocal & with most singers who sing the original creation, it should & does sound much better than any other singer. That is usually the way with good vocalists creating & delivering the original, but not always, cue poor ole Bob Dylan. Cheers.

  26. 26
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Avoiding TV shows (where you would be required to mime in nine out of ten cases) was silly. In an MTV-less world and with live shows such as Rockpalast being rare, that was often the only chance to see a band at all. Rainbow in the Dio era were not any less commercial than Judas Priest, yet Priest did not forsake the chance of national exposure by presenting themselves (miming) in an otherwise dodgy chart show where the moderator couldn’t even pronounce their name right:


    This was in 1978 and the first time I ever actually saw Priest, I remember thinking: “Oh, so that is how they then look!” Back then I had two or three of their albums with very few and largely blurry band pictures and no magazine in Germany had yet reported on them. So it was a real eye opener to witness them. The next day everyone with an interest in hard rock was: “Did you see that band with the shorthaired punk singer with the screaming voice and the longhaired guitarists dressed in red and black? They rocked really hard!”

    The next time you saw Priest in Germany was as the opening act of AC/DC about a year later. Their name was still being mispronounced by many Germans as Judas “Pryst” (rhyming with Jesus Christ), but at least people by then knew how they looked. Incidentally one of the last shows of AC/DC with Bon.

    As Halford once said: “We’d do anything to get on the telly in those days.” Smart man.

  27. 27
    Rock Voorne says:

    I wish a GRAHAM BONNET auditiontape doing Mistreated was around and released.

    I often wonder how much is on the sheleves, dusting and rotting away, forever gone.

    One of the reasons RAINBOW with Dio didnt great regarding exposure was the Zetgeist maybe.
    Led Zeppelin had made a point of not releasing singles was an example as well.
    Its a shame Ritchie didnt take more classics on board, while having so much to choose from.

    The whole Dio led era was relatively short, in retroperspect. Relate it to the setlist MK 2 DP used it wasnt that much different, and still they broke through.

    Impatience was really a problem, money invested, a larger than life ego, a very different time, one could reason for ages, as we do, why and how things went a certain way.

    The ON STAGE version of Mistreated has been my version to go for for decades, but hearing so many great boots for 13 years now makes it hard to pick favourite versions.

  28. 28
    MacGregor says:

    I understand where you are coming from Uwe in regards to certain exposure on TV etc back then. However many artists refuse to do the mime & video treatment, it is a cop out of sorts. Ian Anderson recently commented on that & loathes that Tull fell for it back then. Dave Brock from Hawkwind refused to partake. Rob Halford would say that though wouldn’t he, anything for attention. Some people are prepared to do that ‘any attention is good attention’ thing. Some others not so. I agree with the not so outlook on it. Miming is cheap & silly looking for me & while that initially may attract some attention, I suppose it depends on how desperate some artists are at the time. Other artists resist at first then fall for it eventually. Many look back now & cringe, but that was the way it happened. Cheers.

  29. 29
    Nick says:

    Rock Voorne @27:

    Led Zeppelin not releasing singles is an urban legend. There were plenty of singles released.

  30. 30
    Rock Voorne says:

    Hi Nick

    I know singles were released but it was not what the band wanted.
    Some decisionmakers huh?

    I m so glad still countless boots found their way to us because thats was another policy, setting the false dog Peter Grant loose on fans preserving their legacy by recording , often in very good quality. .


  31. 31
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Herr MacGregor, I preferred a glimpse of a miming JP to no JP at all. Same would have been true for Rainbow, almost all of what we saw in the 70ies on TV shows where artists would plug their current single during an available stage time of, say, four minutes was mimed. Whitesnake and Gillan both did it without anyone ever assuming that they couldn’t deliver the goods live.

    “I wish a GRAHAM BONNET auditiontape doing Mistreated was around and released.”

    A historical artifact much like the DC audition tape for Mk III, true. But if you close your eyes and listen to either Love’s No Friend or Tearing Out My Heart, you have the two rewrites of Mistreated Ritchie did!

    (Just like when he sang Mistreated the first time without a mike because he was so nervous he forgot it.)


  32. 32
    MacGregor says:

    So many of the ‘album’ bands from the 1970’s didn’t want anything to do with singles. Yes, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Purple & also Sabbath. A slapped together at the last minute ‘throwaway’ song (Paranoid & Smoke & even Black Night) gets picked up by radio or the record company then becomes a successful single. Certain songs edited to be made into a single. (Yes with Roundabout & Floyd with Money for example). Deep Purple had that early single success with Hush of course & were aiming somewhat at the ‘top of the pops’ for want of a better description with MKI but MKII were not that way inclined. It is a fine line it seems. Look at Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody (that spoofy, gimmicky song according to Uwe) and Queen refused to allow the record company to edit that & good on them. Was it the first lengthy album song that was successful as a single? It is a fine line though. Cheers.

  33. 33
    Gregster says:


    qt.”I’m so glad still, (that) countless boots found their way to us”…

    I mostly agree here…Legalities aside, good bootlegs that are unofficially released keep the bands interest alive & well, & anticipation healthy for the next live or studio release. But you don’t want to be paying top-dollar for below-par unofficial releases either. Quite often however, they are uncut gems to have in your collection, especially if they are rare.

    Where possible, always grab the live-to-air Radio Station releases, as they’re usually really good sound-quality, true/full stereo mixes, that may have seen TV viewing at the time. These are only just below a studio refreshed release in sound quality, if at all.

    That said, be wary of new releases of old concerts, that are often re-releases of bootlegs under new titles. Check dates & set-lists to ensure that you don’t already own it lol !

    Peace !

  34. 34
    MacGregor says:

    The miming back when I was young left me feeling somewhat used, for want of a better description. I have a memory of being stunned, shocked etc being so young & all of a sudden realising that they were only ‘pretending’ to play. An amp not plugged in or a cymbal being hit & no sound from it but the worst was the lead singer being caught out or taking the piss deliberately. Sometimes there was a live mike for vocal etc. However were they taking us for fools or something I remember thinking at the time. It did leave a sour taste indeed so from then on I have found it amusing to say the least. Yes we could see our ‘musical hero’s’ at least, but I couldn’t understand it. Still good for listening to a song though because at least that part of it was real. Cheers.

  35. 35
    Gregster says:

    Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to heaven” remains the worlds most popular album song that was never released as a single…And it’s a fantastic, long, & timeless epic tune…

    Bo-Rap from Queen was never intended to be a single…But the band had much media interest, John Peel & others that were playing unfinished edits of “The Prophet Song” & the BBC were always noting their movements at the time, namely because of the change in management, & the freedom gained from leaving Trident, who didn’t pay them well at all…And the fact that they were doing-the-rounds recording at numerous studios at a time.

    Kenny Everett played Bo-Rap in unfinished guise 14-times over a week-end as delivered via Roy Thomas Baker / Mike Stone, & it went viral, so much so, that their manager printed off the first batch of full-length-single copies before receiving permission from the band, or EMI…So much for “Death on two legs” lol !

    John Deacon did present an edited version of the tune, without the operatics, but it wasn’t needed or used by the US-of-A market in-the-end.

    You’ll likely find that pirate radio, that was very popular through the 1960’s would have been playing full-length-tunes that the DJ’s liked from whoever they chose, & the masses were listening in the UK & the Continent alike, as long as the signals reached land…We must remember that these radio stations were sending the signals via abandoned WW-II war-ships, moored in the English channel…

    Singles & that shyte was mainly a greed interest necessary to break into the US-of-A markets, where the 02:30 to 03:00 time limits were the law set by radio stations, though the new FM stations were a lot more flexible. That was always a management, promoter & label problem…Time shows us however, that the radio-stations rolled-over for the $$$ & played the tunes that would keep the wheels of advertising turning for them.

    Peace !

  36. 36
    Uwe Hornung says:

    “Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to heaven” remains the worlds most popular album song that was never released as a single…And it’s a fantastic, long, & timeless epic tune…”

    Note to self: I will not be provoked and simply ignore this utterance, harrumph …

    It’s certainly long, I grant it that!

  37. 37
    Gregster says:

    LOL ! Leiber Uwe said re “Stairway to heaven”…

    qt.”I will not be provoked and simply ignore this utterance, harrumph …
    It’s certainly long, I grant it that”!…

    Now, now, Sir, one only needs to remind oneself of the “Concerto” or the “Gemini Suite” to balance things out, & perhaps even swing matters into DP’s favour…

    That said, Tony Iommi was arguably the best at writing side-long-songs that intertwined with each other, with the band following his lead…

    Peace !

  38. 38
    Dibbdroid says:

    Uwe, if Blackmore was inherently lazy how did he cope with changing from the Deep Purple MKII, to Deep Purple MK III to Rainbow with Dio, Bonnet and JLT with all the inherent setlist changes?

  39. 39
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Well, he was really both: lazy + bored quickly, lieber Dibbdroid! He basically only changed set lists after he had changed line-ups.

    Granted, DP’s and Rainbow’s set lists being so static probably also had something to do with Blackmore’s penchant for improvising (dissenting opinion —> gruesome Gregster’s grisly grumblings), he wanted a canvas he knew in and out to have the freedom to extemporize from it. But Blackmore has never been someone like, say, his hero Bob Dylan who would give his band a completely varying set list he had just thought up himself 10 minutes before a gig!

  40. 40
    Gregster says:

    LOL !

    Herr Uwe said qt.”Granted, DP’s and Rainbow’s set lists being so static, probably also had something to do with Blackmore’s penchant for improvising (dissenting opinion —> gruesome Gregster’s grisly grumblings)”…

    Yes indeed, the term “wasted opportunities” clearly reveals itself with RB’s so-called improvisations. Virtually everything post 1974 imo, is RB revisiting past musical vista’s that are well trodden already, so hardly improvisation in the truest sense of the word is to be heard…Just re-ordered phrases…Like eating 100 Big Macs from 100 different restaurants over 100-days, where they don’t taste exactly the same, but they taste exactly like McDonalds.

    Just listen for yourself to the available live material !!!

    Think of RB like a yo-yo, with one night being down, & the other night being up, depending on how highly strung he woke-up in the morning lol !

    Peace !

  41. 41
    Gregster says:


    So you’re all likely tired of me pointing-out that RB had his poorer moments, bla,bla,bla, but I listened to “live in Paris” only the other day, & when reading through this thread, realized that the “Mistreated” recorded at this gig, more than hints at what I allure too.

    Thankfully, it’s available on Youtube, so I can link it up, & the band plays superbly, with a great rendition from DC..But RB’s efforts ??? You decide ! ( I’ll have a Big Mac thanks, but hold the sauce please, & don’t forget the… ) lol…


    Peace !

  42. 42
    Rock Voorne says:

    The s and M tour gave many songs from the new album, that wasnt static.
    His improvisations on just TRUTH HURTS were wonderfull.

    The next clip seems to be placed at the wrong venue but….

    Aside from the first part where he struggles to find himself a good spot its excellent.


  43. 43
    Gregster says:


    Thanks RV, that video proves that JLT delivered the goods big-time !

    Peace !

  44. 44
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Blackmore played well with Joe in the band, he was obviously happy (for once) with what he was hearing. Not really adventurously (the music wasn’t adventurous either, there is nothing musically adventurous to Joe), but very lyrical and melodious. However, three other guys were not at all happy with what they were hearing (or rather: missed what they were NOT hearing).

    I saw the second London Hammersmith gig of the S&M tour and that was musically excellent if a bit laid back. Deep Purple goes Dire Straits I thought at the time. Fittingly, the whole audience was seated.

    The only thing that pained me were Joe’s god-awful stage raps. But he sang everything well, if without any of the edginess that makes Ian Gillan so special.

  45. 45
    Rock Voorne says:

    I m a big JLT fan but think he was not so good that period.

    Its not he cant sing heavy rock, went to Rising Force Touring Odyssey and aside from the make up(…) and the (sic)Purple shawhl he was excellent.

  46. 46
    RB says:

    Have to say that Ronnie’s vocal on Mistreated are stunning, and in my opinion easily outshines Coverdale’s, especially live.

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