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John Coletta dead

From deep-purple.net:

“John Coletta, former manager of Deep Purple and Whitesnake, died on July 9th 2006. Tony Edwards approached 35 year old John, managing director of an advertising agency (in an office above his own), to help him launch Deep Purple in late 1967. Coletta remained an integral part of the management of the band through the years 1968 to 1976, often touring with them. After the group split, the two managers set up their own operations but retained their interest in the band’s back-catalogue. John took on David Coverdale’s Whitesnake, and managed them for many years. In recent years John lived in Spain, and was involved with concert promotion there until he became ill last year. He had also been working with Derek Lawrence on some record ideas.”

31 Comments to “John Coletta dead”:

  1. 1
    Brad DeMoranville says:

    RIP John Coletta. If it hadn’t been for Edwards and Coletta, there would be no Deep Purple today. He didn’t just help put them together, he helped them grow in popularity, so the rest of us could hear them, outside London.

    With apologies to the Righteous Brothers, “If there’s a rock and roll heaven, the band now has a hell of a manager.”

  2. 2
    WS says:

    God bless you bud!

  3. 3
    Purple Sitner says:

    Thanks John

    If there´s one thing in heaven it must be rock and roll. Now we have reached an age where people pass away. You will never be forgotten.Your Austrian mate
    Purple Sitner

  4. 4
    Barrie says:

    A sad day indeed! Thank god for the foresight and presence of Mr Coletta to bring us the music we all love. Cherished days. Condolences to all those who worked and knew him.


  5. 5
    Joanna says:

    What a pity. It’s so sad to hear the man of HEC is gone…
    What shall I say more… Only repeat Barrie’s words: Many condolences to all those who worked with him and knew him.

  6. 6
    fernando says:

    Esto tenìa que pasar algun dìa, que la gran familia purpura se acabe es una tristeza enorme.
    Dios bendiga a toda la zaga purpura y sobre todo a John.

  7. 7
    Phil Sparkes says:

    Rest in peace, John. You helped unleash one of the greatest rock acts ever known upon the world, and for that we are forever in your debt.[/

  8. 8
    john says:

    RIP John, if it hadn´t been the efforts of Coletta & Edwards, there would be no Deep Purple.

    my deep condolences for the family

  9. 9
    David Sanderson says:

    RIP John, of course we have seen many changes in DP over the years but without John, there would never have been a Deep Purple in the first place.

  10. 10
    Paul Sedkowski & Laura Krier says:

    We’ve only just met with John, two days before he passed, making all sorts of plans, as John always did. For years, John has been one of our closest friends and he’ll always remain very dear to our hearts.
    We found John to be kind-hearted and generous to a fault, but highly focused and unlikely to take anyone’s nonsense.
    We’ll never forget you, John!
    Our sincere condelences to Michele & Teresa, and to all his family and friends. If there’s anything we can do – just call us. Much love,
    Paul & Laura

  11. 11
    Gary Edwards says:

    One of the kindest, generous and most gentle people you could ever wish to meet. Will never forget the times we spent together particularly the DP concert in Mucia we attended together.

    We’ll miss you down here. Rest in Peace John.

    Gary, Louise and Lloyd

    Tribute to John:-

  12. 12
    Gary Edwards says:

    Tribute to John REVISED link:-


  13. 13
    j Victor says:

    Without John Coletta & Tony Edwards, there would be no Deep Purple.

    deep condolence to his family and firends who knew him in the past.

    God bless you John! we love you

  14. 14
    Lulu says:

    Used to work for John at FCI (film company with Chris Davis and Alan Raynor – and Cathy!). Just wondered what John was up to these days – looked him up and am shocked to discover he’s passed away. I have lots of fond memories of those days; especially the Deep Purple horror stories. Condolences to his friends and family – I knew him for only a short time but he made an impact on my life and think of him often, hence this message.

  15. 15
    Marita Birt (nee Hammar) says:

    Michelle and Theresa,

    I just wanted to write you a line. I stayed with your family in Brighton some 42 years ago as a language student and later just as a friend, (you must have been ,say 3 and 5 years (?) Over the years I have often thought of you all and what you have been up to with your lives. On a whim, I looked your father up on the internet, and was sorry to see that he died last year, but what a llife he must have had!

    I am married now and live in Buckinhamshire, and I have one daughter who got married the day before your father died. (We also watched Italy win the cup).

    I know you will not remember me, but I still felt I wanted to write something to you.

    Marita xx

    P.S. Would you believe it, I still remember your telephone number in Brighton. (Brighton 59849!!!) D.S.

  16. 16
    Dave Noades says:

    Hi. My dad Larry worked with John at Castle Chapel Partners in Percy Street London W1 and knew him well. Later when the band got going my dad helped out by designing some of the typography for the band’s early album sleeves (sadly uncredited, and I think unpaid), and later did some for the first Whitesnake album. We were just talking about him the other day but have only just learned of his passing. He was by all accounts a very nice guy and will be sadly missed.

  17. 17
    Eileen Eldridge says:

    I worked with both Tony and John in 1969/70 at Hec Enterprises in Newman Street, where we managed Deep Purple.I loved every minute of working for John, he was such a nice person and he loved his music.
    I have only just found out that sadly he passed away last year.

    Condolences to his family.

    Eileen Eldridge

  18. 18
    Eileen Eldridge says:

    God Bless you John.

  19. 19
    christine simpson says:

    Last weekend i saw david coverdale on the television, whitesnake, and it brought back memories, especially of john colletta and whitesnake and of my youth when i worked in London. I decided to have a look on the internet to see how john colletta was and obviously what whitesnake where doing now. I worked for him, for a short while. I am very sorry to hear that he had died as he was a very nice person, and a kind hearted, generous man. Although i had not seen him for a many year, he will always be in my thoughts. God Bless you John x

  20. 20
    DaddyArtur says:

    I recently bought the Fireball album, having lost the one I bought when it first came out. Two of the five photographs on the inside, were taken by me at the Lacarno Ballroom in Glasgow in 1968-69. One was of Richie with his back to me, holding his guitar up in the air, (I was actually on stage with them), and the other of John Lord at the organ. This got me thinking about how I first met the band and John Coletta. His, ‘Hec Enterprises,’ Business card I still have. At a second Deep Purple concert, in Glasgow, some months later, I gave John 77 photographs from the ‘Lacarno,’ concert. EMI ordered 28 of them and use the two I mentioned, on the Fireball album. I did not even get a credit. Some other studio and another named photographer got the credit for my two pics.
    This angers me to this day.
    I decided to find out, (today), on a whim, where John now was and I am most upset when I found out, that he is not with us any more. He was a very good, kind and friendly man, to me anyway. This is the second person in the last 5 days that I knew who have died. It makes you think about your own mortality. I hope he is still rocking wherever he is now. Long-Live-Rock-Music!

  21. 21


  22. 22
    Pat Erricker says:

    We have learned today, belatedly, of John’s death : this explains the loss of contact for almost 3 years.He was Best Man at our Wedding in 1955(before fame and tradegy struck soon after) and his beautiful sister was our chief bridesmaid. After he left the UK to live abroad we lost contact for many years but are pleased that we met up again in Estepona in 2004. Many happy memories of parties in the Brighton area during our carefree teens and early twenties will stay with us, as will the way he entertained us in Spain.
    Vivien & Pat Erricker

  23. 23
    bela brozsek says:

    Only after so many years i have found out about John’s death.
    i have worked with John in 1993 in Los Angeles on a few assignments.
    Rest in Peace John, u are and were a great man!

  24. 24
    Lillian Sadeghi says:

    R.I.P John Colleta,
    You were a great man who found joy for many through Deep Purple and will always be remembered and loved!!
    I use to remember when we use to sit at the dinner table and whoever spilt their dinner owed the other one £1 and made me laugh so much.
    I miss you very much and will never ever forget you!
    I love you so much, all is doing well and i am 14 years of age about to start my GCSE’s i’m heading towards my dreams of becoming a singer and harry has just passed his drivers license after 2nd try!!
    just thought i should leave a little message, I love you!
    lots of love your grand-daughter Lillian Eve Sadeghi xxx

  25. 25
    philippon danièle says:

    August 29th 2011.
    Went on the web to find a trace on John and Cherrie, and I Just found out about john’s death. I worked for John and Cherrie Coletta’s as an au pair girl from 1981 to 1983. I shared a lot with them and was close to them and to Camilla. I am really sorry
    I Just want to say : Repose en paix
    Condolences to his family

  26. 26
    george day says:

    just a line ..was thinking about you and all the good times we had in Spain
    will never forget you
    George and Daniela

  27. 27
    Michele Coletta says:

    My beautiful daddy who was my hero. and was a kind and caring person, and always helped every one who needed him. I love you for ever. You always made all my children feel that they were special. You were the special one and we will all love you for ever.
    RIP My precious one. xxxxx

  28. 28
    hajientit says:

    a good clever manager but not comparison with the ruthless clever peter grant

  29. 29
    John Starr says:

    Just found this while wasting time here on a business trip to Las Vegas.
    I knew John as a fellow commuter on the Brighton to Victoria train. There were many amazing people on that train. Famous actors, sportsmen and many of us advertising people. John told us he managed a band that he hoped would do well. Never did any of us think that it would be a successful as it was. John was a pleasure to know and even when success came along he remained a very nice person.

  30. 30
    Lars Vercelli says:

    Thinking of you, cousin John! I thought of Italy’s World Cup victory in 2006 today, which in tandem made me think of John and his passing. It came as a great shock to us in CT when we heard the news. He graciously hosted our family in Spain once and we had a wonderful time. I remember going on a day trip through the Strait of Gibraltar, spending time in Tangier and coming back after a wild crossing. We were all exhausted, went directly to the local fish and chips place (John’s idea, I think) and it just hit the spot. Lots of love.

  31. 31
    Susan Johnson says:

    Sitting here in Mexico where I have lived 58 years I decided to look up my old boy friend John Coletta, we met when he was studying at the Art School in Brighton and I was taking a course before taking up nursing in London. We went out for about a year and spent a great deal of time taking a train to Burgess Hill and playing Canasta with his parents and beautiful sister Ada, who sadly died in the late fifties.
    He obvious had the most wonderful career and much loved.

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