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The importance of branding

While performing for two nights in Moscow, Glenn Hughes was interviewed by TASS (now, there’s an agency that is an oxymoron). He claimed that the current band tried to stop him from performing the “Classic Deep Purple Live” tour.

The Deep Purple you know of with Gillan, Glover and Paice are very upset with me because I’m doing this. They are upset that Glenn Hughes is doing this show but Glenn Hughes is the writer of these songs. He is not calling it “Glenn Hughes’ Deep Purple”, he is calling it “Glenn Hughes performs Deep Purple”. They have tried legally to stop me and they can’t. The songs I’m doing, they don’t do. The songs that I am doing, fans around the world want to hear. They can be as mean as they want I am smiling and…I’m not going to stop.

Now, we obviously do not know what happened there, so everything you read below is a pure speculation.

We are pretty sure that Messrs Gillan, Glover, and Paice don’t give a particularly big damn as to what and how Mr. Hughes is performing. Their management, on the other hand, might take an issue about promoting the tour in a way like this:


Keeping in mind that the current band has been extensively using the very same logo during the past 20 years or so, this may or may not confuse the punters as to who exactly is performing.

Here endeth the speculation.

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

59 Comments to “The importance of branding”:

  1. 1
    Chris Sigman says:

    sorry but glenn is as relevant as rod Evan’s performing deep purple stuff. have fun but dont bitch

  2. 2
    Nickolai Borisov says:

    Is this true? Hughes used to be a part of Deep Purple. Whitesnake also released an album of Purple songs. What’s the deal??!!

  3. 3
    Allegra Hill says:

    There’s probably a catch, the exact details of which I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s something.

  4. 4
    Julio César José Ramírez says:

    Hughes has every right to perform any song from Deep Purple, at least the Mk III and IV stuff.

  5. 5
    Petri Juhani Peltonen says:

    It is good that at least some one performs the Mk2 and Mk3 material, when DP doesn’t. But maybe I wouldn’t use the DP’s later logo.

  6. 6
    Hristo Yankov says:

    Julio César José Ramírez “only” as far I support this. HS and SOTW are nonsense to be played by him. As for the logo, obviously he losts 😉

  7. 7
    Julio César José Ramírez says:

    Well, Mk III played SOTW and Mk IV used to play HS, I don’t get how is that a problem. About the logo, that’s not how Glenn was was advertising himself, this is the official banner from the tour:

  8. 8
    Tom Dion says:

    Glenn is using a logo from his era in Deep Purple

  9. 9
    Markus Derpuetz says:

    Besides all that legal stuff which appears very weird in this case (why do they bother?): I’ve been to one of Glenn’s concerts and I must say: Brilliant! Full of energy, joy and technically superb. 👍 I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to enjoy great MK2 / MK3 material on the stage which is quite rare, sadly. Maybe Glenn is simply “too good for them”?

  10. 10
    Yves Rohrbacher says:

    Quel bouffon, ce mec…

  11. 11
    Rob Ayton says:

    It’s the logo from Stormbringer so why shouldn’t he use it?

  12. 12
    Gabriel Dalmas says:

    please guys read the entire article…

  13. 13
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    Yea, the concert poster looks disturbing. And it clearly is misleading. The concept “Classic Deep Purple” is definitely something else than what Mr. Hughes is performing in his concert. I can smell somebody ripping-off here. Badly, bigly.

  14. 14
    errol arias says:

    Well, we must also bear in mind that the Glenn Hughes’ concerts have definitely been superior and better to the ones of current group’s incarnation. So the best thing is for GH to go on, leaving the band’s name big.

  15. 15
    Marcelo Soares says:

    “The following stars WILL NOT PERFORM at the Deep Purple concert at the Long Beach Arena tomorrow Aug 19, 1980”

  16. 16
    Jean says:

    I sure don’t know what is going up behind the scene, but one thing that I see: here is Glenn Hughes again, referring to himself as “he”… Almost as annoying as his screams.

    Very good singer, though.

  17. 17
    Robert Daems says:

    I saw the show in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands and it was brilliant. It was a great pleasure to hear these songs being performed live, since Deep Purple is not playing them at all. I think this just a marketing thing by Glenn Hughes, these guys were all there during the hall of fame induction and the shows to remember Jon Lord. There’s a lot of respect to be seen between Glenn and Roger, but Ian Gillan may feel competition from the much better preserved voice from Glenn.

  18. 18
    Janne Puska says:

    Bruce Payne needs more money

  19. 19
    Bruce Pedersen says:

    Markus Derpuetz Kinda hard to fuck up someone elses music,unless you’re talking about this screaming piece of untalented shit.

  20. 20
    mike whiteley says:

    With tour dates for both acts posted all over the ‘Net, punter confusion is unlikely.However…..
    On earlier legs of his tour Glenn’s name appeared in Stormbringer font/ style,not the band name.Glenn’s just stirring things up,as he continues his relentless self-promotion.
    He should stop doing Smoke & Highway Star.He had zero to do with creating those songs.

  21. 21
    El Gibleto says:

    Seen Purple and Glenn doing his Purple show in the last 12 months. Glenn’s show, especially Steelhouse, was far superior, although to be fair I have no idea why he played Smoke on the Water. His energy alone is electrifying. I love Purple, of all incarnations, but I really do feel they’ve had their day. Last year I came away from the show feeling very sad, they looked and played like old men, no energy, no passion, a far cry from even ten years ago. A day long event at the o2 with all remaining incarnations playing, plus Rainbow and Whitesnake sets would be a fitting way to end it all on a high. Sadly time catches up with us all, just ask my hairline..

  22. 22
    coronarias says:

    But that particular logo was first used by Mk 3 Purple, wasn’t it?

  23. 23
    stoffer says:

    GH is just damn lucky he was asked to be in DP, its basically how he has survived over the last 30+ years…no one is saying he shouldn’t play MKIII or MKIV its just time to quit marketing yourself as DEEP PURPLE’s Glenn Hughes! He has talent and lots of it so quit hanging on to the coat tails of Purple after all he did help to bring it crashing down!!

  24. 24
    stoffer says:

    GH is just lucky he was asked to be in DP, its basically how he has survived over the last 30+ years…no one is saying he shouldn’t play MKIII or MKIV material its just time to quit marketing yourself as DEEP PURPLE’s Glenn Hughes! He has talent and lots of it so quit hanging on to the coat tails of Purple after all he did help to bring it crashing down!!

  25. 25
    Arthur says:

    It is odd that the current DP seem to have been using what I recognise as the Mark 3 logo or have I got that wrong?

  26. 26
    Adel says:

    Glenn is legally not in the wrong so it’s so mean to stop him. The guy want to earn a living like everyone else plus the fans do turn up so the fans loves him. They always say if you can’t beat them then join them. I think it would be nice for members of the current DP to join him on tour as guest it would be nice for the fans to see everyone is getting along. Live is too short for all this feuds plus they are not scraping the barrel in terms of wealth. Peace and love goes a long way.

  27. 27
    Michael Klaube says:

    But, this principal logo appeared first on the cover of the Glenn Hughes performing album “Stormbringer”.

  28. 28
    Michael Klaube says:

    He needs the logo to attract the intended audience.

  29. 29
    Michael Klaube says:

    He just wants to perform that music, which otherwise could not happen, considering the happenings of the last years. It’s his music and its good music. Just let him!

  30. 30
    Michael Klaube says:

    So the fans go to the concerts and the haters do not. That’s business.

  31. 31
    DeeperPurps says:

    I can understand Deep Purple management’s valid concerns in the case of this particular promo poster – the logo belongs to, or is associated to the band itself which is still touring and performing under the actual band name.

    Why Glenn Hughes has now changed his tour promo poster is somewhat perplexing – he was using a different and unique poster (psychedelic style with a different font for the band name) in North America and that one did not appear to be such a blatant appropriation of band’s logo.

    On the other hand, Hughes might be able to argue successfully that the particular logo in question was first used on the Stormbringer album, of which Gillan & Glove had no part. Further, the same logo adorned the 1976 Made in Europe album which again did not feature Gillan nor Glover.

    Will be interesting to see how this squabble evolves.

  32. 32
    Nick Soveiko says:

    Julio César José Ramírez @7:

    the same image is listed in metadata on glennhughes.com for automatically branding the tour on social media.

  33. 33
    Nick Soveiko says:

    coronarias @22:

    the issue here is not when the logo was used first, but that the logo is the most prominent feature on the poster, bigger and bolder than ‘Glenn Hughes performing…’

  34. 34
    Ron says:

    It’s funny how a lot of you guys make things up. Although Hughes was in Purple in 70s that does not give him the right to use logos and branding of Deep Purple who have been active worldwide since 1985 reunion and have used such branding and marks extensively. The logo on his promo, in the most visible and prominent spot, is nearly identical to the logo on Deep Purple’s official on line page. The question is can Purple stop him? Probably not as he is moving from country to country . I cannot believe it would be worth the time or huge expense of tracking his movements or the effort. If Glenn was a major headlining making a lot of money this would be totally different. But he’s not.

    I saw Glenn in the USA swing. He was amazing and put on a great show.

  35. 35
    Robert says:

    My biggest issue with this is the self-proclaimed “Classic Deep Purple” title. Sure, there’s no legal definition what constitutes a “classic Deep Purple” but I think I would be right to assume that for most of the DP fans out there that would be Mk II.

    This is even more amazing, considering that Mr. Hughes’ solo career has been much more successful than say, Nick Simper’s or JLT’s. It’s sad that he decided to cash in on the DP legacy and name.

  36. 36
    Ivica says:

    Mao Zedong said “To blossom one hundred flowers”:) Deep Purple forever

  37. 37
    MiKon says:

    just let the man be, allright? Nobody will get confused seeing that poster, come on, we don’t live in 1980 and no one can’t hustle fans on stuff like that.. Anyway, that logo stems from the mkIII days and Glenn is rightfully using it. And it is cool to listen to Burn or Might just take your life every once in a while in a live concert, so there, managements and business people can f***k right off!

  38. 38
    Theo says:

    It has nothing to do with luck. Blackmore, Lord and Paice checked him out several times. He was asked because they thought he was (and still is) that good. The current line-up has had it’s time, there is no energy or fire left. It’s all so predictable. Stories like they play every night a different set (improvisations) is bs.
    Glenn’s shows are full of energy

  39. 39
    Paul anderson says:

    If people think that this is deep purple of current are ill educated in the band

  40. 40
    NWO says:

    WTF?? – It is pretty obvious Glenn Hughes management is using any promotion possible to sell tickets. Good press, bad press, ANY PRESS! C’mon man! He is using DP logos to sell his brand. If it weren’t important then it could be in small font with no graphic design. And why can’t he use DP logos? Because he is NOT in Deep Purple! Why does it matter?? Brand protection! I’m sure the band doesn’t give a rat’s ass what Glenn is or isn’t playing. Just the ads, posters, interviews, etc where he is using DP branding to promote himself…..

  41. 41
    Uwe Hornung says:

    His name could be a bit larger on that promotion pic and “Classic Deep Purple – Live in Concert” a bit smaller, that is basically my only bone of contention. That logo was “invented” during his era with Purple, current Purple would later on resurrect it, but it was never an Mk II logo. But it needen’t be larger than his own name, that is also doing him a disservice.

    People that go to Hughes concerts know very well who he is and what Mk III (and IV) opposed to Mk II were. I saw him in a sold out large club/small hall in Germany (Bensheim) only recently, and while he was taking care of his voice that particular evening due to a cold (very little screaming, no Georgia on my Mind etc, but he “faked his way thru” very professionally), the (mostly male and 50+/60+ audience) was in rapt attention during the gig and loved every second of it.

    I doubt that there was a single person expecting Ian Gillan and even if there was, he/she would have appreciated that particular gig. Glenn is closer in sound to Mk III with his band than the current DP sound to Mk II – the only thing that is sometimes missing is Coverdale’s voice to counterpoint things (yes, I was and still am a great fan of their twin lead vocal attack).

    And I would guess that – judging from current Purple T-shirts and the trainspotter discussions I heard – about 90% of the people present at the Hughes gig also visit concerts of the current Purple; the management is perhaps getting a little overexcited here as regards potntial audience loss.

    Any comparisons to Rod Evan’s trainwreck of a bogus tour in the early 80ies are misplaced – watching Glenn on stage 2018, he lives and breathes the music he co-created with Mk III (and his – audible – influence on Burn, Strombringer and CTTB is underrated to this day, those people belittling his talents as a bassist and singer should get up on stage and try to match him). Having also witnessed the Whitesnake Purple Tour, I can attest to the fact that Glenn’s (and his band’s) performance is much closer to the original. I had to rub my eyes in places, it was that good. It WAS Mk III with a few … ok a LOT more ; – ) (tasteful) bass solos!

    And I have no issues at all with the current DP line up, I enjoy their gigs too, even though Don Airey is now by far the most assertive musician on stage (he learnt things well from Rirchie I guess – and has become one hell of a keyboard player!). Hell, I’d even CRAWL to a Rod Evans gig, no matter what a hopeless bunch he would have behind him!!!

  42. 42
    stoffer says:

    I don’t think I ever said GH had no energy or talent in fact I said “he has lots of it”…I meant considering his part in bringing DP crashing down he was lucky they tabbed him (before the demons got to him). Burn and Stormbringer are 2 of my favorite DP albums and his contribution is epic! But why use the DP logo unless you’re cashing in on it or having trouble selling tickets. Stand on your own material, no Smoke or HS, its not a question of talent its more a question of how you market yourself. I’ve never seen him solo, I saw the Burn tour before all the needless whopping and screaming but I’m quite happy with DP and their current lineup and show! Cheers buddy…

  43. 43
    geno says:

    I am a little disgusted with statements that surprise me, although I respect. But to question the Purple of now, with a very good recent record and having the opportunity to continue watching live the best band of all time, one is to take the opposite and want what you do not have, and once I have to criticize him, this is typical of those who give him the same. but most do not give us the same, we know that the markII is not repeatable, neither by members nor by quality, but we have Purple q makes a few worthy of a supergroup, age does not forgive anyone, in my case I know I have to compare and value, I like the Purple of the 21st century and thanks to those who are still enjoying, and I also enjoy Ritchie and Hughes, but right now and I hope that I much prefer what there is. Ritchie is capable of the best and the worst. Glehn is fantastic, but he’s one step below Mark II

  44. 44
    uwe hornung says:

    Sigh, re the “Glenn was (solely or along with Tommy) responsible for the demise of Mk III and IV”-myth:

    I think Ritchie made up his mind to eventually leave DP already during Mk II, Mk III was just an add-on of uncertain duration to placate him because the new line-up was initially after his “I wanna play in a band like Free and Jon Lord lower in the mix”-whim. But as DC and GH matured and became less subservient the writing was on the wall.

    Mk IV otoh had perhaps one more studio album in them after CTTB – even without Glenn’s and Tommy’s afflictions. The heavy rock era was coming to an end (for a while at least). Paice and Lord were tired and no longer hungry, DC was edging for something new and Tommy – sans the drugs – would have been poised for a Peter Frampton-like solo career I believe. He certainly had the looks, the voice and the songwriting skills for it. Private Eyes was both in sound, songwriting and backing band coherence (did anybody ever notice how much the keyboards came to the forefront on that album – Jon’s playing had certainly left a mark on Tommy) a huge step forward from the gifted, but too eclectic Teaser, it could have been a stepping stone. He would have left DP after a while no matter what and I rule out that they would have looked for another replacement.

    That said, I would have loved to have heard that second Mk IV album!!!

    Off to see Martin Turner (he of classic Wishbone Ash) tonight, another singer/bassist I adore and who left a mark on my own playing!

  45. 45
    DeeperPurps says:

    Uwe @ 41 & 44,

    I agree completely with you on all points. Glenn Hughes’ performance of Mark III & IV material on this year’s tour is something not to be missed. His voice is strong and clear with amazing range, even at his advanced age. His hugely under-rated bass playing skills are otherwordly. I am not a bass player myself, however apart from Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke and the late Chris Squire, I cannot think of a better bassist than Glenn. I would be interested in knowing your views on Hughes’ bass skill.

    As for things logo concerned, Glenn Hughes as a solo act does not really have to rely on using the Deep Purple moniker. His own music catalogue is such that he can draw a good crowd at most small venues regardless of the Purple association or not. I have attended a number of shows through the years and he always delivers a high energy, passionate performance.

  46. 46
    NWO says:

    Drugs & Alcohol addictions killed Mark IV. Mark III was a bit of everything. I agree with Uwe on that..

    Wow! I guess no one here is a business owner or knows one! You can’t use branding from a company if you are no longer associated with that company. If I was one of the founders of Microsoft, Google or Apple (I WISH!) there is no way in HELL or HIGH WATER that I am going to be able to use their logos, trademarks or branding to do my own thing no matter what I did for them in the past!

  47. 47
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @44 Uwe… that mark that was left upon your own playing… perchance, was it a 666, the mark of the beast?!. 😈👹👿

  48. 48
    Uwe Hornung says:

    NWO, of course you’re legally right – it’s just that I do legal all day so I try to avoid it here! He had no legal right to use that logo – whether the DP management had to jump at him for it or whether a telephone call would have done the job just as well …

    And now by popular demand:

    Glenn as a bassist is not so much technically skilled (he has very good chops mind you, but that is not what makes his playing stand out) as he is naturally gifted. He doesn’t play many notes – in fact Roger usually plays more -, but he plays what he plays with a “I wanna be heard!!!”-attitude and he has – his soul and funk influence – lots of rhythmic nuances. He’s also a master at hilarious little fills high on the fretboard and slides a lot around on the bass neck – he plays intentionally “noisy” (so do Billy Sheehan and Gene Simmons btw). He’s constantly pushing and shoving the meter in a way that is almost sloppy, yet at the same time brilliant and very musical. For lack of a better term his bass playing is “gung ho” and often quite a bit improvisational/spur of the moment. He also hits the strings hard and prefers a slightly obnoxious, overdriven sound (his Orange amps provide that well).

    That someone like Joe Satriani (who could have any flashy session bassist in the world play with him) asked Glenn to play (just play, not sing, the album is instrumental as Satriani’s albums always are) on his last solo effort speaks volumes.

    Roger’s bass style is much smoother, his credo is not “I wanna be heard”, but “I don’t want to get in anybody’s way and still play something meaningful”. He plays more notes and has a wider range of scales than Glenn (who is largely pentatonic), but in line with his character as a person he doesn’t pummel the band rhythmically (as Glenn would often do and thereby inspire Ian Paice to great things), he rather “flows along”. That is not knocking the man (I am as influenced by Roger as I am by Glenn, add people like Martin Turner, Alan Lancaster and Jim Lea to the fold), his overall contribution to DP (not just as the social worker of the band and songwriter/producer, but also as a bass player) is great: I once saw current DP without Roger (when he had his knee issue), Nick Fyffe depped for him. Now Nick can probably play circles around Roger as a modern day, Jamiroquai-trained bassist, but the band sounded nothing like it usually does that evening, Roger’s throbbing amd metronomic bass playing with a pick was glaringly missing throughout and DP was operating on three cylinders. Fyffe – a finger player – didn’t play anything wrong that night, but he did not give the music any pulse. There was no DP groove. Even as a bassist myself, I was baffled how much Roger “makes” the DP sound – it’s not just the Blackmores/Morses and Lords/Aireys of this world plus little Ian’s impeccable swing, Roger plays a larger role than he believes himself, humble man he is.

    Roger is an accurate player (more so than Glenn), accurate to the point of “well-behaved”. He is rhythmically adept too, but he lacks Glenn’s natural funk groove. If you listen to Roger’s funk attempts on a track like Mask, it doesn’t really ignite. Glenn sometimes ignites with just one inpromptu note thrown in. Another way of putting it is that Roger’s bass playing is largely introvert, Glenn’s otoh extrovert, just like their personas.

    The final difference between the two is that Roger of course perefers a very clean, undistorted sound: He’s the man who thinks that his iconic bass sound on Machine Head and Made in Japan was “too distorted” at the time (courtesy of the Rickenbacker 4001 he played back then), a sound a lot of bass players would kill for! I think it is the producer/engineer in him that strives for a clean sound and of course the active circuit Vigiers he has been playing for the last few decades provide him with just that.

  49. 49
    Uwe Hornung says:

    “As for things logo concerned, Glenn Hughes as a solo act does not really have to rely on using the Deep Purple moniker. His own music catalogue is such that he can draw a good crowd at most small venues regardless of the Purple association or not. I have attended a number of shows through the years and he always delivers a high energy, passionate performance.”

    That’s perfectly true, DeeperPurps, but at the same time I have never seen Glenn sell out a club in Germany (and I’ve seen him half a dozen times at least) until that recent gig in Bensheim where he played only Purple tunes (and the club was larger than some of the clubs he had not sold out in the past, I saw him with California Breed before 80 people or so a few years ago). And you could tell that at least 50% of the audience were there for just that (and not disappointed). And look and behold: He is already booked for a larger venue in Hanau next year – and I bet he will have his Purple set list in tow!

    Glenn’s curse is that the people who would actually appreciate his solo stuff don’t go see him because of the Deep Purple baggage attached to him while the people that go to his gigs mostly wait for the Purple numbers and don’t care too much about his own material. That has found him oscillating between “I should be more DP” and “I should be less DP” for much of his career. Much as I enjoy his current Mk III/IV revue and appreciate his solo work (besides Hughes Thrall and Play Me Out, the funky and souly Feel is my favourite album of his, I prefer it to even the BCC stuff), I believe that in his heart of hearts he would like to be a George Michael type singer/entertainer with a bass guitar around his neck and only a little grittier …

  50. 50
    SJC says:

    In 2010 and 2017 I saw Glenn at a 400 capacity venue in Bristol.
    Both shows were pretty full if not totally sold out.

    In 2018 on the “…plays Classic Deep Purple” tour he played a 1,600 capacity venue, which was pretty much sold out.

    In similar vein, in 2010 and 2012 Steve Hackett played a venue in Bath with a capacity of just under 800; neither night was sold out.

    In 2013 he started using “Genesis Revisited” in the promotional material and can now sell out 2,000 seat plus venues including the Royal Albert Hall.

    Sometimes artistes find it necessary to use old names with which they are associated (if only marginally) to make working profitable.

    Certainly the posters for Glenn’s UK tour used the “Stormbringer” DP font for Glenn’s name, not for Deep Purple. The posters for in question may have been put together by promoters rather than by Glenn’s management.

  51. 51
    wurd says:

    He did not like DP in 74/76, but only play these songs today. Strange!

  52. 52
    Mary Lengthwise says:

    I didn’t like Glenn Hughes when he was in Deep Purple and I don’t like him now. Anyone illiterate enough to fall for promotions or advertising that makes his concerts seem like actual Deep Purple music deserves what they get, and deserves to have their money taken from them.

  53. 53
    FrankW says:

    -Deep Purple MK8 is using a logo from Stormbringer (the logo was made by DP Mk3), the album recorded,played and tunes composed also by Mr Glenn Hughes.
    -Deep Purple needed and got Mr Glenn Hughes’s skills for the success of Burn and Stormbringer.Come Taste the Band was “the case” of Mr Tommy Bolin.By the way Mr Ian Paice has told that he likes CTTB album.
    -Deep Purple was a pop hit, composed in the swing period,many decades ago.Mr Ritchie Blackmore did like the name of the other composer’s tune and took that already named tune’s name for the new band.Deep Purple was born, but the name did exist before the band.

    Mr Glenn Hughes has let the audience s know that Glenn Hughes plays Deep Purple! Because he is playing Deep Purple.He has not argued he is now playing in Deep Purple.Amd he is playing his songs etc.By the way,why it would be prohibited from him to play Smoke on The Water? Tens of thousands band are playing that.tune right now over the world in their small gigs! Mk3 used also play it.

    So what is the problem? Why should not Mr Paice,MrGillan,Mr Glover concentrate on their Long Goodbye Tour?-I wish many good gigs and years,or some years,what ever they want!Peace and joy!👍 And let Mr Glenn Hughes also play, he is talented too,and there are thousands and thousands of fans!

  54. 54
    MacGregor says:

    Regarding the Deep Purple logo, whilst I have wondered over recent years as to why the current version of Purple use that, The MK3 logo, it most likely is theirs to use, legally! Ian Paice was in the MK3 version, just in case some people commenting here may have forgotten that! If it belongs to current DP, then Hughes should not be using it at all, simple as that. A similar story with the rock group Yes. Two versions kicking around today, the classic Roger Dean logo of Yes belongs to the Steve Howe version of Yes, it always was associated with Howe being in the Yes band. Therefore the Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman version of Yes have to use another style, which the Rabin era of Yes always did anyway! I seem to recall Rick Wakeman, forever the comedian, holding up a Roger Dean Yes logo at a press promotional gathering after the ARW Yes name change following the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame induction. He would have been more than likely doing that as a ‘stir the pot’, so to speak. I thought I read somewhere that the ARW version of Yes were contacted & informed to cease any use of that logo. It was probably a joke from ole Rick, someone may correct me on that, but I seem to recall something happening along those lines. It is a business legal issue, no one can ‘borrow’ someone else’ business name, logo, promotional advertising or whatever, without permission. Simple really. Glenn Hughes may need to advertise a different logo & keep it in context. Having said that, promoters & the advertising media can & do flaunt the name game, purely for financial gain at times. In 2007 here in Australia, the ‘Black Sabbath’ version of Heaven & Hell with Ronnie James Dio, were advertised as Black Sabbath. It would not have been a band management decision one would think, purely a promotional exercise, from other forces I suspect. What is going to sell more in certain obscure countries, A big traditional name or a obscure low key name? It’s all about bums on seats!
    By the way, some ‘fans’ commenting here are saying the songs are Hughes, well not entirely correct, he co-wrote some of them, if not all, who can really tell, excepting MK2 songs of course. I seem to recall a few interviews with Hughes over the years, where he stated he never liked MK2 Purple? Bums on seats again folks! Cheers.

  55. 55
    Josh Schwartz says:

    Wow, I’m truly shocked that there are people who bother spending time going to a Deep Purple website like this but who are still Mk. II purists and hate on Glenn Hughes for daring to call his era of Purple “classic”. I hate to break the news, but there are many, MANY people who consider Mk. III to be superior to Mk. II. To fans who like the heavier side of Purple, there is nothing in the Mk. II catalog as powerful as “Burn” or “Stormbringer”. My favorite Jon Lord solo is on “High Ball Shooter”. Many of my favorite Deep Purple moments are from the Mk. III and Mk. IV eras. Glenn has every right to market his performance as “classic Deep Purple”. As to performing “Highway Star” and “Smoke on the Water”, I don’t see them as essential to his show, no, but he did perform them live with Purple in the ’70s, and let’s face it, he is currently singing those songs MUCH better than Gillan. We should all be thanking Glenn for playing Deep Purple music with energy, passion, and a voice that doesn’t make the crowd depressed about the old gray haired man warbling on stage.

  56. 56
    NWO says:

    @Josh 55 – This has nothing to do with music or who is playing what, where or how well. It has to do with branding. It is quite simple. Glenn Hughes is NOT in DP. So he can’t use their logos, names, act like he is in the band, etc.. Simple..
    And again there is a BIG/HUGE difference from playing clubs as to stadium or Arena rock shows. You can’t compare what you hear between the two. There is no comparison. I love the comment he sings MKII songs better than IG. LOL! To each their own….
    Anyway Merry Christmas and a have a Happy New Year!

  57. 57
    Rock Voorne says:

    Well, a bit late for my 2 cents but still….

    Most has been said already.
    I side with the people who praise GH for the quality of his liveshows.

    I know he has been ambivalent about his time in DP but good quality is good quality.

    I also saw Zoetermeer and I feel that it was rightfully sold out in advance 3 months before the show.
    I ve followed him since he “returned” in the early 90’s.
    I ll never forget that show in Leidschendam in 1994 , where he suddenly became the headliner because the Damned had to cancell their appearance, and tried to see him as much as possible since.

    I do have some personal frustration about his selfindulgent screams and the volume , I think he went overboard since 2000, but in general he always delivers!

    Stoffers comment is typical for the naysayers that are not ashamed to say they diss him because of what happened 40 years ago and are proud to say they never gave him a chance since.

    Stoffer : “I’ve never seen him solo, I saw the Burn tour before all the needless whopping and screaming but I’m quite happy with DP and their current lineup and show! Cheers buddy…

    November 28th, 2018 at 00:40”

    Yeah, cheers to you too.
    The GH band sounds more like DP in the heydays of MK 3 than current tourband is rightfully asking large money for a ticket to a show in which at least the singer is not a shadow of former self .

    I would have LOVED to hear Highway Star, he did so earlier on in the tour, but was dissappointed. Glenn, if you read this… Please play that one as well in 2019, will ya? 🙂

    SOTW is almost exactly Live In london take. Soren delivers Blackmore like we missed him for decades now.
    The drummer gave a extremely wonderful solo that even made GH say : WTF!!!! WTF!!!

    Not Ian Paice but very close IMHO.

    Although, aside from missing Highway Star in the set on the balcony GH and keys were not as good in the mix.
    I went there because age took his toll and my back and neck say KILL for weeks on an end when I try to stand in front.

    And ofcourse my decision also comes from the experience that I found the volume too much and distorted in front of the stage before.
    Glenn took the piss out of me 2 years earlier because I was complaining about it but numerous people uptill today remember that moment and side with me. Weird how I became a moment that people remember.

    Forgot to mention his keyboardplayer which gave us great Hammond which espescially in You Fool No One was crucial.
    Not to everybody, I must say. Still cant understand why people keep talking all the time during a show.

    I download a lot of boots and regularly I act verbally angry towards the person who went overboard decades ago, because he/she spoiled an otherwise great document of an historic band.

    Yep, DP nicked the Stormbringerlogo. It was NOT Steve Morse and Airey that played on that album. So why did they do that?

    MK 2 will always be my favourite but dissing MK 3 and saying it wasnt a classic line up, a true band on its own merits, is childish and silly.

    I dont care one tiny bit about all those lawyers aspects.

    The only pain for current line up is that GH delivers a real DP sound and they will never be able to do that.

  58. 58
    stoffer says:

    lol…rock voorne is back!! nice of you to pick out a “part” of my reply…. but then again you always are good at ASS U MING? I never said anything about giving him a second chance just because I didn’t want to hear him screaming/whooping I is why I never went to see him solo!!!!! But I have bought CD’s of his and BCC, Cal Breed and his latest solo LP (none of which stand up with Now What, Infinite or even Bananas) but that is just my opinion and your entitled to yours! Quit trying to read something that’s not there….Cheers rocky

  59. 59
    RB says:

    I think he has every right to perform the songs he co-wrote, but it’s just daft of him to cover Mk II material. Stick to Mk III & IV. So sick of his continued referencing of himself in the third person. Management can get a bit huffy over things like this but I seriously doubt that Gillan, Glover and Paice give a stuff about it, just Glenn being something of a drama queen, he does like to stir that pot somewhat.

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