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Trapeze box set


Cherry Red records in the UK (which apparently is now the home of Purple Records imprint) is releasing a 6CD Trapeze box set on February 24, 2023. The set consists of the first three Trapeze albums circa 1970-72, recorded for the Threshold label, a previously unreleased 1973 live set recorded in Dallas, Texas, along with the London Borderline show from 1992.

There is no word if the original albums are remastered in any way.

Track Listing:

TRAPEZE (1970)

  1. It’s Only A Dream
  2. The Giant’s Dead Hoorah!
  3. Over
  4. Nancy Gray
  5. Medley: Fairytale/Verily Verily/Fairytale
  6. It’s My Life
  7. Am I
  8. Suicide
  9. Wings
  10. Another Day
  11. Send Me No More Letters
  12. It’s Only A Dream

MEDUSA (1970)

  1. Black Cloud
  2. Jury
  3. Your Love Is Alright
  4. Touch My Life
  5. Seafull
  6. Makes You Wanna Cry
  7. Medusa


  1. Keepin’ Time
  2. Coast To Coast
  3. What Is A Woman’s Role
  4. Way Back To The Bone
  5. Feelin’ So Much Better Now
  6. Will Our Love End
  7. Loser
  8. You Are The Music

Recorded live at the Majestic Theatre, Dallas, Texas, USA, 27th April 1973
Previously Unreleased

  1. Way Back To The Bone
  2. You Are The Music
  3. Jury
  4. Seafull
  5. Your Love Is Alright


  1. Medusa
  2. Black Cloud
  3. Keepin’ Time
  4. Touch My Life

Recorded live at The Borderline, London, 16th May 1992

  1. You Are The Music
  2. Way Back To The Bone
  3. Welcome To The Real World
  4. Coast To Coast
  5. Midnight Flyer
  6. Homeland
  7. Touch My Life
  8. Your Love Is Alright
  9. Black Cloud

The set can be pre-ordered directly from the label for a rather reasonable sum of £30.99 + shipping.

Thanks to our editor emeritus Benny Holmström for the info.

16 Comments to “Trapeze box set”:

  1. 1
    Leslie S Hedger says:

    I will have to get this!

  2. 2
    Uwe Hornung says:

    HEALTH WARNING: a pro-Glenn Hughes posting follows …

    I doubt the three studio albums will be remastered anew, they only remastered those comparatively recently for the multi-CD extended/deluxe reissues (which of course most of you here conveniently ignored!) – those remasters were actually good as was the bonus material.

    But why they call this the ‘Complete Recordings Vol 1’ (what will Vol 2 be then?) when Trapeze recorded a handful of albums (none of them bad) more without Glenn is beyond me. And to boot it is not even complete as regards Glenn’s work with the band: Why leave off the two tracks from Trapeze’s Best Of (Good Love + Dat’s It) not otherwise available on the three prior studio albums plus the two Glenn Hughes sung tracks on the – very good – 1975’s eponymous album ‘Trapeze’ featuring a later line-up (namely ‘Chances’ and ‘Nothing for Nothing’? Never mind, I’ll still buy it.

    The Dallas gig seems interesting though. It is only two months before the last Mk II gig in Osaka on June 29, 1973. The ink on Glenn’s signatures with the Purple organisation was already dry (I believe he had joined in early Spring 1973, anyone have a concrete date?), he knew he was leaving his fellow Brummies from Trapeze, but still honoring commitments (a pro). It should give us a clear picture of the Glenn Hughes Ritchie, Paicey and Jon saw repeatedly at Trapeze gigs and wanted for their new line-up, flamboyant singing, funky bass playing and all (I can never understand the people here who think that Glenn somehow covertly slipped his funk influences into Purple, it took one listen to Glenn live for the Purple guys to realize what they were getting).



    Hopefully the Dallas gig is good quality. Perhaps the Trapeze management wanted to record something for posterity? Hey, I can always dream …

  3. 3
    Buttockss says:

    Have first three, all i need thank you!

  4. 4
    Michael says:


    “Good Love” + “Dat’s It” were rereleased on the (new) Purple Records issue “The Best Of Trapeze (Leaving The Bad Times Behind)” on CD 1 in 2019.

    There will be an “Complete Recordings Vol. 2” with the other albums of Trapeze which feature Glenn’s “Chances” + “Nothin’ For Nothing” when he was home in late 1975.


    I recommend these box sets unconditionally also for you! Vol. 2 will be coming some time near.

  5. 5
    Michael says:

    On my page the ink was dry in August 1973, wasn’t it?

  6. 6
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Michael @4: I know, I’ve got the 2019 Best of! Still, I’m the guy who likes everything neatly compiled in one place. But let’s not nitpick: After decades of no one giving a rat’s ass about proper remasters of the Trapeze albums, it’s nice that you guys picked up the baton, danke.

    And when will we finally see a comprehensive boxed set of the four studio albums of the magnificent Strapps from you guys? If you’re doing Silverhead, you have to do Strapps, Ross Stagg had better hair than Michael Des Barres!


  7. 7
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Michael, I might be wrong, but I read somewhwere that Glenn was abducted by the Purple management to sign already much earlier (keep the gravy train rolling!) – and when Roger and Ian were still part of the band. Formal announcements came much later and Glenn had been a while with the band before David’s tape showed up. Glenn still joined on the premise that he’d be singing with Paul Rodgers, i.e. Rodgers had not yet turned Purple down in favor of Bad Company.

    Here, I found it!!!


    Listen to the interview, Glenn mentions a meeting in ‘April 1973’ *** near Central Park NYC (Essex House) after having seen Purple at Madison Square Garden the night before and receiving an invitation from Jon Lord after several meetings with different members of Purple in the months before.

    A very interesting interview.

    *** He might have been a month off though, Mk II played Madison Square Garden (with Rory Gallagher opening) on 26 and 27 May 1973.

  8. 8
    MacGregor says:

    Talking of ‘obscure’ German bands I came across the band Frumpy (has to be one of the worst band names I think I have ever heard). A rather good progressive band with a lady as a lead vocalist. Maybe they are not that obscure & I need to get out a little bit more. Cheers.

  9. 9
    Buttockss says:

    No Glenn no me!

  10. 10
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Herr MacGregor: Jawohl, fronted by Inga Rumpf, sort of the German Maggie Bell/Janis Joplin. Frumpy morphed into Atlantis (so they did get rid of the name) …


    A Hamburg native, at 76 the old girl is still at it:


    From her initial innocent MOR days


    she’s had a respectable career doing rock, pop, blues, funk, soul & jazz through the decades:




    BTW: Ross Stagg of Strapps came from your neck of the grasslands (and he lives there again today), I expect some countryman support for getting their stuff finally released on CD!!! Bloody brilliant they were, but unfortunately lost in the Punk onslaught …


  11. 11
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Buttockss @9: Of course, Glenn’s membership makes early Trapeze a must for upstanding Purplites, but to be fair: Trapeze post-Glenn still made mighty fine music and did not lose their funky edge:



    You think that riff from Back Street Love sounds familiar? Indeed it does:


    Trapeze and ZZ Top were compatriots on the Texas circuit in the early to mid 70ies, toured often together and befriended each other. And Billy Gibbons obviously had a good ear …

    I always marvel about how lively and funky Dave Holland’s drumming was with Trapeze and then he went to Judas Priest to finally earn a buck and turned into a … drum machine!


  12. 12
    nupsi59 says:

    @8 MacGregor. Check this video: Frumpy performing “How the Gipsy was born”.

    Have a nice Day!

  13. 13
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Krautrock Blues, jawohl! Inga would be pleased to find mention here.

  14. 14
    MacGregor says:

    @ 12 – nupsi59 – that is the video I stumbled upon first of all & a couple of other live clips from that early 70’s era. Thanks for the link again. A wonderful band playing that old school progressive style. Great keyboard player & guitarist & bass player & drummer also. Uwe @ 10 – I have listened to some of their albums online, even the Atlantis band that they merged into. It is hit & miss though, some rally good, some too gospel/soul style vocal at times. Inga is a fine vocalist indeed, I prefer her low to mid range singing as that that harder blues style isn’t my favourite for a female singer. I was never a Joplin or Maggie Bell fan but I can appreciate what they do & their passion for that delivery. Now Sonja Kristina from Curved Air is more my preferred female vocalist, amongst many others from the ‘folk’ traditional formats, ie, Sandy Denny, Moira Brennan from Clannad, Suzanne Vega & many more, too many to name. Regarding the Aussie Ross Stagg & Strapps, I have never heard of him or his band. Thanks for the info, another Oz heading to England to try out & good on him for doing that. Probably just at the wrong time & unfortunately he didn’t quite get there. At least he was there at that time & partook in that experience for a while. Talking of Aussie expats trying out in the UK music scene. Watching the Sandy Denny doco a while back & Trevor Lucas, her husband & father of their child. I didn’t realise he was the same guy who produced Goanna’s debut album here in Oz. A small world or do I need to crawl out from under this rock more often. Now talking of old names being used for a rock band, here is a good all female band from years gone by who I had no idea about. Now don’t go there guys, it is a genuine music interest only. If I see one comment that is untoward there will be big big big trouble for all concerned. These chicks are quite a good band. Cheers.


  15. 15
    Uwe Hornung says:

    The first Strapps album was produced by Roger Glover and Lou Austin. Mick Underwood (ex-Outlaws, Episode Six, Quatermass und future GILLAN member) was their drummer. And they toured as the opening act of the Ian Gillan Band in 1977 and were just like IGB filmed at the Rainbow for posterity.

    So there are quite a few DP connections. Their debut album also caused a small uproar with its loud Roxy Music’esque bondage fetish cover which has meanwhile reached iconic status. It became the image albatross around their necks at the time though.


  16. 16
    GeofOK says:

    To call this the “Complete Recordings” and not include “Good Love” and “Dats It” is a farce. Did the person who assembled this actually not know about these two excellent tracks? From what I understand, these two songs were the beginning of a 4th album when Hughes left to join Purple. “Good Love” is a classic Hughes jazzy soulful ballad in the style of “Will Our Love End” and “Dats It” is a funky Galley instrumental track that apparently was supposed to have vocals, but it works fine as an instrumental and would be the perfect closer to the You Are the Music disc. I know they are other CD collections but it would be nice to have them on the You Are the Music disc.

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