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Grown Old

Dedicated to JLT

Every night I have the same old dream
Where Ritchie calls, I don’t hear the ring
So many chances, I always cry

Searchin’ low, searchin’ high
Do everything to get by his side
But I can’t get by her, or her mother’s lies

Crying in the darkness
Fading out of sight
Fame was here and gone like my hair it’s not right
Grown old…
And I grew to love it so well
Grown old
Can’t get away from fame’s spell

Tried to cross his castle’s moat
Carol saw me and sank my boat
The walls are so distant, so tall and gray

My voice like silk, where lovers dance
But she’s got breasts, I don’t stand a chance
We’re familiar strangers, with nothing to say

Crying in the darkness
Fading out of sight
Fame was here and gone like my hair it’s not right
Grown old
And I grew to love it so well
Grown old
Can’t get away from fame’s spell

Many thanks to Jim Collins for permission to reproduce this little gem here.

43 Comments to “Grown Old”:

  1. 1
    Joe Tymecki says:

    Well done!

  2. 2
    Ricardo Barbosa says:

    Hahaha ha LOL. good reaaly good

  3. 3
    MacGregor says:

    Classic, I love a good sense of humour! Quality comedy is one of life’s necessities in my world, & many others also no doubt! Cheers.

  4. 4
    LRT says:

    Has to be the best use of the English language this guy has ever spewed. If only…

  5. 5
    Georgiy Derevyanko says:

    LOL Joe has to sing it. It will make Ritchie cry 😉

  6. 6
    IKEN says:

    😀 Good one!!! I hope that Joolene will stop his cry for help and starts getting on with his own thing instead.

  7. 7
    Michele Teso says:

    Ahahahahahahah poor Turner waiting for a a call ….I see him near the phone that doesn’t ring

  8. 8
    Andrew Craske says:

    At least Coverdale had the sense to move on!

  9. 9
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Well Done, I lol. Thanks

  10. 10
    kraatzy says:


  11. 11
    kelly_S says:

    Hahaha!!! Great!

  12. 12
    Heepfan says:

    Hahaha ! This was a good one !! Poor JLT….. Somebody has to show this to Ritchie !

  13. 13
    Michiel says:

    And at the end: “Grown old… My dinner’s in the deep freeze!”

  14. 14
    Allison Roberto Siviero says:


  15. 15
    Carlos Naldoni says:

    Hahahahahaha, poor old JLT!

  16. 16
    al says:

    Good one

  17. 17
    Wil Harrison says:

    This is awesome, might be singing this all day!

  18. 18
    Philip. says:

    Puerile is the word that springs to mind.

  19. 19
    LRT says:

    Perhaps he should show himself and take a bow.

  20. 20
    stoffer says:

    nicely done…I too like a good laugh!!

  21. 21
    Paul Hogan says:

    Talked about the worst ever DP song on our MFRC recent podcast. The honour went to JLT.

  22. 22
    douglas garcia says:

    Joe Lynn Turner is the “Spot Light Kid”!!!

  23. 23
    Rick says:

    That was FANTASTIC !!

  24. 24
    Jim Raleigh says:

    Coverdale didn’t “move on”… The Whitesnake “Purple” album proves that!!!! : )

  25. 25
    Errol Arias says:

    Hahahaha perfect! I will never listen “Stone Cold” the same way again! 🙂

  26. 26
    Samitchie Blackmore says:

    This is so low. There is nothing wrong with wanting to reunite Rainbow,at least Joe is doing more than anyone else to make this possible. You should be thankful.

  27. 27
    Brad Lorton says:

    Don’t be too harsh on Joe Lynn Turner — he’s voicing an idea that a lot of us have: that Ritchie needs to do a little proper rock and roll for once, rather than all these 15th Century dirges. IF JOE WOULD HAPPEN TO SUCCEED IN THAT EFFORT “HURRAY!!!”

  28. 28
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Ok, Larry. You got a preview of the album, we get the point. Move on.

  29. 29
    al says:

    @ 26
    relax,it is a joke,funny…then again the guy had brought this one himself,cause he is contradicting himself in the same interview.If Blackmore wanted that to happen,it will happen,and JLT is not on the board at all.Please stop running the mouth and just hush Joe.

  30. 30
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Hey Stoffer,

    Got my Purple tickets for Nashville. YOU?????

  31. 31
    premdio says:

    Wow!!! best “Modern” version of stone cold so far. now if only Joe would sing it…. But honestly Joe, full marks for trying to get TMIB to get back to rock…

  32. 32
    bernie says:

    You all take the piss out of him but you will be there like a shot if Blackmore rolls up to your town to play rock again with JLT singing! Anyway the alternative to JLT is yet another Blackmore’s night gig where he leaves out the set all the decent BN songs and plays the nice sickly one’s no one wants to hear!

  33. 33
    Chip says:

    I have Nashville tickets. ..cant wait…..

  34. 34
    Rock Voorne says:

    Well, at least JLT can still sing.

  35. 35
    Ron Harper says:

    Bravo, Jim my boy. Hey, give me a shout sometime, I still have our House Of Blues pictures from 1997.

  36. 36
    Scott W. says:

    Wow.. Ron Harper?!? Have not seen posts from you in ages! Where have you been hiding? I think the last time I heard from you was after you had an incident while driving, yes?

  37. 37
    Scott W. says:

    Since the title of this posting is “Grown Old” I will wish my fave musician of all a Happy Birthday here… Happy Birthday Ritchie! Wow… 70 big ones! I got into his music some 38 years ago. I remember getting LLR&R when it came out. What really attracted me though was the medieval/classical solo sections in the songs ‘Catch The Rainbow’ and ‘Mistreated’ on the “On Stage” LP. His studio recordings are great but live is where he shines!

  38. 38
    Ron Harper says:

    Message me on Facebook, Scott. Good to talk to you too, old buddy.

  39. 39
    Ron Harper says:

    Geez, forgot to mention that Im the Ron with the guitar collection in the picture, lol.

  40. 40
    kazz says:

    I’m getting tired of this shit. Just wait till the Man In Black speaks out. And yes, I’m hoping for a new Rainbow, with no old members involved. Fresh and clean. That would be nice. No reunion. A new Rainbow.

  41. 41
    LRT says:

    The fact that I got a preview is of no point, to spread the word according to policy and laugh at naysayers while I’m at it, is. Do you have a problem with that but not any other variety of which you might not agree people should be sharing here? If so or not, good for you.

  42. 42
    LRT says:

    While you’re at it, Svante. Might want to show me where I mentioned ANY album here to begin with. 😉 Quite a pile of ones own to step in.

  43. 43
    metaljim says:

    Ron Harper! It’s been years and years man! I just came across my pics from the 1997 HOB tour too!

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