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Blackmore Music Bar

Did you know there’s a bar in São Paulo called Blackmore Music Bar?

23 Comments to “Blackmore Music Bar”:

  1. 1
    John Barton says:

    Who cares!!

  2. 2
    ed king says:

    Blackmore music bar ? What’s the dress code ? …. a pair of tights and a pointy hat ?

  3. 3
    Reinaldo Barroso Alves says:

    Nah !! It is a bar in Sao Paulo dedicated to HARD ROCK. Several tribute bands in Brazil play there. It has a cool drawing on the wall of the man in black. It is cool !

  4. 4
    Alejandro Galarza FROM QUILMES LO MAS says:

    Q acelga????????????well that`s a good news,jeje,i have to go now see you!!!!

  5. 5
    Marcel says:

    Gillan cares!!! He loves to be invited to take a drink there!! =P

  6. 6
    Paul Smith says:

    I went there once, and was served by a moody minstrel !!!

  7. 7
    Mr Happy says:

    Sounds like the kind of place you’d go to get away from the over bearing mother in law.

  8. 8
    Paul Smith says:

    Sounds like the kinda place you want to go to hear ‘Smoke On The Water’ played on a banjo!!!

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And here we go again……..
    Long Live Blackmore’s GHOST……..

  10. 10
    Marcelo Soares says:

    I do. Been there a couple of times. It’s got a HUGE painting on the wall (ops!) of the Man In Black playing his Strat. It keeps illuminated during the performances. At least once a week they have a Deep Purple tribute. It’s a very nice place to go. If you had come to São Paulo instead of Rio, surely I’d have taken you there.

  11. 11
    David Sanderson says:

    I’d sooner have a drink in Gillan’s inn any day. Has this Blackmore’s bar got a laser disc or CD player or is it Ye Olde Worlde? What do the resident band play a version the Gillan classic with the title changed to of ‘No Laughing in Carole’s’?

  12. 12
    Danny says:

    If I dress like Friar Tuck can I sit close to the stage…please Carole……please? Or will I simply get relegated to the mensroom because I was wearing a Deep Purple t shirt? What to do???

  13. 13
    Marcelo Soares says:

    It has laser discs and CD players, for sure. Six years ago, legend said the bar’s original owner turned off the amps when band played one of Deep Purple songs – I can’t remember if it was Black Night or Highway Star. But that man sold the bar to the current owner, who is far more flexible and has no problems with songs.

  14. 14
    Ritchie Blackmore says:

    I may open gypsy bars through out the world !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15
    Mike Jevons says:

    Don’t go in with a camera…the barman will throw a glass of water over you !

  16. 16
    Bad Taste in lyrics says:

    Especially if you try to pull anyones daughter, now i’ve got what I always longed for. Come on Ritchie, you miserable git, SMILE!

  17. 17
    David Coverdale says:

    Listen ear lads & lasses, I ad a little tipple there not so long ago.

    Didnt meet me old ‘mukka’ though !!! Ow is the ‘Smooth Dancer’ these days???

  18. 18
    Mary Long says:

    Doing all the things he shouldn’t be, like playing a dodgy version ‘Soldier of Fortune’ whilst dressed in gear from ‘A man for all seasons’, all we need now is hurdy gurdy version of ‘Mistreated’!

  19. 19
    Mitzee Dupree says:

    Do they have a ping pong night at Blackmores gaff?

  20. 20
    elprupdeep says:

    please some respect to the man in black! !!!!!! thanks.

  21. 21
    Wayne the scouser says:

    I agree, please don’t argue with the ref, it is very impolite and disrespectful.

  22. 22
    Over the Rainbow says:

    What’s the Barman called ?? ….

    ” Wayne Bowe ” ??

    In-House Band ?? ……

    ” Men on the Sherbet Fountain ” ??…

    time for bed !!

  23. 23
    Paulo Haddad says:

    Yes, and it’s pretty cool! I went there already, to watch a tribute to Ian Paice’s birthday, hehe! With Paulo Zinner on the drums! =)

    DP rlz! ^^

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