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Opinions that matter

We who know the band in and out can discuss whether the band is better or worse since the last time we saw them. We can also complain that regular people only want to hear SOTW. From time to time we also complain about clueless reviewers. Well, here’s a guy, a reviewer even, who says he knew two DP songs before he went to the show but still was blown away by them. That is cool.

Journey and Deep Purple in Perth.

8 Comments to “Opinions that matter”:

  1. 1
    ivica says:

    Easily the best thing would be for us fans to the set list, Deep Purple concert as opera, in three acts
    first act .. new substances or materials from the Steve Morse era
    second act … old classics and solos
    The third act final ..band and guests famaly Purple, ex-members, the joint sessions

    any act by fifty minutes, and ten minutes breaks
    and three hours is short, too short !!!

    Deep Purple forever

  2. 2
    Purpoz says:

    A quick note to say the Perth gig on Thu 07/03 was exquisite. I had the great pleasure of taking both my teenage daughters along (to their first rock concert) and the boys were consistently in top form. It was a very even and upbeat performance.

    The set list was much the same as for shows on the east coast and the highlights were many – No-one Came, Wasted Sunsets and Hard Lovin’ Man were standouts for me, and it was particularly good to hear The Mule which seems to place Paicey’s cracking solo in its proper context. Glover put up a most entertaining solo in the encore and Airey was quite aggressive throughout, which worked a treat. Gillan was solid – no issue there.

    Notwithstanding Contact Lost and Well Dressed Guitar which were incorporated in Morse’s face melting solo, there were no songs post-1984 which is a little disappointing. I reckon the band could find room for 2 Morse era songs (take your pick from a dozen or so possibilities) – I don’t think we need to have both Knocking At Your Back Door and Perfect Strangers, or both Strange Kind Of Woman and No-one Came, in the same show. However, this is only a minor gripe and does not diminish the overall performance one bit.

    I seriously love this band (always have). Long live Dee? Purp!e.

  3. 3
    Drdp says:

    Imagine if they played a load of post 1995 stuff and He LOVED them as well….IMAGINE!

  4. 4
    Eddie6string says:

    Even better – How about Steve Morse & Friends (Gillan, Glover, Paice & Airey) Support Deep Purple every Gig & do some Dregs, Some Post 1996 era DP & about 40 minutes of Improv???

    Now, I’d pay to see that!!!

    Damn Cornflakes over my face again.

  5. 5
    gr8gonzo says:

    I agree – the list was a little odd. Anyone have any suggestions for possible inclusions? Ted always seems to go down week. And theres a couple of thing off Rapture I quite enjoy. End of the day their must have their reasons.

  6. 6
    tony lind says:

    Well, very simple really ! THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD !! Got it? (Have known the band since November 1968), so am an expert !

  7. 7
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Perfect example of an approach as to ‘critique’ rather than as a ‘critic’. Of course this review was from an open minded ‘newbie’ whom wasn’t already a narrow-minded fan of a specific ‘Purple from the Past’. He was blown away by how great this band is right now and isn’t tainted by having a ‘pigeon-holed’ standpoint from the start. I hope Purple read his review. They could use some ‘positive support’ at this point, especially now that they are about to release and hopefully promote their new album by playing many songs from it LIVE. Hard to expect them to play many new songs after reading some of the comments from ‘supposed fans’ elsewhere on this site. Gee, I wonder why they continue to do the ‘Greatest Hits’ shows when the fans do such bitching about the new stuff. Sad really…


  8. 8
    hans-jürgen küsel says:

    Ich freue mich, dass es deep purple nun schon seit 45 jahren rockmusik auf überwiegend höchstem niveau bietet. und allen “blackmoreianern” und mark II dogmatikern sei ins stammbuch geschrieben: mark II hat unsterbliche verdienste, aber mark VII und mark VIII (das aktuelle line-up) müssen sich keinesfalls hinter mark II verstecken. Im gegenteil: Das musikalische spektrum ist noch breiter geworden, sodass deep purple glücklicherweise in keine schublade passt und ich nach 45 jahren immer noch gespannt “wie ein flitzebogen” auf das neue album bin.
    Ach ja, ihr bleibt doch bitteschön gesund und behaltet eure lust an der musik, sodass 2018 dann das ruhmreiche 50-jährige bandjubiläum gefeiert werden kann, hoffentlich mit dem london symphony-orchestra (und paul mann) natürlich in der “wohnstube” montreux. Und ich darf ja hoffen: 1969 habe ich mich beim ersten hören von “april” in deep purple verliebt und ich liebe dieses stück nach all den jahren immer noch. Da wird es doch zum 50-jährigen mal zeit dieses zeitlose kleinod einmal live aufzuführen.
    alles gute, hans-jürgen

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