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Rock Meets Classics

If you’re wondering how the Rock Meets Classics tour is progressing, here’s a video clip for your viewing pleasure. Ian Gillan with Mat Sinner Band and the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague ripping through the Highway Star and Knocking at Your Back Door:

11 Comments to “Rock Meets Classics”:

  1. 1
    Randy Bunch says:

    Where’s the rest of Purple?

  2. 2
    dave_wallis says:

    Well… rock n’ roll never dies… but what about a rock n’ roll spirit.

  3. 3
    Annemie says:

    This is truly impressing…’Highway’star reminds me on my hollidays in the Ardennes where we use to take one of those ancient folcloristic steamtrains hubbling and puffing over the rails…always wandering wheather the thing would reached the end.The screams of Ian representing the trainwhistle…
    Well congratulations !
    I only have to close my eyes to imagine those days in live…

    Only I didn’t close my ears at same time and so my consciousness awaked me rudelly with greatest indignation.

    Is is a shame and an insult to in comparison with the original song.

    And KAYBD is in lower key and better for Ian’s singing…bt agian the song comes by in slow motion.

    btw. I didn’t take the effort anymore to look up the name of this terrible bad slow guitarist, who ruines the end of KAYBD, but perhaps he wished in his heart a quick elimination of this perfomance .

    But it will certainly be better on the promised new DP album to come with the already 9 written songs 8)

  4. 4
    David White says:

    Enjoyed that!
    I actually thought the guitarist (Mat Sinner maybe?) added a breath of fresh air to both songs (All be it all except the end of KAYBD). His sound was very Blackmoreish and was lovely to be reminded.
    ig sounded in good form too!

  5. 5
    Roberto says:

    it could be better for Gillan to not scream the high notes…now it’s going to be embarassing to listen…he could sing them in a lower key…

  6. 6
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Mat Sinner is the bass player, apparently.

  7. 7
    byron says:

    Ian sounds better on HS than in the recent Montreux dvd

  8. 8
    Markus Horster says:

    I`m really happy that in Deep Purple there are musicians on organ and guitar and no posers. The guitar player in this video is not my cup of tea and I don`t hear any impressive interprtation in his solo.

  9. 9
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Shame and insult to original song? They aren’t the Original Band. This is a mix match of musicians along with an orchestra. This is a tour of many Rock personalities joining with a classical style orchestra, bringing the two together but giving homage to these classic Rock songs. They aren’t trying to emulate the original. They are actually doing just the opposite. Hence the very title of the tour….’Rock meets Classic’, joining forces in order to give these tunes a classical twist. Frontmen from various Rock Bands singing different renditions of known songs with an orchestral theme. Your statement is ridiculous. I guess if Deep Purple ever did an ‘unplugged’ performance (something I’d love to see done), you would say the same thing, obviously not getting the fact that “it’s supposed to sound different”. I am truly amazed at how narrow minded fans of a band with such a broad base of ability can be No window for change or variation. That is truly the ‘shame and insult’.


  10. 10
    @xel says:


    Perfectly said, Tracy.
    I do fully agree to every single one of your words. (including the unplugged idea – that’s a dream of mine as well).
    If some people don’t understand the concept of this wonderful project you can only pray that they might get some insight.

  11. 11

    Vamos a ser sinceros realmente nada mal para no ser DP,es Gillan con músicos invitados,por supuesto que el guitarrista no es Morse o Blackmore…en mi parecer highway star mucho mejor interpretada que knocking at your back door.

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