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Glenn Hughes — Don’t Let Me Bleed

Video footage of Glenn Hughes performing Don’t Let Me Bleed with Chad Smith at the Whisky A Go Go this past June was posted on YouTube:

Jeff Kollmann’s guitar here reminds me of Tommy Bolin’s better days (and I mean this as a compliment).

10 Comments to “Glenn Hughes — Don’t Let Me Bleed”:

  1. 1
    _Dave says:

    And we care becuase this has exactly *what* to do with Deep Purple?

  2. 2
    T says:

    What exactly this has to do with Deep Purple is the fact that Glenn Hughes replaced Roger Glover on bass toward the end of 1973 as part of what would become the Mk III and Mk IV versions of the band. Hughes was a part of Purple until 1976. Blackmore, Lord & Paice chose Glenn almost immediately–long before Coverdale joined the band.

    Ex-Purple Glenn Hughes has been extremely active the last fifteen years or so. Most notably, he recorded with Tony Iommi for the “Seventh Star” and “Fused” albums and worked with another ex-Purple and ex-Rainbow Joe Lynn Turner for the “Turner-Hughes” project. I highly recommend Glenn’s “Addiction” album as well as the awsome “Burning Japan Live” album which would put the Glenn Hughes version of “Burn” controversy to rest.

    That’s what this has to do with Deep Purple.

    The allusion to Tommy Bolin is fairly accurate in the use of the bluesy upper pick-up and the times Bolin used the guitar straight with no effects.

    The contrasting dynamics and the fusion of funk and jazz with the hard rock segments works well.

    Glenn is not everyone’s cup of tea, but a quick survey of his recent albums shows he has one of the finest voices in rock music today. Admittedly, this song is not the best choice for anyone not familiar with his work and is better for more mature fans, but it is what it is.

  3. 3
    Victor says:

    Family, Dave, Family. And, we all care about family, don’t we Dave?

  4. 4
    Purple Ron says:

    Right Victor, I do and I care a lot about Glenn Hughes. He has managed to produce an impressive string of very strong and high quality solo-albums over the last 15 years. Each album is so diverse and unique and he keeps amazing me with every new album. His super voice is not of this planet.
    In fact, I think he still grows on every new album. Music For The Divine to me is brilliant and I wonder what his next album will be like.
    And for Dave: I think that all news relating to Deep Purple, as well as from present as past members, deseve a mention on this wonderful web-site!

  5. 5
    CP says:

    Sounds a lot musically like Energy,certainly muses Bolin a ton.Glenn’s a bit ropey vocally but an incredible tune.I’m going to have to pick up the new cd.Shame Purple don’t play with as much conviction/drive anymore.Good one from Glenn and Co.

  6. 6
    Dennis Hanna says:

    Good to see Glenn’s still rocking! Great number. As with all member’s of the “Purple family” I wish him well.

  7. 7
    hans says:

    Glenn is very good, as a bassplayer and as a singer.
    I saw him once live performing and is was stunnig.
    However jeff Kollmann is a better guitarplayer then Tommy Bolin.
    This mark 4 was the worst period of DP, thanks to the very bad performance of Tommy Bolin.
    Every live cd of that time willshow that!

  8. 8
    Dennis Hanna says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to criticise Tommy Bolin. His time with Purple was dogged by drug addiction which undoubtedly negated his ability to play. To hear Tommy at his best listen to his solo albums or his contibutions with the James Gang. It was truly tragic what happened to Tommy, his life was cut short and his talent blunted by drugs. Very sad.

  9. 9
    Sami says:

    You’re absolutely right Dennis Hanna!T. Bolin was exceptional talent on guitar…
    I like Mk4 very much, it was like a new beginning of sorts after the disappointing Stormbringer-album/TMIB leaving to form Rainbow.Come Taste the Band is great and deserves more credit, it’s fresh and the sparks are flying, plus
    the songs are very good(the band really swings!) in my opinion.Bolin’s Teaser & James Gang contributions show clearly how talented the man was…you can always tell
    that it’s Tommy, originality shines through.
    I have a bootleg of Mk4, a gig in US(not the Long Beach concert), and on that occasion at least Bolin is on fire & really shreds like a madman!the drug thing is a tragedy, what a waste…people, imagine what Tommy & Glenn Hughes might have done together musically after Purple if it wasn’t for drugs!!Cheers…

  10. 10
    Marcelo Velásquez says:

    If you like to see Glenn in videoclips you should see these:

    …from the HUGHES/THRALL album

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