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Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey, Rick Wakeman, Murray Gould (guitar), and the orchestra perform Burn during Celebrating Jon Lord show at the Royal Albert Hall on April 4:

Thanks to Clint Walker for the video.

100 Comments to “Burn”:

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    Luis Vinals says:


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    Ian Reed says:

    This is AMAZING!!!! Read about Glenn’s soul stirring performances of You Keep On Moving and This Time Around!! Was the show filmed for a Bluray/DVD release for us lifelong fans who were unable to be there??

  3. 3
    Tony Bryson says:

    Kyle Bryson

  4. 4
    Jakub Bizon Michalski says:

    i think Glenn mentioned on his FB profile that it was going to be filmed for a release 🙂

  5. 5
    David Scott says:

    Shameful. Glenn hughes (also calls himself “the voice of rock” more like c*ck) still trading on Deep Purples’ history like he owns it. DICK-enson… well what can be said about that idiot. Absolute nonsense.

  6. 6
    Clay Sevier says:


  7. 7
    Chris Poteat says:

    That was wonderful.

  8. 8
    Warwick Curtis says:

    No Richie?

  9. 9
    Chris Poteat says:

    Richie must be at the Renaissance fair.

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    MacGregor says:

    I suppose I was being extremely hopeful that Dickinson would sing the verse sections on Burn. Hughes butchers it big time, he should stay singing the pieces he originally did on the album! The verse section are suited to a more throaty, harder vocalist, a deeper voice!
    Burn is not a Hughes song, it is a Blackmore/Coverdale composition predominately! It would have been written with the harder vocal in mind no doubt! Still not a bad version though, of one of Purple’s greatest songs! The guitarist here plays well on it! Why the person filming has a fixation on Hughes is a worry! Was that Ian Paice’s arm holding that drum stick that I noticed for a few nano seconds? Cheers!

  11. 11
    Steve Tolev says:

    Amazing !! Jon very proud and smiling right now 🙂

  12. 12
    Hansjörg Sitner says:

    I was there and I cried…keep on rocking

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    Paul Hackett says:

    David Scott, your comments are factually incorrect and mean spirited. It was to celebrate Jon Lord so Glenn performed Deep Purple songs. How is that trading on the bands history? Voice of Rock name…given to him by others (the KLF). The only cock is you Sir.

  14. 14
    Humberto Guzman Ponce says:

    notable que Glenn Hughes conserve su falsete como en los vijos tiempos, maravilloso.-

  15. 15
    Jeff Waddington says:

    Ritchie thinks it belongs in the past, on this performance he’s right aside from the as usual amazing drums and Don Airey’s brave stab at the keyboard part. Who the fuck do Glenn Hughes and Bruce Dickinson think they are in this context? Hughes has plaled this song forever on the basis of its appeal to Purple fans, Dickinson is just out of his league. Be honest at least, Blackmore wrote the fucking thing

  16. 16
    Inti Zven-k says:

    y el video??

  17. 17
    Mike Quinlan says:

    Awful negative comments, well done to everyone, except the sound engineers maybe. Great to hear a tremendous Deep Purple song brought life and with one of its original singers.
    RIP Jon

  18. 18
    Paul Hackett says:

    Are people missing the point of the concert? Songs performed were probably picked by Jon Lord’s family or Paul Mann. Performers invited by the Lord family. Stop bloody moaning, I’m sure Jon Lord would have been too much of a gentleman to tell you to stop bitching!

  19. 19
    Gordon Belbin says:

    Great to hear Ian Paice playing that again. Can’t think when the last time would have been.

  20. 20
    Claudio Parreira says:


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    Kara James Gordon says:


  22. 22
    Victor Ray says:


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    al says:

    I’m petty sure people that were lucky enough to be in the show,had the best time of their life.I’m hopping for the DVD release of the concert at some point.

  24. 24
    Drumguy1988 says:

    Best Live version sense the 70’s. Glenn’s voice and scream is still incredible. This is very hard to say seeing that I’m a Gillan fan but I Wonder If Gillan is a little jealous his Scream is no more.

    Would love to have been there.

  25. 25
    Peter Smith says:

    What a lineup!

  26. 26
    Dean Gold says:


  27. 27
    Paul Steinmayer says:

    That was freakin AMAZING!!!

  28. 28
    Scoot says:

    Well done…looking forward to an official release…God Bless Jon Lord…

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    Craig Czaplinski says:


  30. 30
    Dede Nurjanah says:

    maaf bang aku mah mumet kalau lht yng gondrong2 gitu.. he he

  31. 31
    Marcio Quintanilha says:

    Isso que e show não e essa pora de lolapolooza showzinho de merda de merda de burguesinhos FDP

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    Савел Тарски says:


  33. 33
    Ronald Steinmayer says:

    Shame he never paned over to Ian Paice doing what he does best. But otherwise fan-freaking-tastic.

  34. 34
    James Gemmell says:

    So good to see some members of Purple past and present jamming together on the same stage. More of this unity is needed. Shutting off old friends and harboring a grudge is childish, and certainly not of God.

  35. 35
    Alan Robertson says:

    Great job! How the heck does Glenn still hit those notes? Bruce and Glenn’s harmonies worked really well and the band were on fire. Gutted I missed the show but glad to see this.

  36. 36
    Ljubisa Raimovic says:

    yeah Ronald, I tought the same……. hopefuly some other video will emerge

  37. 37
    Mats Karlsson says:

    I was there, the Whole show was amazing, all performers playing/signing their hearts out. It was filmed (Danny Bowes from Thunder producing). There will be a DVD.

  38. 38
    PaiceFreak says:

    I was there!
    I had a terrible seat I could only see half the stage (Glenn’s side)
    He sang really well that night all his screams were as high and powerful as on CalJam or any other DP performance, to be honest he dwarfed Bruce that night who was obviously drunk that night dancing like a mad man but you could see he was happy to be there alongside his heroes. Intro for You Keep On moving was another showcase of Glenn’s voice with a bit of strange dancing from him.

    Airey was business as usual that night playing all of Jons difficult runs and sticking a few of his bits where he could.

    The guitar player ( I think Oz Wright?) really got Blackmores tone down that night as well as the solos played note for note, really good!

    Paicey did a great job of playing the PAL stuff that night swinging like a mad man and his kit sounded great especially the snare you could hear all the notes even though he was playing fast, but I must say he really got his chops together for Burn it was the best version he played since the 90’s after Joe left and they stopped opening the set with it. I don’t think Rick Wakeman knew what he was doing during that song but all the other stuff he played on moog was brilliant and full of melody.

    As a bonus when i was waiting to get into the venue at Door 4 im 90% sure I saw Doogie White walking past me in his light brown leather jacket but I was too shocked to even say anything!

    All in all this was an excellent gig, even though i had to leave an hour early to catch the last bus back to Wales 🙁

  39. 39
    Warwick Curtis says:

    Several negative comments made that aren’t really appropriate or in keeping with the spirit of the event. John Lord, in my view, was not only a legend in rock n roll, but a fine upstanding human being in life. How he and the name of DEEP PURPLE have never made the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is shameful. Musically, lyrically, passionately performance wise, for me they’re the true Rock Gods that didn’t ascend to the throne that Zepellin currently occupy. Maybe I should thank Blackmore for that. For all his genius and inventiveness as a guitar player, he would appear to have been equally destructive in the DEEP PURPLE family. Blackmore should have been there, to acclaim the genius of John Lord and he didn’t show. What s great shame. RIP MR LORD. The world of Rock has lost a great man, a living legend.

  40. 40
    Paul Deblond says:


  41. 41
    Jeff Summers says:

    Marvellous. Brilliant musicians. Some of the finest on the planet all coming together to celebrate the genius that is Jon Lord. Well done everyone 🙂

  42. 42
    Jürgen Nagel says:

    I was there : Glenn Hughes was THE highlight of a remarkable Night !!!!

  43. 43
    byron says:

    What a line up !It brings me tears. and I suppose it was the same in the audience
    I’m not a GH fan but I must say he was very good.And Don is probably the best keyboardist who can capture Jon’s spirit and playing.
    Meanwhile back,DC was tweeting pictures of Lake Tahoe as usual.Too bad
    Waiting for the DVD

  44. 44
    Tangent says:

    I know for I was there. This was a tribute gig for the late great Jon Douglas Lord comprehend the context. Glenn Hughes said some very profound words about Jon and as he left the stage was visibly emotional. You Keep on Moving, This Time Around and Burn were the best 3 songs performed that evening. If you read his autobiography it is clear that Glenn contributed a great deal to the Burn album but could not be credited appropriately for contractual reasons. I would have loved to have seen Blackmore and Coverdale there but when 2 other artists performed Soldier of Fortune it was apparent that was not going to happen. Purple inter alia played When a Blind Man Cries, Black Night, Lazy and Hush but did not Smoke. Gillan’s best contribution was when he said at the end “We all know what we’re here for.” Thanks for giving it your all on the night Glenn. Thanks to Paicey and the family for putting it all together and the others who helped. Thanks to Jon for being inspirational. x

  45. 45
    Daniel Miller says:

    I’m no fan of the direction in which Glenn Hughes took Mk3 but I think the negative comments here are mean spirited. I was there and Glenn played his heart out on Burn as a heartfelt and powerful tribute to Jon.

  46. 46
    Tim Kohn says:


  47. 47
    Glenn Hall says:

    Helt fantastiskt grymt bra 🙂

  48. 48
    MacGregor says:

    James @ 34- I am wondering if your comment ‘shutting off old friends & harboring a grudge is childish’ is directed at other past Purple members who were not in attendance? Well, I will elaborate a little if it is! Just because people play together in a band doesn’t equate to them being ‘friends’! A rock band is like any other group of people doing something together, for a reason, for a specific period of time. I think you will find many people who are in this situation do not have each & every member as their friends! It is a business sort of thing, so many people in these situation have nothing to do with other colleagues outside of the business! It is the way of humans, some get on for a while, some loathe each other from the beginning, some create friendships that last for a specific amount of time & some don’t care either way, just as long as they get something out of it! This event was never a Deep Purple reunion, of any of the lineups! Cheers!

  49. 49
    Drdp says:

    Magnificent. Glenn really is only one vocalist now that can do justice to BURN, I doubt ole Cov’ can manage it by himself as GH does.

  50. 50
    blsab says:

    Crap! Shame that the really great people like Paicey plays with the horrible Dickinson… Burn is a classic Mark lll Purple album, not a shit Maiden opus

  51. 51
    Leana Dolci says:

    For all bloody idiots & their negative comments: Glenn Hughes regards Jon Lord as a father figure & Bruce Dickinson was a very close friend to him, they were invited by his family!

  52. 52
    stoffer says:

    GREAT version………………..hope the rest of the show was this good (dvd?!)……………totally glad for any fan that was able to be there…
    btw Glenn sounded fantastic…………I think Jon would be pleased

  53. 53
    Les Hedger says:

    Awesome!! Why the bad mouthing of Glenn and Bruce!! This was a tribute to JON for crying out loud and they certainly paid their respects!!!!

  54. 54
    Daniel Parker says:

    I saw this tour march 9 1974 Fayetteville, nc deep purple and black sabbath great show at least what I remember it was the 70’s.

  55. 55
    Carlitos Kiss says:

    FANTASTIC TRIBUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56
    Mike says:

    This is the best concert I’ve attended. Glenn rocked, he is talented beyond belief and has a voice that you’re not supposed to have at his age. Instead of whining celebrate the fact that there is one singer from a deep purple line-up that actually sings better now than he did in the seventies!

  57. 57
    Efrain Flores says:

    Super great, super

  58. 58
    al says:

    @ 24

    completely 2 different singers,people always do this,compare and measure the vocals.Actually I prefer when Hughes sings and not scream,he gets annoying and kills the song.Gillan screaming and belting is epic,but of course the age and years,has taken a toll,so he is more of a singer and adjusted to the low notes.So please stop with a non sense.


  59. 59
    al says:

    @10 Mc Gregor

    I agree.

  60. 60
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    I don’t understand the need to rank performances, especially when the point is to celebrate someone.

    You cannot compare Gillan and Hughes. They sing in two entirely different styles and to two different audiences, I think. Glenn is very much a rock star and I don’t think Gillan has ever aspired to be one. They are still, however, among the best at what they do.

  61. 61
    LRT says:

    Make no mistake while on a “tangent” yourself, that staging an “upstage” is always classless performing. An event like this should find it’s collaboration legs in rehearsals, but then perhaps he was mellow for that and the upstaging came premeditated. 😀 Either way you either like the whoop whoop bafoonery or you don’t, and chops/style matter more than substance, and in this case it was already truthfully anti-Purple stylized when it was written. If you listen it isn’t so bad on what was essentially a fine “musical” performance on that one hand. I say music prevails over the useless wailing, but people have something to prove about their drug soaked hero who’s been performing a reality rehab series for the last 25 years. I threw his book away, but it doesn’t escape the stage. It’s about what drugs and stardom have done with him, and that’s funky alright!

  62. 62
    LRT says:

    You have to think about it. So what if someone is good, there is nothing to prove in being so. Ian Paice and Rick Wakeman for me here, being their usual good selves speaks for a lot more than the prancing and vocal wanking.

  63. 63
    Scott W. says:

    First of all it is “Jon” not “John” Lord. I agree about the negative comments as well. This is not the place for them… or anywhere for that matter. What also strikes me as negative is the comment:
    “Maybe I should thank Blackmore for that. For all his genius and inventiveness as a guitar player, he would appear to have been equally destructive in the DEEP PURPLE family”.

    I am sure “Jon” would agree when i say if there was no “Ritchie” there would have NEVER been a DP. “Jon” has always said that “Ritchie was the prime mover in Deep Purple”. No one else at that time could have taken the role of such a brash, aggressive and innovative player in this new (at the time)band.
    As far as him not being there it is a disappointment for sure. Where was David and Nick Simper? Both Nick and Jon helped form the band together (with Ritchie) after The Flowerpot Men. If you think about it, if RB had shown, it would have overshadowed the meaning of the event itself! Rumors and crap would be flying about DP reformations, would he play or not on the evening and, with WHICH members?…!? Ritchie showed respect by NOT showing. It would have been disruptive to say the least! Look forward to the DVD!!

  64. 64
    Leon Rodziewicz says:

    I can’t believe some people are complaining about the sound quality and Glenn singing a song he has been associated with for donkey’s years! It was recorded on someone’s smartphone for crying out loud! If you want to complain about the sound quality, mix etc. then wait for the CD/DVD release and see if that stacks up!

    Honestly some people just seem to want to criticise for the sake of it. The night was a special occasion to commemorate a great musician and a true gentleman. Jon was such a gentleman that he would no doubt be deeply offended by some of the asinine comments made in this thread.

    Celebrate the man and a great night held in his honour.

  65. 65
    Roberto says:

    This place is supposed to express thoughts on the articles, and thoughts are free, so there’s nothing wrong about negative impressions on any performance at that night. It’s personal.
    Personally I see GH as a guy with ego problems, now or in the 70’s. Dickinson is a fan who think became bigger that his icons. “Burn” was a ego’s battle with two guys trying to scream louder than other. Hopefully Don Airey has captured the music spirit of Jon and played a great solo, turning the music close to its greatness.
    In the other hand, RB and DC should be there. If they didn’t want to be a part on merchandise side, just enter and play one song, alone, that would be a decent attitude.

  66. 66
    Palle Hichmann says:

    Mr. Jon Lord more than deserves to be celebrated. But. Bruce Dickinson looks so out of place on that stage. He does not belong there however friendly he is with everybody. He seems uncomfortable in his own skin as if he doesn’t know how to act, behave or move. Agonizing to watch at times- almost embarrasing. He belongs in the heavy metal world, period.

  67. 67
    Fender123 says:

    Amazing night in an amazing venue. So many talented people paying their tributes to the great man, and I’m sure that many others have paid their own tributes in their own way – not being there does not mean they have not offered their condolences. But the performers on the night were superb, listening again to classic songs like Perfect Strangers with an orchestra backing was testament to JL and reminded me of just how far advanced he was in bringing rock & classical music together. Great to hear Burn again as well, and whilst I and everyone around me cringed at the screaming from GH (why does he continue to do it?), I have to concede that the man still has a pretty impressive voice. Apart from getting the chance to see DP again (they really have got two potential classic songs in Uncommon Man and Above & Beyond from !?) I thought that Paul Weller was particularly impressive in plucking two Artwoods songs out of the hat. As Whispering Bob said, the backstage camaraderie must have been incredible between such a diverse bunch of performers – oh to have been a fly on the wall! One of the great nights. Cheers.

  68. 68
    George Martin says:

    If I could ask Ian Paice one question in private it would be, ” Was there anyone that wanted to attend and be part of the celebration of Jon’s life that was turned down”? I would be curious to know because he played with so many people throughout his life. It would almost be impossible to have everyone there. I won’t list names you know them all.

  69. 69
    Scott W. says:

    Anybody else realise that today is the 40th Anniversary of the Cal Jam? I think i will pay tribute to Jon and the band by giving the DVD or CD a spin!!

  70. 70
    Scott W. says:

    Right on MacGregor! I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote here!! Many posts have been written on this site about Ritchie being a no show at this event. As i have stated elsewhere, if RB had attended it would have been a ridiculous soap opera! A disruptive influence on an event meant for Jon, overshadowing the meaning of the evening! But, some people live in a rosy colored world, selfishly wishing for something that they have not fully thought thru. The repercussions of possible conflicts occuring on (or off) stage would have been disrespectful.

  71. 71
    HZ says:

    A lot of joy and great performance by both Glenn and Bruce – both of them accomplished artists, great vocals and great guys – indeed true tribute to Jon. He would enjoy it, as all of us did…

    Oh, except these anonymous, frustrated and insignificant individuals with shitty mouths popping here now and then…

    But only when one of them pops, we know how good somebody performed.

    May they f… of in triple jump! 🙂

  72. 72
    James Gemmell says:

    MacGregor @ 48…I know what you mean about the “business” side of things, and the reality that bands break up, personality and monetary issues often arise, this sort of thing. But – usually after a couple decades of disharmony and bitterness – band members tend to forget the petty stuff and harken back to the fond memories that made it all worth while. Hence, we see so many groups of yore reunite. In Purple’s case, though, certain members continue to harbor grudges for decades on, inexplicably. I salute the ones who are more willing to forgive and forget in the name of harmony. The above video clip demonstrates the joy and craftsmanship – and memories – that can emerge from goodwill and good cheer. The quality of the audio itself was not good – not professionally mixed or anything – yet it still sounded good, to me, anyway.

  73. 73
    MacGregor says:

    Scott W@63- I agree with your Ritchie not appearing comments! Blackmore just doesn’t attend these sort of concerts, a memorial tribute event or any other! Who’s to know what he feels about playing with Deep Purple again on stage, without Lord being there? Why would he want to? As you said, him being there may have been a distraction also! But some ‘fans’ seem to think they know better, where they really know shit instead! But they still seem to think they can make negative comments all the same, irrespective of what they DON”T know!
    Every Deep Purple concert that those two original & irreplaceable members played together, is very special indeed for them!
    By the way, how is the Jon Lord photo book? Cheers.

  74. 74
    MacGregor says:

    James @ 72- Yes I know what you are saying. I really enjoyed David Gilmour & Roger Waters getting back together at Live 8 in 2005, it was a nice thing to see & hear of course! Tony Iommi & Ozzy Osbourne also, they didn’t get along for a couple of decades, so to see the original Sabbath back together in the late 90’s was also a positive thing indeed!
    Don’t get me wrong, I have thought plenty about Blackmore & Gillan burying the hatchet over the years, especially with this Jon Lord event announced last year! Myself as well as some others, had a fair idea that Blackmore wouldn’t show & I don’t have any issue with that at all! Especially as it has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. The first thing I thought of was, that I couldn’t imagine Blackmore playing with the remnants of the Deep Purple he knew, & looking across the stage & not seeing Jon Lord there! Not to mention not hearing him also! Those two go back further than any of the other members that have ever been in that band! Cheers.

  75. 75
    GhostofCain says:

    Wow, how much negativity in one place! 😮 😮 😮 The night was about celebrating Jon Lord and that is what we did. All the artists that were there got it and whether you like them or not, or think they were out of place, they turned up to show their respect (for free).

    I have never been a fan of Glenn Hughes, but I think it was really nice to see him at the Royal Albert Hall (his duet with Bruce Dickinson was probably one of the best things of the whole night!). Sadly not the same can be said about other ex-Deep Purple members who were probably too busy dyeing their hair/adjusting their wigs… 🙄 I agree that Ritchie turning up might have been disruptive, although it could have been a nice gesture.

    Regarding Bruce Dickinson, I presume he was invited because he had recorded the Concerto with Jon and is friends with Ian Paice, Jacky Paice and Ian Gillan. Being one of the greatest hard rock/heavy metal singers ever probably also helps; I doubt Ian Paice would have otherwise invited him to play together at the Buddy Rich memorial concert 2 years ago… On a related note, his dress code was not much worse than Ian Gillan’s ridiculous T-shirt or Rick Wakeman “trainers with a suit” attire! 😆

    The mix was mediocre during the second half of the show (sometimes Micky Moody’s guitar or Bruce’s vocals were too low in the mix and the orchestra too loud), but I guess it must be incredibly complex to mix an orchestra and several singers/guitar players/keyboard players… Thankfully that should not be a problem when the DVD gets released. I was surprised neither the Concerto was not played nor any Whitesnake songs, but that is just a minor gripe. I was also surprised when Purple played two recent songs instead of two oldies from Jon Lord’s days with the band, but at least the new songs were those dedicated to Jon.

    I am really looking forward to getting the DVD. And remember, the aim was celebrating Jon Lord’s life and work and all the profits go to charity. 🙂

  76. 76
    Charles says:

    Glenn is one heck of a singer. Although I hate his style of singing and his voice and therefore almost everything I heard from him, I have to say, that he sound VERY professional and does what he has to to stand the line. Great guy, he (amongst others) keeps the hard-rock-singing-thing alive!

    I wasn’t at the RAH, but went to the purple show, the next day, in the mountains of Switzerland, mid-afternoon. And DP were tired and not that good on this day, probably the trip and the gig the day before tired them… even with this opinion in mind,
    I think, the whole Jon Lord show was a great thing to do,
    RIP Jon Lord, we miss you.

  77. 77
    Marcio Gomes Ramos says:

    Muito bom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. 78
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @George Martin

    You re right on.

    I did not forget how negative Ian Paice was about Ritchie in a recent interview.

    He chose to side with Gillan whereas as if he would be honest to himself Gillan was(Gillan admitted that over the years btw)as big a pain in the ass as Ritchie could be.

    Gillans behaviour(destructing his once God like voice with overusing alcohol and tobacco)was such a destructive unprofessionall attitude he deployed that one can easily say……..

    Who was the biggest asshole?Lord and Blackmore were excellent wheras Gillan was drinking and drinking and drinking………….for years!

    Ian Paice himself lost his swing years ago, only temporarily resurrected in the early 90”s and during the Purpendicular tour.
    Sometimes it shows up again, usually during clinics is my impression.

    Maybe Gary Moore fucked him up, I dont know.
    Or he became lazy or tired?

    He used that simple generic heavy metal bash bash style instead of his superior(I think he was better than Bonham)groovy swinging style so long now.

    THAT drumstyle that made DP great, as Blackmore and Gillan in their prime made DP great.

    Blackmore, once can blame him for alot but if you really haveears it is impossible to admit he has been charging fans a lot of money for what is actually a sad shadow of his former self.

    And yea, GH cant accept he is wrong byoverusing the infantile screams wheras he could/can easly blow anyone out of the water staying closer to what he is superior in : SINGING.

    As said before, it is cell phone recording, so I cant judge really everything.

    I dont know every artist involved, but……………

    Why was Paul Weller involved?
    Apart from that I respect him and said in the past that he has a voice that sometimes made me think of Rod Evans….

    I know great singers that could easily have sung Coverdalian parts, like Keith St John for instance.

    Yeas, I admit, I d loved to see DC and Blackers there too.
    Appearantly it will never happen 🙁

    I m not judging them, but still…………I am sad.(….)

    I should have been there, I guess.
    It was my birthday, for Pete’s sake!


  79. 79
    Scott W. says:

    @73 Thanks for the comment MacGregor! I find it strange that (‘Fans’?) here are so critical of Glenn and Bruce? They were just being themselves onstage, contributing to what looks like what was a quite successful evening dediated to Jon. I am curious how much people paid to attend the show? And speaking of paying… MacGregor, i will let you know about my thoughts of the Jon Lord book when i receive it. A few days ago i contacted the publishers and it supposed to ship this week. My credit card took a beating when i ordered that!

  80. 80
    byron says:

    Strangely Sam Brown was not there,she wrote lyrics for Jon’s best songs (The sun will shine etc..)and was close tohim,just like Frida.
    It’s a shame some songs Jon wrote for Purple were not played:Blind ( the only Purple song entirely written by Jon-words and music) and Anthem (Jon and Rod Evans)would have been great with the orchestra.

  81. 81
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    MacGregor #73
    Who’s to know what he feels about playing with Deep Purple again on stage, without Lord being there?
    Do YOU personally know what he feels?
    But some ‘fans’ seem to think they know better, where they really know shit instead!
    Do YOU know better?
    Are you RB’s press officer?

    Scott # 70
    … if RB had attended it would have been a ridiculous soap opera!
    As MacGregor puts it
    Who’s to know what he feels about playing with Deep Purple again on stage? Hard to disagree!
    The subjunctive mood may suggest a few options, right? Who knows? Maybe it would have been a classic dramedy? Or … just a very human moment? No, it happens only in a rosy coloured world, right?

    James Gemmel # 72
    Good words!
    Some day one day… in another life?
    On a negative note there is no media buzz. At all! Again! Beside 10 words in Henley Standard!
    Mr. Glenn Hughes! You are awesome!

  82. 82
    Steve says:

    I was at the concert and when Ian sung “When a Blind Man Cries” it reduced me to tears. I saw Glen Hughes at one of the final concerts of Mark 4 in 1976 and thought he was a superb singer then. How I envy Ian Paice who was the constant glue in every record Purple have made since 1968 – what a story that man must have to tell and just remember Ian G and Ritchie used to room together back in the good old days of touring. Ian Gillan will not recall this but I met him in a bar in 1971 and told him Smoke on the Water would be a really cool name for a song – honest truth!

  83. 83
    Ibi says:


  84. 84
    paul anderson says:

    wish i had been there. pity no Whitesnake songs esp with three members of the R and W lineup there plus Don of course, and we know Glenn Appeared on one album. With no Jon Lord, Black wouldnt turn up due to the how the other three are with him now. But it was a celebration so in perfect world, things would be perfect, but this seemed a great set list.

  85. 85
    Dpfender says:

    All the negative comments about Glenn and Bruce are ridiculous. Bruce was on Jon’s last version of the work he was most proud of, The Concerto. Glenn, who could be said is an acquired taste, has one of the best voices in rock, even at his age. All the people who were there seem to agree that this was exceptional. Having Rick Wakeman there was good, too. The jam he had with Jon on dvd at The Sunflower Jam (RAH) in 2011 is a must-have for any DP fan. Great version. Don Airey! I’ll have to look into that guitarist…he nailed the solo.

  86. 86
    Scoot says:

    Watched this clip again. A fine performance. The musicians were giving it everything they had. Well done lads (and ladettes).

  87. 87
    LRT says:

    Funny to see whining about whining, followed by some of the most ridiculous stuff I’ve ever read on this website to counter it, but then you see SOMEONE in DP dying their hair? A wig might be left about, but it’s better than three, ala JLT line-up! “Presumption,” what a thing. 😉

  88. 88
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @80: I would guess Sam Brown was somewhere in the audience. She lost her singing voice a couple of years ago so sadly, a performance was not possible if someone had invited her.

  89. 89
    Scott W. says:

    Fair enough! You picked our comments apart, where are yours?!? Too bad we will never know what would have happened had RB shown… Believe me, I wish he had! It was NEVER going to happen in this “rosy” world we ‘currently’ live in. Maybe in a few years when some of the members mellow with age, we WILL see some type of reunion?!? I hope so…

  90. 90
    Scoot says:

    Hey Svante…I hadn’t heard that Sam Brown had lost her voice. What happened? Illness?


  91. 91
    Svante Axbacke says:

    In an interview with her dad, he said it was due to complications after an operation on the vocal chords. In an interview with Sam herself, she says they don’t know what happened. http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/other-related-interviews/pink-floyd-backing-vocalist-sam-brown-q-a.html

  92. 92
    MacGregor says:

    Andrey@81 – what are you on about?????? As I said, who’s to know, meaning nobody but Blackmore would know & a few others close to him possibly! Where do you get the ‘feeling’ that I may KNOW??????
    Regarding the second comment of yours, read the above! And yes, some people do talk bullshit in regards to the judging, criticism, speculation & whatever else you may want to call it, as to why Blackmore & Coverdale did not appear at this event! It simply isn’t an issue at all, it doesn’t matter, why do some people get in a spin because of it?? Sure it would have been nice to see it happen, but it was more than likely NEVER going to happen, so it isn’t a surprise at all, so therefore it shouldn’t be an issue!
    The point of the ‘knowing shit instead’ comment is that they (certain fans) no absolutely NOTHING AT ALL about why he didn’t appear! They know shit about it! Is that only an Australian saying?? Maybe it is, I don’t think so though! Cheers.

  93. 93
    MacGregor says:

    I remember reading about Sam Brown, that must be devastating for her! Hope she is ok, she is a class act indeed! I have those Gilmour/Floyd concerts! Wonderful! Cheers.

  94. 94
    byron says:

    What a pity.Sam is such a wonderful singer.The best female singer Jon ever had IMO

  95. 95
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I dont know what went wrong but :

    Blackmore, once can blame him for alot but if you really haveears it is impossible to admit he has been charging fans a lot of money for what is actually a sad shadow of his former self.

    This piece was about Gillan.

    So inbetween” admit” and ” charging” a section has dissappeared.

  96. 96
    Bill the wizard Pierce says:

    Hey Jeff, #15. No Blackmore and Coverdale wrote the damn thing ok? If your nailing everybody, least get the facts right man. Bill

  97. 97
    RB says:

    Murray is a dear friend of mine and I’m so proud of the performance he gave that night, such a fabulous musician. When he got back home he popped by with a poster of the gig loaded with signatures from lots of the performers, lovely chap.

  98. 98
    Reinaldo B. Alves says:

    Leon Rodziewicz , well said ! People just complain about anything ! Just see comments on any midia these days. ALL Understand about anything ! Humans…..

  99. 99
    PR says:

    We can all speculate at why certain individuals weren’t in attendance, and it is certainly easier to berate them for their absence, but without being in possession of all the facts perhaps we are being a little unfair. For all we know both Ritchie and David were happy to play but maybe Jon’s family and Jackie Paice thought it may cause unwanted friction with other artists on the bill and didn’t want that negativity to detract from celebrating a truly great man.

  100. 100
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ian Paice hates Blackmore, it appears to me

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