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Spodek is exciting – Katowice

To live in Poland and to miss a Deep Purple gig in Katowice is like to be in Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower:). Spodek is still exciting and so are DP gigs there.

The show started with one of our best progressive rock group. I always liked SBB, so I was happy to see the band live. Their first song were fragments of “Memento with a banal tryptych”. This time it was dedicated to the victims of the recent tragedy in Katowice. It’s a pity only the musicians were almost invisible because of numerous cameramen. They still look and play cool. I liked all songs they played that night.

Deep Purple were very punctual. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with their equipment. The speakers were droning a little. Also I wish the band played “Junkyard Blues”. Why did they take it out from the setlist?

Ian Gillan’s voice was great. “Before Time Began” was very well sung. Yes, sung, not spoken. It sounded so nice, I was surprised. But I wish he thanked us in Polish, too. We aren’t worse than German or French people. I know he can speak “Dzieki” because I heard it many years ago.

“Things I Never Said” came out beautifully as well. I hope the band will never take it out. It’s a very tuneful song.

Also Deep Purple dedicated a song to the people lost in Katowice. I knew the band would do it because I read on Ian Gillan’s website they will, but many people didn’t know about it. Steve Morse played “Contact Lost” unusually beautifully. We all were moved.

As for another piece for Poles, Don Airey played one of Chopin’s mazurkas which I like very much. I think he still likes Chopin.

Nice gig again. The show was cool though too short as usual. Too short for fans, of course:). I even think Deep Purple played better than in Berlin. I enjoyed so much that I’m thinking of going to Rostock in June…

Joanna Ostrowiecka

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