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Nothing’s taken for granted

temperance movement covers & rarities

A new album by The Temperance Movement called Covers & Rarities is a collection of songs both original and covers if the bands that influenced them. It opens with their take on You Fool No One featuring Ian Paice himself.

Track Listing:

  1. You Fool No One (feat. Ian Paice) (Deep Purple cover)
  2. Up In The Sky (Oasis cover)
  3. Tender (Blur cover)
  4. Houses Of The Holy (Led Zeppelin cover)
  5. Ziggy Stardust (Live) (David Bowie cover)
  6. Already Know
  7. Mother’s Eyes
  8. Turn
  9. Centrefold
  10. Do The Revelation
  11. Time Won’t Leave
  12. Long Run (Digital Download exclusive bonus track)

The album will be released on November 26, 2021, and can be preordered in a variety of formats via the label or at your favourite outlets.

The Temperance Movement have, of course, a long association with Deep Purple, having supported them on a number of occasions, plus their bass player Nick Fyffe being a regular at The Sunflower Jam, and even standing in for Roger Glover at a couple of Purple gigs.

Thanks to BraveWords for the heads up.

15 Comments to “Nothing’s taken for granted”:

  1. 1
    Peter J says:

    Just awful… They simply aren’t good enough to get the song right and this other drummer ruins Paicey’s efforts…
    Well, Nick is his son in law, I guess it explains a lot.

  2. 2
    sidroman says:

    Jesus Christ that was awful!

  3. 3
    Ivica says:

    Much better version of song than Whitesnake (Metallica :)) Very good job guys ,passionately played and sung, I love this. Ian Paice is “The Soul “of this song DP . They bring back memories of the great RnR moment intro – jamming between Jon-Ritchie -Glenn- Ian ….with “Made in Europe”

  4. 4
    Coverdian says:

    Ooooh, no, no, no! Shortened and lame version of great song, inspite of Ian P involvement (did he really agree with this version?). An´ what use of additional drums?
    I don´t understand the reason for doin´ this, hope I forget it ASAP!

  5. 5
    George Martin says:

    I think the singer forgot to take his medication.
    Just kidding!

  6. 6
    Svante Axbacke says:

    It’s easy to see where comments on this are heading already. Same as the comments on the Sail Away cover. Guys, you are allowed to think no one should touch the holy catalog of DP songs but do you really need to be so rude about it?

  7. 7
    Shmee says:

    @6: Thank you!!!!!

  8. 8
    DeeperPurps says:

    Svante @ 6 – Thank you for bringing in some good perspective to all this. Constructive criticism is welcome. Acidic, rude commentary about these bands’ attempts at interpreting Purple songs is not necessary. The fact that groups are even covering Deep Purple music, for the joy of doing so, is praiseworthy in itself. Of course nobody can do justice to Purple originals the way our favourite band can; but that’s not the point. Musicians of all stripes and abilities should feel free to interpret Purple music in their own way. Enjoy it for what it is.

  9. 9
    Peter J says:

    Yes DeeperPups, all musicians are free to interpret DP songs as we are all free to say what we think about it.

    It has nothing to do with a so-called holy catalog, lots of people did great covers of DP songs… But it takes some technique that those guys lack, simple as that IMO.

    I hope I’ve got the right to write that.

  10. 10
    john says:

    1974’s songs that sound (the original ones) today more awesome than anything done today and move, still today, to do praysing covers. That’s the amazing thing, those monster groups (Purple, Zep, Who, Maiden…) were really ahead of their time.
    (Sorry about the disgresion…)

  11. 11
    Zoom says:

    Actually, that was far better than I expected after reading the comments. Definitely better than the Sail Away cover.

  12. 12
    George in Ohio says:

    See, this is what’s great about this website. Somehow, I hadn’t listened to this cut from Made in Europe for, oh, maybe 5 years. Yeah, I know, I can’t explain that either. But because of this post, I listened again, and it all came flooding back to me. Maestro Jon’s intro with cascading Bach sequences that melt into “Hava Nagila” – great improvisation done with great humor. Then Paicey’s insane drum riff kicks the song into overdrive right from the get-go. Fabulous 2 part harmonies by Coverdale and Hughes, and some stunning solo work from Ritchie. I heard it familiarly and new at the same time and loved every second of it. And who knows how long I would have gone without enjoying it again (as well as the entire album) if the post hadn’t reminded me to go listen again. “Made in Japan” is still live Purple unsurpassed at their absolute best, but “Made in Europe” is stinkin’ phenomenal. What musicianship – holy cow, these guys are incredibly good. Purple forever.

  13. 13
    Mike Nagoda says:

    I really like this

    It’s raw and live- and contrary to most people on here, I love the main singer.

    It needs hammond, though. All Purple covers do imo- I am totally cool with bands interpreting DP tunes their way- but to me, hammond organ is what makes Purple, Purple. You take it out, you’re missing something essential to filling out the sound, imo.

    My two pieces of criticism:

    The backing vocals aren’t strong enough, they lack power to them- I don’t think they work, personally.

    And lastly, while the drum solo and added bits are cool, I agree the shortened arrangement doesn’t work too well- I would have preferred the full tune, with drum solo 🙂

    On the whole, cool cover. I like it lots.

  14. 14
    stoffer says:

    trying to be positive…Paicey is fantastic GREAT intro! guitar is pretty decent and singer is ok too, reminds of Joe Cocker and looks like US TV comedian Chris Elliot 🙂 overall good and better than Sail Away

  15. 15
    Rock Voorne says:

    Its most of the the hard to impress/move a DP fan who has been spoiled to the max, espescially when he has become the old boring fart he once dreaded to become.

    It depends mostly on the singer if I get enchanted.

    But always pleasant to see people dong a take on something beyond the overplayed SOTW.

    Kudos to Paicey of who I feel stabbed Blackers in the back and I cant recall a smiliar endeavour by the man in black.

    Up till now the harshest words about current DP were spoken by Glenn Hughes who indeed doesnt have to limit himself in overscreaming his balls off but attending the GH playinG DP event was truly a present , a privilege to cast into my brain.

    Man, that drummer kicked ass.

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