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Skoots Lyndon RIP

Scoots Lyndon R.I.P.

Skoots Lyndon, a long time Steve Morse’s guitar tech, who worked with him in both Deep Purple and Dixie Dregs, has passed away.

Steve wrote yesterday, June 1, 2020:

Just found out that our beloved Skoots Lyndon has died. He just did the last Dixie Dregs tour and worked many years with DP and as my guitar tech. Skoots older brother Twiggs died decades ago, late 80s while on tour with us. We all loved him and will miss him.

Roger Glover wrote:

Skoots, my good friend, is gone. Sad news indeed, I’m devastated. A kinder, more generous, good-hearted man you couldn’t wish to meet. He changed my life and my music. My thoughts are with those close to him and all his many friends.

Rest in peace, Skoots.

3 Comments to “Skoots Lyndon RIP”:

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    Сав Николов says:


  2. 2
    Buttockss says:

    Soory for your loss Steve.😭

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    Frank Otero says:

    Darn, this is terrible. I remember meeting him in Strassbourg France during the Purpendicular Tour. My friend and I showed up early hoping to meet the band and he was the only guy there. So we talked about DP a lot of course and he was nice enough to walk us around the stage for a minute and gave us guitar picks. After the concert he handed me the setlist from the stage. He was incredibly hospitable when he didn’t have to be. Many times I’ve thought back on that. Too bad he’s gone, I’m sure he meant a lot to many people.

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