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New home for the Hub

The Deep Purple Hub, the fan-forum and show resource website that has grown steadily since its inception a few years ago, has taken the next logical step in that growth: a domain name and their own server. You will now find it at http://deeppurplehub.com.

6 Comments to “New home for the Hub”:

  1. 1
    Paul Anderson says:

    The forums dont seem to be up and running yet

    Tried every one and all pages unfound

  2. 2
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Things are still a tad glitchy and there is more work to do, but the Hub v2.0 is up and running for all to join and for all who’ve been using and supporting the site since the beginning. This topic is much appreciated… Brent and the entire staff thank THS.

  3. 3
    fra says:

    i created an account back in 2005, but it’s been deleted without notice shortly after. never really understood why, i was not posting but needed an account to get to the news section.

    i signed up again a few days ago, hope i won’t get the same treatment.

  4. 4
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Please refer to my last post and try again… it’s under construction so please bare with any glitches, they will be ironed out asap.


    It wasn’t likely a matter of “treatment”, rather because of a purge or something, when that happens, inactive members get deleted but can always rejoin. In 2005 things were about like they are now… developing, so such problems can take place. If you haven’t visited since 2005 you’ve missed out on a wealth of news, reviews and interviews over the years.(but we’re not the only site on the net to find such things, it all tends to get around these days, all starting here of course since way back in 1993)

    Sorry for any inconvenience, if anyone else has any concerns as far as that goes, please express them.

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 4

    Can someone give me some kinda treatment or upgrade my old rocker brain so that I ll be no longer a undigital fool and desperately wanting but……

    I need all the downloads available!

    Who do I have to f**k to get everything worthy available in the area of good video and audio footage.

    Preferably a real woman, please.


  6. 6
    Brent says:

    Hello, all!

    This is Brent over at the Deep Purple Hub. As far as being poorly visited, we’ll never be able to compete with The Highway Star, and that’s not our goal. THS keeps everybody postedd on the latest, greatest, breaking DP news and they’ve done a tremendously excellent job in doing so over the years. The DP Hub isn’t trying to compete.

    Our main purpose is in providing fans a place to chat in a forum context, as well as providing the most complete online source of DP shows on the ‘net. It’s not hard to download them and you don’t have to f**k anybody! All you have to do is hit the little “thanks” button up in the top left hand corner of the post with the show you want to download and the links will be revealed. That’s all.

    Please, before complaining, check out the rules and the required information for all members; those will answer an awful lot of questions. If there’s still a problem, please send a PM to an administrator or other staff member. We do our best to help members with problems ASAP.

    As far as some incomplete posts and some occasional hiccups; we just migrated a HUGE site of over 8000 members from one platform to another–we’re going to have some malfunctions and problems here and there. Please know that we’re still working on it and that we’re getting problems fixed as soon as we’re made aware of them.

    We welcome all friendly Deep Purple fans and we hope to see lots of folks from THS there. We deeply respect and love THS and have no desire to compete with them, only to be friends and to provide fans with yet another avenue to appreciate Deep Purple and to share our mutual love of the music. If anybody has any problems, please e-mail me at Purplehound@deeppurplehub.com, I will be more than happy to provide assistance.

    We hope to see y’all there! 🙂



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