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Six degrees of separation

While trying to google up the name of Paicey’s old man (no such luck, btw), I came across this amusing anecdote about John Mortimer (father of British actress Emily Mortimer and a prolific writer and barrister in his own kind). The story is told by his youngest daughter Rosie:

He was great friends with Jon Lord and Ian Paice, the keyboard player and drummer with the rock band Deep Purple. My mum and dad once went to see them play in Oxford and Dad, who was standing at the side of the stage drinking champagne from a plastic cup, burst into applause as Ian’s drum solo came to a crescendo.

A man standing nearby asked: ‘Are you Ian Paice’s father?’

‘Yes, I’m terribly proud of him,’ said Dad. From that moment on he always referred to his son the rock star.

The complete story is actually also interesting as it’s narrated from the point of view of a kid growing with a father who is much older than most fathers around her. Not unlike some people we might know.

Update (May 9): For what it’s worth, Paicey father’s name is Keith, and he was a pianist in the dance band called Rube Sunshine that played in the Nottingham area.

Thanks to Promark for the additional info (via Yvonne).

3 Comments to “Six degrees of separation”:

  1. 1
    podzilla says:

    Keith Paice, so they say…

  2. 2
    Guy J says:

    Nice one, though I don’t think she knows her Italian/musical terms. Drum solo came to a forte or fortissimo, perhaps, rather than Drum solo came to a ‘gradually getting louder’ (crescendo); doesn’t quite make sense.

  3. 3
    Eddie6string says:

    Heard Paicey’s dad on radio 4 some years ago. He waxed lyrical about Jon Lord and little Ian.

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